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From Chief Executive Officer David Loewe

Spring 2012 • Vol 20 • Issue 1 Cover Photo: Ringo, one of Jinx's 16 puppies.

Thanks to our animal-loving community, 2011 was a recordbreaking calendar year for the Seattle Humane Society. We found homes for 5,562 dogs, cats, and critters — the most animals adopted in a single year in our shelter’s 115-year history. Several adoption events helped us place record-setting numbers of pets into loving homes. Crowds lined up hours before opening for our first-ever free adoption fair, “Fall for a Friend,” with 226 pets adopted in a single weekend. More than anything, we have our supporters to thank. You opened your hearts and homes to pets in need all year long, but especially during the holiday season. A total of 699 animals were adopted in December alone. We were excited to start 2012 with great enthusiasm and were instantly met with new challenges in the form of crippling winter storms and freezing conditions. Though we were put to the test, our staff and volunteers braved the storm to care for our shelter guests while partnering with the American Red Cross to offer emergency boarding for the pets of community members suffering from power outages. Now we’re looking ahead to our biggest fundraiser of the year, Tuxes & Tails. Please join us for this very special evening to benefit the animals in our care. This spectacular May 12 gala features live and silent auctions, a gourmet dinner and a runway show featuring local celebrities and adoptable shelter pets. Learn how you can participate at and help Seattle Humane Society save more lives and bring even more people and pets together in the year ahead. Thank you for all you do!

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Humane Happenings: News & Updates Chronicles: Now in Full Color! Spring is in the air and Chronicles is blooming with color! We’re proud to share that we’ve improved our newsletter and actually cut costs on printing and mailing. Here’s how we did it: We streamlined our content, focusing more attention on the animal stories that your feedback shows you love. We launched a Go Green campaign and hundreds of readers signed up to view Chronicles online, helping us to be good stewards of both your donations and the environment. We’ll also be offering our annual report online.

a 9-month-old Pit Bull mix, was our 100,000th appointment. Bob Barker, former The Price is Right host and renowned spay/ neuter advocate, congratulated Seattle Humane with a special message: “Just think how many animals you have prevented from suffering! I congratulate you and urge you to keep up the good work.”

Shelter Hits Medical Milestone

Since opening our on-campus clinic 30 years ago, we are 100,000 steps closer to no more homeless pets in our community. Congratulations to our staff, volunteers, and responsible pet owners everywhere. Our shelter pets are spayed/neutered before adoption. We also offer low-fee spay/neuter surgeries for low-income pet owners, free spay/neuter programs for Pit Bulls and Pit mixes, and a free “Mom’s Last Litter” program for pet parents and their litters.

We’re thrilled to announce our 100,000th spay/neuter surgery! Brownie,

Learn more at or call (425) 641-0080.

Go Green today and get an online version of Chronicles with interactive links and fun animal videos. Send your contact information to gogreen@seattlehumane. org with the word “Chronicles” in the subject or scan the QR code on page 10.

Sammie’s Fund Saves Senior Pets At last year’s Tuxes & Tails gala, we debuted a special fund for senior shelter pets. The fund began with a generous lead gift in honor of the late Wendy Moss, an avid Seattle Humane supporter who cared for 15 senior dogs in the final stages of life, starting with a Lab named Sammie. Supporters of Sammie’s Fund have donated more than $366,000 in honor of older pets who have touched their lives. Nearly a year later, the fund has already helped us give 440 dogs and cats aged 7 and older the care they needed. Dogs like CC, an 8-year-old Pomeranian who was surrendered to Seattle Humane with heart problems. We gave CC the heart medication he needed and found him a loving home with an 80-year-old woman on the same medication! If you’ve ever loved a mature pet, consider making a donation to Sammie’s Fund in their honor. Write “Sammie’s Fund” on your check or donate online at Left: Sammie’s Fund helps senior pets like Isis, an adoptable 12-yr-old kitty. Top: Bob Barker congratulations Seattle Humane on 100,000 surgical procedures. 3

Happy Tails

Against All Odds Last September, a local man hopped out of his truck and a 10-year-old Australian Shepherd named Wiley hopped in. When the man brought him to the Seattle Humane Society, Wiley was quite thin with very little hair, as well as impaired vision and hearing. Despite his poor condition, Wiley leaned on our legs when he wanted to be petted, and his gentle demeanor instantly endeared him to everyone.


Our veterinary staff gave Wiley medicated baths and a special diet for his skin allergies. Wiley seemed to be on the up-and-up until early one morning, our staff found him lying prone in his kennel. Wiley was suffering from an intestinal infection called hemorrhagic gastroenteritis — a condition only 20 percent of patients survive. Our veterinary team responded with immediate treatment and our staff veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Buchanan, took Wiley home with her every night to keep an eye on him. After several weeks, Wiley finally began to walk on his own, his

beautiful fur started growing back in, and his tail wagged with appreciation. “Over the eight weeks that I fostered Wiley, I learned something new from him every day,” says Dr. Buchanan. “I learned courage, perseverance, hope and love. They come so effortlessly to him.” The day after Christmas, a happy and healthy Wiley was adopted into a family of two dogs and two cats. His new family writes, “Wiley asks for so little and gives so much. Whether he has a few months or a few years, we want to make them his best ones yet.”

A Brotherly Bond Tigger and Max, two 3-year-old orange tabby brothers, were surrendered to Seattle Humane when their owner could no longer care for them. During Tigger’s check-up, our veterinary staff noticed that his right eye was badly infected. It turned out that he had an ulcer on his cornea which had gone untreated for far too long.


Our vet team treated Tigger’s eye and monitored him closely. In the meantime, Tigger’s brother Max was adopted by a wonderful family who promised to return for Tigger when he was feeling better. Unfortunately, Tigger’s infection had already progressed too far by the time he was brought to us, and our veterinarians had no choice but to remove the eye for Tigger’s own health and safety.

Max’s adopters had no hesitation about reuniting these handsome and affectionate brothers, despite Tigger’s impairment. As soon as he healed from his surgery, Tigger was adopted and now he and Max spend every day with their tails curled up, happy to be together again. Help us continue to give deserving cats like Tigger the extra medical care they need. Make a donation to the Grinstein Fund for cats by writing “Grinstein” on your check or visit Thanks to the friends and family of the late Keith D. Grinstein for starting the Grinstein Memorial Fund for cats in his honor. 4

Caring Corner

You’ve loved animals all your life; now you have a chance to make a life-saving difference. Please remember the animals in your will or trust. Visit to learn more or contact our Major Gifts Officer at (425) 641-0080 or To leave a bequest, simply write: "I give to The Humane Society for Seattle/King County, Tax ID #91-0282060, (the sum of $__ or __% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes." If your gift involves insurance policies, land, stock or other property, please include a description.

Animals in Washington state have found a true friend in Helen Mull. Helen and her husband, Allen, moved to Federal Way after they married in 1946 and quickly gained a reputation as pet people. If anyone found a lost animal in their neighborhood they knew that the Mulls would happily give them the care they needed. Helen and Allen worked hard their whole lives and supported local organizations they loved with annual gifts. Before Allen passed away eight years ago, he and Helen agreed that if there was any money left, they would give it to the animals. After Allen died, Helen established The Helen Mull Foundation. Through her foundation, Helen has distributed more than $1 million to animal welfare organizations and zoos in Washington State since 2005, including generous gifts to the Seattle Humane Society. Thanks to Helen’s charitable donations, our dog adoption runs now have solid doors instead of chain link fencing to create a calmer environment for our shelter guests and visitors, bright and cheerful paint colors throughout and specially-coated safety floors for both our 2-legged and 4-legged guests. Additionally, we were able to replace our cat cages with cat condos so that kitties can climb, play and nap as they please and potential adopters can interact with them.

Celebrity Profile with John Howie Don’t let his towering figure fool you: Chef John Howie is all heart. This Northwest celebrity chef has made serving his community his life’s work — whether at the dinner table of one of his five award-winning restaurants, or giving back to his favorite local charities like the Seattle Humane Society.

Animal Advocates

We thank Helen for her incredible generosity and for amazing contributions to the pets in our care. We couldn’t ask for a better friend to the animals!

Chef John Howie and

“I love animals and I hate to see his dog, Bella. them mistreated,” says Chef Howie. “I’m so thankful that Seattle Humane stands up for pets in need in our area.” Chef Howie has shown his appreciation by generously donating private dining experiences at his renowned Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar and autographing copies of his cookbooks for our annual fundraising gala, Tuxes & Tails.

Chef Howie shares his life with a very smart 5-year-old Australian Labradoodle named Bella and a very patient 7-year-old long-haired gray tabby named Squatch. Bella’s most endearing feature is that she never tattles when Howie sneaks her delicious people food. Squatch is best known for his saintliness, especially when Chef Howie’s young grandson mistakes him for a very fuzzy pillow.

Helen Mull cuddles up with a shelter pup. 5

Sweet Sixteen A message came over the loudspeaker seeking help, and staff from all over the Seattle Humane Society sprang into action! They rushed to Vet Services, scrubbed up and one-by-one were handed a squealing, helpless little life and given two simple instructions: “Rub! QUICK!� One week earlier, Seattle Humane Society was setting up a rescue transport for a number of dogs who had run out of time at another shelter. While there, we were asked if we could 6

rescue one very special dog — an extremely pregnant 3-year-old Lab/Hound mix named Jinx.

Jinx's new family called back to us, “We’re gonna take really, really good care of her.” Thanks to the support of our donors and dedicated volunteers, we were both willing and able to safely transfer Jinx to our shelter and place her in a loving and experienced foster home. Our veterinary team informed Jinx's foster family that she was likely to go into labor soon and, as predicted, Jinx went into labor in foster care just a few days later. Carefully following instructions from our veterinary team, her foster mom kept a watchful eye on her and when it became apparent that Jinx was unable to give birth on her own, she was rushed to Seattle Humane for an emergency C-section.

Photo courtesy: Anna Hoychuk

Thanks to quick action, our lead veterinarian, Dr. Brad Crauer, was able to successfully deliver not 4, not 8, not 12 — but an incredible 16 happy and healthy puppies! Staff from various departments helped stimulate the 16 puppies to keep them breathing by rubbing and patting their backs, using strokes mimicking the way their mother would have licked them to keep them awake. Jinx recovered from her surgery and was united with her puppies in foster care where she spent four weeks with her new brood: Rosie, Cori, Destiny, Summer, Willow, Frodo, Lucy, Tinker, Trip, Frenchie, Storm, Jackson, Bubba, Spud, Ringo,

and Langur. Because there were so many puppies, Jinx struggled to nurse them all by herself and relied on her foster mom to help with round-the-clock bottle feedings. Once they had been weaned, Jinx and four of her puppies remained together while the other 12 puppies went into separate foster homes in groups of four to ensure that they all got the care and extra attention they needed to stay healthy. When they were two months old, all 16 puppies were spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, and placed up for adoption. They were all scooped up within two days by families who were excited to have an adorable puppy all their own. As for Jinx, she was adopted just as quickly by a family with four young children who would adore her and play with her. Jinx stole the hearts of many staff and volunteers here at the shelter, and there was a mixture of happiness and a hint of sadness to see her leave us. Our staff was thrilled to find a deserving family for Jinx, but would miss her dearly. Jinx’s new best friend, a kind 8-year-old girl, understood instantly and as she and her family walked out with a happy Jinx in tow, she called back to us, “Don’t worry! We’re gonna take really, really good care of her.” Today, Jinx is a joyful and healthy pup with lots of playmates and a huge yard to run in. Jinx’s family has signed her up for her first dog training class at Seattle Humane and we can’t wait to see her! To see video of Jinx’s puppies the day they were born, view our newsletter online at Interested in becoming a volunteer foster parent? Learn how at or call (425) 641-0080. 7

Pet Tips & Furry Facts

Polydactyl Pussycats Have you met a cat with mittens or one who looked like they were giving you a “thumbs up”? Well then you’ve met a polydactyl cat.

Poly-say-what-now? The origin of the word “polydactyl” comes from the Greek word polus, meaning “many,” and daktulos, meaning “finger.” Polydactylism is a genetic mutation that causes some animals to be born with extra digits. Polydactylism has been found in humans, dogs, cats, mice, and even chickens. While cats normally have 18 digits— eight toes and two dewclaws in the front, eight toes in the back — polydactyls can have as many as 28 digits!

How did kitty polydactylism begin? Some researchers believe that feline polydactylism came about as a means of survival. This genetic mutation helped the ancestors of our domestic cat companions climb better and hunt better, thanks to their additional dexterity.

Penny, a polydactyl cat available at SHS

In fact, they were so good at catching mice thanks to their extra digits that polydactyl cats were highly sought after for British ships. They took care of the rodents on board and were considered good luck. Some historians even say that polydactyls sailed on the Mayflower!

“Polydactylism” is a long word — is there a shorter one? Polydactyl kitties are also known as "mitten cats," "snowshoe cats,” “thumb cats," "six-finger cats," and “Hemingway cats.” Celebrated American author Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West, Fla., and shared the island with nearly 50 felines. He had a well-known penchant for polydactyls starting with Snowball, a white poly kitty given to him by a ship captain. The cats were not spayed or neutered (shame on him!) and the poly trait became common amongst the island cats. Ancestors of Hemingway’s polydactyls still live at The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West and are well cared for by the staff there.

There is still a debate about where polydactyl cats originated. Some researchers believe that the trait originated in Britain and spread to New England via ships that came to port in Boston, Mass., with polydactyl kitties on board. However, DNA research has revealed that rather than spreading from one original source, different genetic mutations have popped up independently in the United States and the United Kingdom, all resulting in the polydactyl trait. Today, cats with polydactylism exist most commonly along the east coast of the United States and Canada, and in the south west of England and Wales.


According to the Guinness World Records, Jake, a 28-toed kitty from Ontario, Canada, holds the feline world record for most toes!

Photo courtesy: Maya Schlegel

Closeup of polydactyl cat paws

And the record for most toes goes to...

The Seattle Humane Society has cared for many polydactyl cats and we find them to be some of the sweetest in the bunch! Interested in welcoming a mitten kitten into your home? Call the Seattle Humane Society today at (425) 641-0080 or come visit our fabulous felines in person at 13212 SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue.

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Dear Seattle Humane,

The Pooch Post & Mew Mail

One day, when I was 5, I asked my dad when we could get a dog. He said when I was 10. He said that thinking I would forget. I didn’t. My dad is in the Coast Guard so we move a lot. When I turned 10 we moved from Virginia to Washington. When we settled in we began looking for another addition to our family – a dog! The first time we went to Seattle Humane Society the staff was very friendly and helpful. We ended up adopting a 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She left the shelter as “Heather” and now she’s “Heidi.” The first night she was with us we took her on a walk. You could almost see her asking herself, “Is this my family?” She found out later that week that we were. In the long days of summer, when I didn’t have any friends because we were new, I could always count on Heidi to be my friend. Heidi is not a passing trend, she’s my best friend. Thank you! Heidi says thanks, too! Lauren

Hi, I wanted to give you an update on the two kittens that we adopted back in October. My better half and I don’t have human kids – we have feline kids! Every cat deserves a good home and we wanted to do our part, so this past October I visited the Seattle Humane Society and left with two new additions to our family – a black male, Pippin (formerly Mew) and a tuxedo female, Bree (formerly Joy). To put it simply, we couldn’t be happier! Our existing cats, Oliver and Jasper, have grown tolerant and Oliver is now playing with, and totally fascinated by, his new siblings. And boy, do they play! They are a great source of amusement and joy for us each and every day. They’re growing up fast and we’re so thrilled to have Pippin and Bree in our home and lives. Here’s a recent photo of these two characters. Thanks again for doing what you do and working towards no more homeless pets. Sincerely, Jan W. & Graham B. 9

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Grant Bachman Barbara Bacon

Kate & Eliza Badiozamani Lloyd & Kae Baker Bill & Beverly Baker Jonathan Baker Janell Balfour

Marjorie & Robert Banks Kara Barclay

Abigail Barden

Margaret Samson Renee Barney

Dr. Charles M. Haberkern Lorna H. Batdorf

Lorna H. Batdorf Nadine Bateman John M. Beall

Ballard Animal Hospital Clark & Evalea Beck Lucile Beckman Suzi Beerman

Carolyn & Dean Behse Pearl Belanger

Fiona Fung & Mike Eng Barbara Bennum Georgia W. Benson Ballard Animal Hospital Elizabeth Best

Ramon & Colleen Betteridge Becki Beusch

Berk & Esther Biddle

Karen Bidwell Julie Biggs

Leela Bilow

Kelly Merrill

Lauren Blood, Larry Gruendike, & Logan & Lazlo

Kibo Boder-Meagher Nanook Boll

Emmy & Azalia Bolme Ralph, Becky & Hugo Bolton Kolby Borth Rascal & Annie Bostwick Napali Bottorff Platinum Bovey

Dwight Russell & Shirley Deffenbaugh Marion Boyer

Oliver Bradley

Ballard Animal Hospital


Gifts of Love Miss Libby Braeutigam

Sasha Campbell

Stretch Cole

Harley Doran

Fleming Family Cat

Senor Escape Brauburger

Mitzi Canham

Buddy Connor

Marble Doyle

Flash & Cleo Foldenauer

Charlie Canham-Wold

Libby Conrad

Dakota Duin

Murphy Ford

Napoleon Carey

Dolly Conway

Nemo Durkoop

Oscar Forssen

Shadow Carey

Octavius Copparam

Spicey Dwyer

Mickey Forsyth

Danny the Dog Garner

Cody, Nony & Mufasa Corneil

Carly Eakes

Louie Foskett

Bogey, Rio, Hunden & Dewey Carlson

Calvin Cornell

Katie Taz Earl

Rua Foster

Emily Carovano

Scamper Cornwell

Richard & Ginger Cornwell

Molly Earley

Salty Franklin

Jasmine Cortelyou

Stevie Ray Eaton

Wendy Arlene Fraser

Jules Cover-O'Sullivan

Gina Eccles

Mama Shang Freeman

Robby Cox

Nelly Eisenhart

Maggie Frey

Sunny & Max Crabtree

Tiger Eklund

Lucky Frost

Zoe Crisera

Boo Boo Kitty Elkington

Spot & Spike Fuller Blue

Twinkie Croinex

Benson & Diva Elliott

Cami & Remi Gadbois

Jason Cservenyak

Benny Ellis

Macy Gahagan

The Wildthing Curtiss

Bailey Emhoff

Shamrock Gearin

Brando Czernik

Brakenhollow's Rainbow's End "Rainy" Endicott

Nena Gehrke

Pucci Eng

Betty George

Peggy Braeutigam

Sidney, Liana, Tom & Scott Montague

Noisette Breese Ann Breese

Ziggy Brenner

Michael & Nala Canham Jon & Holly Evans Timothy Carey

Laura Dufresne

Charlie Brown Bright

Michael & Roslyn Ellison

Petey Briskman

Linda & Jay Gorsky

Tucker Brockett Rosemary Carroll

Kaiser Brocksom

Dorothea Brocksom

GG Girl Bronson Debra Bronson

Goma Brown

Margaret Carey Betty Garner

Roland & Martha Carlson Sandy Carovano

Zoe Carrara Cathy Boles

Rocky Carroll

Yoshie Brown

Jennifer Thompson

Jenny Brown

Jane Marie Brown

Mimi & Louie Brown Randy Gruver

Molly Brown

Alexx, Carson, Jake & Jessie Carvajal Joseph Carvajal

Maggie Cattle

Brad & Christine Cattle

Hannah Brown Carolita Phillips

Manachino Celio

Cobbie Brzozowicz

Andy & Keely Brzozowicz

Pooger & Hazelrah Buckley Darlene Buckley

Cherylann Celio

Pepi & Sasha Cenek Alena Cenek

Penny Chan Colette Chan

Helen Burke

Jasmine Chaplin

Milissa Burke

Sandy, Vickie & Gale

Harley Burket

Stella Bella Charles

Kevin Burket

Susan Charles

W.R. Burlison

Nancy & Dallas Burlison

Missy Burns-Haley Mary Burns-Haley

Presley Bush

Dave & Jan Christian

April Bushre

Bruno Chatterjee Preetha Chatterjee

Sherlock Chevrier Jim & Inge Chevrier

Winnie Chorak

Marilyn & Mario Chorak

Percy Clarke

Peter Bushre

Monica & Dan Leers

Shazam Butler

Clifford The Big White Dog Cloft

Carol Butler

Gail, Ira & Gus Gross

Brittany Butt

Roxy Cloninger

Kathleen Butt

Tedi Byrd

Pamela Williamson-Byrd & Michael Byrd

Finnegan Byrnes Leslie Byrnes

Lindsea Cloninger Wendy Murchie


Vicki Shearer

Sammy Cohen Milton Cohen

Buddy Cainan

Lucy Colaprete-Hohm

Joan Cainan

Riley & Trixie Calabro Ashley Calabro

Karen & John Campbell

Sheryl Smith

Duke Colbert Karen Colbert

Shelley & Steve Funk Cheryl Connor

Theresa Schaap Carolyn Conway Sripriya Copparam

Cheri & Philip Corneil

James & Nancy Cornell

Christopher Cortelyou Jessica & Chris Cover Charles G. Cox Bill & Marie Crabtree

Jean & Mike Gannon Scott & Jeanne Croinex Connie Cservenyak Charlene Curtiss

Staff at Swedish Hospital

Sam & Sissy Daniel Sherry Daniel

Humphrey & Precious Daniels Col. Richard A. Daniels

Misty Danne

Marcia Danne

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Joshua Wheeler Susan Duin

Francis Durkoop Jason Dwyer

Pamela Eakes Shirley Earl

Susan Earley

Debbie Simpson

Mary Ann Eccles Catherine Walker Gayle Eklund

Rachel Elkington Karen Elliott

Tiffany & Rob Ellis Mary & Allen Emhoff

Kate Endicott Marlene Eng

Kona Boy Engle

Christine, James, Jaxon, Myles, Scoob & Shelby Powell

Cinder Danos

Annie Evans

Monika Danos

Diane Evans

Whittaker Whitman Whiskers, III Daubenmier

Polly Evans

Yvonne Wattum

Rusty Davenport

Paula McCune

Carol Daubenmier

McCune Family Pets

Jim, Nancy & Daisy Townsend Ovina Feldman Lynnie Ford

Sue & Tod Anderson M. Diane Forsyth Jackie Foskett Albert Foster Richard & Miriam Zorn Roxann Fraser

Amanda Freeman Lon & Caryn Frey Patti & Mike Frost Kelly Fuller Blue

Gregory & Devnee Gadbois Cathleen & James Gahagan Kristin Gearin Alicia Gehrke

Mabel George Ernie Gilbert

Andrea Gilbert

Razzie Gilliam Mary Gilliam

Blue Moon Godo Kristin Godo

Buster Gold

Carolyn Gold Dr. Elizabeth Gold

Lulu Belle Goldberg Judah Goldberg

Diego Davidson

Bismarck, Brünnhilde, & Brandenberg Farrar

Mocha Latte Davis

Diva Farrar

Scuppers Davis

Berner Boys Felker

Molly Day

Zoe Feng

Ani de Haan

Fritz Fenton

Noodles De Jaen

Gershwin & Mozart Ferrer

De Nure Family Dog

Nessie Ferris-Hotz

Frankie DeHoyos

Nekko Fineout-Baillet

Missy Demarest-Nicita

Dixie Finger

Minnie & Mosky DeMoss

Winston Fink

Troy Desyatnikova

Mogul Finley

Derrick & Demelza Dinsmore

Lexi Fisher

Rita & Scorch DiTrani

Griffon Flagler

Lurchie, Cassie, Buck & Randy Gregor

Annie Doces

Sox Fleisher

Foxy Gregoris Best

David Davenport Cheryl Davidson

Rebecca Sheets Jeaninne Ryan Susan Day

K.C. & Jac de Haan Hannah De Jaen

Go Green!

Fred & Ashley Northup

Celia De Nure

Ballard Animal Hospital Shannon Demarest

David & Judy DeMoss Stella Desyatnikova Donna Dinsmore

Charles & Michelle DiTrani Julie Doces

Laurence & Janice Farrar Teresa Bresee Tom & Barbara Felker Tasha Feng Jerry & Marilyn Fenton Carole Ferrer

Christine Ferris-Hotz Stevie Fineout

The Finger Family Barbara Fink Phyllis Finley

Carole Ann & Larry Milton Christine Finch Roy Fleisher

Buzz Golding Kristin Boyer

Lilly Mae Golembek

Cascade Animal Clinic

Teddy Gonzales Terisa Gonzales

Maggie Mae Goodlund Maureen Goodlund

Mopsie Gorjance

William & Patricia Gorjance

Dundee Goss

Jessica & Marty Zeidman

Miss Mittens & Mr Whiskers Gramling Packer Heidi Gramling Packer

Puffy Gray Joe Gray

Annie Graybill Shirley Graybill

Matty Green

T.M. & A.G. Green

Nanook Green

Gail, Ira & Gus Gross

Deborah Gregor

Robin Gregoris & Larry Best

Love Dogs? Love Lexus! Hundreds of dogs come to Seattle Humane needing more medical attention than many shelters can provide.Thanks to The Lexus Fund, and generous donors like you, we never have to turn them away.

Kharma Houston

Maggie & Orbit Keller

Trevor Lasersohn

Abbey Houtchens

Scully Kelley

Bear Laverty

Monty Howard

Willa Kelly

Jake Le

Clyde & Kahne Hoxie

Loki Kennedy

Sene Leach

Jelly Bean Huff

Missy Kennedy

Ollie Ledwith

Morgan Huggins

Lucy Kern

Lily Lee

Little Princess Kitty Hughey

Bogie Kerr

Codi Leenstra

Peanut Hummel

Jake & Isabella Kettler

Adora Lees

Laxana Hummel Sauerwein

Panji Keyes-Wheeler

Billy Bob Leighton

Jeff Houston

Marlene Taylor Houtchens Alison Howard

Barbara Drinkwater Ariele Huff

Larry & Carol Huggins Cheryl Hughey

Donate to the Lexus Fund for shelter dogs:

Sara Hummel, LVT

Write “Lexus� on your check or donate online at

Kathryn Murray

Mr. Tuffy Gregoris Best

Robin Gregoris & Larry Best

Rudy Gregory Elaine Gregory

Gus Greig

Anne Greig

Daisy Greuteret

Sandra Harrington

Beau, Pierre & Spanky Griffin Jeffrey & Lorna Griffin

Keisha Griffith Holly Griffith

Buck & Little Buck Grinolds Manly Grinolds

Quinn Grove

Gertrude Grove

Katie Guetlin

Grant Bachman

Cirrus Hashimoto-Spence Ruth Windhover

Miss Nikki Hay Pamela Hay

Floyd Boy Heath

Shirley & Paul Heath

Dodger Heiber

D'Arcy Heiber & Richard Allanson

Chance Heim Carrie Heim

Clyde Helsper Sylvia Helsper

Hazard Henkel Cindy Henkel

Emma Lou Herschel-Rubin Lynn Berry, Howard Goldberg, Mikey & Zoria

Sammie Hess

Cricket Hales

Kozy Kennels, Curt Fox & Shane Owens

Maggie Hall

Mango & Ford Hickey

Tiger Hall

Big Cat Hicks

Linda Mahrdt

Ballard Animal Hospital

Champagne, Misty & Sootie Halladay

Jesse Marie Hillstrom Mj Hillstrom

Buddy & Gracie Lou Hallum

Ron Hinderberger

Beau Halverson

Cathleen & Lewis Hinton

Joshua Hamamoto

Bertie & Chuck Hitzroth

Lacey & Loopy Hamer

Daniel Rosen, Ph.D.

Kit-Cat Hanan

Dr. Cynthia K. Phillips

Sam & Max Hancock

Robert & Mikie Hoffman

Tipsi Hansen

Matt Hoffman

Abby Hanson Pulkrabek

Patte Holland

Mollie Harrell-Beatty

Eileen Horner

Paris Harris

Joan Fairbanks

Pearl Harris-Garcia

James Horton

Cesco Hartness

Betty Horwedel

Chesko Hartnett-Murphy

Darlene Pearsall

Rachele Hales Barbara Hitch

Henry & Diana Halladay John Hallum

Bob & Jane Meston Pandora Stoianoff Brent Hamer

Mr. & Mrs. Dean Hanan Mike & Lynn Hancock

Patrick & Heidi Rosenberry Emily & Gregg Painter

Victoria Harrell & Shane Beatty Catherine & Timothy Harris Ronald & Cheryl Berenson Billy Spiavck

Robert Klein & Robert Engelbert

Kamie Hickey

Jacob Hinderberger Bear Hinton

Mikey & Ruffle Hitzroth Hanna Hjorten Yohda Hoeller

Mai Tai Hoffman Zeno Hoffman Jack Holland Hissey Horner

Queenie Horowitz Kippi Horton Max Horwedel Maddy Houghton

Bunter Humnicky

Deborah Humnicky

Diane Shearer

James & Rebecca Kelley Douglas & Joanne Johnson Lynn Kennedy

Elizabeth Kennedy Patricia Miller Val, Trevor, Mickey & Moto Towery Hannah Kettler

Cheryl Keyes-Wheeler & Joseph Wheeler

Scout & Lucky Kilburn

Reesie & Patches Humphres

Scott Borth

Lexi Hunstad

Sunset Pet Hospital

Jetta Hunter

Tally Reynolds

Max, Zelda, Abby & Rita Huston

Anna Kim-Williams & Michael Williams

Sam Hutcheon

Martha King

Skye Jacobs

Lombardi & Popper Kirk

Schumi Jarboe

Skipper Kirkpatrick-Grout

Bluey Jenkinson

Hana Kitamura

Chica Jenness

Trinket Knox

Frankie Jensen

Gabby Koch

Julius Jensen

Midnight Koeberle

Angel "the Pooh" Johnson

Buddy Kopp

Mama Har Johnson

Dusty the Manx Kosel

Susan Humphres

Cascade Animal Clinic Margaret Wilson Elisa Huston

Jeffrey Hutcheon Herb & Deb Weisbaum Kathi Jarboe

William Jenkinson Jessica & Alex Jenness Anna Jensen-Clem Nancy & Irv Harp Tim & Edie Johnson

Tiger Killora Taj Kimsey

Gizmo Kim-Williams

Jim & Cheryl King Donald Kirk

Beth Kirkpatrick

Herb & Deb Weisbaum Phillip Schulze John & Patricia Koch Brigitte Koeberle

Tracey & Matthew Kopp

Marci, Tony, Mckenna, Marshall, Madison, Stewie & Woody Miller Garcia

Kayla Kosel

Margie Johnson

Nike & Sam Kunieda

Meggie Johnson

Cutter & Briggs Kushler

Clinker Dawn Jones

Chloe Kyte

Missy Jordan

Sheba Lambert

Molly Jordan

Lamphear Family Cats

Noe Jordan

Landon Family Boxer

Buster, Kitty & Tiger Jump

Daisy & Angel Landry

Rocky Kaltenbacher

Tabby Landwehr

Eydie Johnson

Mary Schurman

Jacqueline & Loren Jones Mike Jordan

Beverly Strain Alice Raia

Janice Jump

Jason & Eadie Kaltenbacher Joe & Gail Kaltenbacher

Princess, Noel, Sinder, Star & Maxie Karls Tom & Maria Karls

Helen Katsuhisa Sharon Katsuhisa

Gretchen Kazimour Scott Kazimour

Bealy & Puff Puff Keder John & Cheryl Keder

Magic Krueger

Allyn & Patricia Hebner Audrey Kunieda Wendy Murphy

Donald A. Kumpula, Jr. Jacinta Lambert

Stephen Lamphear Gayle Eklund

Dianne & Bill Landry Sandra Landwehr

Copper Langdahl

Marge, Yoshi & Tessi Langdahl

Keeta Langdahl

Marge, Yoshi & Tessi Langdahl

Harley & Garfield Lapthorne Donald & Arlene Lapthorne

Friday Larson Alice Larson

Milo Larson

Wanda Larson

Friends at Point B

Gary & Dana Laverty Carly Le

JoAnn Leach

George & Marie Ledwith Dave Hill Carol Leenstra Kaori Briggs

Gail Leighton

Bingo LeRoy

Tomarra LeRoy

Tea Biscuit Levine Sharon Levine

Nemo Levinson Kara Levinson

Twayne Levis

Patricia Reese

Waldo Lewis Judy Lewis

Liza Lieberman Sari Lieberman

Maggie Kitty Liles Ruth Liles

Bonnie Lin

Daniele & David Lin

Ber-Ber Lindsey-Manley

Alexander Lindsey & Lynn Manley

Zendo Linzee Jill Linzee

True Blue Livingston Susan McDaniel

Sierra Loesch

Cascade Animal Clinic

Skitty Loesche

Ballard Animal Hospital

Bijou Long Judy Long

Mur & Pur Lord Faye Lord

Sydney Lotz

Cascade Animal Clinic

Tyche Loustau Anne Loustau

Lola Lovejoy

Kiersten Lovejoy

Merlin Lowery Paula Lowery

Roggan Lubbert-Gerlach

Jean, Steve, Bella & Lucy Zartman

Bandit Lubetkin Marsha Lubetkin

Sammy & Rusty Lucas Dr. Sylvia Lucas

Skitter, Sen-Bei, Spook & Piper Lum Laura Lum

Sam Mabus

Janette & Bill Adamucci

Leon MacDonald

Janet & George Schairer

Mikey MacDonald

Judy Hedden & Jim Scavone

Toby MacDonald

Frank & Cheryl MacDonald

Jake Macias

Susan Macias


Gifts of Love Vinny MacKenzie

Bella Miller

Hugo & Nemo Nelson

Dusty Parker

Lady Bug Ramsey

Simba Macklin

Gretchen Miller

Caesar Nester

Cooper Parrish

Pansy & Raisen Ranniger

Pecan Maiolo

Muffie Miller

Preston Neu

Nikki Paulsell

Bailey Ravenscraft

Max Makar

Jake & Zip Milloy

Cuery Neufeld-Ellis

Riley Penwell-Lamb

Speckle Rayfield

Tiny Mangione

Muffy & Emily Milton

Murphy Bodean Newman

Casey Reams

Betty Gray Marsic

Shadow Minervino

Gambit Nguyen

Stars, Stripes & Winter PerkinsOchsner

Peanut Mason

Sam & Spunky Missal

Jamaica Niblock

Perry Family Cat

Herkimer Redding Jake Reid

William & Nancy MacKenzie Lara Macklin

James & Lea Maiolo Karen Makar Ballard Animal Hospital Bob & Vonnie Marsic Laurie Mason

Alison Evans

Charles & Ruth Miller L. Robin Miller Cheryl Milloy

Carole Ann & Larry Milton Veronica Minervino Julie Missal

Yuki Nelson

Leann & Dee Nester Robert Ewing

Sue Neufeld-Ellis

Sunset Pet Hospital

Cuong & Tammy Nguyen Polly & John Niblock

Robert Gruber Jeffrey Carlson Karen Paulsell

Deanna Penwell & Corey Lamb

Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner Tom & Earlene Perry

Cascade Animal Clinic Marilyn J. Ranniger

Jill & Alex Ravenscraft June & Chuck Rayfield Sharon Loosmore Emily Mollie & Jay Reams Sharron & Bill Reams Joan G. Redding

Molly Maus

Mimi Miyata

Travis Nichols

Zoey Peter

Mrs. Puff Mayer

Seiji Miyawa

Tampopo Nishimura

Jack the Dog Petrossian

Snickers Reiser

Bailey, Riley, & Spencer Mayhew

Jordan Mokszycki

Abigail Noren

Sam Picht

Rentschler Family Pets Toby Revell

Jay & Cheri Molder

Moey Norris

Jontue Piercy

Rocky & Kav McCann

Minx Molder

Muskwa Moll

Sunny Norris

Charlie Pitts

Lurch Rice


Duncan Nudelman

Micky Pleas

Sasha & Madison Rice

Simon Pless

C.M. Richter

Tuxedo Marie Pokrzywinski

Maia & Panda Riddle

Elliott Polderman

Mamooks Kamooks Ridley

Sammy Poletti

Garcia Riechelson

Sam & The Ads Portolese Dias

Mr. Love Riegel

Barbara & Ted Maus Beth Mayer

Scott Mayhew

Sean McCann

Sammy, Mikey & Spike McCann Christine McCann

Sampson McClinton Laurie Bishop

Sylvie McColl

Suzanne McColl

Lilycat McCorkle

Beverlee McCorkle

Henry McCormack The Book Club

Mr. Bigglesworth McCrery Connie McCrery

Toby McHugh

Michelle McHugh

Richard Miyata Richard Birnbaum Will Mokszycki

William & Maria Moll Carolyn Jones

Sam Monahan Heidi Monahan

Claire Ann Cant Nichols Ballard Animal Hospital Ilse & Roy Noren Karen Norris Terri Norris

Sherrie, Mitch, Lauren, Brandon, Mikayla, Ruby & Abigail Nudelman

Smokey Nygren

Kona Montgomery

Nikki Nygren

Boogie Moore

Jeffrey Bassuk

Chenellie Moore

Ramona M. Niko Okamoto

Edgar Moore

Kathy Oliver

Patty Montgomery Sharon Moore

Paul & Jackie Wennberg Sheila Moore

Penny Mooseker

Maeve O'Callaghan Puddycat Okamoto Bailey Oliver Dagger I, Koenigin, Fritzie, Shadow I, & Shadow II Olsen

Michael McLaren

Ophelia McMahan

Mark & Heidi McMahan

Kitty Morris

Lili Morrissey

Mackie, Pookie & Chelsea Osborn

A. Jason Morris Stephen Morrissey

Thor Murdoch

Max Meinecke

Mark & Cynthia Meinecke

Walter Mercer Scott Mercer

Xena Merz

Marlene Merz

Tooney Meseck-Easton

Toni, Munchkin & Dimsum Dale

Bask Too Mesiti

Alain J. Dias & Dr. Laura Portolese Dias

Lyn, Patrick, Zac, Kelsey & Tyson Porterfield

Echo McQuarrie Anderson

Mary Jo El-Wattar Greg Hunicutt

Carol Barnard

Suzie Quande

Wiley Dog Mundy

Emily Medley El-Wattar

Eric Polderman

Reba Olson

Rebecca Morrill

Murphy McPherson Charles Anderson & Susan McQuarrie

The Pokrzywinski Family

Melody Olson

Freckles Morse

Alison Leathley

Barb & Mike Sawyer

Mali Morrill

Ruellene J. Morganti

Abby McMurray Kathleen Lee

Keith & Jenny Pleas

Abbey Preston

Maggie McKay

Rosco McLaren

Earl & Gretchen Pitts

Haley Olson

Herb & Deb Weisbaum

Maddy & Scott McKay

Jackie Piercy

Brandy Eaton & Squeak Morganti

Emiko McIver Linda McIver

Nancy & James Bigwood

Belle Olson

Marjorie Olsen & Dagger II

Sara Kerr

Susan Petrossian

Molly, Sadie, Priscilla & Buddy Poulsen

Karen Mooseker

Daisy McIntosh

Eleanor Peter

Gary Morse & Ellen Bowman Alethea Mundy Jan Murdoch

Ali & Pepper Murphy

Stu & Melanie Osborn

Arlene Poulsen Clara Preston

Harold & Janet Quande

Ally Quinn

Luisita & Neil Quinn

Penuche Quirk

Cynthia & Dave Nowoiejski

Andrew Paige

Casey Quiroga

Hana Park

Chip Racely

Shelley Park

Jackson Rae

Ronald Paige

Monica & Nelson Park Elizabeth Park

Robin Quiroga

Randall Racely Ballard Animal Hospital

Harold & Phyllis Murphy

Duke Murphy

Marilyn Murphy

Milo Murphy Pam Murphy

Wayne & Gordon Murphy Kelly Murphy

Penny Myer

Daniel Rosen, Ph.D.

Race for the Animals! Be a Seattle Humane

Sassy Myers Nicolle Myers

Teddy I & II Nardo

Raise funds for shelter pets in marathons, half marathons, 5Ks, bike races, and more.

Beau Michel

Cali Nash

Sign up today, then register for any race such as:

Bentley Mikoleit

Cinnamon Nauwelaertz de Age

Jackie & John Mesiti

Tessa Mettler

Sharon & John Lyons Tony Suk Lois Baker

Mark Mikoleit

Bailey Myers-Freet

Cal Hall & Zenda Boss-Hall Patrick & Marianne Nardo Jeff & Leslie Nash Stephanie Perry

Jager Neal

Barbara Neal


Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & ½ Marathon - June 23 Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic - July 14-15 Amica Seattle Marathon - November 25 Learn more at

Mimi Reid

Megan Reiser

Lloyd Rentschler

Mary Jeanne Revell Steven Rice Marilyn Rice Eric Richter

Rollie Riddle Doris Ridley

Sonia Riechelson Laura Riegel

Etta Robbennolt Audra Krussel

Ashes Robinson

Wallace Robinson

Mickey Rocchio Jane Preston

Fritz & Rex Rodger Bob & Joni Rodger

Goldilocks Roman Caryl Roman

Buddy & Amy Rondestvedt Frances Rondestvedt

Bill & Ambermarie Rosalli Phyllis Rosalli

Herman Rosario Eric Rosario

Cleo Rosen Ruth Rosen

Little Guy Ross

Trevor & Annie Shopbell

Ross Family Dogs

Bosha Shucklin

Robbie & Floyd Rothschild

Maya Shulman

Creed Rubio

Abbi Rose Shuman

Jackie, Obie & Sushi Suehiro

Misty & Ginger Rudy

Taffy Simmons

Zoie Suhrbier

Hobbs Ruiz

Mr. Piggles Sindiong

Max & Duffy Sullivan

Beth Rush

Henry Sinick

Scooby Sullivan

Otis Salema

Pandora Skahen

Annie Summers

Gabby Salgado

Alice Smith

Grettle Sutcliffe Kathy Sutcliffe

Andrew Hudson & Eugenia Van Vliet

Roxxie Samples

Freddie Smith

Jasmine Sutton-Fuller

Saphire Vandermay

Jackson Sanders

Jack Smith

Carlo Swezey

King Codden Vatne

T.C. Saunders

Luci Smith

Kashmer Swim

Thomas & Carol Swim

Snoopy Vernon

Marilee Smith

K.C. Schaffer

Mirage, Tumblelena, LC & Almost Smith

Jambo & Chloe Swope Timothy Crist

Lenix Vetaly

Henry Tanaka Wright

Marilyn & Charles Treanor Catherine Wright James Wright

Roxy Viehmann

Ribbi Smith

Ballard Animal Hospital June Ross

Steve & Nita Rothschild Jennifer Rubio Nancy Rudy

Mr. & Mrs. Louie F. Ruiz Lynette Hoerler Mark & Donna Salema Joan Friedrich

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Swank Herb & Deb Weisbaum Ken Saunders

Judy & John Schaffer

Teddy Schaper Anne Haenni

Blain Scheidegger Jack Scheidegger

Ubu Schindler

Jody & Donald Schindler

Spanky Schoessler Marva Schoessler

Logan Schott

La Vonne & Clarence Schott

Freddy Schuller

M. Schuller & D. Sipila Stella Schuller

Bowzer-Riley Schultz Andrew Ciapalo

Nick Schurman Mary Schurman

Bogie Scott

Theresa & David Scott

Cody Seagran Harry Seagran

Sara Kitty Seaton Will Seaton

Margaret Shopbell

Jill & Robert Stinogel Barbara Shulman Carol Shuman

Suzanne Simmons Clay Swidler

Edward Sinick Cassandra Skahen Ruth A. Straus Melody Smith

Marguerite Smith

Jimmy & Ruth Smith Debbie Simpson

Sadie Smith

Heather Smith

Shy, Sasha, Sushi, Sinji & Lovey Smith Vicki Hone Smith

Simba Smith Laura Smith

Spotts Smith

Kristina S. Smith

Rango Soenke Ruona Alice Crawford

Bosa Spangler

Sherry & Doug Spangler

Dusty & Belle Spangler Patricia Spangler

Henry Spain Spencer-Davis Ballard Animal Hospital

Bruno Spickerman Diana Spickerman

Koal Seko

Rafael, Cookie & Rocky Sreenath

Bailey Selden

Claus Srinivasan

Chris Hutchins Margaret & David Bales

Midnight Selden

Margaret & David Bales

Xena Serino-Iannarone N. Serino & J. Iannarone

Paladin, Lumpur & Sam Sharp Redmond & Gayle Sharp

Manchester & P. J. Shaw Barbara Shaw

Oly Simba Sheldrake Susan Sheldrake

Riley Shellenbarger Sherilyn Grote

Waldo Shelton Andrew Shelton

Willie Sherman

Marion Sherman

Ziggy Sherman

Shirley Storch Sherman

Taiyo Shimatani Harvey Schrier

Turner Shook

David & Jennifer Shook

Sudhir Sreenath

Rajesh Srinivasan

Princess Stafford

Brien & Cynthia Stafford

Lil Bit Stalcup Carole Stalcup

Morpheus Stapleton-Wilkie Ashley Stapleton

Allie Steeb Tami Steeb

Belle Steele

Suzanne Steele

Oreo Steinborn S.K. Steinborn

Gretal Stewart Vivian Stewart

Layla Stewart Carol Stewart

Puppy Stewart Joan Stewart

Buster Strahm Holly Kennell

Starfinder, Luna Rain & Fawndly Yours Straight-Weiss

Bekka Tubbs

Ralphie Stuart

David Turcaso

Zee Straight-Weiss

Martha Hunter, Ken Frankel, Marv, Matilda & Thea Joshua & Carol Suehiro Katie Owens

Patricia Sullivan

Art & Lori Sullivan Char Summers

Liz Sutton

Meredith & David Swezey

Sipps Tanev

Vikki & Voiko Tanev

Cocoa Taniguchi Carol Taniguchi

Andy Airedale Taylor Marjory Taylor

Buddy Taylor

Maureen Maddock

Seamus & Otto Taylor Mark & Betty Taylor

Nina Tegantroort Mary Sue Cooks

Kitty, Mina & Gerty Teraberry Kimberly Teraberry

Alana Thomas Jim Thomas

Casey Thomas Lynn Seaton

Sophie Thomas

Susan M. Thomas

Snuggles Thompson Barry & Carla Ware

Theodore a.k.a. Littles Thompson Kim Reading

Willie Thompson

Steve & Debbie Junor

Maggie Thomson Phyllis C. Thomson

Scuttle Tillman

Dennis & Marian Tillman

Rikki Toba Iris Toba

Abby Tonkin

Lance & Shawn Tonkin

Molly Totoraitis Roberts

Scott Roberts & Anne Totoraitis

Jazzie Treger Lynda Treger

Reilly Trenery

Dean J. Trenery

Annie Troy

Catherine Troy

Bennet Truffat

Tashana Kolanowski

John & Trisha Tubbs

Lizzie Borden Scout Ulfers Holly Ulfers

Galen Vallin Julie Vallin

Tigger, Ben, Peaches & Joshua Vallin Julie Vallin

Smudge Vallin Julie Vallin

Charlie Van Duzor Karla Van Duzor

Bentley Van Vliet

Lisa Vandermay Sharon Vatne

Susan Vernon Mirissa Vetaly

Phillippa Viehmann

Ralphie & Mandy Viscione Gail & Jerry Viscione

Max & Sky Visconti Leeza & Ken Visconti


Jenna Sandoval

Kippy Vogel

John & Alison Vogel

Missy, Shondar, Shondi, Olivia & Kodi Vowell Yvonne Vowell

Missy, Patches, Bubba, Ping, Pong, Paddle & Poppie Walker Dee & Sally Walker

Taffy & Smoky Walker Dee & Sally Walker

Tag, Sky, Bear, Charlie, Cocoa, Pops & Holy Walker Dee & Sally Walker

Jett Wallace Cheryl Sayed

Molly Wallace Jeffrey Wallace

Gin Walter

Susan & Steven Head

Andy, Jerry & Pete Walters Howard Walters

April Waltman

Audrey Waltman

Cheyenne Wang Leslie Wang

Twinkie Wang Eileen Wang

Sherman Tank Watanabe Mary Jo Watanabe

Windsor Waters William Waters

Coco Puff Watts Meredith Watts

Henry Weatherby

Janice R. Weatherby

Demi Webb

Marion Webb

Polly Webb

Kathryn & Lamar Webb

Bosco, Kauai & Hastings WebbBortz David Bortz & Carolyn Webb

Jack Weisbaum

Brynn Blanchard & Chris Strawn Sally Brunette Jeffrey A. Christianson Lynne Cordova Coveny Tori & Carter Dotson Michael & Roslyn Ellison Woody & Ilene Hertzog Suzie Jarvis Dean & Shauna Kattler Emily Keegans Jeff King David & Judy Loewe The Maslan Family Suanne Nagata Bruce & Jeannie Nordstrom Rhonda, Todd & Chloe Manville Jenna Pringle Daniel Rosen, Ph.D. Catherine Smith James & JoLynn Templeman Kathy Trani Michele Vivona & Keith Heffernan Nancy Wagner Sarah Walker Stan, Shelle, Marisa & Jason Weisbaum Many Friends & Family

Cobi Weitkamp Nancy Weitkamp

Ella Wellehan Mary Wellehan

Snoopy Weymouth

James & Roberta Weymouth

White Family Cats LaVita White

Sabine Whitlow

Mary Jeanne Whitlow

Hunter & Rooney Whitworth Dianne & Donald Whitworth

Bailey Wilkins Amy Evans

Bella Winter

Tom & Penny Winter

Bentlie Wise

Marguerite Kieffer

Ace Wood

Donna Weber

Fawn & Pepe Woodliff Ann Woodliff

Oreo & Abby Woods Rena Woods

Scooter Wright Yvonne Wright

Rose & Heidi Yanick Kay & Jay Yanick

Sophie Yates Sandy Dain

Mollie Yeager Sally Yeager

Gringo Yellin Holly Day

Barney Yue Joy Yue

Gracie Zapata

Ballard Animal Hospital

Kodiak Zeek

Harold & Eleanor Zeek

Cosette Zeidman

Ronald & Cheryl Berenson

Brandy Zerr

Richard & Judith Graves

Chico Zimmerman

Sugako Zimmerman

Bijou Ziri

Karen & David Rosenzweig


Gifts of Love Elliot Zyskowski

Marilyn, Thomas, Charlie & Zoe Blue

Serni Reeves

Roy & Jan Dietrich Cherie D. Lund

Jeanette & Bill Marchand

Chuck, Susan & Gretchen Kunze Nancy Kunze

Mark, Toshiko, & Lily

Nancy Dolan & Tom Rea

Erika Hobart

Bill & Deb Anschell

Bianca Drago

Chris Capossela & Leigh Toner

Sam Anschell & Lana

Sally Duncan

Shannon Stewart

Rosie Emmett

Linda Kennedy

Judeanne & Richard Emmett

Heather McCrone Holly Day

Kathryn Ballinger

Craig Erkelens & Dennis Graham

Brandon McGill

Jimmy & Patty Barrier

Luisa Famulski

Caitlin Mcmonagle

Tom & Barbara Felker

Sheila & Bob McNulty

Don Foster & Nancie Brecher

Jenny Meyer

Andrew Graefe

Joey Meyers

Allison Grover

Bonnie & Curry Miller

Kelly Groves Family

Bruce & Tammera Miller & Family

In Honor Of Derek Choat

Derek Choat Jerry & Karen Choat

Arlene Auerbach Barbara Tepper

Jannie & Steve Best FoushĂŠe & Associates Co., Inc. Kelly Harris

Corliss Bauman Linda Kennedy

Ms. Barbara Baumann Carol Baumann

C. Jean Beck Marsha Beck

Gretchen & Chris Bell Matt Daubenspeck

Logan Bell Kim Poe

The Bennett Family Caitlyn Byce

Michelle Boltz & Lance Gillies Kimberly Boltz

Cleve & Judy Borth Scott Borth

Mike & Meg Borth Scott Borth

Regina Bowman Randy Small

Mara & Rich Boykin Katie Paul

Nancy Brown

Bettina & Robert Fletcher

Robert & Millyann Brown Mary Gilliam

Gigi Buchanan

Susan & Hank Kaplan

Rick Butler

Michael Mager & Mary Church

Ava Campball Ryan Gjersee

Rev. Ralph R. Carskadden Tracy M. Steen

Cathy Carter Jane Wright

Glenda Chambers Ruth Kalies

Patty Chen Jo Hillyer

Joseph Cimaomo

David & Jolene Robinson

Beverly Clark

Maggie Nowakowska

Rebecca Coffman Richard Coffman

Irene Cook

Jerry L. Dennis

Dr. Catherine Cotton

Jessica & Alex Jenness

Tim Coy

Maria Coy

Bruce & Valerie Cronquist Roberta Cronquist

Ms. Ivy Cunningham Mari London


Brooke Dickinson

John & Jane Westermeier Gravity Payments Olga Oppfelt

Carrie Heim Dave Hill

Nanryl & Dale Felker Louise Foster

Madeleine & Allegra Huffine Nancy Shankle Dan Groves

Shannon Mayo

Kathy McCarthy Lani McCool

Gisela McBain Julia Carlson

Sandra L. Cox

Jodi & Jeff Stodola Greg Hunicutt Linda Kennedy

Camden Hall

Laurabelle Miller

Drs. Will & Karen Hargreaves

Virginia Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Harper

Jackson Remodeling & Sound Seismic

Nathan Head

Mai Mostad

Holly Holman & Mike Anderson

Mr. Bill

David Hostetler

Janice Nakamura & Junior Nagaki

Mike & Lynne Overlie Alexis Sterling

Cynthia McBride Melinda Head

Genie Middaugh

Masako McBride

Larry & Carol Huggins Jennifer Reumping

Margaret, Jack & Toasty Hynes Nancy Kunze

James & Kristen Eliza Jang

Ann & Chuck Johnson Linda Kennedy

Gene & Sue Johnson Helen Bryan

Graham & Heather Johnson Helen Bryan

Mr. Samuel Johnson Caryn Buck

Tom & Bonnie Johnson Patricia Iles

Justin Jones

Dr. Mel, Nanette & Jackie Freeman

Ruth Kalies

Glenda Chambers

Steve & Mary Keeler Joyce Mott

Kiefer-Peterson Family Brad Peterson

Keven Smith

Mari Kolkowsky

Bart & Lori Kornblatt Scott Borth

Dr. Muriel Lamkee B. Gail Dickson

Kerry Moore

Erma Jean Morgan

Judith Sorensen Phyllis Harmon-Jordan

Mary Jo Watanabe

Ms. Joyce Naumann Patricia Naumann

Molly Nelson Fred Nelson

Dan Nolta

Lawrence Ricks Tucker

Ed & Linda Parazynski Linda Kennedy


James Burnison & Linda Korten

David & Mildred Pitstick Beverly & Michael Pitstick

Dr. Kimberly Podlecki Jessica & Alex Jenness

Alana Porter

Leslie Watkins

Steve Price John Price

Anna Radford

Kathleen & George Petrich

Eden Rain & Bill Hodghead Mary Morgan

Jessica Richter Jeff Richter

Kristi Rimkus

Lauren Rimkus

Elaine Riordan

Ronald Thomson

Rob Rosen & Angela Watson

Marc Schermerhorn & David Wiley

All Animals

Linda Schneider

All Dogs

Leyu Sebsbe

Smokey Anderson

Pete Segall

Bailee & Minnie Arttazia

Liz Seitzinger

Seneca Atlas

Lucy Sieberts

Enzo Aycock

Venta Silins

Annie Baldridge

Sarah Smith-Brady

Bella Barnes-Hammond

The Feast of Saint Francis

Carmella Barrett

Kennel Staff at the Seattle Humane Society

Blue Barsamian

Carrole & John Strain

Maria Bazzini Gerdts & Joern Gerdts

Hal Rappaport & Mike Iverson Loraine & Gary Lapworth Nancy Spilberg John & Diana Dolin Michael Seitzinger Dr. Solveig Sieberts The Campus Library Wil Brady

Saint Margaret's Episcopal Church

Christopher Juneau Beverly Strain

Ly Buchwald Glenn Eastey Herman & Joanne Dinken Karen Anderson Sharon Arttazia Gigi Atlas

Piper Aycock

Roy Baldridge

Nanette Barnes-Hammond Jeanne Barrett

Margi Barsamian

Pikki Pikki Bazzini Gerdts

The Stronach Family

Frisco & Harry Berg

Susan Sutphins

Skylar & Max Bergeron

Tammy Tam

Jasper Bissell

Laura Telman

Otis Blank

Liz Thomas

Alex & Rose Bogert

Rigzen Tsognyi

Ty Bear & Sharon Bohmke

Derek & Laurie Upham

Sacia & Mindy Bolster

Arlene Vaskevitch

Nutmeg Boolos

Kate & Eli Wade

Max, Murphy, Tigger, Bear & Walley Borrow

Robert & Barbara Boucek Golden Girls LLC Janice Choi

Mary Eberle Bill Coar

Tenzing & Tseten Dorjee Lynne Morris

Joanne Roth Werner Janis, Mark, Harrison & Latke Linsey

Theresa Berg

Barbara Bergeron Dane Bissell

Taryn Blanchard Susan Bogert

Mylo & Marion Charlston Lynda Bolster

Stephen Boolos

Diana Borrow

Lindsay, Rob & Alec Walbrun

Bowyer Family Pets

Stephanie Wall

Woodrow Boynton

Cathy & John Washington

Mr. Moose Macheezmo Brady

The Webb Family

Paige Brandvig

Herb & Deb Weisbaum

Joe Briggs

Damon & Sarah Welch

Piper Bailey Bruemmer

Jim Rusk & Britt Whitley-Rusk

Simon Buchan

Gail Widell

Precious & Baby Boy Bushara

Keith Shawlee

Cookie Capeloto

Matt & Kay Woltman

Duke Carino

Jenny Zwick

Sadie Cattle

Seattle Humane Staff & Volunteers

Charlie & Tuffy Cavanaugh

Katy Chaney

Barbara & Anton Mank

Thomas & Susan Mormino Tanya Harrison

Chloe Strandwold

Dr. Mel, Nanette & Jackie Freeman Beverly Strain Linda Whitley

Mildred Trueblood Elizabeth Wires

Wayne Woltman

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ruth H. Krauss, M.D.

Suzanne Bowyer Anna Boynton Annie Brady

Keith & Jenny Pleas Julie Kim & Barry Briggs Sarah & Mike Bruemmer Michael Maruhashi Catherine R. Bushara

Paul & Shelly Capeloto Noemi & Pete Carino Brad & Christine Cattle Bonnie Cavanaugh

Bandito Frederick & Ernie Chaney

Barbara LeDuc

BG, Suzanne, Anna, Molly & Jacob Goren

Pet - In Honor Of

The Low-Glassman Family

Patricia Rytkonen & William Karn

Fluffy Ackerman

Meredith Auerbach

Alfredo & Tabasco Adamack

Diane Charmley

Jessie Fernandes Emily & John Glassman

Bruce Rytkonen

Rachel Ackerman Beverly Andrews

Neeko Chapman

Mocha Java Charmley

Oliver & Isabella Chilcote

Tucker Gilmer

Hudson Huggins-Clark

Lucy Goosey Goode

Max Clark

Duke Gorder

Lucy Clinton

Milo Goulet

Eddie & Mickey "Monkey" Cook

Buffy & Solie Graham

Leo & Willis Daiger

Jeff Hammerstad & Jeffrey Caudill Barb & Dave Lutz Robert McCaw & Kim Nordstrom McCaw Many Friends & Family

John Chilcote

Larry & Carol Huggins Mary Clark

The Clinton Family

Ron & Judy Cook

Scott & Laurie Daiger

Milo Damian Luigi Damian

Aspen Dasovich Andrea Dasovich

Pancake Caleb Shadow Daugherty James Daugherty

Sephie Davies William Davies

Rodney, Beth & Max Day Linda Day

Buddy, Doby & Buster DeCaro Albert DeCaro

Dennish Family Cats Nancy Wagner

Rudy & Stanley DeSalvo Margaret DeSalvo

Lola Desyatnikova Stella Desyatnikova

Tana Dickey

Kate Leonard

Shadow Didrichsen Sandra Didrichsen

Louie Dieu

Jerry Meharg

Kitty Dinken

Herman & Joanne Dinken

Tucker & Toby Dobbins The Guenther Family

Mickey Doherty

Maureen Doherty

Cedar Doyle Diane Doyle

Sno & Sky Dugowson Rachel Dugowson

Cosmo & Catch Elliott Barry & Carla Ware

Luna & Tosca Ellis Karen Ellis

Sadie Eneboe Marion Fisher

Mike Evans

Patricia Evans

Xena Evans Mike Larson

Tiger Lily Farrell Mary Farrell

Blackie Feng

Michelle Xian & Dan Feng

Buddy Fry

Deborah Fry

Jackie Boy Galbraith Andrew Galbraith

Harley Gerard Nancy Gerard

Smudge Geren Ruth Geren

Rudy Gerringer Julie Gerringer

Shinobi Gillikin Susan Gillikin

Kira Gilmer

Bryan Goode

Jeanne Gorder Launce & Annie Goulet David L. Graham, II

Miss Kitty Graham-Christenson

Cheeba Granberg Alicia Granberg

Bode Grant

Leonie & Maynard Grant

Zeb Gregory

Save Lives! Donate Your Car, Truck, RV or Boat FREE Paperwork, FREE Pickup Tax deduction to the full extent allowed. 1-800-961-6119 or

Dorothy & Gene Gregory

Slinky Guyer Chris Guyer

Moses & Pharoah Haass Alden Haass

Chloe Hall

Catherine M. Hall

Kala & Boo Hall

Richard & Susan Hall

Pepper Hall

Nola & Clyde Sparks

Topper Halvorsen

Bettina & Kurt Halvorsen

Fred Hancock

Helen Hancock

Sammy Hansen Cheryl Hansen

Hannelore Harris

John & Margaret Harris

Bridger Harrison Dana Harrison

Maxwell "Maxie" Hart Ginger & Joe Hart

Winston Haylett

Nancy & Richard Haylett

Gunnar & Sticky Held John & Karen Held

Zach & Zeb Hendricks Bill Hendricks

Barkley & Cooper Herbig Chris Herbig

ZoĂŤ Herscher

Mike & Cheryl Herscher

Belle Hill Dave Hill

Fred Hitztaler

William Hitztaler

Shadow Hjorth Judith E. Hjorth

Boogie & Woody Holt Megan Ashley Holt

Tinkerbell Hooper Marsha Hooper

Xerxes Houck

Barbara Robertson

Thomas Huddleston Joan Huddleston

Betsy Huggins-Clark Larry & Carol Huggins

Grace Huggins

Larry & Carol Huggins

Lucy Huggins

Larry & Carol Huggins

Harlow & Carson Mark Hughes

Mina Ma Hui

Orio Larchowski

Hershey, Trapper & Sheba Miller

Emy Ingram

Tosh Larson

Simon, Schuster, Bella & Frances Jacobs

LaaLaa Liao

Mac, B.G., Marmalade & A(Dora)ble Miller

Moose & Ellie Jaquette

Mary Lignana

Shirley Hui

Esther Ybarra Ingram

Nancy Jacobs

Elisabeth Jaquette

Ebby Jarvis

Judith & Robert Jarvis

Lulu & Levi Jenkens Andrea De Shaw

Toby Jenkins

Sydney Jenkins

Dylan Jensen

Lorraine Jensen

Koolan Johnson Patricia Johnson

Jennifer, Momo & Satch Gouge Mark MacIntyre Wenling Liao

Bella Lignana-Keystone Edgar Lillie

Virginia Lillie

Elliott Linville

J. Morgan Linville

Della Logan Carol Logan

Mao Logan

Don & Shirley Logan

Isabella Lotz Anna Lotz

Pamella Miller

Cathy Miller

Farley Milliron

Cindy & Scott Milliron

Lily Minkin

Stuart & Elizabeth Minkin

T.J. Mohar

Darren & Kathy Mohar

Marley Mooseker Karen Mooseker

Rufus Morrison Cody Morrison

Wishbone Morse Dennis Morse

Julio, Bagheera & Iris Multari Nina Multari

Maddie & Zabel Johnson

Calvin, Hobbes, Romeo, Milo & Marley Lovelett

A'hn Ly & Jazz Jopling

Max Lyons

Sugarplum Nelson

WalterMandy Jorgensen

Trucker & Zoe Majors

Lala Nortness

Pengo Kallshian

Truman Martin

Earl O'Connor

Katz Family Pets

Leah Genevieve Mass

Pancho & Pepe Olsen

Eddie Kerns

Jack Maus

Dewey Overmier

Cody Kiesel

Guiness McCan

Casper Owens

Kaliea King

Junior McCants

Eenieke & Neiko Pagel

Rufus Kinnamon

Murphy McCarthy

Baker Pedersen

Barnaby "Dustin" Ko-Krouse

Frankie McCorkle

Cody & Gunnar Krogh

Shali McFarland

Summer, Autumn & Lionel Perkins-Ochsner

Rusty Lane

Cameron McGee

Lilly & Luna Petts

Pepe Lang

Emma McKenzie

Roger Plapp

Courtney Johnson

Reed & Judy Jopling Bianca Arellano

Merith Kallshian Karen Katz

Kristen Kerns Pam & David Kiesel Mary King

Rich & Charlyne Kinnamon Joanne Ko & Kevin Krouse Gary Slotnik

Mary Jo Lane Karl & Dortha Lang

Haley Dog Langley Melvin Langley

Deb Lovelett

Mark & Laura Lyons Mary Majors

Ellen & Jerry Martin Caroline R. Mass

Barbara & Ted Maus Erin McCan

Susan McCants

Cindy & Larry McCarthy Beverlee McCorkle Shawn McFarland Wendy McGee

Sally McKenzie, Vincent, Theo & Dagny

Annie & Buddy McNae

Amy Lang-Moore

Dawn Dufford

Jean S. Lang-Moore

Norm Mercer

Miss Molly B. & Miss Lilly Lapthorne

Sarah Harkins

PB Michaels

Donald & Arlene Lapthorne

Robert Michaels

Buttercup Naiaw

Alicia Graham Killen Gayle Nelson Jill Nortness

Kilee O'Connor Litza Olsen

John Overmier

Tim & Lori Owens Valerie & Jon Pagel Frances Pedersen

Sandra Lynn Perkins & Jeffrey Ochsner James Petts

Laurie Plapp

Gaia Proctor

Michael Proctor

Kira Ramey

Al & Ruth Ramey

Jewel & Charlie Ramsey Amanda Bowes

Cleo Raseley

Richard Raseley


Gifts of Love Jesse the Eskie Reavell

Salish Tonnon

Sylvia Campbell

Kellen Gibson

Hazel Renk

Eddie Valdez

Judy Carson

Lindy Gibson

Brady Reynolds

Layla & Chanuk Vowell

Thomas W. Carter

Colette Glenn

Missy Richmond

Fremont a.k.a. Kitty Purry Wallace

Kent Chaplin

The Glerum Family

Julius Walters-Griffin

Troy & Stacie Cichos Joan Cichos

Greg & Cindy Gramling

Gretchen & Tim Clancy

Wanda Lee Greening

Pamela Cockle

Matt Griffin, Kelly Mitchell & Luna

Kristen Reavell & Corey Rasmussen Melanie Renk Suzann & Robert Lombard Mary & Gerald Richmond

Emma Risch

Jeani & George Risch

Tarzan Robinson

Christi L. Robinson

Riley Rodgers

Laraine Rodgers

Lily Roduin

David Roduin

Maisie Roduin David Roduin

Zoey & Lily Rogers Nadine Rogers

Cozmo Rosechild Iris Rosechild

Nuni Ross

Micaela & Beau Ross

Herbie Rubin

Kayla & Marc Rubin

Benji Sackett

Roger & Mary Sackett

Wendy Sakrison Frazer

Marcia Sakrison & Peter Frazer

Salvatore Family Pets Mary Salvatore

Sampson, Shiloh & Jasper Kylia, Manon & Kelly Lamure

Sir Douglas Pickles Schultz Brenda Schultz

Sara Seaton

Julie Tonnon Ella Valdez

Yvonne Vowell

Laura Wallace Mary Walters

Chubby Wang Alice Yao

The Waszkewitz Family Pets Rachel Waszkewitz

Bytor Waterman

Lyle & Stephanie Waterman

Mochie & Max Weaks Henry & Laura Weaks

Chance & Chloe Wentz Blehm

Merle Blehm & Angi Wentz Blehm

Snoopy & Chico Weymouth James & Roberta Weymouth

Emily Wiegand Mary Wiegand

Rebecca & Randy Bush

Peanut Smith Patricia Smith

Wonder Dog Bezee Soulier Joanne Tews

Augie, Little Guy, Max, Mikki & Mirly Sparks Raymond & Donna Sparks

Milo & Molly Staiger David & Sarah Staiger

Trek & Max Stutzman

Francine, Rommel, Jenkins, Merlin, Smokie, & Blue Taylor

Perdita & Sgt. Tibbets Swank Al, Maria & Mark Samples

Dotty Marie Switzer Mary Switzer

Timmy & Max Tanaka Steve Tanaka

Gracie Taylor


Susan Constable

The Freeman Family

Lisa Cunha The LaRues

Shirley Daniel

Alicia & Vicki Salaz

Lauren Hall

Linda Mahrdt

Mary Ann, Dennis & Ren Hardie Mr. Carrie Hardie

Catherine Hatlelid CA & Joel Hatlelid

Ethan Hatlelid

CA & Joel Hatlelid

Barbara & Mark Dennish

Cynthia Henry

Chico Zimmerman

Riley & Matt Dieffenbach

Jonathan Hensley

Ruger, JohnPaul & Pocket Zura

Ric Dieu

Jo Hillyer

Dan & Martha Dittmann

Martha Hood

Julie Doces

Shelley & Kevin Horten

Roberta Doyle

Victoria, Hana & Kiba House

Debbie Duncan

Cole & Christy Hulin

Brock Dunseath

John Hunt

Jon & Ann Weigel

Colleen Dunseath

Jean Hurlburt

Elizabeth Barko

Dr. Stephanie Edwards

Charlene Berry

Scott Elliott

Phil, Joe, Franny & Roxy Hutchinson

Robert Wright

John Zimmerman Terri & Joe Zura

Beverly Andrews

Dale & Kathy Anderson

Stephen & Maxine Stone Rocky & Janelle Hanni Nancy Wagner

Cathy & Wayne Berry

Kelli Bielema Patrick Rush

Cary & Ryan Day Erin Dean

Alex DeNeui

Nancy Wagner

Annette & Neil McFarlane Jerry Meharg The Hill Family Sebby Doces Joshua Wheeler Donald & Mary Duncan Colleen Dunseath Brock Dunseath

Deborah Huffman

Patrick & Karen Hearne

Michael Mager & Mary Church Steven Orton

Leonie, Maynard & Bode Grant Linda Eagan Chris Gorey

David B. Allred JoAnn Heinz

Leeza & Ken Visconti

Emma, Jack & Steven Szebenyi Phil & Diane Rochelle

William & Rosemary Hunt Ken Brocx

Cindy Hutchinson

Melodie Anderson Laura Polt

Al & Sharon Jacobsen

Chris Elwell

Betty Jacobsen

James & JoLynn Templeman

Mary Bohmke

Dawn Elwell

Richard & Cathie Boyce

Norma McEvoy

Sandy Breach

Stevie Fineout

Nancy Brown

Heather, Cory & Mya Hale

Kathy Brownell

Paula Reynolds

Amanda, Dusty, Sparky, Deray, & Julia Bryant

Jerry Meharg

Louise Pilon

Mich Forster & Paulette Dumont

Louella Lamb & Marylynn Cabbage

Redmond & Gayle Sharp

Marianne Fox

Michael Kelso

Jake Gale

The Kerr Family

Mr. & Mrs. Ritchie Gallagher

Darlene Kimball

Mylo & Marion Charlston Jeffrey & Mary Boyce Roberta Breach Barb Brincefield, Jim Stilwell & Lucy Dorene Anderson

Hannah Taylor

Karil Klingbeil, Becky Keesling, Kilo & Boots

Lucy & Daisy Thompson

The Cadwell Family

Flora Thompson

The Hill Family

Anna Marie Sherry

Ollie & Bosco Wright

Jeff, Kim, Alex & Samantha Bailey

Chip & Rudy Smith

Kimball Conant & Jackie Jones

David Hale & Jill Parenti

Louis Hellwig

Kona Singer

Lisa Smith

Meade LeBlanc

Stacey Griffin

Carly DeNeui

Shaun & Darcie Wolfe

Gary & Teri Anderson

Cedric Smith

Quinn Collard

Sandy Parker

Jingee Wolfe

Whirly Girl Simpson

Anna-Lisa Skogen

Patrick McCue

Jeff & Lis Gramling

Emily Heidorn

Jennifer, Momo & Satch Gouge

Alicia Adamack

Whitey Skogen

Karen & Dennis McNair


James Dean

Yogi Sigler

Lisa Singer

Sandy, Vickie & Gale

Robin Glenn

Big Peter Wise-Gouge

Norma Wigutoff

Christmas Gift

Anne Simpson

Beth Lett

Margaret & John Gibson

Sadie Grace Wigutoff

Mackenjack Secord Jacquelyn Sigler

Linda & Ben Johnston

Margaret & John Gibson

Don, Jill, Brooke, Andrew & Heidi Day

Marion Fisher Jay Secord

Patricia & Gioia Hoffman

Wayne & Ingrid Whitten

Alan Fine, M.D. Gary Fineout & Michelle Baillet Barbara Floyd & Barb Doat Christopher Ford Judy Forge

Lois & Dave Madsen Suzanne Henderson Janet Kroeller

James & JoLynn Templeman

Erika Jarreau

Linda & Brett Ryberg

David Jones

Rochelle & Chris Jones

Melissa & Charlie Jones

Linda Hirschy & Robert Pentz

Shanna Jones Perry Jones

Grace Keesling & Donna Schram Karil Klingbeil, Becky Keesling, Kilo & Boots

Kay Kelly

Nancy Wagner Diane Kelso

Val, Trevor, Mickey & Moto Towery Lois Beal

Joan & Rod Kirkwood Carolyn Buehl

Dr. Karen Kline

Deborah Huffman

Mr. Ben Knox

Steve Downing

Josie Knox

Steve Downing

Nancy Knudsen Warren Nedved

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kroeller Janet Kroeller

Nancy & Princess Kunze

Chuck, Susan & Gretchen Kunze Jeanette & Bill Marchand

Lindsay, Oso & Donna Reid Black

Robert & Marilyn Loomis

Jen, Scott & Savannah Oxley

Mary Lou & Mike Luce Nancy & Scott Ramsay

Robert Lux

Kenneth Locke

Patricia Maguire

Gloria Miller, Kathy Wilson & Mr. Tuck

Dr. Karri Maleo

Deborah Huffman

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin F. Matson Julie O'Neil

David Maugeri & Kris Neville Richard & Miriam Zorn

Ginny Willis Lora Hein

Margaret McNeely Suzann Finch

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McNeil Paola Martini Scott

Adria Meno

Alex & Carly DeNeui

Bob & Jane Meston

Warren & Maryanne Halverson

Alex Missal Julie Missal

Liz Morgan Lee Farrell

Betty & O'Dell Morris Susan Morris

Jeff Morris & Family Susan Morris

Michael Morris & Family Susan Morris

The Mulinski Children Sharon Hiibel

Greg Nelson Jeff Schmidt

Mary Nelson

Margaret Reed

Jim & Carol Nester Leann & Dee Nester

Stephen Nichols Barbara Stilson

Julie O'Neil

Mr. & Mrs. Irvin F. Matson

Sienna Otley Judy Nielsen

Rod & Sally Palmborg

Lucinda & Skipper Steffes

Michele & Paul Stutzman

Francine, Rommel, Jenkins, Merlin, Smokie, & Blue Taylor

David & Charlotte Stuyvenberg

Shawn Patrick

Meghan, Adrian & Riley Stuyvenberg

Bruce & Alene Patterson

Topo Swope

Wuz Rafn

Michelle Szeto

Jamie Richardson

Mitchell Szeto

Neg & Jan Ritter

Marianne Takacs

George Roach

Deborah Tannehill & Ann

Cynda Rochester

Jim & Judy Templeman

Suzanne Mager

Kristi Wolgamot Eloise Peters

Carole & Bryan Richardson Leslie Ritter & Steve Hall Margaret Reed

Catharine Rochester

John Rockwell & Betty Boop The Hill Family

Cynthia & Rob Roduin David Roduin

Cary Sandvig

Linda & Ben Johnston

Ms. Susan Sargent

Dean Anne & Robert Vance

Edith Saunders Ken Saunders

The Saunders Family

Amelia & Nikody Keating

Rob & Darcie Saunders Ken Saunders

Claire, Emma, Cameron & Ethan Schlutt Jason Schlutt

Jim & Bet Schuler The Halsey Family

Sydney Schumacher Marcia Jones

Paul & Julie Schuman Ray & Romy Panko

Doug, Kelly, Tori Scott

Leslie Ritter & Steve Hall

Dean Scumaci & Anthony Williams Tabor & Crissy Scumaci

Karen Segar Scott Segar

Shelina Seney Suzanne Mager

Jim & Katie Simonson Erika Larson

Paige Sloan

Jane & Bill Bennett

Mo & Terry Smedley Becky McGuire

Creed Smith

Katherine & Bill Hunt

The Mark Smith Family Ruth A. Straus

Paula Smith

Rebecca & Randy Bush

Napoleon Sparks

Richard & Susan Hall

Nola & Clyde Sparks Richard & Susan Hall

Elizabeth Stevens & Steve Miscione Donna & Michael Stevens

Diane Stiles & Jo Love Beach Lee Halligan

Carol Stohr & Judy Myall Connie & Byron Banes

Timothy Crist Kim Fong Kim Fong

Nancy Wagner

Karil Klingbeil, Becky Keesling, Kilo & Boots James & JoLynn Templeman

Randi Sue Templeman

James & JoLynn Templeman

Sharon Templeman

James & JoLynn Templeman

Tina Templeman

James & JoLynn Templeman

Joe & Carol Teply

Lucinda & Skipper Steffes

Beryl Thompson & Helen Ashe Karil Klingbeil, Becky Keesling, Kilo & Boots

Mike Tovrea

Sue & Ross Burrows Lee Tovrea

Samantha Unverferth Karen Klein

Evan Upchurch & Linda Chan Elizabeth Carmichael

Bob Von Normann & Family Barbara Von Normann

Erich & Kathryn Weinberg The Weinberg Family

Ray & Barbara Welch Pochi Bailey

Neta Westerfield Julie Vallin

Lance Whipple Cliff Whipple

Glenn & Caroline White Marylyn Graham

Denise & Stuart White

Jaime, Brayden & Brynn Davis

Peggy Baldwin

Happy Holidays

Joe Barko

In Honor of Anniversary

John & Terry Becker

Dr. Steve Bowen

Tom & Cathy Hansen

Margo Becker

Linda Burlingame

Annie, Derek, Sydney & Dillon Young

Sue Dungan

Mary Jayne, Dan, Tucker & Toby Dobbins

Amanda Dwyer

Joyce Entus

Holly Lippert

Valorie Davis

The Guenther Family

Myrna & Cooper Bennett

Max & the Ferguson Cats Sally McKenzie, Vincent, Theo & Dagny

The Goltscher Cunningham Family Marty Wojcik

Lynn Jorgensen Bianca Arellano

Mike & Deb Huggins Julie Vallin

Steve, Annette & Ann-Marie Jacobs The Digneo Family

Kevin Jungfleisch

Debbie & Kevin Williams

The LeBar Family Tom Nesbitt

Shelley & Jeff Lincoln Audrey Benson

Hilary Paine Julie Vallin

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Palmborg Rod & Sally Palmborg

Roger Plapp Laurie Plapp

LaDonna Rae

Michael & Cheri Levy

Avi Roig & Willow Stockwell The Roig-Irwin Family

Hadley & Lee Saber Margo Becker

Sunita Singh Alexis Singh

Cat Staunton & Jai Lingappa Jaisri & Patrick Lingappa

Topo Swope

Valerie Wilson Joseph Wilson

Al, Maria & Mark Samples Lyssa Browne

Teacher Suzie & Teacher Jen Carolyn Jones

Dr. Joseph Yousefiian

Joseph & Ruzita Yousefian

Lauren Wise, Stephen Gouge & Big Peter

Happy Hanukkah

Jim Wood & Martha Shipiro

Larry Asher

Jerry & Nina Yorioka

Melia Hsu

Shannon Zink

Evan Meltzer

Danny & Kathy Zyskowski

Karen & David Rosenzweig

Jennifer, Momo & Satch Gouge Sylvia Hollis

Alan, Lori & Thomas Hoshino Sharon Zink

Marilyn, Thomas, Charlie & Zoe Blue

Cedar River Dog Farm

Heather, Jordan, Danika & Dutch Ballard

Eric Carter

Les & Janice Davis

Rod & Sally Palmborg

Starr Stapleton, Patrick Wilkie & Dollie Joseph Wilson

Miss Sofia Carter Jerry Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Swank

Lanea Wilson

Martin, Claudi, Noah & Helen Bowen

The Cadagan Family

Jan & Greg Roes

Ashley Stapleton

Nancy Wagner

Angela Turk

Elisa Barston & Jim Hsu Lisa Meltzer

Stefanie Thomas

Gigi Atlas

Barbara Von Normann Jason Dwyer

The Genge Family Molly Graham & Erik Christianson

Patrick & Heidi Rosenberry

Steven Schultz

Adrienne Schultz

Mary Lou & Richard Stachurski Eve & Steven Holt Helen Kenny Jon Neher Jerome & Patricia Roos Joan & Terry Sinclair Morgan Stephenson

Bill & Becky Wright Suzie & Ralph Jarvis

In Honor of Marriage

Jeff Hammerstad & Jeffrey Caudill Barb & Dave Lutz Robert McCaw & Kim Nordstrom McCaw Many Friends & Family

Dee-Dee Baker & David Bevin

Mark Hannum

Stephen Forman & Sarah Hayden

Jenny Ferries

Rick Henshaw

Debbie & Kevin Williams

Carol Hoffman

Katherine Boury

Jamie Jamus

Deborah Szilagyi

Will Jewell

Lois Baker

Cherie Blehm & Barin Yoder

Michelle Kimihira & Scott Johnson Jennifer & Eric Lew

Sandra & Walter Allen Sharon & Sam Eastern Rachel & Frank Forman Rebecca French Grace & Steven Lee Nancy & Elliot Newman

Kristen & James Scott

Elle Johnson

Lori Nelson Holly, Mike, Abi, Kira, Jaxon, Malin & Mor Mor Wibbens Marc & Christine Wilson Jeffrey Gilbert & Drew

Therese Kaitis

Corey Rasmussen & Kristen Reavell

JoAnn Heinz Anna & Keith Johnson Rod Johnson Austin Kovach

Kay Kelly

Nancy Wagner

Renee Kurdzos Ashley Kolberg

Alison Peck Levi Tom & Judy Peck

Emmas Lindsay Mark Wolverton


Karen Curtis Denise Fong Karen Fong Jodi Freudenberger Stacy Ueda


A Friend

Isabelle Miller

Kenneth Miller Many Friends & Family

Maia Riseland

The Kanaly Family The Martino Family

Taba Ammon Diane Kelso

In Honor of Father's Day Jim Schuler

Mark Schuler

In Honor of Bat Mitzvah Tina Bea Savage

Laurie & Coco Stusser-McNeil

In Name of George & Kim Suyama Lynn & Rand Sealey

Thank You Amanda Brothers

Ed Schmidt

Sheryl Parrish

Millie Schobert

Arlene Vosti

Lori & Peter Richardson

Cathy Villanueva

Karen White

Jim Schuler

The Halsey Family

Sandra Slotboom

David & Claudia Slotboom

Karinn Sytsma Johanna Le Kendra Vadney Yi Xu

Paula Tomlinson Nancy Wagner

In Honor of Birthday Dagmar Amtmann Silvia Amtmann


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Seattle, WA Permit No. 1793

13212 SE Eastgate Way Bellevue, WA 98005-4408

Seattle Humane Society’s


May 12, 2012 5:00 p.m. Hyatt Regency Bellevue 900 Bellevue Way, Grand Ballroom

Get your tickets today for our spectacular fundraising gala for the animals and the “most barked about” event of the year! Enjoy a savory four-course meal, fabulous wine, live and silent auctions, and a runway show featuring local celebrities and adoptable shelter pets – all to benefit the animals. For tickets, visit or call 425.373.5388.

Seattle Humane Society - Chronicles Magazine  

Seattle Humane Society's Chronicles Magazine, Spring 2012 edition. Featuring 16 sweet puppies, Chef John Howie, and special kudos from Bob B...

Seattle Humane Society - Chronicles Magazine  

Seattle Humane Society's Chronicles Magazine, Spring 2012 edition. Featuring 16 sweet puppies, Chef John Howie, and special kudos from Bob B...