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Welcome to the 2016-18 edition of the Green Pages.

Seattle Chapter

As the new Seattle Chapter President, I invite you to use the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Green Pages Directory. Here, you will find architects, contractors, et. al., who design, build, and contribute to sustainable solutions in the Built Environment.

NWEBG Seattle Chapter Sustainable Building Professional Directory

We’re excited to announce the 25th Anniversary of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Green Pages. We continue to be leaders in the green building industry by promoting sustainable building solutions, educating the public, and pushing the envelope just a little further. Use the Directory as a source to find information, get inspired, and participate. We hope to see you soon!

Green Pages

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Cate O’dahl, ESP Services 425-670-1342 Production & Pre-Press Coordinator

Sheldon W. O’dahl, Dirty Dog Productions

Eric Thomassian President, Seattle Chapter Northwest EcoBuilding Guild


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on recycled-content newsprint. Copyright © 2016 Northwest EcoBuilding Guild All rights reserved. Seattle Chapter Green Pages is a publication of ESP Services and the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Seattle Chapter PO Box 20746, Seattle, WA 98102 Members, advertisers and sponsors in publications of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild have not been formally reviewed or screened to determine the degree of their environmentally responsible practices. Please observe due diligence when selecting any contractor or other service professional. Comments made in the listings of members and advertisements are not the opinion of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, the Green Pages editor, or production staff, and the Guild does not take responsibility for their expertise or actions.

Seattle Chapter Green Pages

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T H A N K YO U ! ! We are pleased to acknowledge these individuals and organziations for their generous support of the 2016-18 Seattle Chapter Green Pages!

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Lush and cozy Wedgewood ADU, transformed garden shed into an inviting office space. Received Built Green 3-star certification. Builder: Model Remodel Photo: Cindy Apple Photography GP-5

Green Pages 2016  

The NW EcoBuilding Guild's directory of sustainable building professionals

Green Pages 2016  

The NW EcoBuilding Guild's directory of sustainable building professionals