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There are few thoughts more frightening than that of a deranged junkie leaping upon your chest in the dead of night, teeth grinding and lips smacking with the hunger of a quick high wreaking from his breath. The woman and I have ran this home invasion drill in South City a hundred times over the past year-or-so – to hell with tornado drills. If our house alarm fails us, our phones are inches away, as is a dagger on the window seal and one between the mattress and springs. I assumed my first reaction in this scenario would to be grab one of the blades and stab the intruder in the neck, if not the jugular as planned. I greatly miscalculated my reaction. When I felt the fiend leap upon me, I could only holler out in fear and throw the heavy beast from my chest back to the floor from which he had leapt. Then, as I drew my blade from the window seal and looked to end this madness with one swift strike, I realized the junkie running across the floor was an inhabitant of the premises, Retardo Mocabon – never to be confused with Ricardo Montalbán the actor. Retardo Mocabon is the woman’s cat, an obese creature of sensitive nature, or so she believes. Over the past year he has developed a craving for the sweet nectar of coca, the addictive bean found in chocolate milk shakes and Nestle Quick, which is what I had consumed before crawling in bed with the woman the night in question. I chose not to search the number of human junkies addicted to certain highs for a lack of time before print, but I think the actual statistics would be staggering if we included cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, illegal drugs, food, texting, sexting, porn, masturbation, sex, etc... and even chocolate when it comes to Retardo Mocabon. Of course, his addiction is my blame. I’m the one who let him try an Arby’s chocolate shake one summer afternoon. And now, any time he sees or smells chocolate, he comes after you full force. The same could be said about myself. I’ve been plagued with an addictive personality since I was a child. At one time it was girls, then sex, then alcohol, then drugs, the Jesus, then boxing, then weight lifting, then drugs and alcohol and women again. Addiction is a maddening cycle to peddle. And when I thought I had left it all behind, except for my thirst of Wild Turkey and water, I became hooked on Indy Publishing. I guess me and Retardo are both lucky that no one has yet to stab us in the throat for leaping upon the bodies of not-so innocent victims in the search for our high. While the actions of junkies may be condemned by society, they certainly have a wear and tear on the mind, soul, and body. Compare the monkey on the back of any heroin addict to the president of the United States, both being junkies with demons they prefer to hide in closets. Within a few years both are worn like old leather, aging at an accelerated rate, and hoping to make it another few years before they finally put a blade in the neck of each of their monkeys or fall prey to them one. The same is true of the Indy Publisher. The problem is we have an issue separating junkies, like that of the heroin addict to that of the president or any other representative, which are political junkies. The heroin junkie and the President both share the evil monkey of addiction on their backs, only one’s accepted though. The junkie’s constantly scrounging for quick dollars and a hook-up, fighting off other cut-throat junkies at every turn, and trying to survive his or her addiction. The President is no different. He or she’s constantly scrambling to raise more money to keep enjoying the high of being the most powerful person in the world, dealing with cut-throat politicians on both sides of the alley, and coming to terms with life when the high is finally over. The Indy Publisher is not much different. We deal with the constant search for advertising dollars, cut-throat competition, and trying to appease advertisers without producing conflicting interests. We each have a zombie-like monkey on our backs, constantly eating away at our eyes, ears, spines and brains. At least that’s the way it feels at times, and I didn’t even mention the endless criticism we suffer. For the Indy Publisher, a racy front cover can add another flesheating, zombie monkey to his or her back – or even worse: a disgruntled mother. Indy Publishers should never speak of their mothers – it’s taboo, unless your Indy rag is some Martha Stewert spin-off or a MILF zine. And Sinner is neither. However, doing any alternative publication like Sinner will certainly have repercussions with your mother, even more so when she’s a member of a Congressional Methodist Church. I guarantee few mothers will find a half-naked gal in front of an American Flag on the 4th of July amusing, with or without the power of Christ compelling her to dislike it. Mine is no exception. Then add her Conservative Republican ideologies to the formula and you know it’s going to be trouble as soon as she gets a scent of it. Hell, shit like that – and using profanity like “shit” in general – could cause mine to leap upon me like a coca bean addicted, retarded cat. And the last thing you better do if that happens is follow your instinct and stab her in the throat. And that, my dear reader, is just another tale of fear and publishing two cities....


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David Bailey Photography Model: Miss Aly Hellcat

David Bailey Photography

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written by Mark Taylor-Canfield

REVOLT IN ATHENS The current protests in Greece may be only the first in a series of European uprisings against “austerity measures” enforced by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Greece is currently experiencing a 467 billion dollar debt and has been relying on a 150 billion dollar loan from the EU to protect it from economic collapse. Most of the Greek loans are from banks in Germany and France. As debt burdens increase due to the world-wide economic crises, other nations will eventually fall into bankruptcy. In Europe these countries will make themselves vulnerable by defaulting on their loans from other nations. Their national leaders will be forced to allow the IMF, EU, World Bank and other agencies to interfere with their internal governmental affairs and control their economies. In effect, these nations lose self-autonomy and the right to national sovereignty by pursuing a nefarious deal with international loan sharks. The people of Ireland have already felt the metaphorical sting from the financial whip of the IMF and the EU. Portugal is probably the next victim on the list of countries to be raided and pillaged by international bankers and their political friends in various governments. Spain, Belgium and Italy are also vulnerable to the corporate pirates due to their own particular forms of economic chaos. It’s an old story of empire and corporate globalization which has been played out by the IMF, WTO and World Bank for decades. In Bolivia, Mexico, and even in Seattle, millions of people have been trying to stand up to the global monsters of mass consumption. The warnings of the anti-World Trade Organization protesters have, unfortunately, come true. The folks who were chanting, “This Is What Democracy looks Like!” at the WTO conference in 1999 understood what the future held for them and their children – mass commercialization of all the world’s resources. These vanishing natural resources are now controlled by a few wealthy corporate and banking interests. The anti-WTO demonstrators also warned us about mass environmental destruction being perpetrated by greedy corporate interests. According to the iconoclastic journalist Chris Hedges, the voracious capitalists who are currently in charge of the world economy recognize no economic limits and have absolutely no conscience. In his critical lecture, “Empire Abroad, Tyranny At Home” Hedges maintains that these global economic interests are now running amok with no real viable opposition being offered from any institution, government or mass popular movement. Although some of the violence in the streets of Athens is being instigated by a few hundred radical anarchists and overzealous fascist police, the majority of Greek citizens are passionately opposed to their parliament’s cooperation with the EU and the IMF. As in every other nation under IMF scrutiny, taxes will be raised on the poor and middle-class to pay for the incompetence and corruption of bankers and politicians. Government services will be slashed and what’s left will be privatized. Every Greek citizen will be forced to pay a ransom to the government to protect themselves from international bankers and EU officials who want to confiscate their resources. In this contemporary setting, the global empire is controlled not by any one nation or by any particular political party but by a consortium of international banking and business interests. The rise of fascism can be seen in the manner in which even supposedly “democratic” governments react to the revolts in their streets. Violence used against demonstrators usually inspires more protests, especially when these uprisings are a result of widespread opposition to official corruption, human rights violations, consolidation of economic power, high unemployment, increasing poverty and hunger. 4

The usual response of most governments (whether the nation is ruled by an autocratic regime or is supposed to be a republic) is the liberal use of riot police and paramilitary to suppress the rebellion. Tear gas and clubs used by robocops in full riot gear is the standard reaction by governments around the world to the most recent uprisings. In some countries - Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Libya, Bahrain - soldiers or police simply fire weapons at the crowds, killing some of the protesters and dispersing the rest. And, unfortunately, the people of Tunisia and Egypt are still suffering under military regimes. Thankfully, during these recent uprisings the theme has been a consistent cry for freedom from government oppression. Throughout the world there have been selforganized campaigns calling for a mass movement of resistance to longstanding dictatorships. We should

dollar debt limit in May. If the US Congress does not vote to increase the debt ceiling currently allowed by federal law by August 2nd, the US Secretary of the Treasury has stated that the US will go into default. Meanwhile, the US wars in other countries are depleting both the military and the national treasury. In addition to Afghanistan and Iraq , military actions are being conducted in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya (not to mention the ongoing drug war in Columbia ). Billions of dollars are being sucked out of the economy by “defense” contractors like Halliburton and an unknown number of private security mercenaries who make a huge profit from taking advantage of modern warfare and mass destruction. There are currently at least 45 million people in the US living in poverty. Most of them have no access to adequate healthcare, housing or employment. Through international trade agreements like NAFTA and GATT, most manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other countries. The middleclass is being wiped out in favor of a two-tiered economic system which consists of those with bountiful resources at the top, and those who serve them at the bottom of the economic ladder – a greedy capitalist’s dream! As with every other nation in this state of economic crisis, US political leaders have done nothing to alleviate the photo by Jesse Garcia suffering of the impov-

mains to be seen. He describes the contemporary global economic system as ‘neo-feudalism” where 75% of the people live as serfs serving a small group of corporate elites who hold all of the world’s imperial power to dominate nations and control economies. Noam Chomsky has been telling us that we in the US are now locked in a battle to regain many of our constitutional rights. Outspoken social critics including Chomsky and Gore Vidal have referred to the US as a “police state” for many years. But instead of listening to the prophetic warnings of well-informed folks like Chomsky or Howard Zinn, we have now become not only disenfranchised citizens but wage slaves to JP Morgan/ Chase and a handful of powerful international investment bankers. Instead of great schools and sustainable technology, we have secret CIA interrogation prisons where detainees disappear, some dying in the process. We have endless wars of attrition, the loss of our civil rights, an insurmountable public debt and the erosion of our moral stature in the world. I doubt that Tom Paine or Martin Luther King would be happy with the current state of the union. I think I hear them both rolling in their graves right now… I doubt whether a small group of anarchists breaking windows in the business district in Athens or anywhere else is going to accomplish much in terms of justice. In fact, such acts will probably play directly into the hands of the authorities who will always call the demonstrators “violent” and “dangerous”, regardless of their intentions. What is needed is a massive populist movement comprised of all people from every imaginable place in our society, from every walk of life and with every conceivable background. If there is an uprising in the US I predict it will be for economic reasons. When people are hungry and ill they tend to get frustrated and angry. Unemployed workers and people who have no homes are often available to attend political demonstrations. Governments around the world are building the ranks of the opposition every single day. I assume that we will continue to see the riot cops in this country as well. Fascism often raises its ugly head when the government is in trouble. I don’t see a concerted effort on the part of government officials to democratize the system or to work to improve the average person’s lot in life. What I do see is a lot of grandstanding and selfish political maneuvering. Since our elected representatives have failed to protect our best interests, it may be up to the people to demand accountability. A pro-democracy movement is needed to address these issues. We should probably ask ourselves, “What would Gandhi or MLK do under such circumstances?” I met with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arund in Canada a couple of years ago at a peace conference. Arund Gandhi heads the Gandhi Institute which is based in the US . I asked him, “What would your grandfather do if he were living in the US and he saw the government starting these wars in the Middle East and torturing people in secret detention camps?” Arund Gandhi smiled and replied, “I think my grandfather would tell you that you must organize people to demonstrate against these policies. But he would say that under the present circumstances you would have to mobilize millions of people to take to the streets, in order for your government to listen. I would say that 20 million would be a good number to work for, and that is what I am trying to do.” I was, of course shocked to hear him say this. My first thought was, “20 million seems like an impossible number to achieve!” And yet, no one predicted the events in Tunisia or Egypt . Maybe Gandhi’s grandson knows something that I am not aware of. In any case, if his grandfather were here today he would be very proud of his grandson’s stubborn determination and eternal optimism. Obviously, we all have something to learn from Arund Gandhi…

remember that in 2010, months before the Tunisian photo by Ggia revolution, 90 people were killed in Thailand during an uprising against the government in that country. Mass revolts against corporate globalization have taken place in Central and South America and in Asia since the 1990s. Angry students occupied the state university in Mexico City for nine months to protest austerity measures which eliminated the Mexican constitution’s guarantee to a free education for all of its citizens. This rebellion took place when the country had defaulted on its debt and was under strict orders from the IMF to cut funding for government services. Readers should be concerned about the fact that this kind of IMF/World Bank takeover could potentially be just around the corner for the United States of America. I certainly don’t mean to be an alarmist, but everyone knows that most of the states and the federal government are experiencing a huge debt crisis. One of the biggest economies in the world – California – is erished. In contrast, they have given billions to the rich in both direct payments and through numerous huge tax facing a 26 billion dollar deficit. The US is already making enormous cuts to fund- loopholes. To pay for this historic bailout of the wealthy, ing for the arts, education, health and welfare programs. politicians are cutting social programs and funds for eduIt seems that the corporatists finally have their way and cation. They are also ignoring necessary improvements they are in the process of dismantling government and in vital infrastructure. To future generations they are giving nothing but the privatizing all social services. On the state and national level, governments in the US are implementing the same metaphorical finger. US leaders from both of the domitypes of “austerity measures” being passed by the par- nant political parties have utilized a wide array of disinforliament in Greece. As a result, protests have sprung up mation tactics in order to control the electorate over the last few decades, including stories of imminent terrorist around the nation at state capitols. The first state to revolt was Wisconsin. Mass dem- attacks, non-existent weapons of mass destruction, and onstrations were organized when their Republican gov- dire threats of economic collapse. *Note: (By the way, speaking of disinformation, ernor tried to limit the rights of public employee unions. Since then, local governments have been making historic according to the FBI’s own website, in the last twelve budget cuts to social programs and education in nearly months, 87% of all “acts of terrorism” committed in the US were perpetrated by fanatical Christians. Despite every state in the union, despite many large protests. According to The Washington Post, the US now many dire warnings from Homeland Security about suprisks having its credit rating downgraded to “selected posed middle-eastern “sleeper cells”, Islamic militants default”. If the Republicans are successful in shutting have accounted for only 6% of the terrorist acts commitdown the budget process and the US misses its debt ted in the US since 2005). Chris Hedges, author of Empire of Illusion, depayments in early August, US Treasury bills maturing on August fourth would be rated “D”. There is, by the way, scribes the current global situation as the collapse of that is true or not reno grace period. The US government hit its 14.3 trillion international capitalism. Whether

- Obama Administration Issues New Threats Against Medical Marijuana By Scott Morgan

After several ominous months, Obama’s Dept. of Justice has issued a formal statement backing away from the President’s pledge to respect state medical marijuana laws: A number of states have enacted some form of legislation relating to the medical use of marijuana. Accordingly the Ogden memo reiterated to you that prosecution of significant traffickers in illegal drugs, including marijuana, remains a core priority, but advised that it is likely not an efficient use of federal resources to focus enforcement efforts on individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses who use marijuana as part of a recommended treatment regimen consistent with applicable state law, or their caregivers. The term “caregiver” as used in the memorandum meant just that: individuals providing care to individuals with cancer or other serious illnesses, not commercial operations cultivating, selling or distributing marijuana. The Department’s view of the efficient use of limited federal resources as articulated in the Ogden Memorandum has not changed. There has, however, been an increase in the scope of commercial cultivation, sale, distribution and use of marijuana for purported medical purposes. For example, within the past 212 months, several jurisdictions have considered or enacted legislation to authorize multiple large-scale, privately-operated industrial marijuana cultivation centers. Some of these planned facilities have revenue projections of the millions of dollars based on the plant cultivation of tens of thousands of cannabis plants. The Odgen Memorandum was never intended to shield such activities from federal enforcement action and prosecution, ever where those activities purport to comply with state law. Persons who are in the business of cultivating. selling, or distributing marijuana, and those who knowing facilitate such activities, are in violation of the Controlled Substances Act, regardless of state law. Consistent with the resource constraints and the discretion you may exercise in your district, such persons are subject to federal enforcement action, including potential prosecution. State laws or local ordinances are not a defense to civil enforcement of federal law with respect to such conduct, including enforcement of the CSA. Those who engage in transactions involving the proceeds of such activity may also be in violation of federal money laundering statutes and other federal financing laws. The Department of Justice is tasked with enforcement existing federal criminal laws in all states, and enforcement of the CSA has long been and remains or core priority. So the Obama Administration’s idea of “efficient use of limited federal resources…has not changed,” except insofar as they didn’t actually want anyone to think it was ok to provide medicine to sick people. How silly of us. Maybe when Obama said things like, “I will not be using justice department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue,” he just meant that he wouldn’t personally be running around in a kevlar vest and sticking an AR-15 in anyone’s face. What the DEA does with its massive budget, however, appears to be another matter entirely. Whatever one expected to come of Obama’s medical marijuana promises, there is no denying that today’s events constitute a disturbing departure even from the vague language of the ‘09 Holder Memo. Obama chose to present himself as a reformer on this issue, and he now richly deserves the inevitable condemnation that comes with opposing 80% of the American public on a basic human rights issue. The war on medical marijuana continues and so must the fight for justice.

Model: Kitty Mansfield

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by David Borden June 28, 2011 The first Congressional marijuana legalization bill is now in Congress -please support it! H.R. 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act and limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or interstate smuggling. States would be able to legalize and regulate marijuana, or photo courtesy of O’Dea to continue to prohibit it, as they individually choose. Please use our web form to contact your US Representative and your two US Senators in support of this historic bill. Please follow-up by calling their offices too -- if you don’t know their numbers (or aren’t sure who they are), you can reach them by calling the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And please use our tell-afriend form to spread the word. Visit for more information on these bills, and sign up for our email list or paste into your RSS reader to follow the news about marijuana policy. Thank you for taking action!


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When Good Advise Yields Very Bad Results by Henry Nicolle

A Comedy Of Errors written by Saab Lofton “I found [Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity] cowardly and even a little heartbreaking... It turns out that Stewart and Colbert don’t really want citizens to do anything about the corruption of our media and political classes. They just want us to sit back and laugh at them as they mock this corruption – then high-five ourselves for being so awesome.” – Steve Almond, The San Francisco Chronicle, November 5th, 2010


have been either in trouble or a trouble-maker all of my life. One would never see any evidence of that history by looking at my private or government records. The peculiar aspect of that became a sort of minor epiphany recently. The reason I have such a clean record is that I have always been a nuisance “by the rules”. When I am in trouble or am causing trouble, my conduct has been judged by the existing social and legal rules for my conduct. But playing by the conventional rules is not truly productive. In fact, but for the fact that I play by the rules, I would have succeeded better as gauged by the badges of personal “success”. The common rules are designed for failure, because they are constructed of conventional wisdom and political correctness . . . both of which are demonstrably irrational constructs intended to save face and disguise errors of basic logic. They serve the purposes of our institutions and flex with the ambitions of our rulers. The rules under which we are governed and by which our society is regulated are meant to be broken. Really! No kidding! The common rules benefit the rule makers, not the general population. This is not to claim that crime pays, although it does pay exceedingly well, presuming one is not a complete idiot. Crime is in the eye of the enforcers. Getting hired to serve in a government post or succeeding to appointment or election, your crimes are defined and excused by various statutes, policies and willing co-workers who will cover your ass to protect their own mooning of the Citizenry. (Cops, judges, prosecutors... the limelight is yours today. A greater collection of liars, thugs and thieves you will not find outside the Legislatures and the Congress of America.) Official advice of institutions and professionals sounds reasonable, but experience births failure when the advice is diligently followed. Suppose you have a great “business” idea. Your advisers will likely be sourced from the ranks of professionals and government, bankers, lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, etc. We have been conditioned to seek advice on wealth accumulation from the Masters of the Thieves Guild and Prevaricators Protection Society. Rarely do we seek the advice of successful business entrepreneurs. When we seek business advice, it is most often from people who run or advise already established businesses or are government regulators of taxable

businesses. Their experience is advising managers, not entrepreneurs. Our advisers overload our fledgling craft and unless we get smart real fast, we will swamp and sink from their accumulated dead weight and their useless baggage. The simplest example of suicide by professional advice is asking where to find the capital you need. Conventional advice is to start from your own resources, then to borrow from family, friends and associates who trust you. Next, they say, check with your bank, possibly with some kind of government participation in securing a loan or two. The problem with conventional advice is that they are politically and socially corrupted as advisers and counselors. If you are smart, you will start and achieve viability or not with your own money, knowing and respecting its value from your own life’s effort. Most start ups fail. Why? Primarily because of poor, in depth planning and secondarily because most entrepreneurs play the conventional wisdom game, placing their enterprise in the teeth of government and professional carnivores. Investors and credit institutions may be appropriate and useful, but only after your enterprise is independently viable. If you go to the government for assistance and advice, their stage manager brings in the commercial banking and finance industries and there you are again. Lunch. The government and professionals make their fortune from your labor. If you seek business advice of experts, professionals or government, remember that they all have a stake in the game and it is not to your benefit. Your family and friends will like you more if you don’t burn their savings and put their homes hostage to your creditors and taxman. Do your homework, do it twice, three times to be certain. Don’t spend a nickel until you have customers. Less is more. When your production floorspace and revenues coincide to require expansion, increment, and as your positions secure, consolidate. Never borrow a nickel unless you already have booked two nickels net profit that can be collected before the loan comes due. When you have a proven asset in an employee, consider treating that employee as a potential partner. You never know. Don’t offer false promises to a temporary employee. That isn’t fair. Your well-being today as our society and economic system unwind depends upon making your own place in the marketplace. Be prepared.

In the beginning, whenever the elite wanted to avoid taxation or any other societal obligation, the standard tactic was to tell the masses to work harder a la Boxer the Horse from George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Except of course, as my mentor wisely pointed out... “While some multimillionaires started in poverty, most did not. A study of the origins of 303 textile, railroad and steel executives of the 1870s showed that 90 percent came from middle- or upper-class families. The Horatio Alger stories of ‘rags to riches’ were true for a few men, but mostly a myth, and a useful myth for control.” – Professor Howard Zinn (1922 - 2010) ... then came the much vaunted New Age and that insufferable hippiebabble, which essentially serves the same, exact function ... “The new age/hippie types who insist we all ‘create our own reality’ never had to think much about the privilege that was created for them before they were born. They drive me apeshit.” – Geov Parrish, from a personal e-mail he sent me on July 20th, 2007 “The book boldly and ignorantly states, ‘the only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts.’ Tell that to the 36 million Americans living in poverty. Even worse, tell that to the 3 billion people worldwide who live on less than $2 a day.” – Courtney E. Martin, from her review of The Secret. Now there’s another barrier: Humor. I’ve been fighting the forces of evil since 1987, and more often than not, I’ll face a fool who “thinks” (note the quotes) making a sarcastic wisecrack will instantly/magically solve any socio-economic problem. NEWSFLASH: It woN’T. According to the May 2011 Nielson ratings, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart beat the entire Fox News network in terms of total viewers. The O’Reilly Factor (2.8 million) drew more total viewers than The Daily Show (2.3 million), but Jon Stewart beat everything else on Fox. However, while this may SEEM like a good thing, it’s potentially problematic. It’s as peace activist Amy Littlefield said on February 16th, 2007 in Rhode Island’s Brown Daily Herald: “Perhaps humor is a way for people opposed to the war to deal with the terror and anger they feel ... but humor is also an extremely effective way to ignore the true depth of the problem.” Absolutely PERFECT: “Humor is also an extremely effective way to ignore the true depth of the problem.” And if there’s one thing white Americans are jedi masters at, it’s ignoring the depth of problems their imperialistic ancestors created. Granted,

one shouldn’t pay for the sins of a (grand) parent, but if you KNOW the following is in the libertarian platform ... 2.0 Economic Liberty All efforts by government to redistribute wealth, or to control or manage trade, are improper. And you STILL vote for or support that shit, then you’re just as guilty of RACIST GENOCIDE as your predecessors who’re responsible for THIS ... “Unemployment grew in the Reagan years ... At the end of the eighties, at least a third of African-American families fell below the official poverty level, and black unemployment seemed fixed at two and a half times that of whites, with young blacks out of work at the rate of 30 to 40 percent. The life expectancy of blacks remained at least ten years lower than that of whites. In Detroit, Washington, and Baltimore, the mortality rate for black babies was higher than in Jamaica or Costa Rica.” – Professor Howard Zinn (1922 - 2010) Lke hippies who “drop out” of society, all too many engage in escapism by refusing to take ANYthing seriously – and therein lies the problem. Years ago, I spoke with Al Mancini of ABC Radio and he confessed to me that investors prefer to fund left-wing comedians as opposed to left-wing dramatists because drama can inspire people to demand more out of the rich and powerful, which is the LAST thing someone wallowing in a MTV Cribs mansion wants. Harvard Professors Michael C. Dawson and Lawrence Bobo once tagteamed to write the following for The Black Commentator ... “Blacks and whites see the world from opposite ends of American Manifest Destiny, which is at the very core of the white national personality, worldview and sense of self. Like a Black Hole, Manifest Destiny exerts a near-irresistible pull on white Americans, distorting history and even the near-past beyond recognition. Realities are made invisible, even as they unfold in plain sight.” This is why whites find humor easier to deal with, but we’re talking about Human beings here and saving lives is FAR more important than maintaining suburbia’s already colossally spoiled comfort level. Once white America finally realizes that, it’ll take its first steps into a larger world ...

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Did They Take It Away? by The Gimmer


s a young lad growing up in the Puget Sound, I witnessed the end of America. That is, what I thought was “Reality” as a kid, had very little resemblance to the true State of Affairs within this country I was born into. Kicking it around, you probably know what I’m getting at. They took it away. We’re brought up to believe we are indeed Free and that we have certain Rights that no one can ever take away from us… the least of which, being the Government. Of course, you and I know that has not been the case for decades… generations even. They force you to walk through a veritable CancerMachine at the Airports… or be subject to a full-on-groping by their agents. Some have said, “They’re just doing they’re jobs.” I’ve heard that testimony before. They choose who we will vote for. Oh, of course, we’ll have a choice between a couple of candidates… but they will almost always be an Establishment Puppet… like it or not, suck it up, it’s Reality. They took away the voting booth.

I sat in a chair in elementary school and they had me drink Fluoride. Years later, I would study and learn that they poured poison into me. Thank you FDA. Oh, you recently “downgraded” your guidelines for Fluoride consumption to bring it down significantly? Thanks FDA, my bones are grateful. Most towns and cities drink it up from their faucets and soak it up in the shower and bath. They are poisoning us. When I was a kid, I was a nut about anything that flies. You point at an airplane; I’d name it off to you, and the particulars. I watched jets in the upper-atmosphere leave contrails… and would lie there in the grass as the trails evaporated into nothing visible. Now, my Puget Sound sky is full of lowatmosphere streaks and trails and hazy clouds that look as thin as cheese-cloth. Some days you can smell the metal in the air. Most folks still call it Contrails.

MODIS tracking of contrails generated by air traffic over the southeastern United States on January 29, 2004. MODIS tracking of contrails generated by air traffic over the southeastern United States on January 29, 2004. They took away our Education. They wage war upon countries without Congressional approval and then thumb their nose at the Rule of Law – The United States Constitution. Leaders and Presidents from both National Parties have shown their open disdain of our Nation’s Foundational Law. But who wants to think about that? Life is hard enough. Can’t I just watch my Reality shows and post my life’s tidbits on Facebook? Feel Free to, many others are fighting to make sure you can surf through it all.

Lo St

, uis


Perhaps we’ll all Wake Up before it’s too late. Perhaps? The Gimmer can be heard weekly as the host of Wednesday Night’s Enter the Rock Pitt Show on and the Sunday Co-Host of the NWConvergence Zone Show. He is also the drummer for Tacoma’s hardest working band – the Big Wheel Stunt Show.

Seattle Rock N’ Roll S

o, you’re in a rock & roll band, well, who isn’t. It seems everyone is in a band. Seattle has a lot of bands and quite a few good ones. The problem is, attendance at shows is down. There are a many reasons for this. Money is tighter these days and clubs are between a rock and a hard spot. We could waive the cover charge and pay bands from the bar. Personally, I think this is a bad idea, for various reasons. For one, clubs would raise drink prices to make up the difference. Despite what some think, most clubs are not raking in the money. They have to pay for rent, business insurance, liqueur liability insurance, sound, security, licensing, taxes etc. It is a real struggle. Most good club owners give all or most of the door money (cover) to the bands. The problem is some bands want big guest lists, drink tickets, and won’t self promote. Then, they are disappointed when only a few friends show up. In today’s market, promotion is everything, clubs need to promote, as do bands. I know some bands feel this is not their job, but it is. Bands need to stick around and not just leave the venue when they are done playing. It’s called “working the crowd”. In the 70s when clubs were usually packed, bands understood this. When they were not on stage, they were meeting and greeting people. It’s politics. I know it is hard to build a fan base, especially these days. Bands need to work harder than ever. Seattle is lucky to have clubs that still consider themselves rock clubs and support local music. It is generally not a profitable scenario. Many clubs are going the way of the DJ. Most of these clubs do very well. Sadly, this is what a lot of people want. Rock & roll is getting older and so are those that like it. Raves are packed for many reasons. Tekno is big business, like rock used to be, but things change. I am not saying all rock shows have small crowds, some do well. Some bands play too often and they saturate their market. Bands need to promote their asses off. They also need to be more than just really good. They need to stand out and be unique. They should have merch if they want to make money. The best touring bands I have worked with had merch, really cool merch, I mean stuff you really want to own and or wear. And they “work the crowd”. When you see a touring band for the second time, and they remember you from their last show, you are not just a fan, you are friends. Successful bands have many friends, in many cities. I am not saying they are getting rich, but they can survive on the road. Are you serious enough to hit the road ? If you are not, that’s OK, just don’t expect to be even semi-big, like the bands that attract semi-big crowds in semi-big and small clubs. Local shows are fun and can be successful, if done right. As a club owner, here is what I like to see. A band contacts me with an idea for a show. They know some other bands with different friends (fan base). The band puts together a line-up. Essentially, they are the promoter. The bands don’t saturate their market prior to the show. They promote their asses off, the club also promotes and advertises. The band sets a fair price and gets the door or most of it. If you provide a door person to handle the money, this takes a load off the club and can get you a better deal. I know this is not the way some do it, and there is no “set in stone” procedure in this business. There are no rules. We are all trying to think outside the box, it is survival of the fittest. Clubs come and go, as do bands. I have said “Support Local Music” ‘till I was blue in the face. It doesn’t make people come out. I think local bands and rock & roll will be around for some time to come. However, shows with very small crowds are not a lot of fun and like I said, it is a struggle. It is expensive to set up a band, rehearse, get your gear to the venue and now some asshole is telling you to be a promoter. Sorry, this is rock & roll in the 21st century, and almost no one gets famous or rich anymore. It has become a labor of love. But to some it is a way of life and they would not trade it for anything. I know so many truly talented photographers, musicians, models, burlesque entertainers, promoters, and journalists, all working in this industry. All of us have day jobs, like I said, it is a labor of love and that is what keeps rock & roll alive. Nothing really great comes easy in this world. No one knows what the future holds. I am amazed when I see young people playing rock & roll. There are some kick ass kids making music that will knock your socks off. Thankfully, not all young people are raving to DJs, so rock and roll will survive. Someday it may even be big again, you never know. Things are changing faster than ever, what with the internet, Youtube, Facebook. How many people pay for music nowadays? It’s no wonder people don’t want to pay a cover to see local talent, we all want in free. Hell, most of us are broke. I know I am, but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. -Joe Motor

SUNDAY JULY 10th Suburban Vermin; 7 Year Old Blind Girl; Absent Minds (pdx); Burn Burn Burn @ The Funhouse 206 5th Ave N 21+, 9pm, $5 SATURDAY JULY 16th BLACK MIST PRODUCTIONS BIKINI BASH AND ROCK FEST Bands, Location And More Info TBASoon Tacoma, WA FRIDAY JULY 22nd and SAT JULY 23rd BEER METAL SUMMER CAMP Full Lineup, Directions To Location And More Info TBA Soon @ Snoqualmie National Forest THURSDAY JULY 28th The Whywolves (members of Adarna/Third) @ The Funhouse 206 5th Ave N 21+, 9:30pm, $5 SUNDAY JULY 31st Metal Showcase Machina Mageddon + guests @ The Funhouse 206 5th Ave N 21+, 9:30pm, $5 THURSDAY AUGUST 2nd The Hooten Hallers; Dog Bite Harris; Junkyard Amy Lee @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17th Ave NW, Ballard 21+, 9pm, $5 Stayed tuned for a lot more tasty shows to be announced soon including SEATTLE SKA FEST, CHAOSPALOOZA and SEATTLE PSYCHOBILLY BRAWL!

FRIDAY AUGUST 5th ANNUAL DEAD BABY BIKE FEST Load Levelers; Can’t Complain; The Screaming Starts; Guests Georgetown, WA Bands and More Details TBA Soon MONDAY AUGUST 8th Spracta Snut Skallar (Oakland, CA) Venue TBA TUESDAY AUGUST 9th The Last Internationale; Spracta Snut Skaller; Vile Display of Humanity; Guests @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17th Ave NW, Ballard 21+, 9pm, $5 THURSDAY AUGUST 11th The Last Internationale; Cardiac Kidz; Velcro Mindset; Go Fight Win; Torch Burner @ Motor 1950 1st Ave S (Sodo) All Ages/Bar with ID, 8pm, $5 FRIDAY AUGUST 19th Hard Fall Hearts (CA); The Twangshifters (Portland) @ The 2Bit Saloon 4818 17th Ave NW, Ballard 21+, 9pm, $6

by Emily Eufinger


f you thought burlesque Miracle Elixir. was all glitter, lace, and Schmeil Diamond kicked off the show with a few feathers, think again. It is songs to get the crowd’s blood pumping, and then serious business. DEAD serithe deadly sweet Sugar Cyanide emerged draped in ous. It is leather and spikes, a velvet cape to rock out a little necrophilia number, flak jackets and utili-kilts. It is serenading her skeletal lover. The fabulously Amagrisly disembowelment and zonian Horchata Dentata stealthily scaled the pole bloody limbs splayed across like a tigress to escape a couple rampant zombies. the stage. Leave the campy Her feline agility kept her writhing aloft, until the 50s tunes at home and crank ravenous undead clawed her down for a late-night up the Marilyn Manson and snack of intestinal delight. Type O Negative. The Naked Bike Ride ended early, and a plague Last year’s Night of the of cyclists flooded the Fox Hole, the nudity of the Loving Dead at Crack Fox performers melding with that of the riders. Fresh was resurrected June 11 at meat for the walking dead—and no need to unwrap! Matthew Prather Photography the Fox Hole as The Return The girl with a goddess body, Missy Fit, disof the Loving Dead. And replayed her strength And when the dead rise again—which, no doubt they will—Zomturn it did; full force: taking on the pole with poise and precibie Squad will be there to put the laughter back in slaughter. no prisoners, leaving no sursion. Honey Suckle Rose brought If you missed the show but still want to contribute to Grand Oak Hill Comvivors. a “mOBSCENE” to the stage as munity Corporation, visit And if you don’t want to Return of the Loving a reanimated military vixen with a become a non-stationary cadaver during the zombie apocalypse, visit Dead was not only enterlethal grin. Steele Starling Prather Photography taining, it also helped an Matthew lessly played the pole like a important cause: the show linist on a Stradivarius; for a rotPrather Photography benefitted Grand Oak Hill ting corpse, he had nothing but Matthew Community Corporation, an organization which provides meals, fresh moves. The audience was transportation, and other assistance to senior citizens. slowly seduced by the cadaverThe bloodbath was sponsored by the local chapter of Zombie ous Dewy De Cimal and her toxic Squad: St. Louis’ own elite undead suppression task force. The red hair, intensifying the crowd’s goal of ZS is to educate the public about the importance of disaster desire for more dead-undead acpreparation, which they accomplish by hosting seminars, charity tion. fundraisers, and volunteering with various emergency response Dan Costello Photography And more is just what the agencies. As they say: “If you are prepared for zombies, you’re finale brought: first, an all-male prepared for anything.” They make dead things deader, and dead (mildly creepy) striptease comdancers sexier. plete with glitter squirt guns; then the decrepit carcasses of the Spice Girls Produced by Narvel P. Tuffnuts and hosted by Chris Barnhart, the tried to stage a reunion show, but were rebuffed by the ZS boys’ giant carnage alternated between burlesque and pole numbers. Meanwhile The glitter canons. Hollys—the lovely stage assistants—kept the zombies at bay and inocuAs far as sequels go, Return of the Loving Dead did not go lated bite victims with a mysterious cure-all called Happy and Humpy’s stale with repetition; this reincarnation only got better with age.


Emerald City Axemen: A practical guide to Seattle SHRED Story by Russ Stefanovich/aka Cleetus Hartwood


nyone who knows me or anything about me knows me as something of a guitar guy. I was recently asked by The Sinner who some of my favorite players around town are. It seems you can’t throw a rock without hitting a formidable player in guitar Mecca Seattle. We gave the world Jimi Hendrix after all. So after some consideration, I have come up with a list of players whom I admire. Enjoy the first installment: Brad Hull - Forced Entry: Accept no substitutes! Brad has the tools to get the job done. photo by Will Baker A skilled melodic craftsman with the technical expertise to rip at top speed without sounding labored or sloppy, his rhythm playing is also of the sickest variety. I’m a big fan of his use of harmonics and bar fluttering like in Bone Cracking Fever and Macrocosm Microcosm. Matt Fox – Zero Down: Matt is a real team baller. A bigger picture player with a great ear for tone, Matt brings capability, stage presence, a known name brand, and some sick skills on both the lead and rhythm end. A sought after lead player, Matt is selfless enough to play bass in any of his numerous projects. I have had the honor of working with Matt in numerous projects over the years. Dan Ellsworth – Midnight Idols: Went through my formative teen years with this guy. I know I sure benefited from the healthy competition, mutual respect and a lot of hours spent critically analyzing the works of our heroes. Dan has the most natural hand vibrato of anyone I know. Add generous portions of arpeggio sweeping, thoughtful use of natural, melodic, and harmonic minor scales, and you have a natural Michael Schenker-like standout of a guitarist. Fred Speakman – Solo artist/hired gun: Fred never ceases to amaze. A singer/songwriter, a lead guitarist, a pianist, composer, arranger, performer, Fred could sit in with any band around and they would be better for it. I have had the opportunity to share the stage with Fred on a number of occasions, and my only complaint would be that our demeanor is more Van Halen than SLAYER with all the chuckling and grinning. I had hoped to highlight more players, but Seattle is home to many, so in the interest of not exceeding a word count, or boring you to tears, I’ll sign off now. More to come? Russ Stefanovich/aka Cleetus Hartwood is a multi-instrumental musician best known for "stunt-guitar," steel guitar, and guitar instruction. You can see Russ perform with Midnight Idols at the 2 Bit Saloon July 23rd, and on pedal steel with his outlaws in Hartwood at the Sun and Surf Bike Run in Ocean Shores July 29th and 30th. Russ also appears on Bitter End's forthcoming release "Have a Nice Death" out July 2011 on Metal on Metal Records™.

JULY SHOWS 7/7 Thurs - Sons Of Huns, Machina Mageddon, Alex’s Hand 7/8 Fri - Exit To Main, Supernaughty, Dead Language, Dave & Confused (SF) 7/9 Sat - High Class Wreckage, Schmidtaholics, Regional Faction 7/11 Mon - Metal Mondays w/ Deathmocracy, Blood And Thunder, Six Days of Darknes, $5 7/14 Thur - Spittin’ Cobras, Triple Sixes, Neon Wilderness 7/15 Fri - Baal Beryth, Sacrament Of Impurity, Blood Etchings 7/16 Sat - Skate Night W/ Crop, Numb, TBA 7/20 Wed - Backfire 4 pm 7/20 Wed - The Reagan Years, Sugar Pill, Cityhat 7/21 Thur - The Love Tycoons, Monstertoke, Magnificent Sons, Blunt Knife 7/22 Fri - Flying Fortress, Sword Fight, Electric Falcons( Oly)

Spittin’ Cobras 7/14

7/23 Sat - Midnight Idols, Skelator, Fatality (Toronto) 7/25 Mon - Metal Mondays w/Stonehaven (KC), Sedna, TBA, $5 7/28 Thur - Johnson Creek Stranglers (NV), Hot Roddin Romeos, Angie and the Car Wrecks, Unko Atama (SF) 7/29 Fri - Hammerlock (CA), All Bets On Death, Sleep Capsule, The Sideshow Tragedy (TX)

All Bets ON Death 7/29


7/30 Sat - HOOVES (Spokane, featuring Joe Preston of These Arms Are Snakes), ANADONIA (Arizona), INTO THE STORM (Spokane) + guest -

Doug, Jessica, Greg, Susan and Sir Mark

Greg Chaos’ Birthday Bash at The 2 Bit Saloon. Photos provided by Tina D Photography

With acts like 7 Y.O.B.G., Mind Candy, Can’t Complain, Poorsport, and Sir Mark the Poet... you know it was one hell of a bash! Happy Birthday Greg!

7 Y.O.B.G

Mind Candy


I am dedicating this month’s huggy talk column to the world’s greatest guitar amp: the Marshall stack. The Marshall stack is the most powerful guitar amp in the world. It can blow a man’s head clean off. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk? One of my most prized possessions is my Marshall stack. Here’s what I’ve got: A vintage 1975 100 watt Marshall JMP head, plus vintage top and bottom Marshall 4x12 cabinets with Celestian speakers. This is the sound of Rock. If you play power chord driven rock style guitar, this is what you need if you are serious about your sound. The words which describe the sound of a vintage Marshall tube head are sweet, warm, and LOUD! The Ultimate sound of Rock, in a nutshell. But, if you get a Marshall head, you’ve really got to have Marshall cabs along with it — anything else would be a waste of a great head. I’ve played my Marshall head through other 4x12 cabinets before with less than stellar results: through a Fender 4x12 cabinet (sounded thin and tinny), and through a Peavy 4x12 (low volume, and thin sounding), but playing it through genuine Marshall cabinets results in the most awesome Rock sound allowed by law. Seriously, playing through a Marshall half-stack is more than enough for most occasions, volume wise. I rarely use my full stack, just because it’s a hassle lugging two cabinets around, but also because using the full stack would drown out the whole band. Of course, nothing looks cooler than a full Marshall stack set up on stage, but a half stack will do just nicely, unless of course you’re playing a stadium or arena. I bought my Marshall stack used out of the newspaper classifieds way back in 1990 (I paid $800 for the head and the bottom cabinet, and later paid $300 for a used slant cabinet). This has been one of the best musical investments I have ever made, and if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin here! I’ve had the power tubes go out once in all that time, and I’ve never had any problems with the cabinets. My Marshall amp head has taken some serious abuse over the years, being dropped by drunk roadies and being knocked off the cabinet by drunk moshers, with no damage. It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’! The thing is a freaking tank! While the other guitarists I’ve played with who use inferior gear are always having problems with their amps (usually right before a gig), my Marshall has never let me down. Not only that, but my Marshall always drowns out the cheapo amps, yessir it does! The best way to achieve the classic Rock sound with a Marshall tube amp is to set the bass, treble and presence knobs on 5 or so, with the preamp set on 10. Then, set the master volume knob on 2 or so. I personally use a distortion pedal for maximum sizzle. The resulting sound is sheer simmering, sizzling power chord mayhem that is full, warm, and sparkling, with leads where every note sparkles with warmth, clarity, and power. It is PDB and Jim Marshall simply delicious. I’ve received countless compliments on my guitar sound, and I owe half of it to my Marshall. The other half, I like to think, is having some bit of talent. I guarantee you this much: Once you have played through a Marshall, no other amp will do — I know; that’s what happened to me. If you want the classic power chord, overdriven Rock sound, a Marshall is what you need. You will not be disappointed. The Marshall stack is a gift from the gods of rock’n’roll! Long live the Marshall stack! Long live Rock!!! Alleillujah, brothers and sisters! • • • • • • • • • Paul Diamond Blow works as a part time hustler when he’s not writing for the Sinner. His new book “TALES FROM OUTER SPACE” is now available on and is number one on the “Best smellers” list at Barnes and Stables.


14 -

Raising Hell With Guitar Doug Hot Roddin’ Romeos Declare War On Liberalism “Libertarians want to ensure that the personal freedoms of the individual are secure, regardless if others like it or not. Libertarians believe people should be free to enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as they do it responsibly.” – Johnny Rocket Hot Roddin’ Romeos is Johnny “Rocket” Adam on lead vocals, Dennis “D.C. Wheeler” Stevenson on guitar/ vocals, Mark “Billy Burns” Fletcher on upright bass/vocals, and Jody Gere on drums/vocals. Their new album, Russian Roulette, released July 2nd, was recorded on April 1st and 2nd, 2011 (April Fool’s Day Sessions) at Fastback Studios in Seattle, Washington. Jason Lackie and Jon “Rock” Rook were the recording engineers behind the project. You can pick up a copy at Hot Topic, Sonic Boom on Capitol Hill and Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne. The album cover features some stellar artwork by RJB Photo, including the back cover image, which is the poster in this issue. A well done album all around, which I personally have played many times over. The first time I met Johnny Rocket was at Club Motor in Seattle. For different reasons, we both found ourselves at the” Cupcake Festival” which doesn’t sounds very rock-n-roll, but at least the place was packed with woman. Being the only two guys at a rock club in the middle of the day, we started talking about music, which ended up being a three hour conversation. Johnny was quick to point out that his band is not a rockabilly band, a disclaimer Rockabilly musicians tend to give whenever they meet me, whether they are or not. There’s a rumor floating around that I only cover rock bands, so if you run into me at a show, just pass your group off as a rock band, even if it’s a symphony orchestra, and somehow you might find yourself in the next Sinner. Truth is, all genres of rock are covered in my column and throughout the magazine and Johnny’s band is not a Rockabilly band, though on the surface many would assume it is. I mentioned to Johnny that I had been meaning to get his band covered, and with the record coming out in July, it would probably be a good time to coordinate the story. It’s not exactly a quick 20 minute thing, because most bands find the interview to be totally confusing, until I explain it‘s not really an interview like anything they are familiar with. There are no real rules with my music column, just as long as you don‘t spend too much time talking about music. I mean, I talk about music too much as it is. The music is easy to find online, but for me to explain what music sounds like in a magazine, would be like trying to explain to what a color looks like. I was surprised to learn all the members of Hot Roddin’ Romeos are either Republicans or in the case of Johnny, Libertarian. In light of the fact that I had never met a band who took issue with Liberalism, I asked Johnny if he would answer a few questions about the band’s beliefs, which are featured below. The guys in Hot Roddin’ Romeos are not flaming Liberals, so if you are a heavy Rachel Maddow or Chris Mathews watcher, find Bill Mayer to be cutting edge, or are into silencing anyone with an opinion you don’t consider politically correct, save yourself the trouble and flip to the next page. You won’t be finding clever quotes from Karl Marx, or subtle references to the communist manifesto here. In fact, the guys openly condemn a statue of Lenin sitting in the middle of Seattle, dead center of the Fremont neighborhood. It’s just not their bag. Johnny Rocket was an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior Pilot in the U.S. Cavalry. He started out as a Forward Observer in the light infantry and moved into aviation. He got out as Chief Warrant Officer. I thought It would be interesting to get some information about our military. Namely, what is going on with these two wars we are in and if we are ever getting out of them. Whether or not Liberalism is to blame for the decline in America, conservatism, feminism, the 1960s, international bankers, or any of the many things blamed, I have no idea. All the parties seem to be bought off these days, but there are those who believe some hope can

be found in conservatism, or libertarianism, so lets take a look at the views of Johnny, who is speaking on behalf of the band and see if there is anything here that might be of some help. Incidentally, The United States has lost 32% of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000, the US trade deficit with China has increased 300% from the years 2000 and 2009, and The United States has the third worst poverty rate among the advanced nations tracked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Let’s take a look at what The Hot Roddin’ Romeos see as the problem and how they believe we fix it. What is a libertarian, exactly? Basically, we believe in free booze, sexy women, and heavy guarantees for all rock bands! (Laughter) Seriously, Libertarians believe in and strive for an individual’s personal freedom; while maintaining personal responsibility, a smaller or defined government, and less government interference.

and portray him as a loon. Just like the last election. Our government is unduly influenced by big business interests. Big government Democrats like war, entitlements and corporate welfare. Big government Republicans like war, tax cuts and corporate welfare. Ron Paul is ideologically opposed to the entwinement of government and business. If Paul did win the election, he would be viciously slandered by every media outlet out there, or assassinated. Do you even support Ron Paul? Fuck Yeah I do! Ron Paul is a traditional Republican like Lincoln and Martin Luther King but he is Libertarian in his economic views. I differ on certain social issues, but overall, I believe his heart is in the right place. Ron Paul tells the truth, he is not owned by special interests and he’s ideologically consistent. That’s a winning combination. What is the effect of liberalism on America? The term Liberal has been hijacked by progressives.

it doesn’t mention democracy once. If 90% of the people voted to kill all the Jews, that wouldn’t make it legal or morally right. What do you make of the morals and values in America in 2011? What morals? What values (Laughter)? Seriously I have my own values and morals; and you can be the judge of that. Have you heard or rather read our Romeo Pick-Up Lines (Laughter)? I don’t want government legislating morality because my morality is not your morality. Culturally, it is the job of individuals to be morally decent. If I behave morally toward you and vice-versa, it would be a civil society. Special interest groups like National Organization of Women, want to control individuals behavior through legislation to gain what they perceive as “fairness”, but they want to step on others rights to do it and put a government gun to your head if you don’t accommodate them. What was the result of the feminist movement? The result is lots of men with dirty dishes, empty refrigerators, and piles of dirty clothes (Laughter). Well in a lot of ways it destroyed America from within, what it did destroy was the traditional, nuclear family. The number of children raised by single parents has risen exponentially since the 1960s, which has led to higher crime, more dropout rates, more government handouts and another bigger generation of single parents. Women and men are equal, but different. They have different roles in family and child rearing. When you try to change the natural order of either one you risk the destruction of those two symbiotic roles. When you break a family down, what do you really live and fight for anymore? I believe a powerful country begins with a strong family unit, and I love this country. Being an ex-military pilot, what do you think of the wars and when can we see them ending and the troops coming home? I whole-heartedly support our service members; not everyone does. The low point was in the 60s during Vietnam when radicals spit on returning troops and threw dog crap at them, which is sad. Now those radicals are older and some of them are very powerful in government and business. Some of them make Hollywood movies that degrade our troops as murderers and psychos. It’s not as blatant anymore but more like wallpaper. There is an undercurrent of hating the military and hating America itself that has become kind of vogue and politically fashionable with the new left (pseudo)intellectuals. That said, I do support a rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, we really have no reason to be there, and really it boils down to money, for the military/industrial complex, that keeps us hanging around.

Libertarians want to ensure that the natural rights of the individual are secure, regardless if others like it or not. Libertarians believe people should be free to enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as they do it responsibly. Ron Paul seems to be the Libertarians choice for President in 2012. Could he actually win and how would the media establishment handle it, if he did? No, I don’t believe he could win. Because of the corporate media. The main stream of both parties control all of the media and have the same overall interest in mind. If Ron Paul were growing in popularity, the news networks would go from ignoring him to trying to marginalize him

Progressivism is a belief in government as the answer to everything. The United States is headed toward total government control. Absolute, total government control! The more you take from something, the more you owe them. In the long run, the more you depend on that something to support you, you foster dependence. Then you have willingly given absolute control to that entity, be it government, or person. That’s why I believe in a limited government, and entrust some of that power back to the people, remain self-sufficient, and be ruled by laws that are fair and just. That word “democracy” is scary; we are not a nation ruled by the people. We are a nation ruled by laws. We are a constitutional republic. If you happen to read that document called “The Constitution”,

If Iraq is about money, what are the wars in Afghanistan and Libya about and do you want a rapid troop withdrawal there? I believe in a non-interventionist policy. We got Osama Bin Laden, we got Saddam Hussein, and we need to get the hell out! Too many people are dying, but it’s business as usual for Boeing and all the other military contractors. What really pisses me off is these “wars” our country likes to proclaim. “War on Terror”, “War on Drugs”, it’s all bullshit. How can you declare a war on an idea? You can’t quantify the results, so the war can never really be won. These big government people like to create problems and manage them forever, but never solve anything. The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a government program.

Voodoo Queen Invades Savoy Theater

Murder Happens

The Savory Theater might seem like a strange place for a rock show, but Yvonne from Voodoo Queen pulled it off with ease. And her stellar line-up didn’t hurt either! Shadow Thieves


Thirteen ACross

Brown Bottle Fever

No Gus No Glory Fairwell At The Foundry

At Colorado Bob’s Ship Of Fools

We arrived at Bob’s to catch a Quaaludes show but found Brown Bottle Fever there instead. I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit disappointed at first, but BBF goes down like a cold beer chaser after a shot of Wild Turkey – pretty damned good!

Open Daily 11-1:30am

This one really tears us up inside. Our good friend No Gus No Glory has left St. Louis in pursuit of finer dreams in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And I know the Gatekeeper’s travel team will miss him next year, too! Safe ventures, old friend... keep your head high, and helmet tight.


As usual, Lemmons put together another solid rock show last month, this time to help raise money for Joplin storm victims. And with TOK on the list, you can expect one rockin’ show. Then add Black For A Second and THORLOCK in to the mix, and you know you’ve fell face-first into some serious Rock & Roll. Look to hear more about these guys here real soon! BLACK FOR A SECOND

Lemmons Rocking out For Joplin!!! THORLOCK


Quaaludes... Doing it to your ear holes for two straight years... written by Chuck Foster And, any good groupie stories to share? Lupe: No groupie stories to report boring we know but we are all in relationships except Dave who just recently became single ...hint, hint!!! Who’s your top 5 local bands? The 7-shot screamers, TOK, Giants in the sky, The Home Wreckers, The Trip Daddy’s, and Butcher Holler... oops that’s 6.... I know you guys perform a pretty good bit, so how tough is it to practice and keep it sounding fresh? Lupe: We practice every Tuesday and are always working on new stuff and new concepts. With 5 different personalities in the mix, it’s always fresh.... What about sin, which are each of you most guilty of? Lupe: We have been guilty of all of them at one time or another but I lean toward pride... Mark: I’m guilty of Wrath and Lust. Dave: Pride. Jayme: I’m proud to say Lust is my pleasure. Kristen: I have to pick just one? How do you guys unwind, get away from the band scene? Lupe: It seems as if we are all always around the band scene. We enjoy even hanging out outside the band and we like to get drunk and going out to see other bands... What’s the biggest misconception about being in a rock band? Lupe: That we’re doing this to make any kind of money...


uaaludes featuring the DT’s only formed in October of 2009, however, when they take the stage their cohesion makes it seem as if these guys and gals have been playing together for years. And this band’s sets aren’t simple, sing-along melodies, either – they’re rife with complex riffs and dueling lyrics between lead guitarist Mark “Tone” Reynolds and female vocalists Jayme “Skanky Sue” Rogers and Kristen Dachroeden. This special chemistry makes Quaaludes a band that will not only make your head and feet shake as they belt out tunes, but your ass too. That’s the kind of raw energy these cats put off, and it spreads through the crowds like a highly contagious virus – or a drink spiked with Quaaludes. In the end, your not quite yourself, and that’s one hell of a show to pull off week after week – and that’s why they were asked to sit down with The Sinner for an unmasking. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... Tell me a bit about the band, how it came to be and how you came up with the name. Lupe: Our original bass player, Mike Evans, while during a 3 week bender, came up with the name off the top of his head and then decided to book us a gig at Colorado Bob’s (prior to the band even being formed). And while hanging out at the Tin Can one Sunday, the DT’s were recruited. We played our 1st show in October of 2009 with only 3 practices under our belt. After that show Bob from Colorado Bob’s gave us a regular gig every 3rd Friday of the month, which we still play. Then in early February 2010 we had a change in personnel when I (Jennifer “Lupe” Sanchez), our drummer, and Dave Roach, our bass player, joined the


band to complete the family. Mark “Tone” Reynolds is our lead guitarist and lead male vocalist as well as our primary song writer, while the sister duo team Jayme “Skanky Sue” Rogers and Kristen Dachroeden are the Quaaludes lead female vocalists, while also playing the cow bell and tambourine,amongst their other talents of writing songs as well. What about quaaludes, have any of you done quaaludes in the past? Lupe: No ........ Do you have any?

Lupe: An eclectic mix of musicians and music..... What has been your favorite/wildest show? Jayme: We were doing a benefit show for our drummer “ Lupe’s” graduating class from Mortuary School at The Way Out Club when our former rhythm guitar player (Johnny Satanseed) was so inebriated that he couldn’t play so we unplugged his amp and took his microphone away but we played on. It was quit a sight.

Any last thoughts to share with our readers, or news, or shouts of thanks? Quaaludes..... Doing it to your ear holes for 2 straight years... Last, how can someone find more about the band/ merch/shows? Lupe: We have our 1st CD coming out soon with merch to follow. You can check us out on Facebook @ Quaaludes featuring the DT’s and on You Tube under Deek’s Peaks... Also Colorado Bob’s every 3rd Friday...

What has been the band’s favorite venue to perform? Lupe: Well, Colorado Bob’s is our home and we always love playing there, and it has such a great feel to the quaintness of it all. We also enjoy playing the Way Out Club, not only ‘cause we have close personal ties but it’s been our home away from home for many, many years. We also have had the pleasure of playing the Firebird, Off Broadway and the Crack Fox, and every time we have it has been a blast. But we’ll bring the rock wherever we’re asked to play! At The Crack Fox and The Way Out show, you guys really put a lot of intensity into the set, getting the crowd into a frenzy... is that somethhing rehearsed or just a natural side of the band coming out? Mark: We rehearsed our enthusiasm???? We have enough to rehearse with our music and lyrics that if we get it all right come show time we are fucking happy. Describe “Quaaludes” in one sentence? -

7/14 - METAL AT MOTOR Ninethgate, The Wounded Fall, Regional Faction, Project Blackbook All Ages, Armed Forces FREE 8pm $5 Motor 1950 1st Ave S in Seattle 7/16 - ROCKIN & RACIN Eros & Lacero Pacific Raceways in Kent Pawn Exchange Drag Race #9 6pm - 9pm Mention Bands @ Gate, Get 1/2 Off Admission 7/22 - Fabulous Johnsons R&R Live 9807 224th St E in Graham, WA $5/21+ 9pm GREETINGS MUSIC FANS, music lovers, Sinner readers and all else. After writing a few words on the scene in the last issue of the Seattle Sinner, I was approached to keep it going. Only this time the idea was to focus on a newer local band which I would choose to endorse. The band in question for this issue... Ancient Warlocks! I recently caught their set at El Corazon when they opened up for Zeke and The Hookers. I've been hearing a lot about them lately, but I hadn't had a chance to see them live. I've been missing out. Ancient Warlocks are fairly new with about a dozen or less shows under their belt. All of them being seasoned musicians, it sounded like they'd been together for decades! Consisting of Aaron Krause- Vocals/ Guitar, Darren Chase- Guitar, Justin Butrick- Bass and Steve Jones- Drums, together they blend 1975 era Black Sabbath with the hooks and drive of Damaged era Black Flag. Needless to say I was blown away! I wasn't the only one either. Being the opener, when they hit their first chord the floor wasn't looking too good. By the time they hit their second chord... the fists were pumping, the hair was swingin' and the beer was flying! Great set, great band, great fun! They have recently released a 7" RECORD through Donny Paycheck's label DIGITAL WARFARE entitled Super Wizard. It is available in 3 different sleeve colors, white, yellow, and olive green. They're numbered as well with only 300 pressed, so if it's not in your collection now... better hurry and hunt one down! If you haven't caught them in action they'll be at The Tiger Lounge on July 16th, The Sunset July 27th and at The 2 Bit Saloon on Aug 13th. To get in touch with them go to Reverbnation. com/ancientwarlocks or Take my advice and support the Ancient Warlocks... you will not be disappointed! Cheers! The Creeper-


7/23 - ROCKIN & RACIN w/Fallback Pacific Raceways in Kent Pawn Exchange Drag Race #10 All Ages 6pm Mention Bands @ Gate, Get 1/2 Off Admission 7/23 - Leed Zeppelin Charley’s 1734 Central Ave S in Kent 8pm 21+ No Cover 7/23 - Hard Money Saints, Hot Roddin’ Romeos, Vintage Car Show R&R Live 9807 224th St E in Graham, WA $5/21+ 9pm

7/28 - The Deadless, POD Blaster, Flight Academy, The Screaming Starts Motor In Seattle • $5 All Ages 8pm 7/30 - Metropolis Charley’s 1734 Central Ave S in Kent 21+ 8pm 8/3 ACOUSTIC BLUES & FOLK The Last Internationale, Jack Rainwater, Tim Monaghan Charley’s 1734 Central Ave S in Kent 21+ 8pm No Cover 8/4 The Last Internationale, Offtrak, Phasers On Kill, Cardiac Kidz, BND Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma 21+ 9pm $3 8/5 The Last Internationale, O’Dark:30, Cardiac Kidz Uncle Sam’s American Bar & Grill in Spanaway

21+ 7pm $3 8/10 The Last Internationale Acoustic Folk Set Charley’s 1734 Central Ave S in Kent 21+ 8pm No Cover -

On The Scene with Malice FLAT TIRES all the way from Hickory, North Caorlina 3RD ANNUAL HUCK FU BBQ @ ATOMIC ith everybody's favorite DJ, Dennis the Menace, spinnin' everything from Trip Daddys to Social Distortion to Motorhead, you know it was a party. By the way, if you need to hire a DJ – Dennis should be your first choice! He spins way more than rockabilly. You can find him Monday nights for Pirate Night @ Danno's (7895 Watson Road, Saint Louis, MO.) and Tuesday nights @ Petra's (3177 S. Grand, Saint Louis, MO.) for I LOVE the 80s Night... and of course, bangin' King Hell out of the drums for TheTrip Daddys several shows a month. As usual we were way early, long before the band even thought about taking the stage, but we had been looking forward to Huck Fu's BBQ for quite some time. The first one was AWESOME – even though it was raining – so I had really high expectations for this one. I love Atomic in the springtime, their outdoor tables lit by candle light, the usually attentive bartender at the tiki bar with the bamboo fence, and the tribal wood carvings. It's easy to slip away into a fantasy paradise, to feel like you're on vacation far away from the here and now... along with a few drinks to help with the delusion. This is a playground for drunks with a catapult and a dunking booth. Fun times... I wonder what they launch across the fence? The first thing to catch my attention was the crimson drum kit, then I noticed that the Gretsch guitar and the bass are also a deep red. Totally F*ing Coordinated. I'm impressed. This band has a reputation to live up to, and they are indeed rowdy, raucous, and raw – no frills, no pretensions, nothing but straight up rock and roll with a gritty southern soul. I looked ‘em up on Facebook before we left to find out what I was getting us into. (Have I mentioned how much I hate experimenting with new bands? More often than not, it's pure torture) But I figured with BBQ involved, how bad could it be? And with enough alcohol, I can drink 'em pretty. FLAT TIRES’ official page bio states: "During this time, they’ve been barred from venues, labeled ‘devil-worshipers’, broken up marriages, witnessed numerous stabbings and shootings, played through and/or been the cause of countless barroom brawls, received numerous injuries including but not limited to broken teeth and facial lacerations from flying beer projectiles." This is my kinda band;) They have a great sound and their presence makes an impact – and being true professionals, they didn't give any less because of a small and uninspiring crowd. I don't know what happened, or where everyone was. I counted maybe 20 people milling about. Once again, we were a small, yet enthusiastic crowd. I introduced myself to the singer Clint Harrison after the show and he hooked me up with all their music – a couple CDs, stickers and a cool vinyl record produced by Joe Buck. They're a great band, a great bunch of guys , I just wish they'd had more of a crowd to appreciate them! Thank you very much for making the trip out here, and for giving it your all anyway!!


Clint Harrison - Vocals; Bryon Smallwood - Guitar; Jeremy Godfrey - Drums; Scott Cline - Bass. Look 'em up and see whatcha think! or See you all On The Scene somewhere soon! Malice

photo courtesy of Flat Tires

The Sinful Photography of David M. Bailey A few months ago I was introduced to the works of David Bailey, a local photographer out of Tacoma, Washington. I was so consumed by his work I decided to run a few of his more sinful shots as a sneak-peek for this issue. While David specializes in fashion, glamor, and pin-up photography, he’s hardly contained to any style. His front cover image with Aly Hellcat is a perfect example of his diversity, talent and creativity behind the lens. With that said, I thought I’d pick his brain on the cover shot with Aly and his photography in general. Tell me a bit about yourself, and how you got into photography? I was born and raised in Puyallup, and went to college at Pacific Lutheran University. After college I moved around the country for work and as I got a chance to see the country for the first time in my life, I started gaining a real appreciation for photography. I just had to get myself a camera to document the places I had traveled. The more I shot I found my camera to be a great creative outlet for me. I started doing portrait photography for friends, and my family enjoyed the staging and the creative aspects of portrait photography. I am very detail oriented, so for me it’s fun to think of all the little details of a shoot – from the outfits to the locations – all in search for the perfect photos. Now I just love coming up with a unique concept and finding the right models, outfits and locations to see my vision become a reality. Where do you like to shoot? I currently live in the north Tacoma and love the fact that I have a small studio in my house that I can work out of. I actually chose the area because I wanted be close to locations such as Point Defiance Park, Wright Park, Tacoma Waterfront, as well as downtown Tacoma. I also love going to Seattle and shooting up there as well. I spend a lot of time traveling and I’m always looking for new locations all over the Puget Sound area for shoots. Any formal education in art/photography/design? I have taken a few classes but I do not have a degree in photography. I have spent a lot of time reading different books and going out to practice different techniques. I laugh sometimes when I go back and look at some of the portrait photos I took when I was just starting out. I have come a long way but it’s not without mistakes being made along the way for me to learn from. What type of camera do you use/prefer, and why? I am a Canon user simply because the photographer friends that I had encouraged me toward getting a Canon so they would be able to help me. I currently own a Canon 40D which has been a great camera for me up to this point but I’m looking to upgrade to a Canon 5D Mark II. What has been some of your favorite shots to date, and what made them so\? I am passionate about photography and enjoy any time that I am able to put my camera to use. I think the shoots that I have had the most fun with are when the models are as passionate as I am. Aly Hellcat, the model I used for the cover is just amazing to work with. She and I have worked together couple of times and we just have a lot of fun each time we shoot. We are both perfectionist and spend a lot of time getting the perfect shoot. Tell me about the cover shot for the July issue, how it came to be. I know when I got asked to do the cover for the July issue that it had to have the Red, White, and Blue theme for the 4th of July. The challenge was to do it with the edge and creativity that Seattle Sinner is known for. I figured the best thing I could do is bring in one of the sexiest and photogenic models that I have worked with in on the project. Miss Aly Hellcat is a well know pinup model and burlesque dancer here in the Seattle area. As you can see from the pictures, this girl knows how to work the camera. I could not have been happier with how these pictures turned out. What has been the most challenging aspect for you as a photographer, such as getting noticed/ promoted, growing. etc? I have been working really hard for about the last two years to promote myself and have spent the first couple years as a photographer doing a lot of trade shoots and events to gain exposure. I tried not to get frustrated and just continue to make connections, paying my dues so to speak. I have found one of the biggest challenges is setting yourself apart from the hundreds photographers out there also trying to do the same thing. It hasn’t been easy but I feel like I am starting to make a name for myself in Seattle and Tacoma. I love photography and am just grateful to be doing what I love full time. Any advice for upcoming amateur photographers following in your footsteps? I think the best advice I can give anyone that enjoys photography is to start by knowing your camera inside and out. Regardless of the camera you have, know how to use it. Get out of your comfort zone and try to do different things with it. When I was starting out I would spend hours just messing around with the different settings so I would know what they would do and the different looks they would give the pictures. Where can readers find more of your work or reach you for more questions/shoots? In this day and age technology has really made everyone’s photographs accessible for viewing. I do have a personal website at www. but I think the best way to find me and my newest projects is through Facebook at www.

22 -

Skin Deep with Stu Photography by LB Photography (


et me start by Saying that the purpose of this monthly column is to offer information and a personal view on matters involving body piercing and modification and is in no way meant to put myself above any other artist in the industry. Secondly, if you have a horror story and choose to share it with us, DO NOT give the name of the artist involved as I will just omit it anyway. There are many artists in the St. Louis and surrounding areas that deserve nothing but the utmost respect from myself and supporters of our shared profession. If you have a question about piercing/modification, a story, or just a desire to better understand the culture and would like that answered, please send them to: Hey Stu, You mentioned before that piercings never fully heal? What did you mean by that? I have 14 piercings, mostly ears, but I do have a micro dermal and nape and they seemed to have healed fine. Not arguing you, just don’t think I understand. Can you please explain it more? – Thanks honey, Liz Hey Liz, no problem. First let me say that my intent was never to imply that you can’t successfully keep your piercings for life, rather it was to say that to do so you have to keep in mind the types of things that will cause your piercing to reject. First thing you need to consider when trying to grasp this concept is that one of the skins primary functions is to create a barrier against all outside, potentially infectious, materials from reaching inner structures and destroying the system. When tissue is punctured the first response from the body is to activate the Lymphatic System and pump a natural serum called Lymph to the site of the damaged cells. What this does is break down all dead dying cells and remove them from the location so that bacteria and pathogens will not be able to attach themselves, begin reproducing and work into the blood stream. So the act of puncturing the skin alone is already big as far as your immune system is concerned. This is the reason for the aftercare regiment. Moving on, just like it does for dead dying cells, the body also uses Lymph and extracellular fluid to break down any organic debris that may be present at the site of trauma. If the debris cannot be dissolved then the body uses any pressures, created by the object and the skin, to push or pull the debris in or out of the body and seal the breach. This is called Rejection or Resorption and these processes work to disallow any foreign structure to interfere with completion of the skin. The skin considers the jewelry to be debris and its first reaction is to attempt to break the jewelry down. After realizing the the debris is non-organic the tissue has no choice but to sacrifice some of itself for the good of the entire body. The tissue begins breaking down around the jewelry, using the up pressures that the jewelry creates in the skin as a guide for the quickest route to exit. If the body cannot reject the jewelry because no significant up pressure is present then the

tissue will break down beneath the debris/jewelry so that its own weight will sink it into the skin. This is called Resorption. What we do in our aftercare regiments will depict the heal. Although I state that the piercing will never “FULLY” heal my over statement is geared to the fact that the body does not want that breach in the tissue to exist. Even though the piercing looses its irritation and appears comfortable there is still always a chance that it will receive minimal trauma through daily routines and rituals that may restart the process. So, in light of that, I teach my clients that it is best to consider your aftercare as compromising with the skin rather than healing almost as if you were saying “Skin I am going to add this to us and I know you dont like it but if you work with me on this I promise I will make it as easy on you as possible.” So how then do you maintain this arrangement with your skin? Here are some things to consider when choosing to live as a “Pierced Person” that may help you along the way: 1. Avoid prolonged exposure to all soaps, ointments, alcohol and peroxide. These thing will dry or over moisturize the tissue. There are always natural body serums present at the site of the piercing and crust or goo caused by dead dying cells will block its escape causing abscess. 2. Try to be cautious about hitting, snagging or sleeping on the piercing. Any of these things can change the angle of the jewelry and how it sits in the skin. A change of angle means a change of pressure. A change of pressure mixed with a bit of irritation and you have now restarted the healing process. 3. Avoid excessive change outs. Changing your piercing everyday can and will cause a bit of irritation and it won’t take much at that point to jump start a rejection. 4. Consider how your daily activities may negatively effect your piercing and make adjustments as necessary. It seems like a lot but after a month or so it becomes second nature and you won’t even realize that your paying any attention. I hope this helps you to better understand my point and also helps you to enjoy your additions for as long as you live. Thanks for the great topic...

All questions will be answered by email or by a request for you to call me directly and may be in the next issue of the St. Louis Sinner! Thanks for reading! Stu ( - -



Savannah Lee Glam







I own too many pairs of shoes for one woman.

A woman who chase after another woman’s man.

I envy tall people. I am a shrimp.


This one is hard for me, because I like it dirty!

I feel some things in life are worth overindulging in.

A little pride never hurt anyone. I was brought up to never leave the house without mascara and earrings.

I lust after Irish lumberjacks.


ome of you out there might recognize Savannah Lee Glam from her charity work with Pin Ups Against Cancer, or maybe even from our sexy Sinner ad last month which featured her on the bed in a black-winged outfit. Then again, as a devout Catholic who attends confession and mass on a regular basis, you might know her from church. There’s one thing for sure about Savannah, she’s got a look that you won’t forget. Savannah spends her days as a preschool teacher, but says that she used to be a social worker before she dicovered that a preschool teacher pays more. She’s not just a piece of eye candy, either. She has an AA degree in Native American Studies and a BA in Human Services, aka Social Work. Beyond her gorgeous looks and keen intellect, perhaps her most beautiful aspect is her charity work with Pin Ups Against Cancer. I highly recommend checking out their next shows on July 9th at Vibe Bar & Grill in Kent, Wa. and at the Cam Winders Car show on July 16th in Graham, Wa. Until then, I give you the 7 Deadly Sins of Savannah Lee Glam...

24 -

PHOTOGRAPHER: David M Bailey MODELS: Red dress Courtney Hernandez. White dress: Killer Kate Black dress: Ruby Hardt MUAH: Bulls Eye MUAH PRODUCT: Hats by Disgrace To Blondes

The Surly Gourmand Devouring Slices of Misery so You Don’t Have To


ne unexpected quirk of sociology is that nerds are really successful people. Think about it: how many famous and powerful people are nerds? Their ranks include luminaries like Benjamin Franklin, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckergburg, Bill Gates, Sister Wendy, Woody Allen, and Mila Kunis. No, that last one isn’t a typo: the very same Mila Kunis that everyone loves to jack off to is, in fact, a massive nerd who openly admits that she constantly plays World of Warcraft. Conversely, how many highly successful people seem like they’re really cool motherfuckers? This tiny list includes Jack Nicholson, Latrelle Sprewell, Giada DeLaurentis, Dr. Kary Mullis, and Samuel L. Jackson. Very few US Presidents, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama, have been cool as hell. And that, my friends, is a true American tragedy. But what makes a nerd so successful in life is an intense scrutiny to detail, which makes nerds both high achievers AND lots of fun in the sack. Lady nerds obsessively twitch their kegels until their vaginas could siphon gasoline from a car; man-nerds optimize their diets for the best possible tasting jizz (PRO TIP: avoid asparagus!). Which brings me to Book Bindery. Am I inferring that Book Bindery is nerdy and sexy? Read on. Book Bindery looks like an aristocrat’s parlor. It’s a timeless wainscoted tribute to shit old ladies care about; effortlessly elegant and unapologetically old-school, like a Prime Minister’s wife. We sat at the bar. We started with the foie gras terrine ($18). This was a rich candy bar of foie, the terrine a foamy taupe, like meaty nougat, topped with a high-gloss tortoiseshell of aspic embedded with truffle. Accompanying the terrine was a beet salad. Yes, I know beet salads are cliché, but this one straight up fucked with my mind: miniscule quartered baby beets—purple, golden, pink—were littered like crashed race cars atop a maroon highway of beet puree. Interspersed here and there were crispy Chioggia beet chips, and the landscape was dotted with tiny edible flowers. Truffle fries ($8) avoided the usual truffle fry crutch of being doused in synthetic truffle flavor, (everyone knows that truffle oil is actually robot cum). They were garnished instead with copious black flecks of shaved Oregon truffles. True, the delicate flavor of Oregon truffles seems almost feminine in comparison to the brutal petroleum musk of real Perigords, but then again no one is arguing that Oregon can beat France in ANYTHING, so it’s totally cool. The fries themselves were great: fried to a glittering bronze, these crisp shoestrings would have been flawless if they hadn’t been over salted. Poached hen egg ($12) featured a jiggly blister of poached egg, cloudy white and glistening wetly, like an old man’s dead eye, which stared up at us from a nest of supple pasta. The egg was half submerged in a parmesan broth, umami as fuck but sadly, also very salty. Compressed summer melons ($14) was an unfortunately matter-of-fact name for an audacious interpretation of prosciutto e melone. Rectangles of honeydew and cantaloupe, compressed with a vacuum sealer into sweet glassine prisms, were served with ribbons of prosciutto and a little drizzle of a sweet sherry sauce. The prosciutto was shaved razor thin and was astonishingly marbled: the reds were so red, the whites so white, it was like this prosciutto was either designed by Roy Lichtenstein, or else someone microplaned a peppermint stick. Sea scallops ($25) were perfectly cooked, nestled down into a drift of creamy sunchoke foam. Reinforcing the flavor profile were chunks of roasted sunchoke, which dotted the plate here and there like the scattered stones of a ruined abbey. A few wisps of microgreens completed the picture. A duo of pork cost $26, which works out to an average of $13 per type of pork: a bargain I must admit. Braised pork belly was as fatty and rich like Oprah; a pork loin chop was seared a pleasant golden outside, while still managing to be moist and steamy inside like a saxophone solo, the bone protruding obscenely from the flesh. With this came a neat pile of petits pois a la francais: the peas peeked shyly from within the folds of braised red leaf lettuce, and the whole things swam in a graceful creamy sauce. Finally, we closed out with a buttermilk tart which, I smugly noted, was the last one they had that day. The crust was flaky like your mom, filled with a custard that was tangy and dense, also like your mom. With the tart was rhubarb, prepared seemingly every way possible: there was a rhubarb foam, a rhubarb compote, rhubarb sauce. By the end of it I was tired of rhubarb. Book Bindery, with all of its book binding and attention to detail, is a true nerd’s paradise. The plating is mind-bendingly quixotic without seeming intimidating, and everything is prepared with a nebbishy exactitude. The portions tend towards the smallish side and as a result the Book Bindery, with its exotic presentation and posh high(ish) prices, becomes the kind of restaurant which Tea- Party supporters stereotypically assume is de rigeur dining for libtards. Luckily, discerning libtards can tell that the Book Bindery is sexy and intellectual, just like Mila Kunis. Rating: 8.5 dirty nerds out of 10 The Book Bindery is located at 198 Nickerson Street For reservations call 206-283-2665

26 -

Gina Simon Photography



he bleak days and chilly nights of winter have finally passed, sending my young Gemini into a frenzy of thoughts. The warmness of summer air resurrects lost memories of carnivals and festivals alike, days of romance and childlike innocence. Although we both know your thoughts and actions were never that innocent nor childlike, harmless perhaps, but never innocent. Masturbating in public, there are worse crimes. But you already know of those tales. Perhaps, as in most cases, it was parental pressure that led you to try alcohol. Maybe it was the alcohol that led to these peculiar actions in your youth. Your parent’s insistence of higher education surely didn’t help, perhaps that’s why it was so short lived. And when your father pushed you into the service, who could honestly blame you for drinking yourself out of the contract. Perhaps I would have done the same if I had not found my gift. But summer is now here, your favorite time of the year. No more cold and lonely days. No more dark nights with a bottle of whiskey as your only companion. You think it’s time to get out and venture the parks and trails, pretending to be normal and sane. Just as the days when you were discharged from the Army. You could have went anywhere, but you went to Miami Florida to avoid Winter’s nasty bite. That didn’t work out too well either. Eventually you headed back north, where family and friends could protect the child who could never grow up. That was then and this is now, my young-at-heart Gemini. The confines of winter have got you a bit edgy. I can sense it miles away, like a disruption in the force of life. I am worried about you. Your thoughts of erotic rebellion, public masturbation and such are working against you. And it seems as the days grow warmer so will these suppressed urges you’ve been harboring. I sense bad times in your future if you do not heed my warning. So stay at home this summer, as if it were the coldest of days. Put that bottle of whiskey down and keep your urges of public masturbation to yourself. And whatever you do, stay home on June 30, July 5, July 12, and July 19. These days are bad ju ju for you my young Gemini. If need be, chain yourself to the radiator in your old apartment and cage these carnal urges before the unknown harm that awaits you can not be undone. Don’t laugh, I offered this same advice to another young Gemini some years ago and he found me a bit comical too. He then went from public masturbation to rape, then to murder and cannibalism. I even heard he was accused of necrophilia. A year later he died en route to the hospital after being beaten with a bar from a weight machine while on work detail in prison. That Gemini was Jeffrey Dahmer. Not so funny anymore, is it my naive Gemini? So, my young, eccentric Gemini, believe me when I say a few days of sun and warmth a year are better than a cold cell, even more so if someone grabs a pipe and bashes your brains out. It could happen to you, too. Disclaimer: For all you crazy, fucking weirdos out there, this horrorscope is for entertainment purposes only. It does not in any shape or form depict any real characters or situations in your near future. So please don’t kill anyone. Killings bad, MmmKay?

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The Tower o f L o n d o n written by Matthew Gorman


rim and imposing, and rising from the London skyline to loom starkly above the dark waters of the Thames, stands the age-old Tower of London. This immense fortress, originally constructed in 1078 by William the Conqueror, the first Norman King of England, has served throughout the centuries as a royal palace, an observatory, a menagerie, and as an infamous prison and place of capital punishment. Unspeakable acts of torture and hundreds of executions have occurred within the confines of the Tower of London during the course of its prolonged existence, and the list of those who have met with the headman’s axe upon the Tower’s two execution sites, Tower Green and Tower Hill, reads like a veritable who’s who of British history. It should not be surprising then that many believe that the tortured and oft unjustly executed still roam the towers and walkways of this gloomy edifice today, and that the frequent sightings of fullyformed apparitions and other supernatural phenomenon have earned the Tower of London a contending spot for the most haunted building in all of England. The Tower of London as a title is a bit of a misnomer, as the structure is, in fact, a sprawling castle comprised in part now of some twenty individual towers, each with its own sordid and often bloody past, and each it seems with its own resident phantoms. The original tower built under the rule of William I (The Conqueror) is known today as The White Tower, and it remains virtually unchanged since its original construction. Standing at 90 feet in height, the White Tower casts it stern shadow across the streets of London, guarding a cache of horrible secrets within. The White Tower is haunted by the spectre (we’ll use the English spelling) of a lady in white. Although her identity is unknown, it is said that in life the woman would often stand at one of the tower’s many windows and wave to groups of children passing by below. Her ghost is often seen roaming the grand galleries of the White Tower and it is believed that the acrid scent of her perfume sometimes lingers outside the entrance to St. John’s Chapel (which is part of the White Tower). Many a Custody Guard has been reduced to retching by the considerable potency of this ghostly odor. Outside the chapel exists a large gallery in which is displayed the ceremonial armour (yup, English spelling again) of the notorious King Henry the VIII. Guards entering this gallery by way of the chapel have sometimes reported a horrible crushing sensation that descends upon them and forces them staggering from the room. In one incident on a stormy winter morning, a guard patrolling the White Tower experienced the

Tower of London seen from the river with a view of Traitors Gate, by Viki Male

feeling of an invisible cloak being thrown over his head by some unseen force. As he struggled to free himself, the phantom garment was pulled taut around his neck and began to choke him mercilessly. He somehow managed to break free from this ghostly strangulation and ran fear stricken to the guardroom where his fellow guards bore witness to the red marks about his throat, the evidence of his terrifying encounter. One possibly anecdotal occurrence in the White Tower allegedly involved a guard by the name of Arthur Crick. Mr. Crick had elected to sit down on a ledge for a quick rest during his rounds. He removed one shoe and began rubbing his tired foot when he claims to have heard a disembodied voice address him from the surrounding gloom. “There is only you and I here,” it said to him, to which Mr. Crick succinctly replied, “Just let me get this bloody shoe on and there’ll be only you.” Outside the White Tower is a huge grassy stretch lined with plane trees known as Tower Green. This was the place where public executions were carried out throughout the Tower of London’s past. A

memorial on the grounds pays its respects to all who were executed on this parcel of land and includes the names of Anne Boleyn (second wife of Henry the VIII whom he executed for not bearing him a son and allegations of adultery) and Lady Jane Grey (grandniece of Henry the VIII who ascended to the throne of England for a brief period of nine days before her heirdom was challenged and she was executed). The ghosts of these two tragic figures are said to return to this, the place of their deaths. A residual haunting that occurs on Tower Green relives the execution of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury. Margaret was sent to her death by King Henry the VIII as revenge for remarks made by her son, Cardinal Pole, in which he decried Henry’s claim as head of the Church in England. As Cardinal Pole was safely in France at the time, Henry elected to dispatch with his seventy-two-year-old mother instead. At her execution when she was told to kneel, Margaret replied, “So should traitors do and I am none.” In a horrific spectacle, the executioner ended up chasing Margaret about the scaffold and literally hacking her to death blow by blow. On the anniversary of Margaret’s death, her screaming ghost can be seen on Tower Green being chased by a spectral executioner as the scene of her shameful murder repeats itself again and again. In another of the Tower of London’s many towers, The Wakefield Tower, a residual haunting plays out as well. Just before midnight on May 21, 1471, as he knelt in prayer at a small altar, King Henry the VI was knifed to death by a powerhungry Duke of Gloucester (who would later become the infamous Richard the III). Henry’s spirit returns each year on the night of his murder to pace about the room until the final stroke of midnight. In the tower known as The Bloody Tower, the ghost of Sir Walter Raleigh has been observed on occasion. And this tower is also the backdrop for yet another bloody

chapter in the rise of Richard the III. Upon the sudden death of Edward the IV, his twelve-year-old son, Edward, was poised to succeed his father’s throne as Edward the V. However, Prince Edward and his younger brother, Richard, were sent by their uncle, The Duke of Gloucester (later Richard the III) under the pretense of preparing for Prince Edward’s upcoming coronation. While there, the two boys were declared illegitimate by a corrupt Parliament and the throne was abdicated to Richard the III. The young princes then subsequently disappeared, never to leave the Tower of London, and were presumed murdered within The Bloody Tower on King Richard’s orders. The skeletons of two young boys were unearthed beneath a staircase at the Tower of London in 1674 seemingly confirming this suspicion. It is said that the apparitions of the two young princes still haunt the Bloody Tower to this day. The tower known as The Salt Tower was once home to the Tower of London’s deepest dungeon. It was used to imprison Jesuit priests during the reign of Henry the VIII after the loathsome monarch outlawed Catholicism in England. The priest, Henry Walpole, imprisoned here in 1593, carved the names of the saints into the walls where they can still be read to this day. While no apparitions have been spotted in The Salt Tower, visitors to this tower have reported an eerie yellow glow that fills the room and the feeling of ice cold fingers touching the back of their necks. It is also said that dogs refuse to set paw into the structure. The keeper of the Crown Jewels (the jewels have been housed within The Tower of London since 1303) at the time, one E.L. Swifte bore witness to the supernatural proclivities of the Tower of London in October of 1817. He and his family had just sat down for dinner in the Martin Tower where they made their residence when his wife cried out in alarm, “Good God! What was that?” Swifte looked up to see a glass beaker filled with a strange, blue liquid floating seemingly unaided about the room. When it drifted behind his wife’s chair she exclaimed in panic that it was attempting to grab her. At this, Swifte picked up a chair and brandished it at the strange apparition at which point it headed for the window before disappearing into thin air. The above are but a brief smattering of the hundreds and hundreds of ghostly tales surrounding the Tower of London. In addition, there exist a number of superstitions concerning the tower and the fate of England itself. One contends that Britain can never be defeated as long as the tower stands and is summed up in the saying “He who holds the tower, holds the power”, and another maintains that if the hundreds of resident ravens populating the tower were ever to leave it for good then the tower would fall. Well, whether or not the squawking mobs of ravens will forever make their roosts upon the turrets of The Tower of London remains to be seen, but it seems almost certain that the tower’s ghosts are in for the long haul.


This, I Shamelessly Tell You Becoming ‘James’ and other tales from the gender border (and a bit about an upcoming SHA inspection) by Rajkhet Dirzhud-Rashid


t’s the week before Pride (that’s what everyone here, who’s been out and marching for years, calls the GLBTQ March/Rally/Festival that happens at the end of June), and I’m nearly making myself have a heart attack, venting about yet another day in what I’ve come to think of as ‘the gender wars’, to my sweetie/slave. Somehow, this year, having made the decision to finally address and own my ‘secret’ desires to be a boy, everyone’s pissing me off, and on the eve of Pride, I find myself ready to slug perfect strangers for calling me ‘ma’am’ as they insist that I (who, this day is dressed in my ‘punk boy personna’ – rainbow eye shadow, ‘dreads up with an African hair stick and steampunk goggles, a Crypticon tee from two years ago, and cargo pants) look female, so should be treated as such. I snarl and lose it, and grit out under my breath to the (probably) nice Black man, insisting I go before him on to the bus, ‘stop calling me ma’am, dude...grrrr...’. He doesn’t hear me, or if he does, ignores me, which only makes me madder. I suck on the creamy goodness of the Tully’s Bellacino I’ve just purchased (mainly because they had a rainbow flag in their window, which made the still new Genderqueer me, feel all warm and fuzzy inside), and try not to just go ballistic on everyone who even looks like they might want to tumble with snarly me. I ignore the drunken looking man on the seat two seats away from me, and determine that, when the man in the seat in front of his leaves, I won’t sit there. No need going down that awful road. I feel alone, and wish I’d seen my counselor (who had to cancel our appointment the day before this hellish ‘genderwars’ day), and wish for the comfort and support of my new gender group, where I’ve been able to talk openly, for the first time in my life, about what it is to be coming to terms with what I’ve run from my whole life. The fact that inside this very female body, there’s always been a little boy screaming to be let out to run, play and pull the tales of cats and dogs, like any other little boy. I miss them, as I get off downtown, near the modern day version of Dickens’ London that is that mess near the check cashing place and the McDonalds, trying to hold my head up high, and get my business (this day it’s getting money orders, so I can put my sweetie’s order for ‘her’ birthday present in the mail) done as quickly as possible. I melt into the nearly empty check cashing store, relieved I won’t have to deal with any ‘Rhianna wannabes’ or ‘Snoop Dogg Wannabes’ or any of the other fucked-up people from the other side of the ‘gender fence’ (that place called ‘normal’ by the world), and get to it. I let the woman behind the safety glass know that today I’m ‘James’, and though she looks at me with wonder (she has seen me with my homage to Vincent Price outfit that I wore for Crypticon, complete with brushed on mustache), she is accepting. An oasis in an otherwise ‘fractious’ day. It’s the third time this day I’ve introduced myself as ‘James’, the name I’ve now given my ‘boy self’ and it feels good, really good. I leave with my envelope ready to mail, and go back into the yelling, hating, soul grinding atmosphere of drug dealers, ‘baby mamas’ and ne’er do wells, just managing to remember that I need Father’s Day cards. After a brief stop at the men’s store, run by a nice Korean man who sold me my first ‘boy shirt’ before I ‘formally declared’, as in started group and let everyone know what I am and who I am becoming. I check out some fedoras, jazzed about the thought of buying one when I have more cash. The guy doesn’t judge me, and I like that. On the bus, on the way back up to Capitol Hill, I have to grit my teeth again, as one more angry Black man makes himself the ‘star’ of this already difficult day, by yelling from the back of the bus, all the way out on to the sidewalk. He is trailed by a delicate, red-haired woman, I at first think ‘belongs’ to him, then see that, no, she is trailing him, because she is the focus of his ranting. I see red and at that moment, I’m sure every angel I’ve ever had is restraining me from leaping out of my seat to beat the holy, living crap out of this cad, because if I’m one thing, I am a noble, caring man. I detest when men humiliate women for the women being strong enough to resist said Cro-Mag’s unwelcome attentions. To me, it’s another example of folks at the bottom of an already small pit, trying to pull some other poor soul down with them. My Chinese chart ‘Horse Hour’ ( a noble place and apparently partly what made me want to give my ‘boy’ some breathing room, according to my astrologer/sweetie/slave) is highly offended by such behavior. I stay in my seat, grinding my teeth all the way home. By the time I get home, I’m covered in sweat, and looking forward to seeing my cats, who’ve been keeping me company while my honey played father to his kids. I’m looking forward, even more, to enjoying the safety of my sweetie’s understanding comments and loving acceptance, when he comes over later. Knowing I will be able to vent this day, and move past it, make it so I don’t go down the hall and tear my neighbor a new one for putting the ‘be careful about spraying stuff in the hall, as some of your neighbors have allergies’ sign on my door. She isn’t responsible for my gender issues, but this sign pisses me off in another way. The same way that knowing some asswipe SHA inspector’s going to be crawling through my ‘sanctuary’ and judging, in a couple of weeks, pisses me off. Guess when you’re sucking from the government teat, you have to once in a while ‘niggerize’ those under you. Ah, but that’s a tale for another time. Today, after all of this angst in the world, I get to come home, watch two times in a row (to catch what I missed by not seeing the beginning), and hang out in my ‘boy lounge wear’, and let ‘James’ cool down before going back into the world. Right now, all is good again. This, I shamelessly tell you.

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Think Outside The Cage with Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind

How Do I Come Out About My NonMonogamy?

Model: Angela Soete

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Dear Kendra, I’m a self-described nice guy with a job that (literally) takes me all over the planet. Since I’m not content to stay in my hotel room on these trips I’m constantly out meeting new women in different cities around the globe. Inevitably some of these end up in longer-term relationships and sex. But here’s the problem: I’m not monogamous nor do I have any plans to be so in the immediate future. When I meet these women I don’t want to lead them on or lie to them but it’s very difficult to steer the conversation to this topic and even more difficult to be completely honest if the subject does come up. How does one tactfully address this in a new relationship? As an aside, if I met the right person I would absolutely be willing to be monogamous with her. For right now though, I’m just not there yet. I have a girlfriend in <foreign city> and in <foreign city> and when I’m in the states I sleep with other women and even some couples! How do you bring this up with someone you haven’t known for very long? Actually, now that I think about it, I would even extend this into a two-parter: how and when (if ever) should you bring this up with your friends? That question is a whole column in itself. In what situations should you and which are the ones where you shouldn’t? ~Nice Guy Dear Nice Guy, I’ve dated multiple people at once and have made it clear to them that they weren’t the only one, and that worked out fine for me. But I’m a woman and I guess guys will fuck a chick even if she’s not long-term relationship material. I’m guessing that if you were to tell the women you date what was up in the same manner I did, you probably wouldn’t get laid as much, since your date might be turned off at the thought of you doing it with some other woman in Paris next week. How about asking them what their current status is first? See if they are looking for something long term, or if they are just keeping it casual for now until they meet the Right One? More women today are not settling on the first guy that comes along and are empowered to do exactly what you are doing. This will give you more information about where they are coming from and open it up to have a turn yourself in describing your situation. You can say in a sensitive way that you are not committed to anyone at the moment, so you are free to date, and that you will be happy to settle down when you meet the right person. That’s being honest and sounds pretty harmless. There’s nothing wrong with friends with benefits. The key word here is RESPECT. As for who to tell in your social circle, I’d be open and honest with what you have going on. You never know - your disclosure may open new doors and break down barriers. You might find out your friend is also non-monogamous and has had a crush on you for a while. Or you might find out that your friend is monogamous-minded and accepting of other people’s differences. If your friend freaks out and feels threatened, well, I just don’t see how you sleeping with that girl in Paris changes the way you both agree on politics, movies, and wine. Fuck ‘em. You deserve friends who accept you for who you are. Got a sex, relationship, BDSM or fetish related question? Ask your local sexpert, Kendra Holliday, Writer & Editor of The Beautiful Kind, and Co-Founder of Sex Positive St. Louis.


Seattle Sinner July 2011