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Importance of marketing research – Seattle Marketing Research Groups There are many marketing problems that a business in Seattle may face for its product, price, place and promotion. Other problems include right packaging, branding, product design, advertising etc. Therefore, marketing research by companies with Seattle market research professionals with experience in research recruiting and focus groups participants are an important tool to solve these problems. Factors that impact your business: •

Information of market

Market information includes its size in terms of number of customers, segmentation in terms of geographic, gender etc., demand and supply scenario etc. •

Insight into existing customers and identifying potential customers

Insight into existing customers and identifying potential customers is also a key factor which impacts your business. •

Understanding needs of customers and their behavior

You should Understand and evaluate the needs of potential customers. Their behavioral preference for particular color, size, type and price is also needed to be evaluated and developing your products and services accordingly. •

Identifying your competitors and your business opportunities

Research can provide you with valuable information about your competitors and new business opportunities with identifying existing gaps. •

Resolve business problems and develop business strategies

You can easily identify your problems through market research and can develop your business strategies accordingly. The importance of market research can be depicted from the following points: •

It provides many valuable data

Marketing research provides valuable data about demand and supply, consumer behavior etc. This data can be used for improving the quality of decisions in marketing field and in decision making.

It studies consumer behavior

Study of consumer behavior relates to the opinion of consumers towards a company’s product. It also studies their likes, dislikes and income. This data is useful in making company’s marketing policies and deciding production. •

Helps in selecting suitable techniques for sales promotion.

Marketing research helps in selecting the proper media for advertising the company’s product and also helps to prepare budget for advertising and sales promotion. •

Provides information related to market in Seattle and other places

Through information related to the Seattle market research we can find out, present and future demand and supply position, level of competitions and steps to control it, market opportunities and cause of fall in sales level •

Helps a company in evaluating its marketing performance

Marketing research can help a company to evaluate its marketing performance and steps to further improve it. It is used to find out the effect of different parameters like package, brand name etc. on sales. The effectiveness of advertising and sales promotional technique is also evaluated through it. •

Miscellaneous importance

The miscellaneous importance of marketing research is     

Marketing research increases reputation of a company by increasing efficiency of its marketing team. It helps to take rational and effective decisions. A company can choose suitable staff for doing research. With the help of marketing research a company can make suitable growth and expansion plans. It is a total benefit to all aspects of marketing.

There are many online sites which provide services based on marketing research. These services are convenient, cost effective and offer quick results. They have online survey experts which conduct and design surveys online. Various advantages of these online marketing research services are: • • • •

At one time large number of respondents can be researched. Online market research has no boundaries as you can get information from any part of the world at the click of mouse. It is a cost efficient way to conduct a large research projects. It is a fast method to conduct research and results can be received within few days.

About Nwinsights: Market research is very much helpful to every one involved with marketing in Seattle. But its usefulness and importance is most for a manufacturer as he knows how to sell, when to sell, where to sell and to whom he should sell through it with Seattle market research. Nwinsights is a Market Research Services organization, focus in top-quality hosting and employing for qualitative research in the Pacific Northwest. They bring years of knowledge to your plan to assist you center on discover research insights instead of distressing about show rates and recruiting the correct participant. If you need specialized moderation and/or examination for your focus group or usability session, Northwest Insights has people in this team who are the highly experienced moderators and usability engineers on the West Coast. Northwest Insights is a Seattle-based market research firm. They categorize and aid focus groups, product evaluation, usability testing, and a multiple product research projects. Companies bond with Northwest Insights to manage market research studies to assist them superiorly understand the needs of their consumers. For more information about the full examination design and discussion available from your Northwest Insights team, please visit this or for more information.

Northwest Insights - Market Research Services Northwest Insights services include recruiting and hosting for focus groups, usability studies, and ethnographic fie...

Northwest Insights - Market Research Services Northwest Insights services include recruiting and hosting for focus groups, usability studies, and ethnographic fie...