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Spring 2014

Sibling Kittens Reunited Miss Belle & Pumpkin together at last

Adopt a Hybrid Tips for a pet-friendly Earth Day

RecordBreaking Year 6,937 animals placed

Also in this issue: Letters from Adopters, Life-Saving Stories & Shelter Updates 1

Letter from CEO David Loewe Dear Animal Lovers,

Spring 2014 • Vol 22 • Issue 1

I started volunteering at Seattle Humane eight years ago. While helping out in the cat program, I was so impressed with the quality of care given to animals in every stage of life and health. From nursing newborn kittens around-the-clock, to providing emergency medical care to dogs in their golden years, Seattle Humane has always gone above and beyond to help pets when they need it most. I have never been more proud of this organization as I have been this past year. In 2013, we achieved an all-time high life-saving rate of 97.85 percent – making Seattle Humane one of the top shelters in the nation. We placed a recordbreaking 6,937 dogs, cats, and critters and rescued 3,595 pets from other shelters through our Life-Saver Rescue Program. Our 1,900 volunteers donated 210,000 hours to help pets in need, and nearly 600 volunteer foster parents provided a home and extra care for 5,647 cats, dogs, and small animals. In our community, we helped more than 1,800 low-income pet owners feed their companion animals through our Pet Food Bank. We also launched an innovative partnership with Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, with fourth-year veterinary students performing spay/neuter surgeries for our shelter pets as part of their clinical training. To date, more than 50 students have participated in the program, receiving hands-on experience and freeing up our veterinary team to perform 2,309 spay/neuter surgeries for pets belonging to low-income families. None of this would have been possible without the support of our animal-loving community. I have no doubt that with your continued support we will save even more lives in 2014. We hope that you will join us for our biggest fundraiser of the year, our 25th anniversary Tuxes & Tails on May 10, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue. Enjoy live and silent auctions, a four-course dinner and a runway show starring local celebrities and adoptable shelter pets. The entire evening benefits the thousands of homeless pets in our care. To learn how you can participate visit We can’t wait to see you there!

David Loewe Chief Executive Officer

Save the Date! Tuxes & Tails May 10 Hyatt Regency Bellevue

Aug. 9-10 Seattle Humane

Animal Adventures Camp

Walk for the Animals

June 23-Aug. 15 Seattle Humane



Oct. 5 University Village

For event details visit

Cover Photo: Dolly, a 1-year-old Chihuahua mix was transferred to Seattle Humane through our Life-Saver Rescue Program and adopted in October, 2013. 13212 SE Eastgate Way Bellevue, WA 98005 Seattle Humane Society is an independent, donor-funded nonprofit animal welfare organization saving abandoned, stray and surrendered pets in our community. Editorial:

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Kaycee Krysty Chair Mary Kay Wright Vice Chair Chris Falco, CPA, CBI Treasurer James T. Linardos Secretary John Corby Chair Emeritus Janette Adamucci Michelle Foreman Barnet Chris Bayless Asher Bearman Jeffrey A. Christianson Elaine Coles Kathy Connors Tori Dotson Michael Ellison Jocelyn Hanson Elwood W. Hertzog Franz Lazarus Susan Redmond Daryl Russinovich Jim Schuler Lynda Silsbee John Wenstrup

STAFF LEADERSHIP David E. Loewe Chief Executive Officer Brynn Blanchard VP of Development Dr. Brad Crauer, DVM Chief Medical Officer Ken L. Farmer Chief Financial Officer Rhonda Manville VP of Marketing Katie Olsen Chief Operations Officer

Humane Happenings News & Updates It’s the 25th Anniversary of

Get your tickets today for our spectacular 25th annual fundraising gala, Tuxes & Tails. Join us on May 10, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for a one-of-a-kind event that includes hundreds of exclusive live and silent auction items, a gourmet dinner, and a unique runway show featuring local celebrities strutting their stuff with adoptable shelter pets. This year’s silver anniversary event will be better than ever! Visit to learn more about our biggest fundraiser of the year, purchase your tickets, or become a sponsor. Questions? Email or call (425) 373-5388.

Summer Camp for Kids Calling all critter-loving kiddos! Go wild this summer at Seattle Humane’s Animal Adventures Day Camp. Registration is now open for our week-long summer camp with eight sessions available between June 23 and August 15. Campers get to meet and greet visiting pets and wildlife friends, hear fascinating guest speakers from the animal community, learn about pet training and animal language, and much more! Our camp is held at our shelter in Bellevue and is great for kids ages 7-9 and 10-12. Register today at or call (425) 373-5385 for more information. Scholarships are available; please submit a letter of need to to apply. If you would like to sponsor a child’s attendance at camp, please contact for details.

WSU Vet Students Perform 1,100 Surgeries Seattle Humane has welcomed more than 50 fourth-year visiting veterinary students as part of our exciting new partnership with Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. During their two-week rotation at our shelter, each student received hands-on training from Seattle Humane veterinarians. “The students spent 50 hours each week treating animal patients in intensive care, assisting in surgery and working on resolving various medical cases,” said Seattle Humane’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brad Crauer. “In the first year of the program, WSU visiting veterinary students filled the role of primary surgeon on more than 1,100 total surgeries. We’re looking forward to introducing the students to even more areas of treatment in the year to come.” Jennifer Houle, a WSU visiting student training with Seattle Humane’s veterinary team in 2014, said she felt lucky to have the opportunity to help pets in need. “There were a limited number of spots available to participate in this unique program and they filled up immediately,” Houle said. “At Seattle Humane, we’re able to interact with a wide variety of animals and behavior types. This type of exposure is so beneficial to our training.”


Pet Tips Celebrate Earth Day the pet-friendly way


Nature’s Cleaner

Should your furry friend leave a mess, don’t reach for the bleach. Try vinegar instead! This environmentally friendly liquid is an effective odor-remover that also kills mold and bacteria. Please keep in mind that vinegar must be diluted correctly with water and be sure to test on a small swatch of hidden fabric first. Don’t forget to use biodegradable poop bags when picking up after your pooch. For our cat enthusiasts, try natural litter options made from pine, wheat, corn or even recycled newspaper. Also, invest in a sturdy metal litter scooper instead of a plastic one so you won’t have to worry about it cracking and ending up in a landfill.


DIY Toy Supply

Instead of buying new toys for your pet, get in touch with your creative side and craft your own. Using recyclable household materials such as old tennis balls, rope and socks, you can create a myriad of toys for your pets. You’ll be surprised how long your cat will be entertained by a cardboard box or a little catnip inside a paper bag.

3 Bulk Up

Buy pet supplies in bulk, like food and cat litter. You’ll make fewer trips to the store and cut down on disposable packaging.

4 Homegrown Catnip

Just like humans, our pets benefit from the most natural, organic, and healthy foods. As a green and low-cost alternative to buying catnip, growing your own will also keep your cats safe from pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals or additives.

5 Adopt a Pet

Adoption is affordable and it keeps loving pets out of shelters and in homes where they belong. Instead of supporting puppy mills looking to make a profit, adopt a truly one-of-a-kind pet from your local shelter or rescue organization. We don’t “recycle” pets but we do have hundreds of wonderful cats, dogs, and critters hoping for a second chance at a loving home. Adopting also has a ripple effect. Not only are you saving the life of one pet, you’re also helping the shelter open up a space for another pet in need.


Animal Advocates A Tribute to Nancy Rudy Nancy Rudy’s two great loves, education and animal welfare, infused her life with purpose. She majored in Education at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Wash., and continued on to the University of Washington where she became a devoted Husky fan. Nancy went on to teach English and journalism in the Highline School District for over 20 years, specializing in helping at-risk students. Before retiring, she also served as vice principal of Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie. Active in the Association for Women in Communications, Nancy was Seattle Chapter president in 1993 and awarded the highest honor, the Georgina McDougall Davis award in 2004. Nancy’s passion for helping others extended to animals, especially dogs. She welcomed many pets into her home during her lifetime, but the most notable was her senior rescue dog Chelsea, a black Cairn Terrier. Chelsea was mistreated and bred continuously before meeting Nancy, who gave her the most loving home a dog could have. When Nancy fell ill with lymphoma, she made a plan both for Chelsea’s long-term care and the care of thousands of animals in the Puget Sound area. By leaving a lasting legacy to the Seattle Humane Society’s Lexus Fund, Nancy Rudy will help us continue to provide emergency medical care for more than 100 shelter dogs each year. Nancy Rudy with the Husky mascot.

Planning for your Pet

Legacy of Love

Seattle Humane’s Pet Guardian program guarantees that we will be there for your beloved pet companions when you cannot. To learn more or enroll today, call (425) 649-7551 or email

Please remember the animals in your will or trust. To leave a bequest, simply write: “I give to The Humane Society for Seattle/King County, Tax ID #91-0282060, (the sum of $__ or __% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes.” If your gift involves insurance policies, land, stock or other property, please include a description. To learn more about leaving a lasting legacy for the animals, visit or contact our Major Gifts Officer at (425) 649-7551 or


Bailey 6

Meets Her

Prince Charming

Bailey Meets Her Prince Charming


hen we first met Bailey, she was just under a year old and suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia. This disorder occurs when the cerebellum doesn’t form properly in the womb due to malnutrition, infection or injury. As a result of her condition Bailey has wobbly and uncoordinated movements that make it difficult for her to walk. When her owners could not care for her special needs they surrendered her to their local shelter. She came to us through our Life-Saver Rescue Program, as one of more than 3,500 pets saved by Seattle Humane in 2013. This sweet German Shepherd mix was also severely underweight and had spent the majority of puppyhood in a kennel – often for 12 hours at a time. Her muscles had atrophied, making it difficult for Bailey to even stand, let alone walk. The shelter that transferred her to us did not have the resources to provide Bailey with the extra care she needed and called us for help. Our Dog Transfer Coordinator, Stacy, volunteered to be Bailey’s foster mom. Stacy’s own dog has the same condition and she knew how to help Bailey put on weight, build her muscles, and essentially teach her how to walk for the first time. After four months of one-on-one care, Bailey became a new dog. She gained nearly 20 pounds and her confidence (and her muscles!) became stronger with each passing day. While she will never lose her wobble, Bailey learned not only how to walk, but also to run, play, and even take stairs (slowly, and carpeted) just like any other young pup! Despite all the challenges Bailey had already overcome, finding a family that would understand her special needs was a hurdle that sometimes felt insurmountable. We stuck by Bailey and continued to search for her special someone, but he found her instead. We received a call from a man named Aaron who had recently lost his senior German Shepherd to lymphoma. He had cared for her for many months, carrying her when she began to suffer from arthritis and then became incontinent, and doing everything in his power to ensure she was comfortable until she passed away. When he was ready to love again, Aaron spotted Bailey on our website and couldn’t help but feel that he may be able to give this special girl the home she needed. Through many conversations about Bailey’s long term health, Aaron remained unflinching and dedicated to making Bailey part of his family.

Days before Christmas, Aaron made it official and adopted Bailey. He wrote to Seattle Humane to say, “Bailey and I are doing great! She is one happy dog and she is learning to live in the city pretty well. We go on one long walk in the daylight every day, with most of that time being off-leash at a dog-friendly field at Seattle University, right next to where I live. There are other dogs there for her to play with, too.” Bailey and Aaron will soon be taking advantage of the free six-week obedience training course included her adoption and we can’t wait to see them! Congratulations to sweet Bailey, who touched all of our hearts and is now in the loving home she so deserves. Thanks to Aaron, we’re also reminded that there are incredible animal lovers in our community and equally incredible pets for each and every one of them!

Bailey loves to run in a field at Seattle University.

Stacy, our Dog Transfer Coordinator, fostered Bailey.

Bailey in her new home, resting after a day of play.


Happy Tails Keekee Survives a Raccoon Attack This brave tabby is Keekee, a 1-year-old cat surrendered to Seattle Humane following a dangerous encounter with a raccoon. He was badly injured and in need of immediate medical care, so our concerned veterinary team got right to work. Keekee was in surgery for more than an hour while our veterinarians cleaned and stitched his wounds. Unfortunately, the injuries required them to amputate Keekee’s tail. He was given antibiotics to ward off infection, medication to ease his pain and lots of TLC. Once Keekee was stabilized, he was able to recover in the home of a loving foster parent. As Keekee grew stronger, his spirits lifted as he played with the other cats, and even the resident dog, in his foster home. After several weeks of recovery, Keekee was ready for adoption. Back in our adoption center, Keekee was asking a volunteer for treats when his sociable nature captured the attention of a couple looking to adopt a unique cat. Keekee definitely fit the bill and they fell for him instantly! He now spends his days window shopping as an adored indoor-only kitty. Keekee’s story is a good reminder that cats are safest when kept indoors where they can look outside from a cat tree and can play with and “hunt” wand and feather toys for stimulation. Your cats can be just as happy inside and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing they’re safe and healthy.

Emergency Surgery for a Special Pup Seattle Humane meets animals in every condition and stage of life and we provide each of them with the individual care they need to become part of a new family. When we met Nellie, a pregnant 8-year-old Redbone Coonhound mix who had run out of time at another shelter, we knew we had to step in to help her. Thanks to our Life-Saver Rescue Program, we were able to transport Nellie to safety at Seattle Humane. Once in our care, we placed Nellie in a volunteer foster home where she gave birth to seven adorable puppies. For two months our veterinarians regularly checked the puppies to ensure they were healthy and growing, but one puppy named Magnolia did not seem well. Magnolia was closely monitored by our veterinary staff, who determined that she was suffering from intussusception, an intestinal condition that made it impossible for her digestive system to work properly. The condition would have been fatal if left untreated. Our veterinarians immediately performed the emergency surgery Magnolia needed to survive. Thanks to intensive medical care, Magnolia pulled through and fully recovered in a loving foster home. One month later, when all of the puppies were old enough to be adopted, we found homes for all seven of them and for their mother, Nellie. Magnolia now has a family of her own and happily enjoys romping around and snuggling up with her person.


Happy Tails Brother & Sister Kittens Reunited Miss Belle, a 3-month-old kitten, was surrendered to Seattle Humane with her brother, Pumpkin, as part of an unplanned litter. When Pumpkin was adopted right away, Miss Belle became so upset that she stopped eating and then fell ill with an upper respiratory infection. Many shelters don’t have the resources to care for young pets who have especially susceptible immune systems. But thanks to Seattle Humane’s Foster Care Program we were able to place Miss Belle in a loving volunteer foster home where she received special care and medication. Miss Belle made a full recovery and was soon available for adoption. As luck would have it, the family who adopted Pumpkin learned that he had a sister who had fallen ill, and when they finally saw her appear on our website they raced down to Seattle Humane and adopted her! This once sick little kitty is not only a part of a loving family, but also reunited with her brother in a warm and wonderful home. Their new adopters shared that the kittens greeted each other with lots of kisses and were so happy to be together again. Thank you to their new family for adopting not one, but two pets in need!

Peaches Gets a New Start At a glance, Peaches looked like most dogs when they are first surrendered to a shelter. She was shy, unsure and nervous. But when Seattle Humane looked closer we found a senior sweetheart in need of love. Peaches, a 9-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, was surrendered to us in rough shape. She was malnourished and suffering from both a skin infection and a painful eye condition. With a special diet to help her gain weight and medicated baths to ease her itchy skin, Peaches grew healthier and happier each day. Once Peaches was feeling better, our staff veterinarian performed entropion surgery to keep her eyelashes from turning inwards and scraping her eyes. Peaches recovered from her surgery, put on weight, and before long she was ready to be adopted. For one month, Peaches was passed up by adopters. Just when it seemed as though Peaches would have to spend the holidays alone, a kind young man came to Seattle Humane on Christmas Eve, fell instantly in love with her and took her home. He sent us this update, “Peaches brings joy to the world around her and to every stranger she meets. We cannot get through a walk without someone complimenting her including cops, children, the young, the old, every race and gender – everyone just lights up and smiles when they see this wonderful goofball of a dog. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this old, scarred, snorting, beautiful, perfect dogfriend.” 9

Letters from Two years ago, the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue had a free adoption weekend. I lived and currently live in Bellingham and saw the ad. I was in a rough spot in my life, with a lot of turmoil and problems, and came down to check out the dogs… it was Sunday at around 5 p.m. Needless to say there were not many dogs left. But I came across Belle. I had no idea what kind of dog she was or what kind of dog I was looking for. She wouldn’t lift her head off the ground for me to even pet her – and yet there was a connection. I felt the same way she did at that moment and understood the loneliness, despair, and defeat she obviously was showing at that time. She had crystalluria (crystals in her urine) and no one would take a chance on her. After receiving word from my grandmother that in case of an emergency I had her full support, I offered a donation and Belle was mine. Since then, I have changed her name to Bella and we have had two wild years together. She has remained incident free on C/D dog food, though I am currently weaning her off with veterinarian permission. She remains somewhat stoic around other dogs but is a people dog and just needs to be looked after a bit more than your average dog. I wanted to share with you my extreme gratitude for the services you do for these animals and people alike. A free adoption weekend gives a chance to people like me – who don’t have a large income but a large heart –- the opportunity to give an animal the life they deserve. I have included some pictures of Bella and me from the past two years. There’s one from Long Beach, Wash., Glacier National Park, Bellingham Bay, and others.

I know there were a few of you who wanted an update on Barry. I can’t tell you how easily he has already transitioned! The first 24 hours I kept him in one bedroom of my house to get him used to the new smells and location of his food and litter box. I have a 4-year-old Yellow Lab named Obelix (Obie) who has never lived with a cat, so I also wanted to give them some time to get used to each other through the door. I was a little nervous because Obie can be a bit overwhelming in his first few minutes of meeting new people & animals, you can see from the picture, everything worked out just fine. As of Day 2 of being “home,” Barry settled right in and made himself comfortable. He sleeps and eats well, and is not afraid to snuggle right up to Obie! He’s got his first vet visit tomorrow, so we’re on a good track to keep him healthy and surrounded by love. A few funny quirks: Barry will ONLY drink from Obie’s water bowl, and normally only when Obie is near it. Barry LOVES to play with Obie’s tail and feet, like they’re little mice to be batted around. Lastly, Barry has slowly started grooming himself. It’s not pretty, but he does it. :-) I think there’s some hope - and where there’s no hope, there’s oatmeal bath. I’m so grateful to have found Barry, as he was exactly the cat I was looking for to keep Obie and me company. Thank you for everything!


Adopters As a volunteer at your facility I told myself from the start “NO adopting!” We already have a dog and cat and that is all we can handle for now. When I started volunteering with the Jog-A-Dog program I knew that I would have the opportunity to work with amazing doggies each and every week, and to my own credit I resisted from adopting anyone for a year and a half. The minute I saw Bronson (you knew him as Biggie), I knew he had to join our family. He was the biggest Boston Terrier I had ever seen and looked at me like he knew he belonged in our family. After a little convincing, my boyfriend agreed that we would not be leaving the shelter without him. We could tell he had been through a lot, but committed to each other and to him that we would love him and get him healthy. After eight months with us we can truly say he has really completed our family. He gets along so well with our other Boston Terrier, Georgia, and loves our kitty. We can’t imagine our life without him! He is spoiled rotten and a total Momma’s Boy. The Seattle Humane Society is filled with the most AMAZING pets and I’m so glad that we took a chance on Bronson and that he let us into his heart! We love our boy and are so grateful for all the amazing work that is being done at the Seattle Humane Society! Thank you for caring for our boy.

I just wanted to write and give you an update on our kitty we adopted from you about a month ago. I received a call last week from someone from the Seattle Humane Society wanting to check up on him and see how everything was going. His name was Blue at the shelter but, after much consideration and debate, my husband and I decided to re-name him Puffy (as he’s a Persian with an obvious fluffy nature). Having had no history of being around other cats and dogs, Puffy came home with us and adjusted extremely well to our two other cats and French Bulldog. We have never had a cat who has been this naturally cool and collected, but at the same time funny and weird. He enjoys visitors, treats, and sleeping in our bed at night (which our two other cats do not do). He loves to make chatter noises and bounce after our smallest cat, and she in turn loves to bounce after him. Maintaining his long hair has been a challenge since he doesn’t enjoy being brushed on the underside, but he generally accepts that his fate is to be brushed daily. He is the sweetest cat, and always goes limp when being picked up. Puffy has been a wonderful addition to our family and we are so grateful to have been lucky enough to adopt him. I wanted to thank everyone at the Seattle Humane Society for helping us and wanted to let you know how splendidly everything is going. We love our little teddy bear and couldn’t be happier with him! Sincerely, 11

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Toby Faber

Sylvia Vikse

Michele Vivona Sharon Andrews Cynthia Stamstad & James Whitman Tami Asars

Nancy Gross

Hideko Tachibana

Paul Anderson

Diana Wellmon

Lynn & Allan Anderson

Mort Werner

Linda Anderson

Ruth Werner

Francis & Melissa Anderson

Roberta Wiepert

Dale & Kathy Anderson

Marilyn Wightman

Patty & Roy Anderson

De Calvert

Marilyn Evenson

Sandra Fosshage Sandra Fosshage Charla Holst

Eric Wightman

Gary Williams Cynthia Knotts

Leonard Wiviott

Susu & Michael Moshcatel Donald Yuratich Jennifer Turner Isabella Zampino Debbie & Carl Donaway

Pet In Memory Of Blu & Schmoozer Abendroth Carlynn Abendroth

Twinkle Aber Larry Aber

Len Thomas

Kramer & Whiskers Abington

Russ Tisdel, Jr. Elaine Romanick

Tom & Tessia

Deborah Abington

Praneer & Lacy Abington Deborah Abington

Misty Ackerman Bob & Joni Rodger

Dwane Travis

Scooter, Dottie & Friday Ackley

Dawn Travis

Rachel Ackley

Veronica Trogdon

Tigr Addison

Daniel K. Trogdon

Cheri Wolfe

Tom & Ann Tulley

Abby & Cal Agee James Agee

Lewis & Helen Turner

Mia Aldinger

Shirley Flory

Robert Wendt Jan Roehl

Lee Dorigan

Barbara Webb

Jacqueline Adams

Mary Taylor

Toni Thunstrom

Carrie Allgeier

Dayna Anderson

Carlynn Abendroth

Gary Thunstrom

Linda Allen

Marie Watson

V’Ella Warren

John Tam & Tamami Okauchi

Jami Glad

Karen Wear

Gail Manahan

Grace Makoto Tam Patricia Holt

Anne Simpson

Alene Warren

Mr. Lance & Emma Abendroth

Joseph Swinsick

White Cat Barnes

Gus Alia-Conner

Craig Matthew Vassau

Holly Day

Gifts of Love

Doris Bigelow

Nicole Brown & Deborah Harvey

C.B. Archer

Sandra & James Arlint

Ballard Animal Hospital

Lexi Beasley

Callie Avondo

Brandy Beaver

Kelly Babcock

Ernie Becker

Chipper Badgley

Uni Bell

Bayley Bailey

Winston Bell

Ty Bailey

KeeKee Bengtson-Leiter

Browser Bailey-Bryant

Henry Bennett

Patty Baker

Cassie Benveniste

Mariah Banks Robert & Marjorie Banks Scooter Barber Sheila Barber Shanna McLean Goofy Barclay Kara & Connor Barclay

Maggie Benzel

Lucas Barigar-Zimmerman

Maxie & Skylar Bergeron

Pickle Barker John & Joan Barker

Gryffindor Bernazzani

Jack Anderson Jake Anderson

Pat Babcock

All of Our Dogs

David & Jennifer Badgley

Lucy Anderson

Karen & Jerry Bonner

Nippy Anderson

Shannon Bailey

Rusty Cat Anderson

Marilyn Bailey

Bailey, Alex & Snoopy Andrews

Walter Baker

Peony Anneberg

JoAnn & Jim Anneberg Simon Antilla Erica Becker Morin & Thomas Morin

Ebbi Baty

Rascal Auerbach Rose Ann Avondo

Richard Andrews

Leo & Lucy Bates

Armin Bauman

Henry Anderson

Thumper, Princess & Lady Andrews

Neko Bastien

Ellen Blackstone & Chris Altwegg Meredith Auerbach

Richard Andrews

Anna & Jeff Barr Mamma & Daddy Barr

Joan E. Larson

Cyndi, Sadie & Rosie Page Ballard Animal Hospital Kennith & Frances Beaver Stephanie & Dave Becker Ballard Animal Hospital John Bell

Elin Bengtson-Leiter Daniel Rosen, Ph.D. Bob & Pam Gordon

Linda & Larry Benzel

Carmel Berg

Geraldine Dixon

Frisco Berg

Theresa Berg & Michael Hurlock Barbara Bergeron

Kristen Bernazzani

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Gifts of Love Hudson Bernhardt

Linda Bernhardt Beth Carolynn Anderson

Murphy Girl Biddle Berk & Esther Biddle

Suzi Bingham

Jeanette Bingham

Bernie Biteman Elizabeth J. Pribble

Susie Bitterman Jerry Bitterman

Sidney Black Lea Black

Watson Blayer Kelly Blayer

Whiskers Block Jackie Kure

Max Boals

Nicole Winget

Edgar Boatman

Toby Brefczynski Keith Brefczynski Sandy Brekke Allison Brekke

Barkley Brennan Carole & Thomas Brennan Bailey Breznen Joyce Trudeau-Shaw Lucy Bridge Barry Bridge

Michael Cain

Buster Brown Caine

Daniel & Joan Caine Milo Camarda Michelle Camarda

Heidi Kitty Campbell

Edwidge & Gracie Brocksom

Kristine & Rodger Campbell Henry Campbell City Kitty, LLC Rizzo Campbell Linda Campbell

Chairman Maow & Sophie Brown

The Cancelosi Family

Dorothea & Guerdon Brocksom

Donna Brown

Brittany Chance Cancelosi Weasley Candelaria

Mimi & Louie Brown

Stephanie Candelaria

Molly Brown

Betty Garner

Randy Gruver

Randolph Brown & Patricia Vilas Brown Participle Brown Kim Brown

Danny the Dog Carlsen

Sophie Cupcake Bogert

Daisy, Tigger & Tex Brown

Nubu Carlson Louis & Joyce Costanza Callie Carmack Jeanne Lowman Bailey Carovano Sandy Carovano

Boxey & Daniel Bohn

Tuff Brown

Brandy & Duddy Carter

Lupine Bolcer

Rebecca Brown-Nienow

Mikie & Molli Bolen

Christina Brugman

Ali & Rudolph Bolton

Twyla Brunson

Boots & Cali Bolton

Twyla Brunson

Hugo & Sneakers Bolton

Darlene & Amir Buckley

Ralph & Becky Bolton

Edwin Budge & Averil Rothrock Sadie Mae Budsey Delores Budsey

Hana Borek

Button Bumgardner

Heidi, Chris & Keira Hutchinson

Charlie Bobzin Geraine Strong

Susan Bogert & Joseph McNulty Mark Brown

Carol Bohn

Frank & Martha Bolcer

Daniel Bolen

Jean Bolton

Jean Bolton

Jean Bolton

Jean Bolton Kellis Borek

Blu BoudreauScheeringa Joel Sekuta

Toby Bowman Deidre Bowman

Adam Cat Boyd

Douglas Boyd

Layla Boynton Dory Olson

Mambo Boynton Donna Boynton

Calli Bozich

Jolene Bozich

Suzanne & Ralph Jarvis

Dickens Brown-Nienow Ferdinand Brugman Jake, Oly & Lizzie Brunson Max & Secret Brunson Pooger & Hazelrah Buckley Blazer Budge Rothrock

Natalie Bumgardner Vinny Burdick Annsianne Burdick Jessica Burk Robert Burk Helen Burke Milissa Burke

Jazzpurr, W.R. & Griffey Burlison

Nancy & Dallas Burlison Anne Burton Robert & Bessie Burton

Daisy & Abby Bussone

Motita & Christopher Brackney

Brooke Bussone

Max Branom

Nancy Byrne

Zoe Brackney

Carole Ann & Larry Milton


Rags Cain

Luna Byrne Hersh

Betty Carter

White Kitty Carter

Janet Carter

Jesse, Jake, Alexx & Carson Carvajal Joseph Carvajal

TJ Casey

Linda & Dick Merry

Pepi & Sasha Cenek Alena Cenek

Sampson Chadrow Nancy Link

Rado Chae Bomi Chae

Kylie Chapman

Cynthia Chapman

Molly Chapman

Ken Chapman Charlotte The CSM Foundation Peggy Chen Liang Chen

Zoe Cherniavsky

Eva Cherniavsky Flake Chirkis Mary Chirkis Kawik Choy Heidi Choy

Lawton Christiansen

Anne Christiansen Rudy Chudnow Yaffa Chudnow, Stephen Miller & Judah Huck Cihla Anica Cihla Hallie Clarin Ballard Animal Hospital Mamacita Clark Juli, Chris & Kendall Wiseman

Mercer Clark Robert & Lindy Clark Teddy Clark Leonard Clark Kiki Clinton Howard & Ruth Clinton Sugar Cochran Donna M. Cochran Keetna Cockman Erica Becker Morin & Thomas Morin Sandy & Brandy Coeuille Gerard & Joan Coeuille

Spice & Buck Coeuille Gerard & Joan Coeuille

Duke Colbert Karen Colbert

Sam I Am Cole

Jonathan Tinter

Emma Complita Michael & Claire Complita Guy Noir Constantine

John Constantine Dolly Conway Carolyn Conway KoKo Cooke Donna Cooke

Grace Cunningham

Jennifer Maeng Belle Curtis Leslie Wagner & Edwin Curtis Salem Dame Sherri & Harry Dame

Humphrey & Precious Daniels

Richard Daniels

Jasper Danielson-Goode Jamie Solo

Addie Daughtry Patti Daughtry Nikki Davis Jay & Martha Davis Sam & Molly Davis Cory Davis

Ty Pettibone Davis

Jacqueline Hubbard Putter Decker Gene Decker Bailey Deininger Sarah Butler

Talley Delecki Uman

Mike, Laura, Catie, Chris, Anna & Chuck Brosius

Chester Cookson-Keefauver Minnie & Mosky DeMoss Linnea Cookson & Bruce Keefauver

Cindy Lou Cooper Ballard Animal Hospital Hippolyta Cooper Beth Cooper Kayla Cooper Tom & Drema Cooper Murphy Cooper Jack & Dotty Cooper Octavius Copparam

Sripriya Copparam

Brinkley Corcorran Lynda Corcorran

Cody Corneil

Cheri & Philip Corneil B.J. Costanzo Robert & Valerie Costanzo

Alex, Amos, Peppy, Bonsai & Squirt Cotherman Jack & Karen Cotherman

Annie & Buster Couch

Barbara & Frank Couch Chloe Courshon William & Judy Courshon Dahmingo Cowden Judy Cowden Oliver Cox Suzann & Robert Lombard

Copper Anne Crane Larry & Cheryl Crane

Patches Cromwell

Charles & Marie Cromwell Alice Crooks Mardi Newman Molly Cruickshank Elaine & Jim Cruickshank Lilly Cullen Spear Jacquelyn Nelson Fiona Culter Maren Culter Champa Cummings Margaret & David Cummings Leasha Cunning Judith Cunning

David & Judy DeMoss Archie Den Otter Kelly Richards Roxann Dennis Jerry Dennis

Troy Desyatnikova

Stella Desyatnikova Enzlo Dillon Lyle Dillon Kitty Dinken Susan Chapman Suzanne & Ralph Jarvis Trixie Dixon Marion Dixon

Mr. Fish Whiskers Doemland

Ballard Animal Hospital

Hunter DonaldsonKnigge

Jennifer Hall

Annabelle Dootson

Pat & Bob Dootson Dux Doughty Amy & Steve Doughty Rufus Doyle Deidre Doyle

Kitty Lovee (Sally) Drange Jerri R. Mjelde

Baxter Drumheller Barbara Drumheller

Victor Dubrowa Corey Dubrowa

Diesel Dummitt

Tracy & Cheryl Dummitt

Large Marge Dunn Barbara Dunn

Mady Dunn

Glenda & John Dunn

Packee & Sweet Pea Dunstone

Carolyn Dunstone Molly Earley Susan Earley Gina Eccles Mary Ann Eccles

Aspen Eckland

Sox Fleisher

Crosby Eckstein

Buckley Fleming

Micheline Sierer

Suzann & Robert Lombard

Nikki & Mattie Edwards James & Joanne Edwards

Tango & Gunnar Egaas Karen Snee

Waverly Eikenberry

Dr. Susan Mings Jack Elliott Ballard Animal Hospital Woody Elliott Stephanie Lambert Dakota Ellsworth Suzanne & Ralph Jarvis Scamp Elvins Deborah Elvins Keegan Emmert Ann Rutledge & Brad Henley

Jazzy & Dee Dee Endicott Bruce Stanley

Pucci & Brindle Eng Marlene Eng

Bruno Erickson

Patti McKeehan

Fluffy Eriksson Bertha Eriksson

Brunnhilde Ertsgaard

Ballard Animal Hospital Gnome Etezadi Cameron Etezadi Luper Eustis Suzann & Robert Lombard Kinky Evans Betty Evans Louise (Trooper) Ezrin Sharon Levy Abby Faas Sidney Faas Disco Face Traci Responte

Barkley & Luna Fairchild

Veronica Fairchild Max Falls Jean Falls

Alexis Fleming Max Flores Lynn Gordon & Kathryn Flores Katie Floyd Heather Hale Gizmo Foeller Derrick & Shannon Foeller Loki Ford Kristy Ford Gabi Forman Laura Matz Fitzpatrick Forrest Catherine Forrest Sir Fritz of France Syd & Margaret France

Tim & Tess Freeburn

Lawrence Freeburn

Beloved Freeman Family Pets Joanne Freeman

Mama Shang Freeman

Ama Freeman

Maggie Frey

Lon & Caryn Frey

Lucky Frost

Patti & Mike Frost Tigger Frost Patricia Frost Ted Fry Suzann & Robert Lombard

Rocky II & Skooba Fujioka Marge Fujioka

Rocky Fujioka Yoshiko Onchi

Spot & Spike Fuller-Blue Chuck & Norma D. Fuller

Georgiao Galantowicz Sharon Galantowicz

Samantha Gallagher

Karma, Jessie & Josie Farnham

Sandra Gallagher

Joy Farnham

Rick Gardner

Anna & Shep Farrell

Toby, Annie, Laurie & Fred I Gardner

Kay Farrell

Morris Farron Zoe & David West Smokey Feinberg Carol Faintich

Mookie Fennema

Lawrence Plummer & Gretchen Fennema Fritz Fenton Jerry & Marilyn Fenton

Blaze & Tanner Fiepke Sheila Fiepke

Shadow Gardner

Blue Moon Godo Kristin Godo

Lulu Belle Goldberg

Kristen Goldberg Louey Goobic Betty Goobic

Suzie Q & Gabby Goodman

Elaine & William Goodman Princess Kitty Gore Ballard Animal Hospital Mopsie Gorjance William & Patricia Gorjance Easy Granger Allison Granger Danny Grantham Pearl Grantham Bea Griffith Leslie Griffith Laska Griggs RSA Sports International Inc. Cricket Grindinger J. Dwain Grindinger Zoe Grinstein Donna Benaroya Jazzy Groff Patricia Groff Mo Gudeit Suzann & Robert Lombard

Pinky, Ferdie & Maggie Guinn Suzann & Robert Lombard

Yoda & Bubba Gus

Kristin Nelson

Shelley Hartman

Wallace & Elsie Hageman D.D. Hagg Lance & Terry Hagg Sulky Haggard Ballard Animal Hospital Amber Haines Sharon & Ronald Knowlton Bear Hale Gail Hale

Kato Haug

Kala & Boo Hall

Gidget, Rambo & Cee Jay Hawksley

Sue & Dick Hall

Maverick Hall Jerry & Becky Hall Sassy Hall Jim & Shirlee Hall Kayla Haller Julie Benyo Lacey & Loopy Hamer Brent Hamer

Bernique Hamilton Bruce Hamilton

Ginger Hamley Jacob Howard

Sapphire Jewel HampdenSmith

Diana Hampden-Smith Amira Hara Karen Hara

Jack Jack Hardin Victoria Hardin

Austin Harkovitch Michael J. Harkovitch Paris Harris Catherine Harris

Samson & Delilah Hart Ginger & Joe Hart Steve Hart Susan Hart

Jane & David Haug

Duffy & Murphy Hauge Robert Hauge

AKC/Int’l GCh. Indianland Angel With A Lariat “Dally” Haverfield Joann Buettner

Roy & Arsenia Hawksley

Miss Nikki Hay Pamela Hay

Midnite & Bosco HaydenLedbetter

Martha Hayden-Ledbetter Bebe Hayes Cornelia Hayes Blacky Hayles Sandra & Robert Hayles Miki Hayman Elayne G. Hayman Bud & Mike Heath Norma Heath Floyd Boy Heath Shirley & Paul Heath Star Heck Valerie Curnow

Cricket Heidenreich

Boyce & Brooke Heidenreich Copper & Tiger Heim Tania Heim Clyde Helsper Sylvia Helsper Minnie Hemphill William & Linda Hemphill

Tippy Geiger Imogene Geiger Laika Geller Cathia Geller Teddy Geller Sandra Geller Chewbacca George

Kathryn & Patrick George

Harvey Gierek

Carolyn Fischer Jem Fisher Bridgett Fisher

Gail Gnehm

Tabatha Hageman

Shadow & Moses Hartman

Joanne Engle

VanGogh & Jack Finger Beau Bleu Fischer

Carl & Carolyn Glosenger

Missy & Otto Gnehm

Coco Guzelimian

Esther Guzelimian

Angela Gardner

Nina Gettler

Bobby Finger

Max, Cookie & Pav Glosenger

Buddy Garner

Dixie, Jessie & Aspen Finger

Bobby Finger

Gifts of Love

Roy Fleisher

Clio Gettler Lucy Gienger Paula Gienger

Roxanne & Gene Gierek

Dorothy Gilmore & The Gilmore Family Dogs

Marianne & Dennis Gilmore


Gifts of Love Tiger Hemple Korri Ostheller-Munyan Elvis Henry Terri Henry

Max & Zelda Huston

Barbara Kelly

Dana Kennedy

Sherwood Hermans

Moose Hyypia-MacKenzie

Erik Hyypia & Karyn MacKenzie Kuma Imanaka Michio Imanaka Madison Ingram Stephen Varon

Stephen & Sandra Hermans Buddy Herold Patricia & Alan Herold Archie Hershey Virginia Hershey

Mason & Sadie Hewitt Elliott Hewitt

Stormy & Dylan Hewitt Elliott Hewitt

Rajah Higgins

Auggie & Cody Irwin Julie Irwin

Mojo Iseli

Kenneth Iseli

Poochie Jacobson Patricia Wyre

Caroline Higgins Dorie Hildahl Virginia Hildahl

Riley Jacques

Trek Hilderbrand

Julie James

Ms. Lynn Gonzalez Buddy Hirano Lois Hirano Molly Hirsch Jack & Melinda Hirsch Sox Hodges Hans & Barbara Hodges

Mocha Kitty Hoffman

Patricia Hoffman

Douglas & Bitsy Holland

Patte Holland

Sasha Holmes Joan Holmes

Cindy Hossack Julia & James Hossack Max Howe George & Sharon Howe Elizabeth Kohlstaedt BiBi Hsieh Margaret Hsieh Lars Hudson Tamara Morse BooBoo Huffman Deborah Huffman Ralph Huggins Julie Vallin

Betsy Huggins-Clark Larry & Carol Huggins CJ Hughes Jamie Solo Ginger Hughes Wanda Hughes

Juliet & Tikiboo Hume Laurie Greengo Dita Hundley Jodi Affleck

Bon Ami Hunt

Dena Klingler

Mary Sohnly

Asa Lena James Mattie, Henry & Quinn Jarvis Tyler & Majella Jarvis

Chief Broken Tail Jensen Linda Jensen

Dreidel Jess

Becky Jess & Casey Mann

Cody Jimenez

Richard Jimenez & Marcia Houdek Jimenez Kobe Jivan Deanna Jivan & Randy Locke

Angel “the Pooh” Johnson

Tim & Edie Johnson Yuri Johnsrud Carolynn Anderson Esme Jones Lindsay Jones

Pepper & Bridgette Jones

Sharon & Ronald Knowlton Lilly Jung Meggan Jung Rexe Jurewitz Karen & Tom Jurewicz Bonchan Kajikawa Deborah & Osamu Kajikawa Angel Kalff Karin Kalff

Rocky Kaltenbacher

Jason & Eadie Kaltenbacher Yuki Kanaya Barb & Doug Kanaya Twinky Kanda Lauren Kanda Auggie Kass Joan Friedrich Warhol Kauffman Dale Scott Kauffman

Lexus Huntington Judith A. Huntington

Kayto Kawaguchi

Wallace Hurstbridge

Stinkey & Freckles Keating

Laurell Haapanen Dot Hurt William Hurt

Abby & Rita Huston


The Huston Family

The Huston Family

Paul & Miyoko Kawaguchi

Robert & Idora Keating

Gus & Bat Keefauver

Linnea Cookson & Bruce Keefauver

Mister Katz Kelly Cody Kennedy Loki & Molly Kennedy

Lynn Kennedy

Rocky the Poodle Kenny Marion Kenny

Buddy Kessel Cristy Kessel

Sasha & Niggy Keyser

David & Lee Keyser Cayo Kilton Stephanie Ream Joy Kim The Kim Family Melanie Kimball Mark Kimball

Marmy Kindregan Nancy Harp Daphie King Tammara King Kaliea King Mary King LeRoy King Sylvia & David King Maxie Kirkland Raymond & Joyce Kirkland Cowboy Kleiman Mardi Newman Dixie Knight-Schrum Linnea J. Jarvits Kathie & Gary Rue Loki & Baby Knoblet

James & Suzanne Knoblet Casper Knowles James O. Dean Leo Knudsen Georgie & Molly Lindquist Mihoko & Anthony Wright Gabby Koch John & Patricia Koch Lily Koehl Breeden Carole Browning Eunice Konold Stephanie Konold Dasha Korevitski Allyn & Patricia Hebner

Peanut & Black Cat Korolak

Lydia Korolak

Nikita & Arthur Kraemer Edith Kraemer

MissyToo, David & Toshi Kraemer Edith Kraemer

Reilly Kral Karen Kral

Lucy, Bruce & Stuart Little Kramer-Barbarus

Bruce Kramer & Linda Barbarus Daisy Krantz John & Mary Wolch

Duke Kuhn

Odie Lewis

Scruffy Kurle

Chief Liddle

Scott Kuhn

Mary Ann Kurle

Tally Reynolds

Cindy & Brady Liddle Monk Lievense Katherine Boury Shiloe Markegard John & Nancy Kurpewski Edgar Lillie Pepper Kuszler Mary Whisner & Mary Hotchkiss Virginia Lillie Holly Lindell Sadie Laherty Ballard Animal Hospital Sidney & Barbara Dolan Dolly Linden Geisha Lam Pat Linden Ellen Lam Duncan Lippincott Chloe Lamb Barbara McGuffin Ballard Animal Hospital Rufus Lira Michelle Lamberton Chris Lira William & Carole Lamberton Cinders Little Muggsy Lambinicio Julie McBarron Pablo & Kristine Lambinicio Sadie Littlefield Mars Lamoreaux Norm, Bonnie & Murphy Charne Sandra Gesell

Sarah, Muffin & Molly Kurpewski

Lamphear Family Cats Stephen Lamphear

Ginger Lamson & Others

June Lamson Billy Lane Mary Jo & Christopher Lane Grady Lane Marie Lane Pal & Tundra Lane Laurelyn & Robert Lane Melia Laroche Ballard Animal Hospital Buddy Larsen Ballard Animal Hospital Koko Larson Glenda & Bill Larson Ginger Latovick Jeffrey Weiner Rajah Lau Martha Lau Lupie Lausted Ballard Animal Hospital

Tammy & Becca Lawler Joan Lawler

Cougar Lawless

Ballard Animal Hospital Sammy Laws Karen Laws Max Ledwith George & Marie Ledwith Mae & Nola Lee Emily & Nathan Lee Wrylee Lee Vince & Sandra Lee Codi Leenstra Carol Leenstra Maggie Legaz Marie Legaz Whitley

Alice, Elvis & Arnie Livesley Frank Livesley

Mora Lizzo

Ballard Animal Hospital

Charlie & Louie Llewellyn

Barbara Llewellyn Jake Locke Scott Locke

Cassidy Lombard

Suzann & Robert Lombard

Emily & Shelby Long Priscilla Long

Sam & Jake Long

Priscilla Long

Chloe Lopes Shirley Frank

Nugget Lopez Maria Madden

Ashley Lorance

Judith Lorance Hobbs Lorig Andrea Lorig Holly Lovely Richard Lovely

Boo the Cat Lovern

Steven Dennis

Sparky Lovett Ballard Animal Hospital Bandit Lubetkin Marsha Lubetkin Koka Lum Stella Lum Sparky Lux Barbara Lux Fritz & Mac MacDonald Evelyn MacDonald

Sparky & Lucky MacDonald

Casey & Andy Leighton

Evelyn MacDonald

Gage Lentgis Erica Becker Morin & Thomas Morin Inka Levinson Kara Levinson Cody LeVon Lara Prior Kodi LeVon Lucy LeVon

Nancy MacKenzie

Gail Leighton

Vinny MacKenzie Bosco Leonard MacLean

Chloie I & Tonta Levy

Sandra M. MacLean Tippy MacLeod Jennifer Deger Maggie Patrick & Elizabeth Brunner Nieko Maier William Maier Rosie Maison Louise Maison

Gus & Josie Lewis

Judy Manaro

Bruce Levy

Joseph & Josephine Lewis

Rosie Manaro

Lurifaks Mangar

Inger-Johanne Mangar Dudley Mann Kathy Mann

Snow Leopard McLean Dexter McLeod James McLeod

Molly Markegard

Luna McMahan

Ozzie Markussen-Halperin

Mojo McSwain

Shiloe Markegard

Vivian West & Jim

Ruthie Marquez Joseph Marquez

Cody & Molly Martens Sylvana & Paul Martens

Gunther Martin Nielsen Penelope Koch

Cocoa Marxen

Jason Weese

All the Mason cats who have passed

Arthur & Dolores Mason Joe Massingham Ballard Animal Hospital Scout Massong Robin Haynes

Winston Matthieson

Suzann & Robert Lombard

Blackie & Fluffy May Anna May

Cody & Bailey McBride

Heidi McBride

Amigo McCallum

Suzanne McCallum Ballard Animal Hospital

Madeleine McCann Kathleen McCann

Megan “Meggie” McCarthy Cindy & Larry McCarthy

Sylvie & Sumi McColl Suzanne McColl

Annie McCollum Joy & Richard Garner Ruby McConnell Jill McConnell Penny McCullough

Cheryl & Donald McCullough

Harry 2013 McCumber

Coreen Reddoch Miles McCune Peggy McCune Gugi McCurley Janice McCurley

Molly McDermott Christine Bonnell

Chang McDonald Alice McDonald Joe McEniry Catherine McEniry

Lizzie McGowan

Neil & Margery Hokonson

Toby McHugh

Michelle McHugh

Abbie McIntosh Sheila & Ian McIntosh Kiko McIntosh Gary & Kathy McIntosh DeeDee McKay

Ballard Animal Hospital

Tinker & Penney McKay

Marrasheen & George McKay Tobin McKenna John McKenna

Shadow & Bobis McKinnon Mindy McKinnon

Butterscotch McLaren Michael & Jen McLaren

Gifts of Love

Sammy McLean

Katherine Wright

Waters Corporation Annie Meyers Bruce Meyers

Henry & Tank MeyersahmHenkens

Jeane Meyersahm & William Henkens

MacMillan Michaels Nadya Swafford

Gus Mierow

Kathy & Robert Mierow Toby Mikita Richard & Luba Mikita Amadea Miller Cathy Miller Chester Miller Neil Miller

Lady Marmalade Miller L. Robin Miller

Woody Miller Marci Miller Jake & Zippy Milloy

Duncan & Cheryl Milloy

Lola Milner-Feltis

John & Karen Feltis Akasha Miralda Pat & Sergio Miralda Willie Mitchell B. Diane Mitchell Seiji Miyawa Pamela A. Okano

Tommy Too Myhre Donald & Nancy Myhre

Abigail Noren

Maggie Paggeot

Randy & Louis Nakamoto

Lady Pugsly Bush Northup

Hunter Palmer

Shadow & Barney Noyola

Katie & Molly Palmer

Fumi Nakamoto Kirby Naness Donna Benaroya

Tom & Sally Montgomery Buddy Moody Virginia Moody Miles Moon James Moon Sam Moore Lyla Moore Penny Mooseker Karen Mooseker Pal Mori Lidia Mori

Karen Northup Juana Noyola

Don & Dawn Paggeot Audrey Palmer

Teddy III Nardo

Baby O’Bara

Helen Palmer

Cirque & Emma Naujack

Tigerlilly O’Boyle

Emily O’ Boyle

Tiger Baby & Kit Neal

Laura Matz

Graham Voysey Casey Parkes Joel & Nanci Richards Holly Parle Nancy Seaton Parle Penny Parry Margaret Salvino Ralphie Patrick Maxine Miceli & Andrew Lowe

Patrick & Marianne Nardo

Theresa Naujack

Kelli & Chad O’Bara

Molly O’Brien

Susan & David Neal Cali Neely Emily Neely Sim Nelson Jacquelyn Nelson

Shannon O’Connell

Spike Nelson

Carolyn O’Donnell

Suzanne & Jim Nelson

Meena & Baxter Neufeld

Aidan & Evan Neufeld Belle Newing Jamie & Andrew Newing Lady Nichols Margaret Nichols Nate Nicholson Scott & Brenda Nicholson

Gomez & Ashley Nielsen Ruth Engelberg

Milo Elliott Nixon

Mark Shepherd, Shelley Nixon Shepherd & Family Tasha Mohandeson Marlee Nogaki Michael & Arlene Moh&eson Kurt Nogaki & Candace Kato-Nogaki Felix Mohrmann Rex T. Mohrmann Vinny Noonan Daniel Allen Samuel Monahan James Berghuis Heidi Monahan Joyce Morinaka Drago Monelli Ken Willner Nancy Monelli & Roy Mock Miss Alice Norby Jake & Sparky Monlux-Lowe Peter & Karen Norby Stan Monlux & Nancy Lowe

Sophie Montgomery

Ilse & Roy Noren

Sean & Paullette O’Connell

Ginger O’Connor-Vaughan Catherine Walker

Sir Winston O’Donnell Tasha O’Donnell

Patrick & Sue O’Donnell Cindy & Bo Oleson Diana Oleson

Patriot’s Glen Oliver Betty Ostheller

Samirah Olney

Ballard Animal Hospital Dagger I Olsen Marjorie Olsen & Dagger II Pepe Olsen Litza Olsen Ivan O’Neil Robin Myers


Scooter Patterson

William & Susan Patterson Max Pattison Dale & Carol Pattison Pepper Payne Patricia Payne

Casper & Jeff Peach

Sarah Peach

Meow Pedersen Diane Pedersen Pepper Damian Murphy & Stephen Hartnett

Shorty & Tucker Orndorff

Autumn & Winter PerkinsOchsner

Porsche Ostmeier Sanchez

Stars & Stripes PerkinsOchsner

Rodonna Orndorff Bentley Orr Sue Holter

John Ostmeier & Chris Sanchez Missy II Oswald Julie Oswald

Tinker & Spooky Pabros Marilyn Pabros

Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner

Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner

Summer Perkins-Ochsner Janet Gray Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner

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Majestic & Ms. Jesse Morris Darlene Morris

Millie & Daisy Morris Baiba & Phillip Morris

Shelby & Gretchen Morrison Hugh Morrison

Woody Morrow Megan Morrow

Bubba Mortensen

Ballard Animal Hospital Duke Murphy Marilyn Murphy Fremont Murphy Lisa Murphy

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Gifts of Love Sydney Perks James & Roberta Weymouth Kitty Perry Tom & Earlene Perry Button Persen Suanne Nagata Raptor Peterson Ballard Animal Hospital Norah Petrie Cynthia & Roger Petrie Jack the Dog Petrossian Susan Petrossian

Emily & Jane Pfuhl

Katherine Wright

Samantha Phillips

Lillian Rasmussen

Vinnie & Beau Ratcliff Barbara Ratcliff

Bella Rawlings Susan Rawlings Otis Rawson Ross & Lorna Heath Herkimer Redding Joan Redding Zoey Reed Laurie Reed Twiggy Reese Sally Reese SanMar Corporation

Ripley Pichette

Lottie May & Orange Boy Reeve

Lehua Pickford

Pita & Wrangler Reeve

Karen Phillips

Traci Pichette

Patty & Oliver Pickford Lucky Pilger Gail Sanderson

Charlie & Amante Pitts E.E. Pitts

Tuxedo Pokrzywinski The Pokrzywinski Family

Elliott & Harley Polderman

Eric Polderman Jules Pollard Suzann & Robert Lombard Tilly & Toto Pollett Lynn Pollett Misfit Porter Danielle Porter

Midget & Crickett Power

Laurel & Charles Power Goblin Powers Leslie & Walter Powers Rob & Hope Praxel Danielle Praxel

Oscar Prescott Marley Prescott

JJ The Cat Provazek

Karen Provazek

Spunky & Sydney Psomostithis

Lauren Psomostithis Amos Pyeatt Lucile & Ronald Pyeatt

Licorice Qually

Carol & Lloyd Qually Jacque Quarre Pete & Rita Quarre

Brady & Monkey Quast

Richard & Linda Quast Milo Quinlan Kara Mau Rocky Quiroga Bank of America Matching Gift Program Mittens Ramsey Raymond & Connie Ramsey Bogie Ranes Margaret Ranes

Henry, Maggie & Frosty Rasmussen Jim & Sylvia Rasmussen


Stryker Kitty Rasmussen

Suzanne & David Reeve Suzanne & David Reeve

Winchester Regudon Roslyn Regudon Teekah Reilly Bri Reilly

Charlie Reisacher Steed Werner Reisacher & Silvia Steed Raja Remala Rao Remala Shadow, Autumn & JoJo Renne

Dede Renne

Sweetie Pie & Pepper Renne Dede Renne

Steele Renstrom

Eric Renstrom Rascal Rex Anne Hall

Mei Ling Rhoads

Robert & Jo An Rhoads Ginko Rhodes Ballard Animal Hospital Kepler Rice Kathryn Giantis Lurch Rice Steve Rice Bena Richards Ballard Animal Hospital Ernie Richardson Sandra Madden

Maia & Panda Riddle

Stanley Rockhill Robert Fulwell Rex Rodger Bob & Joni Rodger Fox & Smudge Rogers

Warren & Asuncion Rogers Pippin Roper Ann Porterfield & Patrick Barta Riley Roper Sara Farley Sadie Rosenquist Mihoko & Anthony Wright Josie Rosenthal Fred & Harriette Dorkin Roxi Ross Todd Ross

Sofie Rowse

Ballard Animal Hospital Abby Roy Cookie Wright Nebby Rudo JoAnne Rudo Smitty Ruebel Kathy Bailor

Bear & Jacques Rydell

John & Gretchen Rydell Lucy Saffle Cindy Saffle Ralph Salazar Lisa Salazar

Peanut, Shayna & Luna Sanders

Ken & Alberta Weinberg Carlo Sartor Nancy Jo Sartor

Lightning Bug Saunders Edith Saunders

Bear Schaefer Kenneth & Janice Schaefer Leah Schaefer Irene Robinson Murphy Scheidegger Jack Scheidegger

Edward & Chandler Schellhammer Cathy Schellhammer

Stella Schermerhorn Wiley Sonja Groset Arlene Pirolo

Ollie Schlau

Bailey Riordan

Bullwinkle Schmidt

Moose Ritt

Eileen Glasser Wesley, Mark Wesley, Trio & Quatty Sela Ritzhaupt Teresa Ritzhaupt Luna Robertson Barbara Robertson

Motley, Corky & Bella Rockenfield

Doug & Sandra Rockenfield

Juliet Schwalbach

Alliecat Schwark Janette F. Schwark

Otis & Porsche Scordas

Penelope Scordas Bogie Scott Theresa & David Scott Scout Lisa Elefson Abbie Scribner Muriel Lamkee Pixie Dust Scripa Annalisa Scripa Baby Lu Sethy Pitanjali Sailer Luce Sethy Anil & Veneeta Sethy Sabby Shairer Janet & George Schairer Jomo Sharma Tushar & Nagaja Sharma

Manchester & PJ Shaw Barbara Shaw Sadie Shaw Jane Preston Lizzie Shear James Muir

Puff & Coho Sheldon

Marilyn Sheldon

Scrappy Sheridan

Miss Gracie Schlegel

Katie Reed

Bernard Lee Ferreira

Gosset Schwalbach

TC “Fat Cat” Saunders

Mandy Ringseth Ballard Animal Hospital

Max & Zoe Schwab Gilkerson

Brian Saunders

Zenda Boss-Hall

Sweet Pea Ritscher

M. Schuller & D. Sipila Stella Schuller Norman Schultz Todd & Anna Ormsby Molly Schurk Richard & Connie Schurk

Simon Sheldon

Rollie Riddle

Paul Ringseth

Freddy Schuller

Marta & Phil Schlegel Linda & Carl Schmidt Katie Schneider Ruth Schneider

Pancho & Hermano Schomburg

Victoria Schomburg

Max & Logan Schott

Clarence & La Vonne Schott Rebar Schroeter Linda Patterson Daniel Schuessler Rosalind Schuessler

Ballard Animal Hospital

Susan Sheridan

Willie Sherman

Mirage & Tumbelena Smith

Jimmy & Ruth Smith Sadie Smith Heather Smith

Shy, Sasha & Sushi Smith Vicki Hone Smith

Sinji & Lovey Smith

Vicki Hone Smith Spook Smith James & Joan Smith Thimphu Smith Carolyn Smith

Gray-C, Hi D & Charlie Soderman

Kenneth & Alice Soderman

Callie & Dolly Soderman Kenneth & Alice Soderman

Buffy & Lucky Solak Margaret Solak

Wyatt Solomon

Danielle Thompson


Chris M. Falco

Bosa Spangler

Sherry & Doug Spangler

Chibi Sparks

Mary Ann MacKay

Napoleon Sparks Sue & Dick Hall

Gumbo Splater

Linda Allen

Annie Spradling Jeffrey Spradling

Cookie Sreenath Sudhir Sreenath

Spotty aka Moki Stagner

Ballard Animal Hospital Lily Stanford Sara Stanford Scorpio Stanton Tania DePue

Buddy & Yodi Stark-Strelo Michele Strelo

Reilly SteffelHedstrom

Richard Steffel & Linda Hedstrom

Marion Sherman Jake Shofield Ballard Animal Hospital Bandit Shucklin Jill Stinogel

Amy Smith

Mojito & Lucy Sieberts

Patrick Stitzel

Mojito Sieberts

Lex Strandlien

Mogie & Cheeto Sierra

Oliver Stratz

Solveig Sieberts

Susan Shortreed

Marina Stewart Puppy Stewart Joan Stewart

Monica Stitzel

Judy Strandlien

Alicia Sierra

Debra Berkner

Sherman Simmons

Snowball Streit Ballard Animal Hospital Rasta Strong Geraine Strong Suzie Mae Stubbs Leigh Stubbs & Celeste Rosin Stubbs Riley Sulc Christine Sulc

Greg Simmons

Taffy Simmons Suzanne Simmons

Tui Simmons

Jytte & James Simmons

Mr. Piggels Sindiong Clay Swidler

Abigail Sing

Joseph & Nelly Sing

Stukov Sittler

Bay Sittler & Family Freddy Smith Melody A. Smith

LC & Almost Smith Jimmy & Ruth Smith

Max & Duffy Sullivan Patricia Sullivan

Shamelda Sutton Sharon Sutton

Tibbets Swank Maria Samples

Joey Swanson Kris Swanson

Tucker Sweers

Kiddo Ulman

Peanut Takamori

Uncle Joe’s Barn Cat & Kittens

Cathy Centanino

Mizuyo & Asaomi Takamori

Buster, Heidi, & Barney Tanabe Mardi & Donald Tanabe

Henry Tanaka Wright

Mihoko & Anthony Wright

Rita Berrian

Felder, Sunshine & Lucky Valek The Valek Family

Jay Jay & Tubby Tat

Peaches, Benjamin & Galen Vallin

Ruby Taylor

Smudge & Tigger Vallin

Ruby Wednesday Taylor

Sam - Saliforth Giant’s Causeway Van Dyke

Hong Tat

Michelle & James Dearth Sylvia Taylor

Seamus, Otto & Rosie Taylor Mark & Betty Taylor

Julie Vallin Julie Vallin

Sue Van Dyke

Saphire Vandermay Lisa V&ermay

Gidget Taylor Munson

Tamar Varon

Candy Terrazas Ortega

Kathryn Vaux Taavi Veal Jessica Veal

Teresa Deveaux Charles Lamanna Dexter Terry Ty Terry Scooter Thiel Carol & David Thiel

Spooky, Fiesta & Punkin Thomas Eunice Thomas

Corey Thompson

Alison Varon

Ceaser Vaux

Bella Veeraraghavan

Krishna Veeraraghavan Sidney Velan Elizabeth Velan

Nellie & Mog Viehmann Phillippa Viehmann

Roxy & Rube Viehmann

Kaley Thompson

Phillippa Viehmann

Moose Thompson

Lady Tafi True Vinje

Tracey Thompson Toby Thorne Kristina Thorne

Annie & Peete Thorson

Chris & Renee Vinje Deja Vu Linda Vu

Milo Wackerman

Dan Thorson

Jorie Wackerman

Orange Crush Thorson

Giant George Wagnon

Zachary & Samira Thurma

Alexander & Joseph Wainwright

Sheila Thorson

Darcia Thurman & Michael Saeger

Eddy Tian-Hao

Ran Tian & Wei Hao

Bozont Tihanyi-Kovacs Timea Tihanyi

Hunter Toedtili

Jack & Nancy Goldberg

Tinkerbell & Bo Katniss Torkko

Terri Eagen-Torkko Bailey Torrence Marilyn & James Torrence Gato Torretta Brian Torretta Thalia & Pixel Tran Jana Meyer Trease Family Pet Ashley Trease Leo Tremain Margaret Tremain Keebler Trolio Nicole Trolio Rocky Tsuboi Saburo Tsuboi Nala Tucker Kristine Tucker Chaz Tull Rita Gill Kitty Tuller Pat Tuller Michi-ko Tullis Joyce Tamashiro

Gifts of Love

Janet Ulman

Kelly Wagnon

Tamar White Ivy Walker Ballard Animal Hospital Tazghi Walker Catherine Walker Molly Wallace Jeffrey Wallace Pepsi Walsh Ballard Animal Hospital

Andy & Jerry Walters Howard Walters

Pete & Joey Walters Howard Walters

Bruno & Autumn Walund Dean Walund

Cheyenne Wang Leslie Wang Riley Wang Rachel Wang Aphina Ward Dawn Ward Spirit & Elvis Ward Chandra & Chris Ward Darby Warner Curtis & Eileen Warner Scruffy & Brita Warner Jill Warner

Cognac Warren

Sooner Rose Weaver

Luckie & Alda Weaver Dark Star Weber Ariel Weber Maggie Weed Jill Stinogel Rufus Welch Jim & Yurika Bailey

Smokey Wennberg

Jeannie Moore Max West Roger & Judy West Nettie West Martha West

Kodiak & Kona Wheelen

Richard Wheelen

Talula Whipple

Margaret Turek

Rocky & BamBam White Audrey White

Max & Bandit Whitworth Dianne & Donald Whitworth Daisy Wiburg Ballard Animal Hospital Jetson Wiegardt Lynnette Wiegardt

Mollie, Bill, Kitty & Juno Wightman Eleanor Wightman

Tansy Zabriskie Jack & Janice Nicholson Baby Zachar Gary Zachar Zak Katherine Wright

Les Burke Heather & Lawrence McCrone The Cadwell Family Wayne & Ingrid Whitten Marta Calderon Scott Ofstead

Nail ZasimovaYarmushevich

Bob “Danger” Carrigan

Irina Zasimova & Alexey Yarmoshevicht

Buttercup Zoberst

Ballard Animal Hospital

Our beloved Golden Retrievers Holly Zucker

Daisy Zulch

Cynthia Samuel-Zulch

In Honor Of All our PNW Friends Lisa Leitner

Janet Alvarez Todd Wedge

Marissa Alves Thelma Santos

Bill, Deb & Sam Anschell Derek Choat

Correy Williams Eryl Williams

Jerry & Karen Choat Tommy Arends Kathleen Arends Ashley Denise Raven Judy Austin Hal Bryan

Horkhiemer Williams

Ballard Animal Hospital

Suki & Tiger Williams

Cynthia Knotts

Barney Willis

Ballard Animal Hospital Sasha Wilson Larry Wilson Tori Wilson Grant & Ditty McLaughlin Trey Wink John Wink

Harras Winkelmann

Guenter & Elsbeth Winkelmann Ruger Woods Martha Hunter Tim Worrall Grace Worrall Coco Kisses Wuest Marcia Wuest Biff Wulff The Hertan Family

Kami & Tsuru Yamamoto June Yamamoto

Muffy & Tora Yamamoto June Yamamoto

Ballard Animal Hospital

Rose & Heidi Yanick

Shuggie Weatherford Ballard Animal Hospital

Black Kitty Midnight Young

Kay & Jay Yanick Liz Young

Molly Clynch & Chris Loeken Jacqueline McKillop

Bailey Zimmerman-Stevens Pamela Cockle & Mark Jerry Zimmerman & Davidson Jane Stevens

Charlie Williams

Susan Montesino

Michael Carrigan

Sam Anschell & Lana

Kyra Becker & Connee Wilkinson Elisabeth Warder

Brandon Bedford

Richard Ulrich

Alicia Bendz Daniel Paoliello Valerie & Brad Berg

John Martin & Cheryl Wroth Stein Jonathan Bond Ruth B. Bond Gloria Bookter Michele & Kyle Peltonen Karen Boulton Julia Sweeney

Rob Bowman & Family Len & Marilyn Knapp

Mara & Rich Boykin

Patrick McCue

Rich Cornwell

Ginger Cornwell

Tim Coy

Mitchell Epstein & Meagan Coy John Curtin Linda Anderson Dano Lily Guillot

Dent Davidson & Jim Paddleford

Janet Ashley Declan Lila Cabe

Judith H. Dern William & Ann Freebing Karen DeVilla Bob & Mary Ellen Ballard Leah Diehl Benjamin Brock Julie Dito Nadine Margoles Jessie Douglass Miller

David & Geni Douglass Bianca Drago Daniel Price

Dr. Lynn & the Redwood Animal Hospital

Esther & Emy Ybarra-Wagner Debbie Duncan Donald & Mary Duncan Sally Duncan Olga & Glenn Oppfelt Heather Dunn Mary Stokes Chloe Dyck Peter Dyck

Tom & Barbara Felker Nanyrl Felker

Kacy Fitch & Kristin Lindberg

Eric & Janet Fitch

Larry Fitch & Eileen Murphy

The Bramwells

Eric & Janet Fitch Linda Fitch Eric & Janet Fitch Lucy Flanagan Borden Flanagan

Jonathan Briggs

Mary Fowler & the Brat

Katie Paul

Kathy Boyle Charles Boyle Amy Wiesinger

Julia Sweeney


Eliza Frazer

Christina Brugman Karen Giffin

Nick & Robynn Montera Benjamin Frazier Maxine Frazier Linda Geis Lois Johnson


Gifts of Love Sue Geisler Hal Rappaport

Larry Leet

Parker Gordon

Nancy Lim

Erik Gordon

Judy Graham Ralph & Ardyth Alexander Shirley Storch Sherman Dan Griffin Sally Covington & Thomas Townley Emily Grossman

George & Sharon Howe Darrol Groven Lisa Ehni

Patty Hamack Paige F. Hamack

Audrey Hamm

Helen Hamm

Ava Grace Hansen Kimberly Hansen

Janna Harala

Stacy Logan

Lynn Claudon

Marilyn Long

Kristin Brown Ted Loomis Carol Ross

Morgan Lord & Uncle Ed

Mary Pat & Thomas Lord Jeri Sue Lucas Jason Person Maureen Lutz Patricia Lutz

Mai, Lisa, Jo & Blue

Julie Nelson

The Mansons

Ken Hapke & Bob Delisle

Regan Pasko

Will & Karen Hargreaves

Nancy Kunze & Princess Mark & J. James Hobbs Irv & Janet Matson Julie O’Neil

Howard Leonard

Alexis Sterling Popovich

Stephanie Harrison Robert Harrison

Anne Heath

Ross & Lorna Heath Lisa Heyerdahl Robert Duncan Victoria House Steven Szebenyi Dasi Howell Dora & Zdzislaw Musielak

Gary Hyatt & Kyle Dinniene

Marsha Beck

John & Margaret Hynes

Nancy Kunze & Princess Stuart Johnston Alexandra Johnston Barbie Jones Jerry Hisle

Maeve & Dash Kamerling

Catherine Kamerling

Steve & Mary Keeler Joyce Mott

Darlene Kimball

Jack & Lois Beal

Kimberly & Simon

Taunia Penrose

Jarren & Erin Kinch Daniel Kinch

Hoover Klavano Jim Klavano

Holly Konig

Matthew Moran Kristi Casey Riggin

Loretta Larson

Sara Medford

Morgan & Sheri LaVigne The Arch Family


Janet L. Leet

Jeanette & Bill Marchand

Ron & Randee Maze Patricia Maze

Ron & Debbie McDonald

Shana & Mark Wickline

Charlotte McFeely

Nancy Kennedy

Evelyn & Hugh McNeil

Paola Martini-Scott Deborah Meyer Lynne, George, Lucy & Cedar Meredith Arielle Michelman Caroline Lu Judy Motoyama Beatrice Wells

Janice Nakamura & Junior Nagaki Mary Jo Watanabe

Janis Newman Kathy Bailor

Rick Orr

Janet Deda

Mary Parker

Roberta Goodnow & Daniel Lipkie Pat Linda Korten Delilah Paulsen Carrie Heim

Gordon & Lyanne Peltonen

Michele & Kyle Peltonen Talia Pinson Nadine Egger Pat Porter Linda Ferkingstad Kris Potter Pamela Eisen

The Women at Puget Sound Accounting Mary Sullivan

Ingre & Cody Randolph Kevin Kent Will Reebs Alisa D. Reebs Bri Reilly Linda Munro April & Ross Remenak

Shana & Mark Wickline Virginia Ringseth Paul Ringseth Doug Rybacki Mrs. J. S. Rood Fran Santini Brooke Dickinson Deedee Schaefer Michelle Schaefer, Bella & Parker

Sydney Schumacher Marcia Jones

Emily Scofield

Jerry Campbell Scotter Teresa Day Pitney Bowes Pete Segall John Dolin

Patrick Sheehan Elsa Cruz Sue Cumming Jennifer Lang Robert Maloof Diana Valdes Nathan Shilley Ivana Blank Field Austin Sommers The Jones Family Ashley Song Alice Kong

Pet In Honor Of Fluffy Ackerman

Rachel Dotson Elphie Adair Jardene Schlosser

Sophie & Sydney Adamson Sarah Adamson

Panda Adelman

Ralph & Marla Adelman Hanako Akagi Tae Akagi All Animals Carrol Loehrer Sadie Alpine Amy Alpine Adobe Ancona Doug Ancona Elmo Anderson Charles Anderson

Frank, Felix, & Kelly Burrell

Doris & John Burrell Ziva Buxton Lou-Jean Buxton Moon Call Laura Bailey Slider Campbell Linda Campbell Duke Carino Noemi & Pete Carino

Dennis AKA Bud Carlson

Christopher & Geraldine Carlson Harry Carmel Susan Carmel Chloe Carpenter Susan & Hal Beals

Mollee, Bentley, Crozby, Shelby, Cooper & Harle Carter Jackie Carter

Annie Castro

Jennifer & Alexander Castro

Cutie Pie & Calvin Anderson Coley Chapman Robin Chapman Oppenheimer Kari Anderson & Bode Chorlton Jory Oppenheimer

Pepper & Parker Ansell

The Dave Chorlton Family

Dulcie, Kona & Sheila Claessens

Elizabeth & Gale Ansell Kali Backiel Dana & Dee Backiel Max Banks Yvonne Banks Sassy Barker Donna Barker

Maikhanh Nguyen Ophelia Clark Kelly Clark Emily Cooper Eric Cooper

Moxy & Nady Barrows

Renate Cooper

Lamar & Anita Barrows Puff Bennum Barbara Bennum

Junior & Raymond Bertocchini

Melissa Bertocchini Cayman Bishop Teresa Ford

Lacey, Rocky & Jet Blackburn

Larry & Jayne Blackburn

Steve, Alexis, Ethan & Dean Molly, Muff & Tuff Shana & Mark Wickline Blackburn Larry & Jayne Blackburn Susan Liza Fox & Winston Milo Blakeman Brian Blakeman George & Kim Suyama Lynn & Rand Sealey Valentino & Misty Blitzer Mark Blitzer Jordan Swain Pamela Brooks Jack & Coco Bokma Scott Bokma Edith Tenneson Carol Manning Sacia & Mindi Bolster James & Lynda Bolster Chris Thompson Heather Thompson Beethoven Bolton Jean Bolton Zoe Trager Dorothy Giroux Shadow & Felix Bonnell Patrick Bonnell Chelsea Tripp Wendi Rankin Bama Bosshart Linda & Michael Bosshart Elise Troske-Roberts Roberta Troske Loca Bourzac Sherry Bourzac Sofia Valenta Jeremy Valenta Charley Boynton Donna Boynton The Van Vlerah Family Pamela Eisen Misty & Meowser Brookens Ann Brookens Alison Viemeister Kirsten Mecklenburg Jack & Zoe Brosius Jennifer Brosius Kathleen Winchell Marianne J. Gregersen Oreo & Toby Burns Donna Burns

Zoe Burns-Haley Mary Burns-Haley

Missy & Mew-Mew Cooper Harley & D.J. Cosway Constance Cosway

Gracie Rose & Ellie May Cronquist

Bruce & Valerie Cronquist Carrie Cubbins Phyllis Cubbins Desi Cuevas Richard & Vickie Cuevas Chocolate Daggett Molly Daggett

Tanner & Mandy Daiger Scott & Laurie Daiger Daisy Amy & Sylvain Bourneuf

Butterfield & Homet Dartt

Cheryl & Christopher Dartt Boots Deyman Winona Deyman Smokey DiLuna Lisa & Dave DiLuna Ryder Doane Burien Auto Repair Inc Punkin & Peaches Duff Gail Duff Eddie Edgar Sarah Fujita Ella Danneka Towne

Kenai, Red & Max Ellingson Richard Ellingson

Pepper, Tippy & Snuggles Ellingson Richard Ellingson Mikey Engels Connie Engels

Beaker & Eastwood Eramian

Louise & Daniel Eramian

Marbles Esparza

Cassidy Henderson

Diane Palmer-Espapaza

Mary Ellen Reimund

Catniss (Warrior) Ezrin

Amory & Slim Hendrickson

Zoe Farmin

Daisy Mae, Fang & Cleveland Hendrickson

Sharon Levy

Melissa Farmin

Blackie Feng

Michelle Xian & Dan Feng Henry Fleischer Lynn Austin Chloe Fleming Alexis Fleming

Pepper & Jima Flores

Leola Olson Cody Fors Nancy Fors Frank Fox Thomas Jenkins

Miss Gracie Francis

Marleen Francis Baxter Frial Katherine Wright

Moose Gabriel

Anna & Jason Gabriel Katie-Boo Gilbert Tara Miller Shinobi Gillikin Susan Gillikin Tucker Gilmer Kira Gilmer

Beaux Gomez-Leon Sandy Gomez-Leon Milo Goulet Launce & Annie Goulet Mr. Catigan & Sir Francis Granger Allison Granger Bode Grant Leonie & Maynard Grant

Terrill Hendrickson

Riley & Kelly Herrick

Mary Lou Herrick Zoë Herscher Mike & Cheryl Herscher Belle Hill Dave Hill & Luisa Famulski Cody Hillier Robin Hillier Norman Hind Ron & Kathy Hind Miki & Sami Hitzroth Alberta Hitzroth

Smokey & Bibsy Hogle Dale Hogle

Katie, Shelby, Ben & Jimmy Hoke

Boogie & Woody Holt Megan Holt

Elphaba & Mighty O Hoose Hannah Hoose

Kitty Howison Sarah Graham Leyla Huang Lisa Huang

Thomas Huddleston Joan Huddleston

Grace Huggins

Lynn Spaulding

Graumlich Family Pets

Bella & Frances Jacobs

Sparkle & Leda Gregersen

Bob & Nancy Jacobs

Bob & Nancy Jacobs

Simon & Schuster Jacobs Bronson Jacobsen

Shelbe Haislip

Mirikeen Homes, LLC Curry Jarrahian Sohail Jarrahian Jasmine Gloria Acosta

Pepper Hall

Laura Johnson

Wingo & Pippin Gurney Judith Gurney

Pharoah Haass Alden Haass

Chris Haislip

Nola & Clyde Sparks

Riley Hamann-Acosta

Jennifer Hamann-Acosta Fremont Hansen Nancy Hansen Roxy Hansen Jamie & Joshua Hansen Bridger Harrison Dana Harrison Max Hasha Ellen Bovarnick Taters Hatridge Kyle & Sarah Hatridge Sophie Hausrath Karen Hausrath Piper Hay Roselle Hay Ruby Hemphill William & Linda Hemphill

Stanley T. Kurihara Pepe Lang Karl & Dortha Lang

Miss Molly B., Bailey & Trixie Lapthorne Don & Arlene Lapthorne Miko Laws Karen Laws Maggie-Moo Lee Leah Lee Annie Lindsey Tui Lindsey Flory Logan Carol Logan

Jagger Lukjanowicz Gordon

Lauren & Evan Gordon Makana Lum Sammy, Judy & Mindy Hoke Kimberly Lum Arnold & Carole Hoke Lily Belle Marshall Hula Hollern Stephanie von Pressentin Victoria & Peter Hollern

Jeffrey Grant & Hillary Seidel

Marianne J. Gregersen

Buffy Kurihara

Arnold & Carole Hoke

Teagle, Magoo & Ferdinand Larry & Carol Huggins Grant iMac

Lisa Graumlich

Gifts of Love

Terrill Hendrickson

Maggie & Rufus Johnson Halo Kamanao

Bernadette Kamanao Jessie P. Karaus Matthew Karaus

Peanut Kawaoka

Tom & Robin Nakashima Christian Keay Gary W. Keay Harvey Keizur Stephanie von Pressentin

Simon & Ollie Konons Marcia Gay

Bootsie & Lily Massucco Joseph Massucco

Annie Matsuda

Patti Matsuda

Buddy & Trixi Matthews

Kyle Anne Matthews Tabby Mattson David Mattson

Tortie & Missie Mattson Sanford Mattson

Guiness McCan Erin McCan

Lucy Sunshine Cupcake Suprise McDonald

Margot McDonald

Mocha & Patches McIntosh

Gary & Kathy McIntosh Xena McKinney Lisa McKinney

Judith Sorensen

Zenith Lou Munson

Liberty & Scott Munson Frida Musig Keith Musig

Max & Peanut Nahon

Jenna & Marra Raabe Michael & Kristina Raabe Charlie Ramsey Amanda Bowes

Jack, Peanut & Punkin Ranf Susan Ranf

Daisy Redding

Bruce & Bea Nahon Rani Nanda Harish Nanda

Joan Redding

Remoulade Nason

Elizabeth Renstrom

Julianne Nason Boo Nelson T. Nelson Lucy Nelson Molly Nelson

Sugarplum Nelson Gayle Nelson

Magic & Pearl Neuhart Julee Neuhart

Jake Neuman Judy & Nissim Neuman Layla O’Bara Kelli & Chad O’Bara Chanie Obiacoro Carlene Obiacoro Odin Jim & Bonnie Towne Olis Ohaks Ieva Ohaks Juneau & Ballard O’Leary

Edward O’Leary & Sheila Polin-O’Leary Scrappy Osteen Jeff Egbert Christene Osteen & Sassie

Mia Ostmeier Sanchez

Lil Regan

Glenn & Maryan Regan Eric Renstrom

Lucy Reumping Larry & Carol Huggins Brayden Richardson Sharon Richardson Shadow Ricker Anne Ricker Lissa Roberts Marva Schoessler

Henry & Chloe Robinson

Annette Robinson Fritz Rodger Bob & Joni Rodger

Sammy & Simon Roper Sara Farley

Cash Ross Linda & Jason Ross “Milo the Wonderdog” Roth Laura Roth

Tippy Rumpf Eleanor Rumpf Benji Sackett Roger Sackett Bella Salema Mark & Donna Salema

Cooper & Seamus McLauchlan

John Ostmeier & Chris Sanchez Willow Oswald Gretchen Oswald Dewey Overmier John Overmier Lenny Paggeot Don & Dawn Paggeot

Missy & Comet Melnik

Saki, Tisbury & Minnie Partington Jeanette Partington

Groucho Malak Self

Foxtrot & Golda Middaugh

Lionel Perkins-Ochsner

Kelsey Shane

Hayley McLauchlan Sally Sue Meako Michelle Meako

Joan Melnik

Laura Middaugh

Hershey, Trapper & Sheba Miller Pamella Miller

Ruger Milliron

Cindy & Scott Milliron Monkey Mohr Cathy & Aaron Mohr

Minerva McGonagle Monaco

Sophie & Xena Konstantaras Susan Chua & Michael Monaco Angie Konstantaras Marley Mooseker Kippi Kozik Karen Mooseker Irina Kozik Paprika Morse Pixie Kumasaka Tamara Morse Richard & Linda Kumasaka Cojo & Mambo Mostad Rhett Kurfiss Judith Sorensen John Kurfiss

Noodle & Pita Mostad

Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner Merrick Perr Andrea Perr Isis Perrett Joann Perrett

Ki, Boo & Oscar Place The Place Family

Roger Ball Plapp

Helmut & Molly Schultz Steven & Adrienne Schultz

Marble Brody Schuster

Schuyler Schuster Tuffy Schwend Ronalee Schwend

Ellie the Cat Scott

Michael Scott Melissa Self John Shane

Red Sheirbon John Sheirbon

Conor McDogle Simmler

Deborah & Joseph Simmler Reggie Skow Lee & Joanne Gervais

Ryker & Penelope Pliska

Max, Moses & Mazapa Smith

Conan Polonis Doug & Teresa Polonis Gracie Pryde Carolyn Pryde

IV the Kitty StauntonLingappa

Laurie Plapp

Katherine Pliska

Burien & Scout Purdy John Purdy

Marco Quast

Richard & Linda Quast

Michael & Sandy Smith Morgan Sroufe Rachel Sroufe

Jaisri Lingappa

Henry Steele John Steele


Gifts of Love Jaxon & Stella Stewart Emily A. Stewart

Baxter ‘Cort’ Stiner

David & Maribel Stiner Aspen Swisstack Andrea Swisstack

Liz, Tom, Emma & Nate Albertson

Dotty Marie Switzer

Sharman & Glen Armstrong

Mary Switzer

Suzann Finch

Xavier & Sammy Tan

Anna & Matt Briggs Laura Arrigoni Paul & Tina Woolery

Baxter & Lexie Taylor

Linda Winter

Mandy & Inky Talley Kathleen Talley Nurhan Tan

Stephanie von Pressentin

Jasmine & Kramer Taylor

Peggy Taylor

Elsie Thomas

Vicki Thomas

Sunny Tian-Hao

Ran Tian & Wei Hao

Tiara’s Parti All the Time Sally Waller

Kirby & Minnie Tokashiki

Derek & Eugenia Tokashiki Sage Toyama Shoko Toyama Chester & Ally True Stephanie Eby True Riley Truong Thomas Truong Oscar Upchurch Michele Upchurch

Sweetie Pie Van Doren

Nora & Kenneth Van Doren Chloe & Duke Vann Robert & Pauline Vann

Moe & Pookie Vann Robert & Pauline Vann

Ebony & Zena Vasser Lisa Vasser

Mary Dee Bear Ver Ellen Patricia Ver Ellen

Apollo Weidner

Ellen Weidner

Truman WeingrodMcCarthy Carmi Weingrod & Ed McCarthy

Casey Westlund Lisa Westlund

Goldie & MaiTai Wheelis

Carol Evans-Wheelis & Robert Wheelis Percival Wick Amy Hurlow Robbie Wilcox Marian M. Wilcox Sierra Winchell Marianne J. Gregersen Finn Womble Susan Womble Bo Bo Woo Stephani Woo

Ollie & Bosco Wright Robert Wright Bo Young Kathleen Young


Christmas Gift

Margaret & David Bales Elizabeth Barko Nancy Wagner Patty & Jimmy Barrier Kyle Daniels The Harris Family John Bastien & Charlie Haberkern John & Judy Bastien

Linda & John Beatty

Kate & Wayne Lunceford Bill & Juanita Riana Roloff Sissie Boatman Heidi, Chris & Keira Hutchinson Amie Bosshart Linda & Michael Bosshart Mary Bottenberg Shannon Bottenberg

Jeff & Rebecca Bowers Jeff & Rebecca Bowers

Nancy Brown

Barbara Brincefield & Jim Stilwell

Doug, Darlene & Cricket Campbell

Terry & Maureen Morgan Nick Cangie Carl & Stephanie Cangie

Judy Carson & Rollo Johnson

Linda & Ben Johnston Helen Carter Marc Carter

Marvin & Rhonda Chinn

Jerry & Nina Yorioka Bill Chism The Hill Family

Randy Chung & Helen Kao Denis Nguyen

Kimball Conant & Jackie Jones The Hill Family

Cara Cronholm Marta, Rick, Carlyn & Caylie Runnels Ellen Cullivan Mary Ann & Jerry Cullivan Lisa Cunha Melissa Huseby Kiyana Daba Thelma Santos Sam Dagg Betty Dagg

Susan Davis Caren Crandell Derek Dexheimer Darielle Dexheimer

Dan & Martha Dittmann The Hill Family Julie Doces Sebby Doces

Colleen Dunseath Brock Dunseath Alex Eaton Constance Vorman & Pres Otis & Bob Eaton Constance Vorman & Pres Winston & Jax Eaton

Constance Vorman & Pres

Chris Elwell

Dawn Elwell

Patricia Fearey

Deborah Winter & Tayloe, Zoey, Luna & Plato

Mich Forster & Paulette Dumont

Redmond & Gayle Sharp Karrie Gaylord David Gaylord Marian Gerard Nancy Gerard Christi Gerber Michael McGirk Isabeaux Graham Linda Graham Ron & Lisa Greene Gary Greene

The Joe Gretsch Family

Judith Brown

Jason, Andrea, Paul, Patrick & Addison Gunderson Jorja Gunderson

David & Jill Hale Anna Marie Sherry Cecile, Fred & Charlie Hamilton

Shannon & Keith Bolchen

David & Rowdy Killmon Karil Klingbeil & Rebecca Keesling Nancy Kunze & Princess

Lauren Black

Beryl Thompson

Jeanette & Bill Marchand

Susan Lee & Ken Wong

Josephine & Edward Laney Kenny Locke Robert Lux

Hannes, Kulle & Mouse Ludwig Liz Couture

Frank & Corey McPeek

Toni Thunstrom

John & Susan Menoher Carol Adkins

Autumn Moll


Joe Myers

Herve & Toni Glin Mary Nelson Margaret Reed Nicki & Jimmy Stephanie Sanguinet Freddy O’Donnell Patrick & Sue O’Donnell Joan O’Hare Linda Anderson The Olheiser Family The Hill Family Shawn Patrick Suzanne Mager

Chuck & Laura Perigen Chad Reece

Esther Hill & Clarence Snodgrass Nancy Gerard

John, Margaret & Toasty Blur Hynes Jeanette & Bill Marchand

The Jacobsen Family

JoLynn & James Templeman

Jake & Cooper in Alaska Kathy Blackwelder Kay Kelly Nancy Wagner

Joy Gulmon-Huri & Ed Huri

Carol Stohr & Judy Myall Connie & Byron Banes

Robert Stokes & Jami Suedel Dean & Jeanne Justice

Caril & Gizmo Sweerman Shawna Adams

Marianne Takacs Nancy Wagner

The Templeman Family

JoLynn & James Templeman The Tinti Family Brian Ellis Mike Tovrea Sue & Ross Burrows Vicci Trimble-Lowe Nancy Salovich Brian Tyler Dave Weinstein Carole Varsegi Donna & Matt Lee

Max, Sky & Tasha Visconti

Rochelle & Kevin Ryan

Bob Von Normann & Family

Lyndsay & Rob Walbrun

Michael Mager & Mary Church Judith Reavell Andrew Petrini

Barbara & Anton Mank Andy Warren Robert Lux Bill & Gail Webster Janee Webster

Jeanne Reisner

James & Dawn Weston

Eric, Jesse & Scout Riedmann

Jennifer Whitworth

Travis & Liz Reisner

Lorrie Fargo

George Roach

Margaret Reed

Mike, Heather, Mairead, Emily & Sasha McAdamn Bruce Saari Robert Lux

Michael Mager & Mary Church Louis Hellwig Leonie & Maynard Grant

Jennifer Smith

Judith Sorensen

Stacy Raker & Michael Howlett

Waffles Harris Keithley Patrick & Karen Hearne

Shark & Jet Smith

Barbara & Laila Von Normann-Coleman Patricia Wahl Dean Wingfield

Shellaine & Tom Hoffman Pam & Fred Plenge The Jones Family

Michael Harris & Clint Keithley

Constance Vorman & Pres

Natalie Smith

Mike & Stefany Peterson

John Rockwell The Hill Family

Constance Vorman & Pres

Mo & Terry Smedley

Becky McGuire Becky Smith Jennifer Smith

Sara Woolcock

Joan & David Rollins

Cary & Dave Sandvig Linda & Ben Johnston

Mary Sanford Keith Doepp

Jim & Bet Schuler The Halsey Family Mark Schuler

Dean Scumaci & Anthony Williams Tabor & Crissy Scumaci Shelina Seney Suzanne Mager Paige Sloan Karl, Julie & Grace Archer

Heidi & Denny Weston Brian Johnson Tyler Wiest Catherine Cook

Eleanor Williams

Cynthia Knotts

Jessie Willis-Miller

Erica Turner

AnnMarie & Tony Wilson Heidi & Denny Weston Chichi Bella Wiltse Kate & Terry Lindberg Marlene Winter Roger Winter

Doug & Susan Woods Kathy & Ozzie Bates

Mihoko & Anthony Wright Ruth & Jess Gates

Happy Holidays Jeff, Kim, Alex & Sam Bailey

Stephen & Maxine Stone Judy & Ken Becker Stephanie & Dave Becker Tiffany Briscoe Louann McNulty

The Cadagan Family Rod & Sally Palmborg Tom Carter Beth Lett Holly Davis Audrey Kirkwood

David & Judy DeMoss Carol Ege

Max & the Ferguson Cats Sally McKenzie, Vincent, Theo & Dagny

Susan & Robert Ferguson Sally McKenzie, Vincent, Theo & Dagny

David, Robin & Percy Furgerson

Avi Roig & Willow Stockwell Ima, Memi & Evelyn Rubinstein-Benzikry Ronnie Stern

Susan Shamp Cynthia Per-Lee

Shana Stowers Deanne L. Witt

Stacy Thrailkill

Deanne L. Witt

Maya & Isabella Villasenor Grandma Helena & Grandma Ann

Jerry & Nina Yorioka

Lori Hoshino Jazz Young Timothy Young

Happy Hanukkah David & Marcia Binney Erica Raine

The Goltscher Family

In Honor of Birthday

Warren & Mike Halverson

Nicole Bryant

Mark Haslam & Ewa Trebacz

Florence Burstein

Benjamin Murphy Martin Wojcik

Jane & Bob Meston

Sarah & William Bryant David & Susan Fish

Stephanie Haslam Julian Herwitz Laura Herwitz

Donna Carmack

The Hilderbrand Family

Jackie Whitson

Ms. Lynn Gonzalez

David & Ruth Hill

Ann Belmont

Pennie Clark Ianniciello Deanne L. Witt

John & Julie Irick Carl Knowlen

Nancy Knudsen Warren Nedved

Kyle, Marina, Milo & Spidey Zarina Sakai

Judy Lewis Hailee Greenberg David & Judy Loewe Kristin Brown

Eldon & Aurelia Loewe

David & Judy Loewe Scooby Loewe David & Judy Loewe Susan Mallery Christine Makimoto Devin McClain Alison Suttles

Jim, Betty & Emma McKenzie

Sally McKenzie, Vincent, Theo & Dagny Jeffrey Purtell Deanne L. Witt LaDonna Rae Michael & Cheri Levy

Anandi Raman Creath & TJ Creath Manjeri & Krishna Raman Kari Jo Rohr Alison Suttles

Gifts of Love

Wendy & Kerfe Roig

Jeanne Lowman

Tami Chase

William Corby

Tammy & Neil Anderson John & Julia Brewer John & Alison Corby Marypat Meuli Sue Dungan Barbara & Laila von Normann-Coleman Allison Gliner Barbara Santi Ann Guenther Lauri Keegan Ruth Gwinn Ruth Anne Magruder Isabella Haahs Barbara & Laila von Normann-Coleman Amanda Keppler Heather Allen-Lilly Susan & David Debartolo Frank Lathrap & Kristin Walter- Lathrap Pamela Mullens Vicki & Randall Olson Marlene Winter Many Friends & Family

Michael Murphree

Bobbi Hansen

Alecia Mathers

Jeannie Oliver

Karinne Breidenbach Milliman Matching Gift Program

Sophia Prock

Michelle McDaniel & Kerry Albright

Kerry Oliver

Susan Black Many Friends & Family Harrison Robinson Steve & Shannon Baum Bet Schuler Kathleen Morgan Rick Stamm Shirley & John McLean Dave Stephenson George & Sharon Howe Liam Thompson Kendra & Jonathan Bengelink Taryn Imamura Rebecca & Joshua Mourot Annie Walker Tori & Dale Gamble Serissa & Leeanna Brenda Ralphs Connor Wilson Seethu Babu & Simon Skaria Anshu Khurana Many Friends & Family Naomi Wiviott Emily Malone Kendra Riggert

In Honor of Marriage Michael Carroll & Derrel Triplett Virginia Stout

In Name Of Fred Campbell

Geoff Smith & Bryn Nelson

The Staff of the University of Washington Human Resources Department Jeremy & Kathryn Judy Davis Cynthia Espeseth Kim Rogers

Jeff Sutherland & Ben Aguiluz

Robert Friend

Onora Lien

Nicole & Kurt Pachaud

Bonnie Seracka

Alex Salkin & Patty Liu Wendy Lambert

Bruce & Jo Ann Rifkin

Karen Hukari

Thank You Barbara Dick

Mary Whisner & Mary Hotchkiss

David & Elizabeth Markowitz

In Honor of Anniversary Stephen Forman & Sarah Hayden Rachel & Frank Forman

Robert & Virginia Liebscher Saundra & William Hirt

In Honor of Graduation

Nelle Gibbs Barbara Frederick

The Laskins

Laskin Wedding Guests

Unplanned litters create millions of pets with no place to call home.

Andrew Konstantaras

Angie Konstantaras Diya Kumar Vijay Kumar Janet LaPlant Harriette Collins Peggy Crow Suzanne & Darrell Van Ness & Pets Anna Lotz Anna Lotz Lilli Maddux Vanessa Ho

Kayla Moznette

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