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Winter 2012

Pet Food Bank Keeping Families Together

Holiday Happenings Photo donated by Kelly Swedick of RoverExposures Photography.

Pet Pics with Santa, Adoption Discounts, & Great Gift Ideas

Also in this issue: Happy Tails, Adoption Photos & Shelter Updates


From Chief Executive Officer David Loewe Winter 2012 • Vol 20 • Issue 4

Dear Animal Lovers,

Cover Photo: Emma, a 2-month-old Labrador Retriever mix, adopted in October 2012.

We are coming to the end of another record-setting year at the Seattle Humane Society, and we have you to thank. In fact, we’ll place nearly 6,000 cats, dogs, and critters this year! Thanks to your generous donations, pets in our care receive food, shelter, and medical care for as long as it takes for us to find them a new family. We are excellent stewards of your donations, spending 80 cents of every dollar on the animals and earning a four-star rating — the highest possible for nonprofit agency financial management — from Charity Navigator for the fourth consecutive year.

13212 SE Eastgate Way Bellevue, WA 98005 Seattle Humane Society is an independent, donor-funded nonprofit animal welfare organization saving abandoned, stray and surrendered pets in our community. Editor Joyce Zoldak Designer Aubrey Miller-Schmidt

Thanks to your support of our Fund-A-Need project to expand spay/neuter services, we are set to achieve even greater accomplishments in the year ahead. We have added an additional surgery team and expanded our Recovery Center, tripling animal recovery space and allowing us to double the number of spay/neuter surgeries — to 5,000 annually — for pets belonging to low-income families. We are also excited to welcome fourth-year veterinary students from Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to our campus in May 2013. These veterinary students will spay and neuter our shelter pets as part of their clinical training, affording Seattle Humane veterinarians the capacity to serve even more animals. As Seattle Humane continues to grow, we are able to care for more pets and find them new, loving homes. By increasing our affordable spay/neuter services, we are also able to reduce animals who are born unwanted and homeless and often end up in shelters. This means more lives saved, and we simply could not do this without your continued support. We thank you for all that you do now and all year long.

PHONE NUMBERS Main Line 425.641.0080

Humane Education 425.373.5385

Adoptions 425.649.7563

Marketing 425.274.1513

Admissions 425.649.7561

MaxMobile Requests 425.274.1500

Vet. Services 425.649-7560

Pet Food Bank 425.649.7566

Volunteers 425.649.7557

Pet Project 425.649.7566

Fund Development 425.649.7552


David Loewe Chief Executive Officer

! e t a D e h t e Sav

For event details, visit

Adopt a Cat or Critter on Us

Home for the Holidays

Now – Dec. 31

Dec. 7 – 9

Seattle Humane

Seattle Humane

Holiday Pet Food Drive at Safeway

Santa Paws Pet Photos

Now – Dec. 31

Dec. 1 | Crossroads Dec. 8 | Seattle Humane

King County Safeway stores

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Humane Happenings: News & Updates Free Adoption Fair a Huge Success Seattle Humane found loving homes for more than 300 cats, dogs, and critters during our Free Adoption Blitz weekend and preview in October! This was our second annual fee-waived adoption fair and community members reconfirmed what we had learned in 2011 — that waiving adoption fees for pets can be the little incentive they need to come out and adopt. We learned that many adopters who had been considering adding a pet to their home for some time took the plunge at our fee-waived fair. Just like any day of the year, our adoption advisors ensured that great, lifelong matches were made. Robin and her two teens, Jenna and Adam, lost Seattle Humane was bustling with activity all weekend long during our Free Adoption Blitz! their family cat and had been considering adopting again. When they heard about our Adoption Blitz on National Public Radio, they were motivated to come take a look. The family Be Prepared for decided to adopt two 2-month-old kittens, Ion and Neutron, and they couldn’t Winter Emergencies have been happier! With winter upon us, we’d like to remind pet owners that a little preparation Kelly, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix, traveled all the way from California to meet her now can make a big difference in the new family at our Adoption Blitz! Seattle Humane rescued Kelly from a shelter where event of a natural winter disaster. she had run out of time. Blanche brought her whole family down for our Adoption Blitz Seattle Humane Society partners with and they fell instantly in love with little miss Kelly and decided to adopt her. When the Red Cross to provide free temporary Blanche got home she sent us a photo of Kelly sound asleep in her son’s arms and shelter and care to pets in King County wrote, “Thank you for our fur baby Kelly. She had made our dreams come true — emergencies. Red Cross shelters what a love bug!” Thank you to everyone who came out and adopted a furry friend. do not accept pets unless they are service animals, so please keep Seattle Humane’s contact information handy. We can be reached seven days a week at A Walk to Remember (425) 641-0080 and are located at 13212 SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue. As backup, Our 10th annual Walk for the Animals speak with friends and family about at University Village brought well sheltering your pet and keep a list of over 1,000 people and their dogs out boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, and to support our mission and to have nearby hotels that accept pets. Leaving fun, raising more than $135,000 for pets behind is NOT a safe option. the pets at Seattle Humane Society. Walkers enjoyed breakfast treats, a 2-mile walk through the Union Bay Natural Area trails, a free photostop, goodies, giveaways, and more. After the Walk, the fun continued at FidoFEST with adoptable SHS animals, canine contests, vendor booths and even an agility course!

More than 1,000 animal lovers Walked for the

Animals on Sept. 23. Thank you to everyone who walked, fundraised, or made a donation to this year’s Walk for the Animals — we can’t wait to see you at next year’s Walk! Seattle Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals was presented by Safeway and supported by Carter Subaru.

See more photos from the event at:

Have a current photo of your animal in case they get lost. Make sure they are microchipped and wearing an ID tag. Call your microchip company to update your contact information and be sure to prep a disaster supply kit containing medications, medical records in a waterproof container, behavior notes, your veterinarian’s contact information and a first aid kit. Have an extra leash, collar, and carrier on hand as well as food, water, bowls, litter/pan, and a can opener. With a little preparation, you can ensure that you and your pet are prepared for winter emergencies. 3

Happy Tails

JoeyLynn’s Emergency Surgery JoeyLynn, a 6-year-old Toy Poodle mix weighing barely 10 pounds, was surrendered to Seattle Humane when her owners could no longer care for her. Our veterinarians discovered that JoeyLynn suffered from painful bladder stones and needed immediate surgery. When animals like JoeyLynn are brought to us requiring medical attention, our veterinary team is there to help. Thanks to our new partnership with Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, we will be able to care for even more pets in need with the help of fourth-year veterinary students receiving clinical training at our shelter. Liz Nordeen, a WSU veterinary student, and our staff veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Buchanan, teamed up to help JoeyLynn. Together, they performed cystotomy surgery, removing a golf-ball-sized bladder stone and 15 smaller stones that had been causing little JoeyLynn terrible pain and discomfort. JoeyLynn recovered from surgery in a wonderful volunteer foster home. She is feeling much better now because she got the care she needed and her tail has begun to wag again! JoeyLynn was adopted by an adoring family after she had fully recovered.

WSU veterinary student Liz Nordeen teamed up with Seattle Humane veterinarians to help little JoeyLynn.

Thanks to The Lexus Fund for shelter dogs in need of medical care, and to generous donors like you who continue to support it, we never have to turn away pets like JoeyLynn. Please make a donation to The Lexus Fund today at, (425) 373-5382, or by writing “Lexus” on your check.

Lean on Me Parenthood can be tough and sometimes it’s nice to have a little help. When mother and daughter cats Breesha and Mikki gave birth to unplanned litters just a few days apart, they were surrendered to the Seattle Humane Society in need of A LOT of support! This kitty family wouldn’t have survived at most shelters without the resources to give newborn pets the extra care they need.

Breesha and Mikki were able to care for their 13 kittens thanks to Seattle Humane Society's Foster Care Program.

Juli Ross, Seattle Humane Society’s Cat Foster Coordinator, volunteered to care for all 15 cats in her home, weighing them every two days to ensure they were growing at a healthy rate and watching over the whole brood. “I came up with memory tricks to remember all of their names like ‘Kona white shoulder’ and ‘Rogue the Escape Artist,’” says Juli. “But the most amazing part has been seeing the bond between these two mothers — how they console each other and support each other. One will nurse while the other perches above to retrieve any escapees!”

This dynamic family will never be forgotten, especially not by Juli, but as she aptly puts it, “Although Seattle Humane Society is a safety net for pets in need like Breesha and Mikki, pet owners everywhere have a responsibility. It’s easy to look at three generations of cats and remark on how cute they are, but it’s also important to remember that spaying just one of these cats a few years ago would have meant 14 fewer cats born without homes.” Thanks to Seattle Humane, all of the kittens are now in homes of their own. If you or someone you know would like to spay or neuter a pet but cannot afford to do so, please call (425) 649-7560 or visit Seattle Humane offers affordable spay/neuter services for pets belonging to qualified-income owners year-round. 4

Caring Corner

Animal Advocates Leave a Legacy Please remember the animals in your will or trust. Learn more at or contact our Major Gifts Officer at (425) 641-0080 or To leave a bequest, simply write: "I give to The Humane Society for Seattle/King County, Tax ID #91-0282060, (the sum of $__ or __% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate) for its general purposes." If your gift involves insurance policies, land, stock or other property, please include a description.

Nancy A. Salvino, a Seattle native, had a fondness for pets and grew up in a house that was always full of them. As a child she was also active in local 4-H and enjoyed riding horses. You may say she inherited it from her mother, pet lover Joane Salvino. Joane asked that gifts be made to the Seattle Humane Society and Meals on Wheels when she passed away. Nancy’s love for furry friends continued throughout her life and she cared for her pets like they were children. Nancy’s most recent pets were two Golden Retrievers, Jody and Jennifer, and two cats, Kiki and Kitty. Kitty was adopted from Seattle Humane. Nancy donated generously to Seattle Humane for nine years. Her heart went out to shelter pets and she followed pets on our website to see if they had been adopted. One donation made to SHS in 2008 was accompanied by a letter asking if Duncan, an 8-year-old black Labrador Retriever, had been adopted. “He is on my mind every day,” wrote Nancy. Before Nancy passed away, she made Seattle Humane Society a beneficiary of her estate. Now Nancy’s legacy will live on in the life-saving work at Seattle Humane and will help us care for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and neglected pets every year. To learn how you can plan for your pets in your will or how to leave a lasting legacy for the animals at Seattle Humane, please call (425) 641-0080 or email


{ Keeping

Families Together } Seattle Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank


Seattle Humane Society’s Pet Food Bank began 30 years ago with a donor and a dream. In fact, Mimi Cristall still has the letter from the CEO — dated October 24, 1982 — thanking her for her generous donation to start the Seattle Humane Pet Food Bank. “Back then, even the largest human food banks didn’t provide pet food because pets weren’t a priority,” recalls Mimi. “But what they didn’t understand is that pets are family members. For many elderly or impoverished people, pets are their only family. Seattle Humane heard the call for help and they did something about it.” Thanks to compassionate donors like Mimi, Seattle Humane’s Pet Food Bank is now the largest in Washington state, helping to feed the pets of more than 1,800 lowincome seniors and people disabled by AIDS in our community. “People shouldn’t have to lose their pets because they’re down-and-out,” says Mimi. “The Pet Food Bank keeps people and pets together, promotes all the health benefits of pet ownership, and it also keeps pets out of shelters.” Because of our Pet Food Bank, every month more than 2,300 pets don’t go hungry and don’t end up in area shelters.


“I am so thankful for the Pet Food Bank,” says Dana. “I wouldn’t be able to keep my Toby happy and healthy without it — Seattle Humane has truly saved us.”


Like many Americans, Dana fell on hard times with the downturn in the economy and found herself struggling to feed her beloved cat, Toby. “The thought of having to give him up was unbearable,” says Dana as she snuggles Toby, a 1-year-old Siamese mix. “He’s my little guy.” Dana learned about Seattle Humane’s Pet Food Bank because it supplies her local community center. Now she picks up a monthly supply of cat food

for Toby as she works to get back on her feet. “I am so thankful for the Pet Food Bank,” she says. “I wouldn’t be able to keep my Toby happy and healthy without it — Seattle Humane has truly saved us.” Every month, 112 Seattle Humane volunteers pack, load and deliver donated cat and dog food to more than 30 community centers, senior centers and food banks, as well as more than 150 individual homes throughout King County. “One of the most amazing things about the Pet Food Bank is the group of volunteers that make it possible for us to distribute more than 3,700 pounds of pet food every week,” says Jocelyn Shope, Seattle Humane’s Community Outreach Coordinator. “When there is a senior who needs food delivered to their home, my inbox is filled with volunteers willing to drive anywhere to help out — just out of the goodness of their hearts.”


The Pet Food Bank


3,700 lbs. of pet food are


distributed every week so that

2,300 pets each month

don't have to go hungry, and

1,800 seniors don't have

to choose between feeding themselves or their pets.

Carin Sweerman has volunteered for the Pet Food Bank for two years, making monthly pet food deliveries to two community centers and two individual homes. Carin has delivered pet food to a senior named Daniel for more than a year. “I love going out to see Daniel and his cat, Aaron,” she says. “Each month, Aaron purrs around my legs and I get a big, appreciative hug from Daniel.” Carin’s newest client is Ron, a 90-year-old man who goes everywhere with his service dog, a big black Lab named Kirkie. “Kirkie looks after his owner and is truly his best friend,” says Carin. “Many seniors don’t have a lot of company. Their children are busy with their own lives, many of their loved ones have passed away and their animals fill a huge need for companionship. To know that I can help them keep their animal family is such a good feeling.” Seattle Humane’s Pet Food Bank continues to grow and in today’s economy, the most fragile members of our community need our help more than ever. If you or someone you know is a low-income senior or community member disabled by AIDS in need of pet food support, please call (425) 6497566 or visit To make a donation to our Pet Food Bank, visit donate/now. You can also donate food online through our Amazon Wish List at, or drop a pet food donation in our Holiday Pet Food Drive barrels at any King County Safeway store now through Dec. 31.

Left: Dana was able to keep and care for her kitty Toby thanks to our Pet Food Bank. Above: Jocelyn Shope (left), Seattle Humane's Community Outreach Coordinator, works with Deserie Cauffman of the Pacific Algona Community Center to get pet food to seniors in need. 7

Holiday Happenings

& Purrfect Presents December: Adopt a Cat or Critter on Us

2013 Calendar

Seattle Humane is waiving adoption fees on all cats 1 year and up and all critters through December. It's our gift to the community!

A year of cute with pet photography donated by Anna Hoychuck Photography. All proceeds benefit the pets at SHS. Buy yours now at

Dec. 1 and 8: Santa Paws Pet Pics with St. Nick

Red & White Wine

Make this year’s holidays card one to remember! Dec. 1 | 10 am – 2 pm Crossroads, 15600 NE 8th St., Bellevue Buy a pet photo package and proceeds benefit Seattle Humane. Dec. 8 | 11 am – 2 pm Seattle Humane Campus, 13212 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue Digital photo for a $20 suggested donation to Seattle Humane.

Try Seattle Humane’s Tail Waggin’ Red or Whiskers White! Order any red or white wine at northwestcellars. com/wines.html or (425) 825-9463 and ask for the SHS label. Twenty percent of sales benefit the animals.

Logo Wear Support the animals in style with cozy fleece pullovers, baseball caps, sleek water bottles and more at All proceeds benefit SHS.

Adoption Gift Certificate Dec. 7-9: Home for the Holidays Seattle Humane Campus Fri. & Sat. 11 am – 8 pm | Sun. 11 am – 6 pm Bring the whole family down for festivities, holiday treats, and hundreds of adoptable pets. Adoption fees waived for cats 1 year and up and all critters. Kitten adoptions will be $50.

Now–Dec. 31: Pet Food Drive at Safeway King County Safeway Stores Look for our collection barrels at your King County Safeway stores and donate pet food to help us feed the pets of low-income seniors and people disabled by AIDS. Can’t make it to Safeway? Make a pet food donation online at

Adoption gift certificates start at $80 for a pet who has been spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and includes 30 days of pet health insurance and a free exam. Purchase at (425) 649-7563 or at the shelter.

Gift Cards Buy a TisBest Charity Gift Card and let your recipient choose a benefitting charity. Visit and $2 from each card purchased benefits SHS.

Donate in Honor of a Loved One Make a donation to Seattle Humane in honor of a loved one or their pet. We’ll send the honoree a special letter, list them in our magazine, and give them a one-year subscription! Donate at, call (425) 373-5382, or mail to 13212 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA, 98005. NOTE: Donations must be received by Dec. 14 for acknowledgments by Dec. 24.

For more information, visit


Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on Reese, the dog I adopted from Seattle Humane Society on July 28th. He is a great dog – part Chihuahua, part Pug – and a bright light in our family. I love him already. I have never adopted a dog from a shelter before, but it feels so good to give him a home where he can have love, a warm bed, and a place he can run around and play.

The Pooch Post & Mew Mail

I was so impressed with my whole experience at Seattle Humane and how well Reese was cared for while he was there. Now I’m spreading the word to get more of my friends to adopt from your shelter instead of buying from a breeder. There are so many dogs who need homes, as you know! I wish I could give all the dogs and cats a home and I will continue to pray for all of the animals. Again, thank you and bless you. Thanks again, Andrea G.

Hi, I just wanted to pass along a happy tail to let you know how blessed we are to have adopted Stuart from you last month. Thanks so much for taking such good care of him (he'd been with you since March!) until we could scoop him up. "Stu" is such a ham. He snores, he drools, he burrows under the covers - he never wants to be far from us! He's also getting along very well with our other cat... Thanks again for all the work you do. Here’s a photo of Stu watching TV – one of his many antics! - Allison and Jeremy

Do you have an adoption story to share? Email your happy tail to


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This holiday season make a donation to the Seattle Humane Society in honor of a loved one or their pet. We’ll list an acknowledgment of your gift in our magazine and send the recipient a special thank you. Use the envelope on pg. 8, call (425) 373-5382, or visit Donations must be in by Dec. 14 for acknowledgement by Dec. 24.

Mary Ann Eccles

Steve & Monique Elfman

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Debbie Simpson

Heather, Roger, Schuyler & Everett MacNeill Paula MacNeill

Susan Margaret Dwyer

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Ballard Animal Hospital

Ballard Animal Hospital April, JT, Jack & Jane Perry

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Kent, Jane, Meggie, & Finn Simonsen

Ginger Fitz

Ballard Animal Hospital

Chester Sun Sorceror Fix

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Thomas Fix


Gifts of Love Sox Fleisher

Lira Hall

Roy Fleisher

Michael & Marlee Richard

Nala Flickinger

Max Hall

Sheila Fly

Waldo Hamamoto

Ballard Animal Hospital Mark Mikoleit

Brody Fores

Douglas Kunkel & Bonnie Beeman

KC & Toby Fosshage

Monica Buhlmann

Zoe Hamamoto & Family

Alli Hanson

Lee Klastorin, Ralph Walden & Sherpa

Harper Hatch

Sandra Fosshage

Reegen Hatch

Gizmo Frederick

Izzy Havekotte-Hieb

Tom & Cory Buchberger

Spot & Spike Fuller Blue

Chuck & Norma Fuller Kelly Fuller Blue

Mona Funes

Eva Funes

Ballard Animal Hospital

Jasmine the Beagle HavlarkCanavan Leann & Dee Nester

Floyd Boy Heath

Shirley & Paul Heath

Annabelle Gallagher

Keoke Hebner

Leroy Gannon

Tazita Hedgepath

Beau & Evie Gaz

Ella Hendrick

Kira of Anuk Gap Georgopolis

Gina Hendricks Harrison

Zenda Boss-Hall Brittney Gannon

Glen & Dawn Gaz

Garrett Georgopolis

Penelope Gerdes

Kathleen Parrish

Kitty Boy Gergen

Ballard Animal Hospital

Lady Giannini Nancy Wagner

Tiara Gipson

Ballard Animal Hospital

Squeaker Boy Gladding

Joan Gladding

Becky Glenn

Hope Jenner & Christopher Chartier Suanne Nagata Kristen Stoneback Kathy Trani Nancy Wagner

Allyn & Patricia Hebner

Janet Hedgepath Karen Rogers

Carol Logan

Wiley "Bug" Hermann Pamela Girsh

Jasper Heuser

Pat & Bob Dootson

Daphne Heys

Katie & Tony Chace

Chip Hickman

Megan, Lance, Barney, Jack, & Bella Dauber

Ms. Thing Hicks Rebecca Hicks

Bear Hiemstra

Michael & Cheri Levy

Oblio K. Mouser Hildebrand Diana Hildebrand

Bandit Lubetkin

Tom Thumb Justine

Max Lubinski

Cayanne Kalan

Sammy & Rusty Lucas Dr. Sylvia Lucas

Jason Hunke

Marsy Kant

Vinny MacKenzie

Serendipity Nomura

Anne Justine Teryl Kalan Karel Kant

Lickers Karl

Robert & Linda Karl

Matilda G. Nowik

Kula Maka Mangold

Goldie Ann Nunley

Scoutee Marsh

Sebastian & Noelle O'Brezar

Elizabeth Kennedy

Foxy Keshavamurthy

Vikram Keshavamurthy

Robert & Mikie Hoffman

Alex Gorman

Patte Holland

Max Gracia

Ariele Huff

Mark Gorman

James Replogle

Coco Gray

Anne E. Gray

Angie Green

Saxon Green

Jelly Bean Huff Fred Hunter

Margaret Wilson

Widget Iff

Ballard Animal Hospital

Dusty Irvin

Pee Wee Greengo

Ballard Animal Hospital

Luna Gregory

Stephanie & Hans Ulstein

Dozer Grimes

Jack & Nancy Goldberg

Muffin a.k.a. "Godzilla" Grinols

Bob Ewing

Gretchen Greengo

Ballard Animal Hospital Margaret Wilson

Mary Lou Grinols

Rick O'Brezar

Pico Klink

Annie Marten

Rodney & Sandra Ogi

Ivar & Bo Knutson

Morris & Baby Martin

Ballard Animal Hospital

Lily & Ellie Knutson

Rudy Martinez

Alyssa Ong

Midnight Koeberle

Joseph Mason

Margie & Bud Hussey Meagan Wolk

Dana Knutson

Brigitte Koeberle

Jordan Kozlowski Ted Kozlowski

Hercules Kuehn

Ballard Animal Hospital

Topaz Kukino

Megan & Steve Baker

Milo Guggino

Michael & Marlee Richard

Pogo Gulrajani

The Nasman Family

Rita Paragas

Allus Hall

Ballard Animal Hospital

Annie Keating

Ballard Animal Hospital

Lucy Johnson

Reggie Jordan Beebe Greene Deb Leyva

Gus McCleery

Teresa & Diva Deveaux

Skippy McGinnis

Sunset Pet Hospital

Tuniper McIntyre

M., D. & N. Ottem Marsha McKim

Tom & Ellen McKoy

Maile Ogi

Penny Olson Ohchan Ong Missy Owen

Duanne Owen

Sousa Parsons

Daniel Rosen, Ph.D.

Gracie Peck

Cascade Animal Clinic

Rabbit Perciful

Sunset Pet Hospital

Lola Perkins

Gretchen Perkins

Cozumel Pet

Ballard Animal Hospital

Jedi Peters

Bert McLean

Bob Peters

Babe Lee

Max Meinecke

Roy Peterson

Spanky Lee

Maggie Meisenbach

Codi Leenstra

Bask Too Mesiti

Mercedes Leesman

Jane Metz

Lamphear Family Cats

Stephen Lamphear Leah Lee

Ballard Animal Hospital

J.R. Leifer

Benjamin H. Leifer


Jo Wittmier

Pepper & Rascal LePage

Sammy McLean Mark & Cynthia Meinecke Judy Greenstein

Jackie & John Mesiti

Ballard Animal Hospital

Cookie Peterson Samantha Phillips Karen E. Phillips

Toby & Moey Pickrell

Adam Pickrell

Elvis Pierce

Zenda Boss-Hall

Duchess Pierson

Gigi Meyers

Laurie Bishop

Chloe Mock

Ballard Animal Hospital

Lawreta Meyers Susan Chapman Suzanne & Ralph Jarvis Phillip & Shawna Mock

Gabbi Pikelny

Elizabeth & Tiki Pino Robert & Lola Pino

Muskwa Moll

Archie Plested

Maggie Levine

Oden Monjazeb

Butch, Kelly, Winnie, Tiger, Boots Porrelli

Shasta LeVon

Chelsa Monteleone-Whiteside

Maggie Kitty Liles

Big Boy Montgomery

Barbara & Matthew LePage Ross, Ali, Lyla & Galena Mickel

Sally Lively

Horace Gustine

David Mason

Murray, Clyde & Cleo McKoy

Raquel Lackey

Dingles Jacobs

Tim Jennings

Diane Savage

Bogey Lackey

Ruth Liles

Jed Johnson

Pat Martin

Nikki McKim

Ballard Animal Hospital

Koa Iwanski

Bongo Jennings

Barbara Budnick

Buck Kwan

Lucy LeVon

Susan Chapman Suanne Nagata Kathy Trani

Bobbi & Patti Nunley

Ken Marquess & Mary Marsh

David & Lee Keyser

Samantha Itaoka

Henry Jarvis

Doris Mangold

Dorothy & Gene Nowik

Sasha & Niggy Keyser

The Hisken Family

George & Gracie Holland

Zoe Noteboom

Alme Malcolm

Sophie Goebel

Wiley & Gunnar Gorder

Jeff Nomura & Susan Findlay-Nomura

Miss Darnell G. Malcolm

Carol Leenstra

Jeanne Gorder

Ty Mager

Lucy Nicolai

Missy Kennedy

Dale Scott Kauffman

Chewi & Susie Hisken Mai Tai Hoffman

William & Nancy MacKenzie

Rico Suave Daddy's Boy Nelson

David Nelson

Celia Thomas

Kathryn Giantis

Ballard Animal Hospital

Ballard Animal Hospital

Tucker Neist

Susan Olson-Molitor

James & Valerie Mager

Kiki Hirschy-Pentz Robert Pentz

Marsha Lubetkin

Warhol Kauffman

Max, Cookie & Pav Glosenger Glosenger Carl & Carolyn Glosenger


Tara Jurgensen

Susan Keaton

William & Maria Moll

Deborah Monjazeb Carol Monteleone Whiteside

Hobbes & Squeek Lively

Chris Knauer & Dan Montgomery

Wile E Raccoon Livingston

James Moon

Ballard Animal Hospital

Bandit Loesch

Cascade Animal Clinic

Miles Dewey Davis Moon

Mikey Lozen

Wynn & Bill Lozon

Abbee Preston

Clara Preston

Shadow Mulrony-Gonder

Ronald & Cheryl Berenson

Ballard Animal Hospital

Hope Praxel

Danielle Praxel

Casey, Lobo & Skitter Ramsey

Billy Lott

Maisy Louthan

Sam & The Ads Portolese Dias

Alain Dias & Laura Portolese Dias

Max Rafchiek

Brandon & Meredith Baty

Laurie Bishop

Sandra Lott

Rose Porrelli

Sullivan Moore

Scamper Lorch EvaFaye Hiatt

Ballard Animal Hospital

Sandy Murdock

Muthersbaugh Family Pets Gregory Muthersbaugh

Sassy Myers

Nicolle Myers

Frank & Sandra Rafchiek

Raymond & Connie Ramsey

Sunny Rawlings Susan Rawlings

Magoo Rea

Stacy Choi

Shadow, Autumn, JoJo & Sweetie Pie Renne Dede Renne

Steely Renstrom

Eric Renstrom

Mischo Rentschler Lloyd Rentschler

Teddy Richards

Ballard Animal Hospital

Mamooks Kamooks Ridley

Doris Ridley

Molly Roach Cindy Phillips

Lucy Rodes

Marcia Rodes

Pippin Romman

Rebecca Stewart

Mischa Roseman

Christina Roseman

Annie Rosene Harvey Rosene

Pink Rosenow Brenda Shrout

Whitney Royal

Michael & Marlee Richard

Max Shrestha

Anil Dangol Toni Kelley Amith Poddar Nirmal Pokharel Prince Rajbhandari Anuja Rijal Rupak Sanjel Enisha Shrestha Soven Shrivastav Sandeep Singh

Jenni Fur Skinner

Ursula Skinner

Coriolis Smith

Roxilyn Smith

Freddie Smith Melody Smith

Mickey Smith

Margie & Bud Hussey

Misty Smith Gregg Smith

Shy, Sasha, Sushi, Sinji & Lovey Smith Laura Smith

Sophie Smith

Mars Russell

Elaine & Squeeker Romanick

Thumper Smith

Flower's Ann Somsak

Bandit Rutherford

Mary Jo Somsak

Bear Rydell

Mary Jo Somsak

David & Shanin Shapiro John & Gretchen Rydell

Lily Salzman

Toby R. Salzman

Bitty Scheller

Kimberlee Scheller

Bandit Schenk

Ballard Animal Hospital

Maxx Schenk

Steven Schenk

Dash Schermer

Harrie Anne Kessler

Bailey Schlitt-Ellefsen

Janel Schlitt

Clawed Schmidt

Sue Schmidt

Honey Daisey Dog Schneider Harold & Verna Schneider

Somsak Family Pets Panther Star Walker

Ann Stetson

Pippi Longstocking Strandlien

Judith Strandlien

Ballard Animal Hospital

Cairo Sturgis-Porter

Don Tran, Sandy Bohling, Parker & Brubeck

Max & Duffy Sullivan Patricia Sullivan

Mattie Taibi Hoover Taylor

Captain Jack Templeman

Gosset Schwalbach-Mempa

Raggs Thiel

Serling & Reba Schwartz

Alana Thomas

Harry Seagran

Sharon Templeman

Carol Thiel

Jim Thomas

Toby Thorne

Kristina Thorne

Manchester & P. J. Shaw

Houdini Tokareff

Tina Sherman

Zepplin & Frankie Tower

Xena Shorno

Zoey Trogdon

Buster Short

Lizzie Borden

Parker Showalter

Bunky Tygert

Barbara Shaw

Shirley Storch Sherman Cascade Animal Clinic Nancy Short

Kathryn Anderson

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Cynthia Taibi

Clint & Whitney Jorgenson & The Chi Girls

Steven Schwartz

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Buddy Strauss

Goldberg Schulz

Cody, Mishka & Tara Seagran

Go Green!

Summer Butterfly

Oliver Stetson

Mary Jo El Wattar & Linda Medley

Jeff & Sandy Condiotty

Call (425) 373-5382, write “Grinstein” on your check, or visit donate/now

Vicki Hone Smith

Mary Jo Watanabe

Andy & Marc Russell Becky Russell

Thanks to the Grinstein Fund, Seattle Humane provides cats and kittens with the extra medical care they need to be happy and healthy. Help us fix feline lumps, bumps, sprains, and more — make a donation to the Grinstein Fund today.

Simba Smith

Sweet Nebby Rudo JoAnne Rudo

Give a Cat a Second Chance

Sandra K. Tokareff Cascade Animal Clinic

Catherine Walker David Turcaso

Linda Caywood

Uncle Joe's Barn Cat & Kittens

Rita Berrian

Sierra Unger

Lindsey & Steve Hauschka

Save the date for Seattle Humane Society’s spectacular fundraising gala. Enjoy live and silent auctions, local celebrities, an adoptable pet runway show, and more! Details to come at

May 11, 2013

Hyatt Regency Bellevue 13

Gifts of Love Smudge, Galen, Tigger & Ben Vallin

In Honor Of

Bentley Van Vliet

Denise Ragnone

Julie Vallin

Eugenia Van Vliet

Saphire Vandermay

Lisa Vandermay

Bailey VanHoudt

Adam & Monica Stein

Kippy Vogel

John & Alison Vogel

Sassy Grinols

Buddy & Molly Austenson

Amber Guinotte

Ieva Ohaks

Rex Banks

Lucky & Cloudy Harshbarger Hilderbrand

John Overmier

Sam & Chinooki Havens

Lilly & Luna Petts

Marc Avery

Myla Bailey

Debbie & John Austenson

Richard Bailey

Marjorie Banks Sarah Ovens

Yvonne Banks

Sassy Barker

Country Animal Hospital

Donna Barker

Abby Dillinger-Lee & Dwayne

Jeanne Barrett

Dorothea Brocksom

Carmella Barrett

Mary Lou Grinols

Sophie Guinotte

Marta Lea Harshbarger & Douglas Hilderbrand Enid Havens

Toby Havens

Vrablick Family Dog

Audra Gilmore

Wiley & Perkins Wadington


Andy, Jerry, Pete & Joey Walters

Alison MacLeod

Smokey Joe Waluk-Johnson

Michael Gardner

Coal Watanabe

Adam Sherr

Penny Watanabe

Michelle Dearth

Annie Brady

Leslie Jacobson

Jeanne Horrocks

Tom, Lucy & Roxy Brookes

Ebby Jarvis

Gary & Carolyn Vrablick

Nancy Wadington Howard Walters

Cascade Animal Clinic

Jack & Nancy Goldberg

Mary Rose Smith Mary Jo Watanabe

Windsor & Tyler Waters William & Patricia Waters

Niki Watkins


Connie Edwards Kris Froland

Bob Gately & Brooke Gilbert Angela Gruwell

Carol, Remy & Philippe Baumann

Andree LaRiviere Holly MacKechnie

Bear & Rabby Berg-Hurlock

Lisa Havens

Mac-1 Birchman

Roselle Hay

Theresa Berg

James & Jane Birchman

Piper Hay

Honey Henderson

Valentino & Misty Blitzer

Peter & Laila Henderson

Max, Murphy, Tigger, Bear & Walley Borrow

Mike & Cheryl Herscher

Mark Blitzer

Diana Borrow

Mr. Moose Macheezmo Brady Jennifer Brookes

Annie & Gruff Burton Leyla Huang

Precious & Baby Boy Bushara

ZoĂŤ Herscher

Boogie & Woody Holt Megan Holt

Cooper Jacobson Judith & Robert Jarvis

Dylan Jensen

Lorraine Jensen

Gunner, Gabby & Daisy Johnson

Elke Lewis

Catherine R. Bushara

Nancy Lim

Gregory & Carol Carras

Rich & Charlyne Kinnamon

Wendy Peterson & Dennis Timm

Danny Mangold

Kelly T. Clark

Ophelia Clarke

Alice "Lovie" the Cat Kjosness

Tuk Weaver

Charlie & Ruby McCann

The Clinton Family

Marie Ledwith

Sugar Cochran

Isabella Lotz

Craig & Linda Watkins

Sassy Watkins Debbie Darrah

Mars Weathers

Carol & Charlie Baumann Janna Harala

Catherine Smegal

Ballard Animal Hospital

Jim Mitchell

April Webber

Sarah Merlino

Cascade Animal Clinic

Chili Weber

Donna Weber

Sharon & Thomas Chiarella Lynn & Craig Peterson

Kerry Moore

Pogo Weidkamp

Virginia S. Bennett

Jack Weisbaum

Erin Martin

Barkley Westfall

Lauren Barrett

Ashley Wheeler

Tom & Brenda Kidd

Katie & Tony Chace

Mike & Sue Pearce Caterina Bertucci

Jessie Wheeler

Piglet Whittaker

Ballard Animal Hospital

Muttley Wijenaike

Mill, Katherine & Mochi

H.J. Park

Dana Pigott & Kids George Roach

Stefanie & Eric Robinson Robert Morris

Cynda Rochester

Catharine Rochester


Correy & Bruce Williams

Christina Lui

Jazzy Williams

Cami Kidwell

Eryl Williams

Ballard Animal Hospital

Sasha Wilson

Sarah Shiers Connie & Mark Siegle David Beverly

Samantha Carras

Lucy Clinton

Donna M. Cochran

Hoss, Hondo, Dude, Smudge & Whip Cutler Robert Cutler

Tanner Daiger

Laurie Daiger

Margaret DeSalvo

Wahine Diamond

Abby Difani

Honeybear Younker

Herb & Deb Weisbaum

Nail Zasimova-Yarmushevich Irina V. Zasimova

Maddie Zimbelman

Carole Ann & Larry Milton

Pet - In Honor Of Astro Abraldes Grace Abraldes

Opie Taylor Farley Sara Farley

Chloe Fleming

Alexis Fleming


Keith Musig

Chloe & Spencer Gibson Mary Gibson

Shinobi Gillikin Kira Gilmer

Jessica Northey

Annabelle Zylstra

Honey Fang

All Animals For Adoption

Brody, Gus, Charley & Lucy Zylstra

Janis Traven

Alvhild Larson

Susan Gillikin

Rachel Ackerman

Lucy, Fred & Scotty Anderson

Francis & Melissa Anderson

Mrs. Estelle Puff Mayer

Beth Mayer

Guiness McCan Cindy & Larry McCarthy

Skaya & Herschel McCullough Jack, Emily, Beauts & Duke McCune

Fluffy Ackerman

Baby Zukor

Annie Matsuda

Kitty Dinken

Lindsey Effner

Tucker Gilmer Chief, Ocho & Barak Grekin

Shirley Grekin

Tootie Pellman

Denise Melanson

James Petts

Buddy, Sway, Calvin & Dottie Prine Megan Prine & Brian Stoltz

Dopey Pritting

Gary & Audrey Pritting

Oreo Riordan

Ronald Rhodes

Lucien Ripley-St. George Joanne Tews

Emma Risch

Jeani & George Risch

Lilly & Mijo Robb Scott & Jean Robb

Zak Rogers

Warren & Asuncion Rogers

Chelsea Rudy Nancy Rudy


Leola Ross

Misty, Mylee & Maisie Sargent Kathleen N. Sargent

Murphy Scheidegger

Jack Scheidegger

Sir Douglas Pickles Schultz Brenda Schultz

Oletta See

Carl & K.D. See

Sandy Smits

Mary Lignana

Nanette Korslund

Rudy Effner

Dewey Overmier

Marley Manning

Katya Difani

Herman & Joanne Dinken

Olis Ohaks

Kimberly & Erik Smits

Murphy McCarthy

Jeri Dickerson

Luna O'Brien

Bill & Ellen O'Brien

Members of Magnolia Presbyterian Church

Wiley Dickerson

Herb & Deb Weisbaum

Cindy Hirsch & David Kowalsky

Magnolia Presbyterian Church's Blessed Pets

Erin McCan

Lucy Young

The Younker & Maslan Families

Anna Lotz

Myla, Michael & Catherine Diamond

Ariel Fang

Trudi Wright

Dudley Ledwith

Patti Matsuda

Mary Walters & Daniel Griffin Sally Covington

Steve Kjosness

Rudy DeSalvo

Sass & Mister Wright

Betty Bender

Rufus Kinnamon

Susan Manning

Melva Davis

Xena Evans

Donna Hough-Thomas & Richard Thomas

Barbara Johnson

Trigger Davis

Sarah Thomas & Liam Crawford

Larry & Hellen Wilson

Samantha Winchester-Atteberry


Susie Anderson

Francis & Melissa Anderson

Paula McCune

Kitzel Melrose

Barbara Melrose

Maggie Merlino

Sharon & Thomas Chiarella Sarah Merlino Lynn & Craig Peterson

Midge & Missy Miller

Raymond Miller

Lily Minkin

Stuart & Elizabeth Minkin

Lucy Sobolewski Molly Stavheim Judy Stavheim

Charlie Brown & Cassie Stewart Carol & Peter Stewart

Jaxon Stewart

Emily A. Stewart

Stewert Torkelson

Melissa & Kurt Torkelson

Chester & Ally True Stephanie Eby True

Buddy Tun

Soe Tin Tun

Charlie Ulstein

Stephanie & Hans Ulstein

Sweetie Pie Van Doren Nora & Kenneth Van Doren

Lucy Wilson

Karen Wilson

In Honor of Anniversary Joan & John Shrader


Carolee Danz Carolyn Hall

Rufus Morrison

In Honor of Bat Mitzvah

Jacquelyn Sigler

Cody Morrison

Julio, Bagheera & Iris Multari Nina Multari

Simba, Kiara, Ariel & Zerbitz Northey

Jessica Northey

Elizabeth Bensussen

Many Friends & Family Simplicity ABC, LLC

Emma Gottlieb

Emma Gottlieb Many Friends and Family

Dalia Puterman The Peres Family

In Honor of Birthday Susan Anaya

Jim, Lyn, & the Kitties Bolster

Dennis Bloch

Marc & Joyce Nemirow JoEllen Schill

Shelby Bolster Jim, Lyn, & the Kitties Bolster

Brooke Burns

Barbara Ross-Burns

Jennifer Byrne Nancy Byrne

Kaia Cosper

Mike & Ingrid Goodman Wendy Laporte Mika Yamamoto Kaila Yun & Peter Kim Many Friends & Family

Tessa Cosper

Mike & Ingrid Goodman Wendy Laporte Mika Yamamoto Kaila Yun & Peter Kim Many Friends & Family

Deborah Watje Jennifer Larson

Faith Cox

Karen & Daniel Oie Margaret Stanley Lisa Traver Many Friends & Family

Joshua P. Darr

Joshua M. Darr

Vicki Dopps

Nanci, Joel, Hannah, Hugo & Guy Richards

Ruth Fjellman

The Fjellmans of Colorado

Danny Foley

Brendan & Anne Foley

Christi Gerber

Mike McGirk

Dr. Elizabeth Gold Susie & Rey Tejada

Hana Goldstein

Mark Gunlogson & Heidi Bornstein

Odin Hubbard Shawna Fike

Rohan Kapur

M. McPoland & C. Dolan

Meghan Kiernan Thomas Graham

Katy Mounsey

Joseph Elevathingal & Mercy Pathiyamoola Tom & Jill Mounsey Robert & Iris Wolfe

Neri Osmanovic Brandon Blake

Rebecca Pellman

Denise Melanson

Soleil Perrin

Aimee Pinckney & Loret Waldal Renait Stephens Shelly Stumpf

Bryce Pielage

Many Friends & Family

Sandra Pollock

Jennifer & Mike Fitzgerald

Ellen Williams

Dr. Amy Winston

In Honor of Marriage Dylan Beal & Laura Anderson David Drachman

We've Been Adopted!

Rochelle & Leo Catt Mary Burns-Haley

Chris Koh & India Fitting

Nelly Sing

Jennifer Lohn & Mitch Upton Patricia White

Jeff & Amanda Miller Vicki White

Thanks to your support, Seattle Humane found homes for more than 1,000 pets since our last issue. Join us in celebrating some of our great fall adoptions and know that these pets will be spending the holidays with a loving family.

Eric Neustadter & Chloe Brown Erik Bodor Jim Demonakos John Guarino Ava Leung Jonika Melcher

Greg Rankich & Heidi Brown Rankich

Josh Addison R.D. Addison Megan Ball Jennifer Bossio Steve Brown Tomey Chandler Dana Desimone Martin Dey Monique Douglas James Easton Meghan Finney Hera Fredette Aimee Garcia Michaele Hamilton Travis Jorgensen Gaith Kadir Lisa Kalina Carol Kowalski Michael Kroepfl Michelle la Cour Holli Lancaster Barbara Lengyel Linda Lingafelter Jennifer Mount Dr. Scott Neuhaus Melissa & Eric Newstrand Richard Palmer Kevin Phillips Priya Priyadarshini Carrie Read Michelle Richardson Elsa R. Rosenberg Renea Saade Afton Scudder Ellen Weeks Jennifer Whealy Connie White Vladimir Zivkovich

Mew Mew

Adopted in September


Adopted in October


Adopted in October


Kristen & Jeremy Reznich

Adopted in October

Christy & Dave Craig

Elisabeth Sotak & Sean Richardson Sheryl & Jon French Laurel Gilmore Andrea & Bill Jones Falyn Sokol Mia, Richard, Phoebe & the Menagerie Wall Fanny Yang

Noelle Valbuena Paet & Mike Paet


Adopted in September

Pastor Paula McCutcheon

In Honor of Retirement Rob Brooks

Hellam Varon & Co. Inc. P.S.

Get Well Wishes

Maki Mia

Adopted in October

Kathy Connors Lisa Lee & Jack


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Seattle, WA Permit No. 1151

13212 SE Eastgate Way Bellevue, WA 98005


GIVE A THAT GIVES BACK Help save a life this holiday season. Remember the animals at the Seattle Humane Society during this season of kindness as you plan your year-end giving. Every donation counts. Gifts benefiting the animals in Seattle Humane Society's care can be tax-effective, too. Here are some examples: Gift Type Cash Stock or Mutual Funds Real Estate IRAs*

Benefits Tax deduction Tax deduction Tax elimination on gain Tax deduction Tax elimination on gain Possible tax deduction

To make a gift, call (425) 373-5382 or visit *Please check with your financial advisor for the latest opportunities that apply to your situation.

Seattle Humane Society Magazine - Winter 2012  

Learn about Seattle Humane Society's Holiday Happenings, our Pet Food Bank, plus adoption stories and more.

Seattle Humane Society Magazine - Winter 2012  

Learn about Seattle Humane Society's Holiday Happenings, our Pet Food Bank, plus adoption stories and more.