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Annual Report April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013

Our Mission

Message from the CEO

Seattle Humane Society’s mission is bringing people and pets together and keeping them together. We save thousands of pets in our community every year with no time limits.

Board of Directors Dear Friends, Looking back on our achievements, I’m reminded that everything we do at Seattle Humane Society is made possible by our generous supporters and devoted volunteers. We are proud to share our

Annual Report with you. Inside you will see how

Kaycee Krysty Chair Mary Kay Wright Vice Chair Chris Falco, CPA, CBI Treasurer James T. Linardos Secretary John Corby Chair Emeritus

in need of spay/neuter, performing the surgeries,

Janette Adamucci Michelle Foreman Barnet Chris Bayless Asher Bearman Jeffrey A. Christianson Elaine Coles Kathy Connors Tori Dotson Michael Ellison Jocelyn Hanson Elwood W. Hertzog Franz Lazarus Susan Redmond Daryl Russinovich Jim Schuler Lynda Silsbee John Wenstrup

behalf of every cat, dog and critter in our care, we

Staff Leadership

your gifts have made a difference in the lives of thousands of animals in need.

We are especially proud to announce that we have achieved an all-time high life-saving rate of more than 97 percent in fiscal year 2012/13 — one of the highest in the country. Our spay and neuter

efforts increased to more than 2,730 pets as a result of offering low-fee spay/neuter surgeries to low-

income community members and assisting other

animal welfare organizations by transferring in pets and safely returning the pets for adoption. On

thank you. With your continued support, we will save even more pets in the years to come.

David Loewe

Chief Executive Officer

David E. Loewe Chief Executive Officer Brynn Blanchard VP of Development Dr. Brad Crauer, DVM Chief Medical Officer Ken L. Farmer Chief Financial Officer Rhonda Parks Manville VP of Marketing Katie Olsen Chief Operations Officer COVER: Loki and Thor, 1-month-old Lab/Shepherd

Every pet featured in this report was saved because of your support.

siblings, were transferred from another shelter where they had run out of time. Both benefited from foster care and were adopted in Oct. 2012.

Bringing People & Pets Together More than 6,000 animals come through Seattle Humane Society’s

doors every year in various stages of life and health. Some are older dogs who have lived with one family their entire lives and are now

homeless through no fault of their own. Others are newborn kittens

too young to even open their eyes and already fending for themselves. Many are strays who were abandoned or lost their way, and others

have been rescued from shelters where they ran out of time. What is

common among them all is they need our help and deserve to be part of a loving family.

What sets Seattle Humane apart is that we are an open door shelter with no time limits. That means we

accept every animal in need of our help –regardless of age, breed, or physical condition– and provide them with the care they deserve for as long as it

takes us to find them a loving home. When pets are brought to us requiring medical attention,

our veterinary team performs life-saving medical procedures. If a pet requires training to thrive in his or her new home, we provide it. Why?

Many shelters don’t have the resources to care for young pets. Thanks to our Life-Saver Rescue Program we’re able to transfer in pets like Minnetonka, a 2-month-old kitten, and find them new homes.

Because we believe that people and pets belong

together. As a result of our efforts, in fiscal year

2012/13 we achieved a record high life-saving rate of

more than 97 percent and are strategically positioned to save even more animals’ lives in the year ahead.

In 2012 we achieved a record high life-saving rate of more than 97 percent.



We partnered with WSU, welcoming veterinary students to our campus.

Tuxes & Tails 2012 raised a recordbreaking $1.2M.

Our Pet Food Bank helped 1,493 low-income seniors with monthly food supplies for their pets.


We spayed/neutered 2,730 pets belonging to low-income households and shelter partners.

Thanks to our Adoption Blitz event, we adopted a record-setting 277 pets in a single weekend.

Our foster care program gave 5,483 pets the extra time they needed to be adopted — 1,000 more than the previous year.

This year we adopted out a total of 5,895 pets — the most in our shelter’s 116-year history.

More than 1,000 animal lovers raised $130,000+ at our Walk for the Animals.

Our Life-Saver Rescue Program transferred in 3,032 pets from other shelters — a 48% increase.


Helping Pets in Need A Cry for Help: Gretta’s Story At Seattle Humane Society, we never turn away pets in need. Gretta, a 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix, was surrendered to our shelter in

terrible pain because her owners could not afford her medical care. Our

veterinarians discovered that Gretta was suffering from severe and painful

glaucoma. Her condition had gone untreated for so long that it had caused irreversible lens damage and blindness.

After evaluating her condition, our veterinary staff determined that both eyes would need to be removed for Gretta’s health and to ease her pain. At most shelters, Gretta would not have stood a chance due to a lack of

resources for her medical needs. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters,

Seattle Humane’s veterinarians performed surgery immediately and relieved Gretta’s suffering.

After her procedure, Gretta was given all the time she needed to recover

in a loving volunteer foster home where she learned to maneuver without eyesight and she adjusted quickly to her new life. Before long, she was

running and playing just like any other dog, happy to be healthy again.

Once she had fully healed we found a wonderful home for Gretta where she will be loved and cared for the rest of her life.


Meant to Be: Toni’s Story Toni, a 10-year-old shorthair cat, was found abandoned on the streets and

brought to Seattle Humane Society. She was not microchipped and no one claimed her, so we made it our mission to find her a new home.

During a medical evaluation by our veterinary team, we discovered that

Toni suffered from diabetes and would need extra care. Many shelters don’t consider diabetic pets adoptable due to their special needs and the cost of their care. But we refused to give up on Toni because we knew there was someone who would be a perfect match for her. Once her diabetes was

regulated through diet, a volunteer foster family helped Toni relax in a home setting and our adoption team set out to find a special family who could give Toni the extra care she deserved.

One day, a family came in with their youngest daughter, who felt unsure about

getting a cat. One of our adoption advisors pointed out Toni and told them that she was very friendly and gentle with children. The advisor explained that Toni would need to be fed on a schedule due to her diabetes. When they heard this the entire family smiled because their daughter is also diabetic. They decided

right then and there that Toni was the kitty for them. Toni now lives a happy and healthy life with her new family and her new best friend.


The Future of Our Life-Saver Rescue Program We are proud of our accomplishments, and they Thanks to our Life-Saver Rescue Program, Seattle Humane is able to transfer in thousands of pets from other shelters that do not have the resources to care for them. BellaGirl, a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever/Border Collie mix, ran out of time at another shelter. We transferred BellaGirl to Seattle Humane and found her a loving home in one week.

serve to highlight the important life-saving work

ahead. Thousands of animals in Washington State and beyond are euthanized due to lack of space or the resources to care for them. As the community leader in animal welfare, Seattle Humane started the Life-Saver Rescue Program to reduce the

number of pets who are put down because they’ve simply run out of time.

By partnering with more than 40 animal rescue organizations, our Life-Saver Team is able to

transfer in pets from both local and out-of-state

shelters. We give them as much time as needed for us to find them a new home. By giving these pets a second chance, we open up space for other shelters to

take in additional animals — doubling the life-saving capacity of our program. Last year the Life-Saver Rescue Program went on more than 190 rescue trips

and saved the lives of more than 3,000 pets on death row. Thanks to generous

community support, we raised more than $608,000 to support and expand our

Life-Saver Rescue Program. The funds donated will sponsor the program for two

years and help purchase a 26-foot custom rescue vehicle, allowing Seattle Humane to save and safely transport more than 3,000 pets to our shelter every year.





Los Angeles


We traveled throughout Washington state and beyond to rescue more than 3,000 pets from other shelters in 2012.


Every Donation Makes a LifeSaving Difference At the Seattle Humane Society, we keep administrative costs to a minimum so that 80 cents of every dollar is spent on

the pets in our care. We are proud to report that for the fifth

consecutive year, Seattle Humane has received a four-star rating — the highest possible rating for nonprofit agency financial

management — from Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading

charity evaluation group. This accomplishment places our shelter in the top four percent of charities rated annually.

As an independent, donor-funded nonprofit, we are so grateful

for the generous animal lovers who support our life-saving work. It is paramount that we continue to be excellent stewards of your donations while providing the best care possible for the animals who depend on us.

Speck, an 8-year-old tabby, was surrendered to Seattle Humane when her owners could no longer care for her. A very affectionate and friendly kitty, Speck visited Whole Foods on our MaxMobile, where she met her match and was adopted. 10

Operating Support & Revenue Bequests & Planned Giving

Donations & Fundraising

In-Kind Revenue

Program Revenue Total Operating Support & Revenue



4,091,722 1,127,647 123,576


Operating Expense Animal Care & Adoptions



Low-Fee Spay/Neuter


Dog Training

Community Outreach Services

Humane Education & Other Services

Management & General




Total Operating Expense


Expansion Project, Net

Change in Net Assets from Other Items Total Change in Net Assets


3,212,390 3,605,414 3,953,745

Net Asset Balances Unrestricted

19% Program Revenue

Program Revenue 19%

Operating Expenses 64% Animal Care & Adoptions


$ 5,754,174

Unrestricted - Property and Equipment


Temporarily Restricted


Total Net Assets


Permanently Restricted

Donations 81%

2% In-Kind Revenue


Other Items Investment & Misc. Revenue, Net

11% Bequests & Planned Giving



Change In Net Assets from Operations

68% Donations & Fundraising


Operating Support & Revenue


3% Dog Training

Program Expenses 80%

7% Low-Fee Spay/Neuter 4% Community Outreach Services 2% Humane Education & Other Services 8% Management & General 12% Fundraising

Administrative & Fundraising 20% 11


Helping Our Community

of funds raised go directly to programs and animal care

Pet Project

Pet Food Bank

Helps pet owners disabled by AIDS with food and veterinary care for their animals.

Helps low-income seniors keep their pets by providing pet food and supplies.

Our Sources of Revenue




Fees for services








Pet Project clients

veterinary treatments provided

pets helped

seniors helped monthly

pets fed monthly

lbs. of food distributed monthly

Providing Extra Care for Animals

pets belonging to low-income households and shelter partners were spayed or neutered


medical procedures were performed for pets in our care — from spay/ neuter to life-saving surgeries 12




cats benefited from the Grinstein Fund, a medical fund for shelter cats

dogs benefited from the Lexus Fund, a medical fund for shelter dogs

senior pets benefited from Sammie’s Fund for elderly shelter animals




pets benefited from volunteer foster care

days of foster care were donated by volunteers

community members attended our pet classes and workshops

Seattle Humane by the Numbers

We Admitted 6,730 Animals and Placed 6,297* * We have no time limits at our shelter. Some pets were still waiting to be adopted at the end of the fiscal year.

Cats admitted Cats placed

97% 3,032 Our save rate is one of the highest in the nation

Dogs admitted Dogs placed Small animals admitted


Small animals placed


3,833 3,596

2,716 2,531

pets were saved by our Life-Saver Rescue Program


We placed dogs, cats, and small animals

Seattle Humane helps animals in our community when they need it most. We rescued Odie, a 3-year-old Longhaired Miniature Dachshund, from a deplorable hoarding situation. Now Odie is safe and sound and learning how to trust again in our foster socialization program.


Programs & Services for the Community Seattle Humane Society is making an impact in the local community and beyond through public education and services that save the lives of animals. Our busy Adoption Center is open seven

days a week and every year we care for thousands of pets in need. For our community, we offer a variety of workshops and dog training classes, low-fee spay/neuter services for low-income households, and a volunteer foster program.

Seattle Humane is able to offer such a wide variety of programs and services thanks to the

strength of more than 1,800 dedicated volunteers who are at the very heart of our organization.

It was a record-breaking year for pet adoptions.

Low-Fee Spay/Neuter Seattle Humane currently performs more spay and neuter surgeries than any other agency in the

county. In addition to spaying/neutering all of our shelter pets prior to adoption, last year our spay and neuter efforts increased to more than 2,730 pets as a result of offering low-fee spay/neuter

surgeries to low-income community members. We also assisted other animal welfare organizations by transferring in pets in need of spay/neuter, performing the surgeries, and safely returning the pets for adoption.

In May 2013, we embarked on a partnership with Washington State University’s College of

Veterinary Medicine in which fourth-year veterinary students spay/neuter our shelter pets as part

of their clinical training, giving Seattle Humane veterinarians the capacity to serve more animals.


We perform more spay/neuter surgeries than any other agency in the county.

Pet Adoptions Seattle Humane Society has pets in every shape, size, color and type. We believe that every healthy and adoptable pet deserves a home of their own and that there is a perfect pet for every person. Last

year we adopted out nearly 6,000 dogs, cats and critters. We pride

ourselves on making lifelong matches between people and pets — you might even call us experts at matchmaking! Our Adoption Center is bright, bustling, and a fun place to bring the whole family to meet their new best friend.

Those who can’t make it to our shelter in Bellevue can visit the

MaxMobile, our 38-foot mobile adoption vehicle that travels to

stores, markets and events throughout the region, full of pets ready for on-the-spot adoptions. Last year, more than 260 pets met their match on the MaxMobile.

Seattle Humane gives pets the medical care they need to be happy and healthy. Moses, an 8-year-old kitty, was suffering from dental disease. After we extracted seven teeth, Moses felt much better and was adopted.

Medical Funds for Pets in Need Thanks to the Lexus Fund for shelter dogs and the Keith D. Grinstein

Memorial Fund for shelter cats, we are able to care for pets needing extra

medical attention. From injuries to infections, dental issues to surgery, we

never have to turn away pets in need of extra care. Last year, 101 dogs and 83 cats received the medical care they needed to become healthy and adoptable thanks to the Lexus and Grinstein medical funds.

Foster Care Network Our volunteer Foster Care Program is nationally recognized. Last year, more

than 5,400 pets benefited from foster care. By opening their hearts and homes to pets in need, foster care volunteers help us expand the walls of our shelter

and save more animals’ lives. They give older pets a break from the shelter, give pets time to recover from surgeries, bottle-feed newborn puppies and kittens, and so much more.


Seattle Humane accepts pets in all stages of health and gives them the care they need to become adoptable. We help pets like Granite, a 6-yearold purebred Great Dane, who had been hit by a car. Granite was able to recover with a volunteer foster family and was adopted by a family member.



Classes & Training

Volunteers are at the heart of Seattle Humane Society. They walk our dogs

Seattle Humane offers a variety of fun, effective training courses

work, provide adoption support, participate in special events, and so much

to pet first aid, we have a class for everyone and most of our dog

and brush our cats, deliver pet food to the elderly and disabled, help with office more. We have more than 1,800 dedicated volunteers. Last year, our volunteers

donated more than 198,000 hours of their time – the equivalent to 95 full-time staff members.

Community Outreach Every month, our Pet Food Bank feeds more than 1,900 pets belonging to low-income, disabled and senior clients. Pet Project helps more than 180

low-income community members disabled by AIDS keep and care for their

pets by providing pet food, supplies and basic veterinary care. More than 30 Visiting Pet Friends volunteers regularly bring the healing power of animal

and workshops for people and their pets. From puppy training

adoptions come with a six-week training course. More than 1,600 people attended our classes last year.

Humane Education for Kids The MaxMobile, our bright yellow bus for the animals, brings

humane education to the community every week, visiting local schools, community centers and festivals. We also provide a

summer camp for kids and a teen club to prepare teenagers for volunteerism at Seattle Humane.

companionship to nursing homes and hospitals.

Life-Saver Rescue Program Seattle Humane’s Life-Saver Rescue Program rescues pets who have run out of time at other shelters. Last year, we transferred in more than 3,000 pets

and found them loving homes. We reach out to our community first, then to shelters across the state and even out of state to save animals’ lives.

More than 150 children attended our Animal Adventures Summer Camp. 17

Gifts for Annual Support April 1, 2012 – March 31, 2013


Alan S. Cameron Revocable Trust Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

$50,000–$99,999 Jacobi Family Foundation Estate of Gudrun Olsen Estate of June B. Wright


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Christianson Combined Federal Campaign of King County Kathy and John Connors Michael and Roslyn Ellison Employees Community Fund of the Boeing Company King County Employee Charitable Campaign Kaycee and Michael Krysty The Laurel Foundation Franz and Grace Lazarus Michele’s Fight for Human and Animal Rights Helen Mull Foundation Greg Rankich and Heidi Brown Rankich Mike and Susan Redmond Suskin Foundation The Schuler Family Foundation United Way of King County


Elaine Coles - Marvin Foundation Estate of Ruth L. Conn EraGem David and Judy Loewe Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom PetSmart Charities, Inc. Daryl and Mark Russinovich The Scoob Trust Foundation Peter and Carol Stewart Rossann Williams and Jackie Winburn Xtreme Consulting Group, Inc.


Estate of Richard Garrett Adams Bill and Janette Adamucci Estate of Adell H. Brown Estate of Ruth Evelyn Collins D. Wayne and Anne Gittinger Dave and Kris Grassman


Lenore Hanauer Foundation Noelle and Michael Harman Kristin and Andrew Ireland Estate of Verna M. Johansson Luxe Magazine Pam and Chuck Lyford Nintendo of America Inc. Estate of Nancy A. Salvino Estate of Seraphine J. Scanlon Schuchart/Dow Schultz Family Foundation Patricia Smith State of Washington Combined Fund Drive United Way of Tri-State Krystal Walsh-Allen and Charles Allen Estate of David W. Walter Carol Wise and Thomas Pierik


Anonymous (1) Jennifer Adams American Foundation AT&T Wireless Steve and Linda Banchero Michelle and Steve Barnet Estate of Wendy Bartholomew Estate of Janice I. Budworth Heather and Dave Carleson Mr. Andrew Ciapalo John and Alison Corby F5 Networks, Inc. Ms. Michelle L. Gengler Google Gift Matching Program Estate of Elisabeth M. Hancock Harry’s Hounds Foundation Elwood and Ilene Hertzog Mrs. Erika L. Hill Home Buddies Bellevue Eileen Hoxit and Scott Schwisow King Kelso and Judy Reavell Laird Norton Company, LLC Kevin Lam and Van Vong Sandra K. Lerner Liberty Mutual Eldon and Aurelia Loewe Maddie’s Fund Estate of Wilbur Curtis Mann Charles Maxfield and Gloria F. Parrish Foundation Ms. Beth McCaw and Mr. Yahn Bernier Barbara and David Miller

Snowpoke, a 7-year-old lynx point Ragdoll mix, wouldn’t have made it at another shelter because she had an upper respiratory infection. But we were able to place her in a foster home where she made a full recovery. Once she was healthy again Snowpoke was adopted.

Dayle Moss and David Brown Mr. Masayasu Nakata NB Design Group, Inc. Mr. Scott Neal Oliver’s Pet Care Rodney and Janice Olson Kyle and Michele Peltonen Poma Fertility Tony and Michelle Richardson Rosenfeld Family Charitable Foundation Safeco Insurance Safeway, Inc. David Scherling Ms. Ann M. Selland David and Jennifer Shook Lynda Silsbee and Jay Smith Ms. Julia Sweeney David and Sri Thornton Diane VanDerbeek Marianne Vivona and Steve Furneaux Ms. Victoria R. VonGunten Walmart Foundation The Washington Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies Ms. Leanne C. Webber Ms. Jennifer Whitworth Michael and Kimberly Ziock


Anonymous (4) Alaska Airlines Amgen Foundation AT&T Services, Inc. ATS Automation Mr. and Mrs. John J. Atwood, Jr. Studio of Ken Bailey Bank of America United Way Campaign Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc. Mike and Chris Bayless Asher Bearman and Stacey Kaplan Dan and Jill Becker Russell and Margaret Benson Mr. Daniel Bjorge Christine Bloch and Joel Jackson Kimberly and Gene Boggio Karen and Scott Brandenburg Michael and Caryn Bujnowski Robin and Dan Castro Ms. Melinda Chambers Melanie and Behrooz Chitsaz City of Seattle Combined Charity Campaign CompuCom Systems, Inc. Costco Wholesale United Way Giving Ms. Mimi Cristall Bruce and Valerie Cronquist Dean and Kimberly Darwin

Mr. Steven L. Davis DLA Piper, LLP Donovan Photographics Alexander and Hilary Doroski Ronald and Faye Douglass Iain and Janice Duncan Ms. Constance Edwards Expedia, Inc. Falco Sult & Company, P.S. Ms. Janice P. Farrell Cynthia Fletcher Tyler and Jay Tyler Anne and Jack Fontaine Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Foreman Kessel-Frankenburg Family Fund Jeff Fritz and Bill Funcannon Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Jay and Deborah Gillotti Amy and Kimberly Hallman Mr. George Hamilton Ms. Jocelyn Hanson James and June Hill Mr. Robert Humphrey Annette and Steven Jacobs Karen Jester and Gordon Mueller Dean and Shauna Kattler Joe and Catherine Keating Mr. Timothy Kerans KeyBank Joan and Rod Kirkwood Mr. Stephen Kotz Leonetti Cellar LexisNexis Jim and Janet Linardos Mr. Brett Link Ms. Carrol Loehrer Mr. Lucas Longley The Lookout Foundation, Inc Rod and Marilyn Madden John Martin and Cheryl Wroth Stein Morgan Stanley Smith Barney GIFT Program Tamara Morse Glenn Morten and Carol Pohlod Mardi Newman Estate of Claude X. Nicoulin Northwest Cellars, LLC Valerie and Rick Olague John Ostmeier and Chris Sanchez Ms. Karen Paulsell Patti Payne Pemco Mutual Insurance Company PetHub CiCi Pilgrim and Mary Kay Wright Pride Foundation Puget Sound Grantwriters Association Michael Reagan Jeani and George Risch Manny and Melissa Rivelo - A Place for Rover

Christine Sanders-Meena and Jay Meena Mrs. Katia Spiegelman Monica and Adam Stein Symetra Gives - Employee Donations Ms. Sandra Teufel Thriftway - Cap Food Services Company Mrs. Louise Tolle Trupanion Unified Logic, Inc. United Way of Snohomish County Julie Vallin Mr. John Wink WSU College of Veterinary Medicine Trevor Zawalich and Charlotte Miller Lee and Marlene Zuker


Anonymous (10) Mr. Christopher Abbott Acura of Seattle at Southcenter Adobe Systems Matching Gift Program Alaska/Horizon Matching Gift Program Libby and Daniel Albert Ms. Sherry Ann Allen Mrs. Nancy D. Alvord Richard and Nancy Alvord American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Mrs. Earl Anderson Kris Anderson and Carole Heath Dr. James Andrews and Mrs. Deborah Andrews Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services - ACCES James and Kari Annand Kathleen and Thomas Arends Arthur & Associates, Inc. Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank Asset Management Strategies, Inc. AT&T Foundation Mr. Alan Averill Ballard Animal Hospital Bank of America Foundation & Matching Gifts Program Kara and Connor Barclay Daniel and Jaycee Barrett Barrier Motors Inc. Ms. Wilma E. Barstow Denise Bassett and Kim Lawrence Ms. Rebecca Beaman Denise and James Beard Mr. Lawrence Beck Michael and Erica Beckstrom

Ms. Barbara H. Belew Ronny and Catherine Bell Bellevue Rotary Albert and Pamela Bendich Charitable Trust Benefit Administration Group Ms. Kimberly Bennett Ms. Edie Birk Karl Bischoff and Leslie Phinney Ms. Floy Bishop BlackRapid Brynn Blanchard and Christopher Strawn Mr. Ronald E. Bloom Boeing Political Action Committee David Bortz and Carolyn Webb William and Jen Boyd Anna and Ken Boynton Sally Bresnan Pam Bridgen Al and Jullie Buckingham Ilya Bukshteyn and Meredith Atkins Mr. Julian Burger Burges Family Gift Fund Estate of Frank M. Burhans Mr. Frederick Burnstead Ms. Linda Cade Ms. Krista Caldwell Paul and Michele Capeloto Gregory and Carol Carras Jason Cazes Celebrated Chefs Ms. Karen Chapdelaine Ms. Susan E. Chapman Grace Chen Ms. Mary Jo Cheshire Ms. Sandra Chivers ChorePay Patti Chrzan Kelly and Robert Clark Mr. Trenton Clark Ms. Dawn Cockerill Coinstar Coinstar Cares - Matching Gifts Ms. Kathleen Cole Ms. Deana Collins Ms. Sarin C. Collins Combined Federal Campaign of North Puget Sound James and Rosemarie Connely Kathleen Conroy and Anne Preston Ms. Judy Cook Jay and Gina Cornwall Ms. Christine A. Courtie Ms. Kathy Cox Ellery and Kirby Cramer Ms. Colleen M. Crowley Crystal Photography Melanie Curtice and Jill Mehner Mr. Robert Daly Ms. Sarah Danko

Ms. Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann Ms. Carol A. Daubenmier Ms. Carol N. Dauterman Martin Kunz Deacon Charitable Foundation Mark and Julie DeLaurenti Mr. Alain Dias and Dr. Laura Portolese Dias Matt Dillion Ms. Judy A. Dodd Mr. Travis Dodd Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets Tori and Carter Dotson John and Sherry Douceur Jeanie DuMont and David McCrate Mr. Todd A. Duncan Mr. Peter Duniho and Mrs. Debra Tan Dutch Dog Designs Miss Genevieve Dwight Ms. Jill M. Eastes Cheryl and Adam Edelman Dr. Stephen Estrop and Ms. Penelope Broomer Chris M. Falco Mr. Kenneth L. Farmer Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation Feeding Fido Mr. and Mrs. Patrick B. Finnelly Mindy and Jeremy Fischer Patricia and Kenneth Fiske Mark and Willow Follett Diane Forsyth Ms. Betsy C. Friedland Joy and Richard Garner GE & MF Goehring Charitable Trust Monica Gianni Girl Scout Troop - Independent Jim and Cindy Glickert Carl and Carolyn Glosenger Beth Glosten Mr. Charles Goggio, Jr. Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Ms. Debbie Gollnick Mr. Daniel Greenawalt Tom and Gari Grimm Bob and Lisa Grove Mr. James Grua, III Nancy Gudmundson Yvonne and Daniel Hall Mark & Deborah Hamby Gift Fund Carrie and Patrick Hardie Mr. Vincent Hargrave Irene & Larry Harvitz Mrs. Noemi Hastings Ms. Erin Hawk Mr. Richard Heerdt Dr. Mark T. Hehnen Jeff and Shelly Heier Virginia Hershey

Abby Higgs Lars & Rachel Hildahl Gail Hill and James Brown Jamie Hills Robin Hirao-Otani Jack and Melinda Hirsch Kanhsun Ho Holland America Line Ms. J. Marilyn Holstad Honeywell Hometown Solutions Mr. Weston Hoskins Marlene Taylor Houtchens Mrs. Emily Howard Chef John Howie Larry and Carol Huggins Lee C. Hunt Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson IBM Employee Services Center Charles and Diane Illi Impressions Photographs Sherry and Don Irwin Issaquah Museum Quality Framing J. Bookwalter Winery Ethan Jack Art Nancy Jackson Ellon and Scott Jarvis Linda and Robert Jeans Mr. Dwayne Jeng Bradley and Leslie Johnson Mr. Jeffrey Johnson Ms. Karen M. Johnson Johnson International Industries, Inc. Mary and Ray Johnston Johnston Architects Ms. Kathi Jones Pamela and Michael Jones JP Morgan Chase Foundation Matching Gift Program Karen and Tom Jurewicz JustGive Mr. John Karlen Mr. David Kays Thomas and Barbara Kearns Todd Kelly and Arlene Mariano Kelly The Kilbourne Family Fund Mr. Andrew Kimball Mr. Mark Douglas Kimball, P.S. Ms. Patricia J. Kirsch Shari and Erik Kjerland James and Brooke Klein Dr. Kerry Kneeland and Mr. Robert Rogowski Ms. Deborah Knight Aaron and Birgit Knudsen KPMG’s Community Involvement Program Ruth H. Krauss, M.D. Lou and Nancy Kuffel Larkspur Landing Hotel - Bellevue Douglas Laundry and Eva Fekete


Mr. Jeremy Lee Ms. Kelly Lehman and Ms. Vera Ellich Matthew and Barbara LePage LexisNexis Shares Matching Contribution Program Dan Ling and Lee Obrzut Ms. Anne Lorton Ms. Laura Lucas Dr. Sylvia Lucas Ms. Melissa Mabee Michael Mager and Mary Church Ms. Taryn Mahan-Clary Marriott Residence Inn Redmond Town Center Mike Maruhashi Matthew G. Norton Co. Matthews Estate Ms. Laura McAdoo Ms. Christa McBryan Steven and Ashlie McConnell McKinstry Co. Charitable Foundation MEDNAX Services, Inc Mark and Cynthia Meinecke Ms. Deborah Meyer Mr. Steven Meyers Jean and Richard Minch Dorothy Moate Dennis and Helen Mooney Ms. Erma Jean Morgan Mr. Frank J. Morine Mr. Donald A. Moritz Ciscoe Morris Kathleen and Ken Moynihan Mud Bay Ms. Jane M. Mueller Scott Mullins and Randa Minkarah Lorre and Doyle Myers Suanne and Wesley Nagata Selvaraj and Kalpana Nalliah David Nelson and Bonnie Gong Mrs. Mary Newman Jeffrey and Margaret Nomi Omega Photo, Inc. Ms. Peggy O’Neill Allan and Inger Osberg Diane and Cliff Otis Adam and Chris Overton Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle Miss Tiffany Parker Sarah and Michael Parra Ms. Suzanne Paterson Ms. Sibylle Pearsall PEMCO Foundation Performance Dimensions Group Ms. Sandra Lynn Perkins and Mr. Jeffrey K. Ochsner Perkins Coie LLP Leon Perquin and Zanetta Marczynska


Ms. Teri Persen Petco Foundation Mr. Dirk B. Petersen Ron and Beth Peterson Estate of Marjorie E. Pettibone Mr. James Petts Ms. L. Renee Pfankuche Elizabeth Phelan Mr. Alex Phillips Ms. V. Ellen Phillips Phillips Three, LLP Ms. Susan Pierce Mr. Jason Pietrzyk Pineapple Hospitality The Pink Door popchips Ms. Nadia Postupna Jennifer and Timothy Potter Laura Poulin-Moore and Charles Moore Mr. Daniel Price Prime Spine Chiropractic & Massage Puget Sound PMI Chapter Estate of Louis J. Puritsky Mr. Keith B. Rahl and Mrs. Vivian A. Miller-Rahl Rainier Investment Management, Inc. Rebecca Ralston Ms. Stephanie Ream Satya and Rao Remala Rex Capitol Hill Ms. Jean Robertson Mr. David Robinson Michael Robinson Ms. Ruth A. Robinson Valerie and David Robinson Ms. Laraine H. Rodgers Ms. Cheri Romero Ms. Frances Rondestvedt Mr. Steve Roussos Calvin and Lauren Rowland Elizabeth and Christopher Rusnak Russell Matching Gifts Program Dr. Mark Salema and Mrs. Donna Salema Salty’s Seafood Grills The San Francisco Foundation Richard and Patricia Sandstrom Mr. Richard R. Sauer Deborah and Tom Schadt Christopher and Mary Schneider Laura and Alvin Scholten Peter and Julia Schroeder Mr. William Schueler David Schulz Michelle Larsen Schumacher and Alan Schumacher Mr. Frank Scibior Ms. Bryn Scougale

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Ms. Catherine Woodard BJ Woodhouse Neal and Shannan Wooten Carol and William Wrenn XLWeekend Geoffrey J. Yule, M.D. Charles Zalinski and Betsy Gillaspy Robert Zawalich and Diane Moss Ms. Ellen E. Zehr Zuke’s


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Freddie and Keith Dillon DirtFish Rally School Ms. Joyce Dixon Sara Dobyns Amanda and Emmett Doerr Mr. Christopher Donsante Joseph and Christi Ann Drummond Ms. Karri Dunn Mrs. Nancy Dunnam Mr. Michael Dunsmuir Steven and Monique Elfman Ms. Erin P. Elsasser Karen and Mark Endresen Ephemera Liberated Letterpress Ms. Grace Erdman Eternalife Bea Evans Ms. Nancy A. Faulkner Boris and Lisa Feldman Mr. Terry L. Finck Miss Janie Finnelly Ms. Bridgett Fisher Mr. Jordan Fitzgibbon Devin Fitzpatrick and Scot Eckley Forever Seal Foster School of Business Mr. Patrick Fournier Ashley and James Francis Mr. Frederick Frank Jennifer and Jacob Freeman Patricia and Michael Frost Gregory and Devnee Gadbois Jim and Cyndy Gallacher Mr. Michael B. Gallagher Genevieve and Matthew Gambardella Shamah V. Gamrath David and Joslin Gane Gateways International, Inc. Ms. Stacey Gaut Cathia Geller Ms. Nancy C. Gerard Troy and Elizabeth Gessel Kira Gilmer Girl Scout Troop #40908 Girl Scout Troop #42824 Ms. Nancy Glenn Mr. Jeffrey Goetz Steve Gold and Helen Clark Ms. Nicole Goldsmith Diane and Khody Golshan James and Mary Gordon Michael and Fran Graff Mr. Brian H. Green Mr. Douglas J. Green T.M. and A.G. Green Green Diamond Resource Company United Way Giving Deborah Gregor Ms. Elaine Gregory

Michelle and Joe Gretsch Ms. Katy Griffiths Ms. Judith Grigg Jane and Ed Grimes Alden O’Brien Haass Mr. Jason Haensly Mr. Mark Haggerty Nina and Scott Hall Tony Halstead & JoEllen Kuwamoto Anne Hamilton and Rich McClung Dr. Samuel Hammar Robin and Randy Hansen Gordon and Elaine Harfst Ms. Juanita J. Harms Ms. Corrie A. Harrington Sandra Harrington and Frankie Sanderson Duane & Barbara Hartloff Nature Fund Mr. Brian Hartnett Gayle Hays Robert and Beth Heath Shirley and Paul Heath Heathman Hotel Allyn and Patricia Hebner Chris Hedgpeth and Lisa Hasselman Gary and Linda Heinen Janice and John Helgren Hellam Varon & Co. Inc. P.S. Mr. E. John Helmon Helsell Fetterman, LLP Mr. Dan M. Hennessee Jeffrey and Lori Henshaw Mr. Richard Henshaw Mr. Lafe Hermansen Felix Hernandez Mike and Cheryl Herscher Ms. Amy Hevron Dr. Julie Heyn Ms. Rebecca Hicks Hitachi Consulting Hitachi Foundation Dr. Desislava Hite Ms. Patricia Holland Holland America Line United Way Giving Kathryn Hollingsworth Honda Auto Center of Bellevue Honeywell International PAC Match Program Ms. Karyn Honigsfeld Mr. Benjamin Horst AW Hoss and Son Hotel Bellwether Hotel Five Ms. Gwen Houston Daniele Hovington and Brian Bercovitz

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Larkspur Landing Hotel - Renton Kristy LaRock Edward and Pamela Laskowski David and Jill Lawrence Deborah Lecuyer Ms. Lisa M. Lederer Ms. Elizabeth G. LeMoon Janice LeRoy Tomarra LeRoy Ms. Jennifer Lesher Christine and Laurence Leslie Jeff and Suzy Levere Ms. Jean B. Liebmann Maria and Thanh Lieu Dr. Laureen Light, Ph.D. and Mr. Steve Rolfe Roger and Sharon Linnell Lionfish, LLC Eric Lippke Ms. Andrea Lira Lima Ms. Sally Lively Ms. Geraldine A. Livingston Ms. Deborah K. Livingstone Barbara Llewellyn and Deirdre Walsh Mr. Scott Locke Ms. Anna Lotz Brian and Christina Lounsberry Christina Lui and Karl Hill Mr. John M. Lund Charles A. Lutz, Jr. & Jean L. Lutz Trust Polly, Shweychun Ma and Steve Shen Kenneth and Nicole MacKenzie Ms. Lauren MacPherson Ms. Lisa Magnusson Ms. Michelle Mahurin Caroline Maillard and Catherine Roosevelt Ms. Louise Maison Ms. Mary Ann Majors Mr. Charles Malmsten, Jr. and Dr. Elizabeth Oesterle Ms. Judy Manaro Gary Mann Anne Marshall and Tim Garrigan Ms. Kerri Marshall Ms. Karen Mason Ms. Whitney Mason Bruce and Patricia Maupin The Maxwell Hotel Ken and Lynn Maybee Teresa Maylor and Allen Asbury David and Shannon Mayo Ms. Belinda McAdow Mr. Jason R. McArthur Mr. Michael McCann Ms. Jennifer McCausland Michelle and Robert McCormick Ms. Kathleen A. McCrary

Mr. David McCrory Dr. Helen McIntyre and Mr. Larry Little Elisabeth and David McKee Ms. Ruth E. McNally Ms. Rebekah Medford Mr. Jerry Meharg Mr. Nicholas H. Meier Larry and Betty Mellum Ms. Libby Meren Jacquelyn and John Mesiti Karen and Gary Meyers Ms. Laura Middaugh and Senator Adam Kline Richard and Lorraine Mietzner Mr. Mark Mikoleit Mile High United Way Mr. Chuck Miles Constance Miller and Carol Leppa Glen and Rebecca Miller Ms. Virginia M. Miller Wady Milner and Matthew Roberts Carole Ann and Larry Milton Mode Organic Salon Bobbi Moody Osvaldo Morales and Holly Price Joern Mortensen Mr. Salvatore Mosca Mr. James Mueller Greg and April Musick Mustangs Northwest Vidyuth Muthanna Bruce and Carleen Naito National Frozen Foods Corporation Larry and Rhonda Nelsen Ms. Elizabeth N. Nelson and Ms. Sue M. Bartels James and Patsy Nelson Philip Nelson and Mary King Suzanne and James Nelson Mrs. Erin Neubauer Mr. Leslie Ng Ms. Amy Nguyen Mr. Andrew Nicholas Karen Nilson and Anne Matheson Mr. Trevor Noble Mr. Geoffry Nordlund Rebecca Norlander Novelty Hill-Januik Winery Seerel Ohanessian Olympic Kennel Club, Inc. Mrs. Brenda Oppegaard-Davis and Mr. Bill Davis Mr. Lawrence Ordoins Ms. Judith Orr Anne and Robert Otis Nicholas and Darla Paget Rodney and Sally Palmborg Ms. Jolene Parisio Rhonda Parks Manville and Todd Manville

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Paul and Joy Russell Richard Russo Gene and Barbara Sackett Sadler Charitable Gift Fund Shailesh and Elyssa Saini Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation SaltChuk Resources, Inc. Leida and Michael Sanders Mr. Brian Saunders Mrs. William L. Schaumberg Jack Scheidegger Ms. Shelley Schermer Mr. Morton Schmorleitz Dr. Kevin Schneider Detlef Schrempf Foundation M. Schuller and D. Sipila Stella A. Schuller Paul Schuman Steve and Susan Schwalb Ms. Cindy Schwamberger Lori and Jonathan Schwefel Jeff Shaw and Stacy Quan Seattle Athletic Club Northgate Seattle Mariners Igor Sedukhin Betty Shafer Renu Shani Nancy and Glenn Shapiro Shelter Alliance Mr. Stephen Showalter Dr. Solveig Sieberts Marlund and Cynthia Simchuk Ms. Anne Singleton The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Jeremy and Sarah Skogsbergh Ms. Dixie Small Ms. Jenny M. Smith John Smith Larry and Anita Smith Sno-King Agility Club Antonio and Jacqueline Soler Winn and Candi Spears Eric and Lacey Speiser St. Louise Parish Starbucks Foundation Giving Programs Elsbeth Steel Jewels Marty and Jacquie Steele Mr. Robert Steele Barb Steinberg and Craig Kasman Ms. Emily A. Stewart Stickney Research Ms. Suzanne Stoner Mrs. Mari Stosich-Wall Ms. Jeanette Stoudt Mrs. Beverly L. Strain Dennis and Kathleen Stremick Claudia and George Strickland Kim S. Stuart Surfsand Resort


Chandana Surlu and Joseph Joy Ms. Maureen P. Swanson Swansons Nursery Carl and Marni Swart Symetra Financial Vonni and Brent Sytsma Scott and Sheela Tallman John Tam and Tamami Okauchi Tangible Systems Ms. Eva Terry Khiota Therrien Ms. Laurie Thomas Ms. Suzanne J. Thomas Deanna and Steven Thompson Ms. Grace M. Thompson Paul and Janet Thomsen Barbara H. Thomson Patricia Timm Ms. Iris Toshiye Toba Jesse Tobiason Kim and Ann Torp-Pedersen Total Wine & More Steve Toth and Sophia Sasaki Nigel and Ann Townsend Ms. Wendy Turner-Williams Mr. Benoit Twitchell UBS Group Workplace Giving & Matching Gifts United Way of Bergen County United Way of Williamson County Jorge and Kristen Valladares Baby Van Beezly Robert Van Note Don and Eleanor Vandenheuvel Carmen and Jon Vanier Mr. Stanley Vasek Verizon Foundation Giving Programs Kathleen and Daniel Vizzare Thi Vu Bil Wadum and Susan Chase Rosemary Wagner Photography Ms. Kathryn Waldeck Kathryn and Chris Waldron Mr. Philip Alexander Waligora Liza and Jeff Wallace Mr. Howard Walters Mr. Andrew Warren Scott Wasner and Moira Holley Mr. Brent K. Watanabe Ms. Mary Jo T. Watanabe Cheryl Weaver Ms. Angela Weibel Mark and Tammy Welch Wells Fargo U.S. Corporate Banking, Northwest Region Ms. Jill Wendland John & Alexis Wenstrup Western Tile & Marble Contractors, Inc.

Weyburn Trust and Fiduciary Services Mr. Robert Wheeler Mary Whisner Ms. LeAnn White Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center Rosalie and George Whyel Ms. Jane Wiegenstein Ms. Deborah Williamson Willows Lodge Ms. Faith Wilson Thomas and Patricia Wilson Ms. Marta Windeisen Mr. Roger Winkel Marlene & Roger Winter Jennifer and Ken Wolcott Mr. Kevin Wold Wolf Haven International Barbara and Garret Wong Mr. Russell Woods Ms. Sarah T. Yeager Ms. Eunice Yin Ms. Michelle Young Laurie and Mark Youngblood Mr. David Zapinski


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Mr. Richard Andrews Julie Anne Mr. John Arakawa The Arbutus Family Foundation Mr. Brian Archbold Ms. Jeanette Armstrong Ms. Danielle Aronstam David and Pamela Ashcom Julie Austin Photography Vigdis Austrheim Ann-Marie Autio and Kevin Hoffman Ms. Karen Babcock Patty Backman Mr. Richard E. Bailey Ms. Sylvia Bailey Ms. Amy Baird Ms. Christina Baker Ms. Linda Baker Melissa and Ben Baker K.C. Ball Scott and Michelle Ballantine Ballon Designers Bar Method Seattle - Eastside Tom and Steph Barden Ms. Nancy Barevics John Baringer and Diane Lefkow Ms. Debra K. Barkley Ms. Michelle R. Barnes Mr. Robert Barnes Ms. Anna Barnett Ms. Jessica A. Barnett Carol A. Barr Ms. Julie E. Barreto Mr. Matthew Barrett Tom and Michelle Bartell John and Judy Bastien Mr. Samuel Bateman Ms. Catherine Batiuk Mr. Norman Baullinger Ms. Eileen Bear Bear Creek Country Club Judi Beck and Tom Alberg Cheryl and Daniel Becker Ms. Michelle Becker Ms. Susan Becker Erica Becker Morin and Thomas Morin BECU Todd and Paige Behrbaum Jim and Pat Behrends Mr. Randal Belair Ms. Bonnie L. Belford Ms. Jessica Bell Ms. Karla Bellett Ms. Danielle Bellinello Brent Benjamin Mr. Robert Benshoof Ms. June Bentley Alex Berg and Dan Meyers Valerie and Bradley Berg

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Ms. Bonnie Bush Robert and Charyl Butenko Ms. Sarah Butenko Butler Seattle-Valet, Transportation & Tours Ms. Angie Buysse Cafe Manson, LLC Angie and Doug Cairns Ms. Arianna Caldwell Ms. Melissa Calvert Ms. Barbara Calvo Camp Canine Ms. Jan Campbell Joni and Chris Campbell Ms. Katrina Campbell Ms. Margaret Campbell Lynn and Richard Campbell Debra Capobianco and William Mokszycki Mr. Edward Capuano Michael and Kellie Carlson Mr. Robert Carlson Ms. Beth A. Carlyle-Askew Ms. Jane Caron Sandy Carovano Mr. Michael Carrico and Ms. Meg Carrico Ms. Anne Carroll Amanda Carruth L. Carter Ms. Shannon Cary Cascade Animal Clinic Mr. Jason M. Cascio Steve and Karin Case Ms. Tara Cashman Cashmere Wrappings Ms. Jennifer Castro Cat Sitting Seattle, LLC Mark Cavage and Veronica Geczi Celia’s 5 Star Canine Resort David Center and Christine Pereira Central Bark CH2M HILL, Inc Mrs. Shon M. Chaffin Mr. Benjamin C. Chamberlain Margaret L. Chambers Ms. Grace B. Chambreau Chase Community Giving Chautauqua Lodge Kay Cherry Miss Sophie Chitsaz Mr. Troy Christensen Dr. Tiffany Christie-Smith Mark and Linda Christopher Mr. Jer-Yee Chuang Ms. Jessica Chubak Ms. Susan Chulick Clarion West Writers Workshop Mr. Jon A. Clark, Attorney at Law Ms. Kelly Clark Calvin and Susan Clawson

Ms. Melissa Clayman Daniel and Joan Clement Ms. Ann L. Clemente-Tolins Margaret and Nathaniel Clinton Linda and Wayne Clugston COACH Loren and Binh Cobb Craig and Karen Coder Ms. Michelle Coe Mr. Timothy Coffey Ms. Andrea L. Coglon Jodee Cohen Mr. Seth Cohen Wendy Cohen and John Chenault Randy and Lisa Cole Mr. Christopher Colgan Mr. Marlo Colinas Suzanne Collins Ellen Comeaux Companion Animal Hospital Ms. Carleen B. Confer Congregational Church on Mercer Island Ms. Jennifer Cook Amy Cooke Chris Cooper Thomas and Drema Cooper Amy and Mark Corcoran Lynda and Scott Corcorran Ms. Barbara Cordova Barbara and Leonard Cornwell Ms. Jennifer Coughlan Ms. Lynne A. Coveny Mr. Brian Covery Angie and Gregory Cox Ramona and Daniel Coyle Douglas and Kristin Craig Ms. Sharon Cramer Larry and Cheryl Crane Stephen and Ann Crane Ms. Christine P. Cranston Ms. Darla Crass Ms. Samantha H. Crews Richard Crooks Ms. Laurie Cropp Keith and Penny Crowe Patrick and Karen Crumb Ms. Colleen Cullen and Mr. Mark Martino Ms. Tiffany Cullum Ms. Karen Cummings Mr. Grady Cunningham Sue Curtis Paul and Amy Curtis Stephanie and Cory Cuthbertson Aaron, Adrienne, Ezra and Sophia Czechowski Ms. Sharon Dahl Ms. Molly Daily Laura and Joe Dalton

Col. Richard Daniels and Mrs. Patricia Daniels Ms. Catherine Darracott Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Lance and Megan Dauber Jonathan Davidson and Dale Maeshiro Robert and Larina Davis Robert and Suzanne Davis Davis Residence Ms. Mary Davison Sonia Davis-Wright and Steve Wright Ms. Megan Day and Mr. Richard Boas Mr. Ryan Day Ms. Martha DeAmicis Mr. Charles Dean Erin Dean Miss Michelle L. DeGrand Marcia and Michael Delabarre Mr. Bob C. Delavan Bob and Kathleen Delf Ms. Hanan Demaria David and Judith DeMoss Mr. Michael Deogirikar Monica DeRaspe and David Bolles Matt and Karen Devine Mr. Timothy Devlin Ms. Victoria C. DeWinter Robert and Sharon DeWolf Ms. Terri DeYoung Dianne Dickerson and Wayne Hiner Dickerson Partnership, LLC B. Gayle Dickson Ms. Katya Difani Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Mr. David E. Dingman Mr. Henry Dixon Ms. Lisa Dodge Ms. Beverly Doleac Anita and Joe Donahou Jessica Douglass Miller and Erik Miller The Douglass Family Foundation Cheryl Dover Lisa and Christopher Downs Ms. Eloise M. DuBois Erin Dunn Ms. Linda Dunning Tom and Karen Dykstra Kenneth and Pamela Eakes Aaron Easterly and Gina Fernandes ECG Management Consultants Ms. Heather Eden Patricia and Kathy Edmund Douglas and Joanmarie Eggert Ms. Karen A. Elliott Ms. Teresa Ann Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Elsoe Mr. Robert Engelhorn

Mark and Linda Erickson Ms. Gunilla Eriksson Ms. Melissa Ernst Mr. Jeremy Espenshade Ms. Cheryl A. Esposito and Mr. Mark Stevenson Mr. Miles Ewing Dr. Linda Fairchild David Fandel and Heather Sherman Lorelle and Delluah Farber-Todd Ronald Farrell Ms. Tammy Fawcett Tammie Fehn Ms. Elizabeth Feldsher Ms. Ellen L. Ferguson Ms. Amy Figgins Mr. Mark Filteau Roberta Finger FINRA Angela Fiorentine and Shelly Strayer Ms. Sandra Fischer Ms. Linda Fitzgerald Thomas and Carol Fix Ruth and Ronnie Fjellman Borden Flanagan Ms. Sally Flaxman Ms. Julie Flom Eliza Flug Coburn FM Global United Way Giving Derrick and Shannon Foeller Mr. Bryan Foiles Mr. Peter Fontaine and Mr. Don Weston Ms. Lynnie Ford Forever Pretty Tami and Greg Fosmark Mr. Albert Foster Jesse Foster and Meagan Fitzgerald Mr. Robert Fox, III Ms. Susan Fox The Fremont Tour Ms. Carol A. Frescoln Lon and Caryn Frey Ms. Linda Frieda Friendship Circle of Bellevue Lynn Frosch Ms. Myrtle Fry Ms. Laura Fryer Ms. Gretchen Fullenwider Chuck and Norma Fuller Martha and Tim Fuller Ms. Kelly Fuller Blue Mr. Robert Fulwell Stephanie and Roger Funston Kim Fuqua Ms. Amanda Gaberman Ms. Brittney C. Gannon Ms. Betty Garner Jo and Dave Gartenberg GE United Way Giving Campaign

Susanne Gee and George Mastrodonato Carole Geis John and Jennifer Gemmill Ms. Nancy George Steven and Christine Gerdes Ms. Julie M. Gerringer Alexandra Gerson and Noah Williams Mrs. Bonnie Getchell Ms. Deanna R. Getz John and Kathleen Gibbs Scott and Vickie Gibbs Guy and Karen Gilbert Ms. Susan Gillikin John and Lora Gillingham Girl Scout Troop #40030 Girl Scout Troop #41939 Girl Scouts Troop #41617 glassybaby Christine and Michael Go Steven Goddard, Heather Scott and Sophie Goddard Ms. Sandy Gomez-Leon Vasumathi and Suma Gopalan Nick and Charlene Gormley Melissa and Michael Goto Emma Gottlieb Victoria, Jim and Riley Grady Gregory and Cindy Gramling Ms. Janice Granberg Mr. Alan L. Graves Adam Green and Helen Tse Dianne and David Greene Robin Gregoris and Larry Best Grey’s Anatomy Mr. Stephen Griffin Mr. Peter Grimes Robert and Joan Gruber Miss Eleanor Grudin Miss Isobel Grudin Mr. Randy Gruver Roger and Karen Gulliver Ruth Gurgel Reed and Wynne Guy Hugo and Lisa Guzman Ms. Iris Guzman Ms. Nancy Gyles Chihyun Ha Shyam Habarakada Ms. Jacqueline Haggerty Gregg and Trudy Hakala Ms. Betty Hale Ms. June Hale Lee Halligan Mrs. Sonja Hallstrom The Halsey Family John and Kristin Halunen Ms. Peggy A. Halwachs Ms. Nancy Hanada Kern Handa

Ms. Roberta L. Hansen Angela and Jeff Harbaugh Ms. Mary Beth Harley Jim and Kathleen Harnisch Mr. Andrew Harper Lawrence and Cecilia Harper Julie Crowley Mrs. Barbara R. Harris Mr. Edward Harris Mr. Jon A. Harris Ms. Linda Harris Warren and Laurie Hartshorn Lynne Haspedis and Linda Sundstrom Ms. Rebecca Hassett Mr. Ralph Hastings Tami, Mark, Bailey and Trixie Hastings Abbie Havkins James and Kristen Hayes Mr. John Heard Ms. Evelyn C. Heath Ms. Sharon Hebert Mr. Steve Hedge Jean-Francois and Catherine Heitz Ms. Donna R. Helgeson Mr. Ross Heller Mr. Thomas Heller Patricia Henderson and Roger Guay Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Henkel Mary Henning Mr. Jeffrey Hensler Steve Herber and Susan Davidson Herber Mr. Bryan Herczeg Karen and Roy Heric Ms. Judith Herman Daniel Herron and Monica Paolini Ms. Misty Hertel Mr. Dirk R. Heuser Ms. Diana Hildebrand Jahna and Nick Hildebrandt Mr. David Hill Ms. Leisl J. Hill Mr. Thomas Hinchman Mr. William Hodge Mr. Ronald K. Hofer Mr. Greg Hoffer Mr. Peter Hogenson Thomas and Nancy Hogue Neil and Margery Hokonson Mr. Kenneth J. Holing Monica and David Hollenback Robert Holman and Jill PayneHolman Dodie Holmgren-Kamman and Trent Kamman Wendy and Tim Holt HomeStreet Bank Ms. Aubree Hoover Ms. Rebecca Hope

Duane and Barbara Horton Mr. Amphorn Hosakul Hotel Deca Hotel Fifty Hotel Monaco/Sazerac Restaurant Charles and Jessie Ann Hotes Ms. Sandra Houser Mr. Charles Howard Gretchen Howard and Jerry Williams Anna Hoychuk Photography Jim and Kathy Hruza Kwai and Lee Hsue Joan L. Huddleston Dr. Carmen Hudson Richard and Margaret Hudson Ms. Alexa Huggins Erin Hughes and Bruce Lima Mr. Todd Hughes Wanda and George Hughes William Gregory Hunicutt and KD Charles and Norma Hurlocker Robin Hutchison Mrs. R. E. Iams Douglas Ide ING Financial Partners Integrity Applications Incorporated Interlake Window Cleaning, Inc. Akira and Jena Itami Mrs. Elina Ivanova Dayle Iverson Matthew and Catherine Iwicki Ms. Darlene Jacintho Ms. Julie E. Jackson Mr. Kevin Jackson Janine and Andrew Jacobs Robert and Nancy Jacobs Ms. Sandra Jacobs Mr. Andrew Jacobson Ms. Barbara Jaech Ellinor James Ms. Jeanne T. Jance Tyler and Margaret Jantzen Mr. Christopher Jarzabek Jessica and Alex Jenness Suzette and David Jennings Mr. Curt H. Jensen Ms. Janney Jensen Lorraine and Mark Jensen The Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle Mr. Robert Johns Bryan Johnson and Peggy NielsenJohnson Ms. Carolyn Johnson Ms. Diane C. Johnson Jill and Allen Johnson Karlene and David Johnson Michael and Tammy Johnson Ms. Nicole Johnson Sahnny Johnson


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Richard and Linda Kumasaka Jim and Pat Kunkler Lolly Kunkler and Chris Priest Mrs. Nancy L. Kunze Ms. Jo Ellen Kuwamoto and Mr. William Halstead Mr. Richard Laine Lakeside Limousine Tours Ms. Colleen E. Lamb Ms. Natalie Lamberjack Muriel J. Lamkee, M.D. Ms. Joanne M. Landry Ms. Pamela Lane Ms. Roselyn M. Lane Ms. Irina G. Lang Thelma Langley I. Grace Lao Margaret Larson Paul and Robin Larson Walter Lau Ms. Denise Lauricella Samantha Lawrence at Obadiah Salon Leader of the Pack Ms. Michelle Leco Mr. David Lee Ms. Leah Lee Murray and Karri Lee Brian and Diana Lees Terrel and Robert Lefferts Ms. Gloria Ann Legge Mr. Benjamin Henri Leifer Robert and Gail Leighton Mr. Scott D. LeRoy Ho Chuen Leung and Kit Ling So Mr. Jesse Licht Becky and Richard Lichtenhagen Ms. Emily Lieb Ms. Tabitha Lieberman Jochen Liesche and Jason Jorgensen Ms. Ruth Liles Robert and Virginia Lillie Mr. Matthew J. Linden Georgeanne Lindquist Ms. Victoria Lines Ms. Susanna L. Linse Ms. Monika Lirio Ms. Rhoda Liston Ms. Sally Lively Nancy W. Logan Logicalis Yince Loh and Kathyryn Oliver Christopher, Angela, Sophia, Isla, Baron, Bailey, and Max Lohr Ms. Stephanie Lollar Lollar Guitars, Inc. Judy and Mark Long Marcia and Mark Long Ms. Faye Lord Jodie M. Lotzgesell William and Winifred Lozon

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Jaimee Jewell Mr. Andrew Johnson Kim Jones Mr. Patrick Kane Toby and Kazue Kawahigashi Dr. John Kelly Ms. Joanne T. Kitagawa Peter and Margaret Krier Shaunie Lawton Ms. Jocelyn Liu Jamie Lockwood Ms. Wendy Lucio Ms. Michele MacNeill Mr. David Mari Daniel Massey and Katie Trout Ms. Judy Mitchell Ms. Dianne Moore Teo and Anne Morellato Ms. Irene Mounsey Mr. John Myers Kurt Nogaki and Candace KatoNogaki Patrick and Susan O’Donnell Mr. Eric Olson Others First Ms. Maryann Parker Anna and Roberto Pascua Ms. Sarah Pettricca Ms. Theresa Price Raymond Raece Mr. Eric Raisters Mr. James Rawson Mr. David Riddle Mr. Josh Rife Ms. Elizabeth Roberts Shawn and Richard Roth Mr. G. James Roush Mrs. Sandra E. Sanford Mr. Billy Sepeda Mr. Steve Shaw Mr. Steve Singer Mr. Kevin Sloan Tiny Tindle Ms. Benita Veskimets Ms. Olivia Vlcek Mr. Lance Wade Alison and James Brems Mr. Michael Weiss Mr. Lance Wires Mr. Raymond Wong Mr. Donald Woods Mr. Isao Yamauchi Kim Yanick and Jeff Wilson

PawPrints Society

Ms. Carlynn Abendroth Janette Adamucci Ms. Susan R. Agid and Mr. Robert D. Johns Mrs. Catherine M. Alford-Flowers Patty and Roy Anderson

Ms. Mary S. Andrews Ms. Sharon Arttazia Ms. Gigi Atlas Debbie and John Austenson Jimmy and Patty Barrier Ms. Theresa A. Berg Mark Blitzer Ted and Laura Boessenroth Lynn and Richard Campbell Jeanne Carlson Rob and Kelly Clark Margaret Clarke Melanie Cliff Ms. Donna M. Cochran Suzanne Collins Jeane E. Cook Ms. Deborah A. Darrah Ms. Judith L. Davison Ms. Kathy A. Dawson Charles B. Dodge Gretchen Dowling Ms. Linda Dunning Amy Florence Anne and Jack Fontaine Mr. Peter Fontaine Teresa Ford and Spencer Bishop Royla Forest Evelyn Foster Capt. Ernest Frankenberg Nolan and Anne Franks Nancy Gerard Mr. and Mrs. Clarence R. Gillett Jay and Deborah Gillotti Sandy and Ed Gullekson Ms. Diana E. Hampden-Smith Noelle and Michael Harman Marlene Taylor Houtchens Emily and Bruce Howard Gretchen Howard and Jerry Williams Lynne Igoe Nancy Jackson Katherine L. Johnston Kathleen J. Jones Reed and Judy Jopling Ms. Catherine Jordan Joan Klorer Sandra Kraus and Gary McCabe Michael and Kaycee Krysty Richard Laine Stephen Lamphear Jennie M. Larsen Constance D. Leahy David and Anita Lempesis Robert and Suzann Lombard Anna Lotz John Maletta and Marianne Sao Maletta Dr. Carolyn Marquardt David and Leslie Mattson Elisabeth McKee

Sally McKenzie and Charles Stempler Susan and William Metters Jean and Richard Minch Dorothy Moate Carol Moless Sue Ann Montgomery and Joann Knopp Ms. Erma Jean Morgan Ruellene J. Morganti Helen E. Mull Nina Multari Ms. Shelley Murphy Mary Louise O’Neal Ms. Mary Parker Sandra Lynn Perkins and Jeffrey Ochsner Ross J. Purintun Ms. Jacklyn W. Rawlinson Norman and Karen Reed Joey Reiter and Nancy Burfiend Rosalind Rich Laura Rivendell Elizabeth and Christopher Rusnak Michael and Karen Salmon Mike and Joan Schmidt Laura and Alvin Scholten Dorothy Shaw John and Jeffreyann Sheridan Marlund and Cynthia Simchuk Annette Siversen David and Kathryn Smith Patricia Smith Margery Spears and Mark Stephens Carol and Peter Stewart Mrs. Monique A. H. Summers Alan and Barbara Tepper Ms. Grace M. Thompson Dean J. Trenery Nancy Wagner Herbert and Debra Weisbaum Jessie Wheeler Laurie Wick Norma Wigutoff Esther Ybarra-Wagner Leo and Marjorie Ziebarth Anonymous (11)

Endowed Funds Leah Buhner Veterinary Endowment

Annual earnings are used to cover ongoing veterinary care expenses.

James A. Gilruth, Jr. and Nettie Jim Leeper Gilruth Memorial Endowment Fund Established to provide spay/neuter services for cats and dogs.

Sammie’s Fund Endowment

Established in honor of Wendy Moss and her first dog to support the care of older animals awaiting adoption at Seattle Humane Society.

Seattle Humane Society Endowment

Established by Seattle Humane Society’s Board of Directors.

Please contact Catherine Smith, Donor Relations Manager, at (425) 373-5382 to make any updates to your records.

Biscuit, a 9-year-old Miniature Dachshund, was surrendered to Seattle Humane when her owners became allergic and could not keep her. Biscuit was suffering from dental disease and after an extraction and thorough cleaning she was adopted by her new best friend.


13212 SE Eastgate Way | Bellevue, WA 98005 425.641.0080 |

Seattle Humane - Annual Report - April 2012-March 2013  
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