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rainwater from a given storm event. RainWise provides rebates to private property owners to manage the rain that falls on their roof using a rain garden (see below) or cistern. RainWise cisterns are specially equipped to let the water collected slowly trickle back into the sewer system to then be ready to fill again during the next storm. RainWise is available to about 50,000 properties in Seattle neighborhoods with combined storm and sewer pipes; in these areas, heavy rains can cause sewer overflows. However, even if you are not in a RainWiseeligible neighborhood, installing a cistern has multiple benefits.

Capturing and slowing the release of rainwater helps reduce pollutants and erosion and also helps with seasonal flooding in addition to providng irrigation water for your gradens and landscape. Cisterns are available for purchase at Seattle Conservation Corps at about-us/do-business-with-us/ supplies-for-sale. To check a property’s eligibility for a RainWise rebate, look up the address at Several other jurisdictions also provide incentives. A full list of incentive programs can be found at under “resources.”

instances, cisterns can come to the rescue. To find out if a rain garden is right for your home, visit for more information on cisterns, rain gardens, and other kinds of green stormwater infrastructure. RainWise information can be found here too. For resources on cisterns and rainwater catchment, also visit stewardship/nw-yard-andgarden/rain-barrels. Jo Sullivan is a project manager for the Community Services and Environmental Planning Unit for King County. For more information:

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Greener Living Solutions, Inc.

206-789-2540 Joanna D’Asaro / Bert Bradley

Seattle based award-winning full service Design & Build team specializing in unique and detailed Residential Interior Remodels and Exterior Landscape & Landscape Architecture projects. Kitchen, bathrooms, garages & additions. Outdoor living spaces, permeable patios, edible gardens, grading and Green Stormwater Infrastructure. Lets team up on your next project! Seattle Chapter Green Pages

Rain gardens are a beautiful solution to manage rainwater, but may not be appropriate in some situations. The location may be too small, too steep, or have poorly draining or contaminated soils. In these

Lead Safe Certified Services

WEdesign, Inc.

Serving King County from West Seattle 206-459-7022

WEdesign offers organic and sustainable landscaping services to homeowners in King County. We design and install Northwest gardens that provide food, shade, privacy, and enjoyment.

Pathway Design & Construction 206-947-4809

Pathway Design & Construction is a remodeling company with a focus on creating a healthier living space while adding value and longevity to your home.

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Green Pages 2016  

The NW EcoBuilding Guild's directory of sustainable building professionals

Green Pages 2016  

The NW EcoBuilding Guild's directory of sustainable building professionals