February 2017

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End of Life Care: Choices & Dignity Emily Pinzur is a Seattle-based certified End of Life Doula and an energy healer who provides practical and emotional support for individuals and families facing death. The role of a an end of life doula My clients can choose my help in as many or as few ways as they like. I offer packages and a la carte services. I am a certified end of life doula, death doula, mourning doula, home funeral doula and professional post-loss artifact reorganizer. I am also a social worker and a certified Reiki and integrative energy healer. As a death doula, I demystify death and dying, allowing my clients and their loved ones to better connect with themselves and one another while experiencing the rich possibilities of both life and death. 12



In this role, I work with clients who know they are at the end of life. We start with the process of Life Review. You tell your story, in a personalized and meaningful way, formally or informally, using whatever style or media feels right. A vast literature of clinical research agrees that this process of nonjudgmental observation and reflection has multiple benefits, including but not limited to: providing comfort, identifying and resolving areas of discomfort or conflict, sharing new details with loved ones, promoting healing and acceptance, and creating meaningful dialogue as a pathway toward a more deeply connected encounter with death. While I do not provide or give opinions about clinical care, I use coaching in the form of progressive exploration to ensure you make conscious choices, and explore “best fit” solutions, that reflect your needs and wants at end of life. If desired, I am present during the time of transition, holding sacred space. If a family is traveling from out of town and doesn’t want their loved one to transition alone, I am there. Likewise, if a family is present and wants support, I am there, enhancing our uniquely human experience through mindful attention and calm presence. I stay with your loved ones until they feel complete, offering assistance as requested, including end of life blessings, space clearing, and support calls. Working with moments of transition My love of working with the energies of liminal spaces and moments of transition, combined with my new understanding of the healing potential of energy body, led me to hospice care as a social worker. I loved many things about hospice, most of all the opportunity to facilitate and witness healing and forgiveness work on all planes, as the beautiful synergy of energy work, a profound meditation on healing and love for both recipient and practitioner, helps people let go. The more I experienced this shedding of layers for myself, I knew there was something even greater for me. When a hospice nurse friend told me about an end of life doula course, I I felt a roaring, resounding YES from somewhere deep inside, and I knew my life would never be the same. I found Momdoulary LLC’s MourningDoula.com Five in One Certification Program and enrolled immediately. And here I am, profoundly grateful to perform this sacred work; it is my pleasure, my joy, and my deep need. I am honored to walk this path. Navigating grief and loss Imagine you have just lost a loved one. Whether the loss was expected or sudden, life has changed. What was familiar may seem strange; what was simple may seem difficult, if not impossible. However, time marches on, no matter how we feel, and there are many tasks to be completed and arrangements to be made when a loved one dies. As a mourning doula, I provide emotional, informational, and practical support for you as you experience of the loss of your loved one. I understand your needs, not only addressing but also anticipating them. I provide emotional support. I may sit with you over a cup of tea and simply listen, or perhaps stay the night. I may call you or visit in the days, weeks and months post-loss to