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The Seattle Valley Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Nov / Dec 2012

volume 59, No. 10 206-324-3330

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any of you will receive this Communicator in the last days of November as the strains of Christmas carols are beginning. As the year comes to a close, the office staff extend our best wishes to all the members of the valley for a holiday season filled with much happiness to be shared with friends and family. It is also the time to recognize the efforts of the body heads and the many appointed directors this year. As a result of the many discussions this year, we are postured well for the coming years. We continue to stress the importance of education to our new members, fulfilling our mission to serve as the University of Freemasonry.


t our upcoming November stated meeting, we will be electing the new slate of officers. To those who have agreed to serve this coming year and who will assume responsibility for their bodies, we are looking forward to working with each of you. We will be installing the new officers at our regular January meeting. We have many events scheduled for the remainder of this year to which we welcome all of you attend within your busy schedules.


ecember 18 will be our annual Christmas Party. The families are invited with Santa Claus being in attendance, especially the children. The dinner will be at 6:30 PM with the program to follow at 7:30 PM.

Our new year will begin with the Grand Masters Reception hosted by the Valley of Seattle, Scottish Rite, for the Masters and Masters –elect of the lodge in the area. Please contact the Masters of your home lodge and extend a personal invitation for them to attend. All other officers and their wives are also cordially invited to attend. As in past years the reception will be held at our building on 1207 N 152nd.


ecause of the busy holiday season, our 14th degree has been scheduled for February 9th. Details wlll be coming out in the upcoming Communicator.

Fraternally, Sat Tashiro, 33° Personal Representatiave of the S:.G:.I:.G:.

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Scottish Rite Communicator Valley of Seattle


Sovereign Grand Commander

William R. Miller, 33°

S. G. I. G., Orient of Washington

Sat Tashiro, 33°

Personal Rep. of S. G. I. G.

Greg Goodrich 32° KCCH General Secretary

Norman Miller, 33° Treasurer

Charles Olmstead , 33° Almoner

Greg Goodrich, 32° KCCH Editor, The Communicator


Venerable Master, Lodge of Perfection

Phillip See, 32°

Wise Master, Chapter of Rose Croix

Robert George, 32° KCCH Commander, of Kadosh

Jeff Lane, 32° KCCH

Master, Seattle Consistory

Jeff Craig, 32° KCCH Chief, Knights of St. Andrew

Scottish Rite Masonic Center 1207 N 152nd St Seattle, WA 98133-6213 206 324-3330 voice 206 324-3332 fax

Brian Lorton

Building Manager

Lorna Schack

Administrative Assistant

The Communicator (USPS 485-660) is published by the Seattle Valley of Scottish Rite, 1207 N 152nd St., Seattle, WA 98133-6213, for the benefit of its members, bi-monthly and is mailed as a non-profit publication to all members of the Seattle Valley and to specified other interested parties. $2.00 per member is assessed for the publication of The Communicator. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle, Washington and at additional mailing offices. The material contained within this publication is intended for the education and enjoyment of the members of the Masonic Fraternity and all material published becomes the property of Seattle Valley of Scottish Rite. Permission to reproduce material from this publication for Masonic publications is hereby granted. Postmaster: Send address changes to — The Communicator at 1207 N 152nd St., Seattle, WA 98133-6213.

2012 Christmas Ornament Order your fourth annual House of the Temple Christmas Tree Ornament while supplies last. Proceeds from the sale of this will benefit the House of the Temple Historic Preservation Foundation’s Rebuilding the Temple Campaign. The Christmas ornament depicts the fireplace in the Grand Commander’s Suite, decorated for the holiday. The ornament sells for $25.00 plus shipping. Limited quantities of the first, second and third annual ornament are still available. Visit or call toll free 1-800-445-9196 for your limited collectible souvenir of the House of the Temple.

Valley News

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Greetings! In the consciousness of the Supreme Architect of all that is!

Attention Members on the East Side To: Seattle Valley Scottish Rite Members – Eastside Locations = Beleveue, Issaquah, etc. Recognizing the changes in traffic patterns in recent years, and the difficulty in attending the regular stated meeting, in the early evening hours, at our Scottish Rite building in Shoreline, we are exploring options to provide a means of education and fellowship in a local setting. Towards this end we are proposing to hold a planning get-together for those who may be interested in such a Eastside Scottish Rite Club – Seattle Valley. If the responses are positive, details of the club will be ironed out at subsequent meetings. You are cordially invited to attend the Brewhouse located in Issaquash, which is on the first floor of the Issaquah Masonic Center, adjacent to the state salmon hatchery. The address is 35 Sunset St. and the time will be at 1:00 PM on Saturday, December 8th. For further information about the formation of the East Side Scottish Rite Club please contact Bro. John Hannaman, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. via email = or call the office and speak with the General Secretary. Our SGIG has expressed his support as we strive to meet the needs of our geographically dispersed membership.

Sat Tashiro, 33° Greg Goodrich, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. Personal Representatiave of the S:.G:.I:.G:. General Secretary

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Seattle Scottish Rite Christmas Party


December 18th at 6:30 pm

rethren, Get ready! We are going to have one of the most heartwarming and fun Christmas parties ever. A visit from “the real” Santa Claus and other entertainment perfect for the whole family.


hen? The party will be on Dec. 18th with a scrumptious Christmas dinner being served at 6:30. Come early so that we can start the show at 7:30, early enough to get kids back home. But then, we are all kids and this Santa will take us back to being a child again.


eserve your space now for you and your family today. Space will be limited. Please call the office to tell us how many children you will bring so we can ensure that we have enough presents for them. - Mac Macdonald, 32°

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Seattle Scottish Rite Christmas Party


ac Alexander Macdonald, 32째 is the President The LYFE Enhancement Company - www. Author of the new book Lighting Your Own Fuse - A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion.

RSVP is required - Contact the Scottish Rite office for further info or to RSVP. 206-324-3330

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International News


letter from the S:.G:.I:.G:. of the Supreme Council for Germany was sent to our brother Hellmut Fischer, 32°. Ill. Bro. Peter Ehley, 33° sends his greetings from “across the pond” to the brethren of Seattle valley.


ncluded with the letter is a picture of Bro. Peter and other members in Germany. It is always great to hear form our brethren in other jurisdictions.

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Letter from S:.G:.I:.G:. of the Supreme Council for Germany to Seattle Valley Brother, Hellmut Fischer, 32째

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rethren, as you have read in the last issue of the Supreme Council’s Scottish Rite magazine, our Grand Commander wrote a great article on “slow masonry”. How many of you know that Seattle Valley is indeed, practicing slow masonry? We are proud to be one of the few Valleys in the Southern Jurisdiction to actually put this into practice.


number of years ago it was decided to forgo the typical three day reunions our Grand Commander was talking about, in favor of a longer, slower process for our new candidates. We are currently working with our newest members who received their fourth degree a little over a month ago and I am pleased to report that it is going great. We have a great bunch of brethren who are truly interested in the history and esoteric teachings of the Scottish Rite. In addition we are working through the Master Craftsman program individually and as a class, and are moving along nicely. We are focusing on education and the meaning behind the degrees and embrace our Grand Commanders message. As our Grand Commander said in his article, “I would encourage you to rediscover your Masonry at your pace and in your time”.


would like to take this opportunity to invite any brother who is interested to attend these meetings. This is a great time to meet our new members, take part in great conversations, and learn a little more about the history and teachings of the Scottish Rite. Our next meeting is on December 15th at 2:00 pm in the membership lounge. See you then! Greg Goodrich, 32° K:.C:.C:.H:. General Secretary

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Supreme Council News Scottish Rite Has Talent


o you play an instrument? Are you and fellow brothers a part of a band? Have friends complimented you on your singing voice?

Celebrating the Craft is looking for YOU! Scottish Rite Has Talent is a contest in which we will judge video entries of musical talent and ultimately choose only TWELVE to perform LIVE during the 2013 Celebrating the Craft. Musical Performers, whether an individual or a group, from Orients all over the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, are invited to submit videos no longer than five minutes in length to be entered into this contest. From each Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, Orient, we will choose one submission as a semi-finalist. These semi-finalists then will be identified during the 2013 Celebrating the Craft and announced in The Scottish Rite Journal and on our web site. Of the semi-finalists, TWELVE will be chosen as winners. These twelve winners will be invited to perform LIVE during the May 18, 2013 Celebrating the Craft. **Winners will be responsible for their transportation to Washington, D.C. The Celebrating the Craft will provide lodging and meals through the dates May 17–19, 2013.** Instructions for Submission: * Record talent in a 5-minute maximum length video. * Clearly state the name of the talent and their Orient at the beginning of the video. * Visit the Video Entry page and follow submission instructions. * The deadline is February 28, 2013, 11:59 pm EST. * Questions? Email or call 202–777–3196. RULES & GUIDELINES Submission: The deadline for submission is February 28, 2013, 11:59 pm EST.


uestions? Contact the Supreme Council via Email or call 202–777–3196.

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Grandfather’s Story – A speech given at RiteCare’s Beyond Words luncheon on October 25, 2012

A Journey into the Unknown: There was great joy and excitement when Quinn was born 5 1/2 years ago as the third child of Jill and Paul. She was a tiny bundle of life, wrapped in a blanket of hope and optimism, and slept with contentment and assurance. A pretty child if I can say so myself. Quinn began walking at 10 months and would fall without trying to catch herself. She was non-verbal, and over time, used vocalizations, gestures, sign language and pictures to meet her communicative needs. Her communicative skills were met with limitation and frustration as she neared her second birthday. In general, she was able to make her wants known, but she could verbalize one word with five distinct inflections to identify her needs. That word was anya. Quinn was given a hearing test at two years of age which showed she was not hearing specific sounds and probably had been relatively deaf for the most part of her two young years of life. After having her adenoids removed and having ear tubes implanted, she was beginning to recognize sounds and respond to her name. She began to laugh while running or moving, but not when she was still. She was not mimicking sounds as might be expected of a child her age. Jill began the long journey of seeking an answer – any answer – from a pediatrician, a clinician, a doctor, a technician, a therapist, or an associate near or far. Examinations in the medical field included x-rays, CAT Scans, and MRIs with puzzling results, but the long sought answer was not to be given. The greatest frustration for Jill and Paul was the time spent and effort expended and not having an answer for a seemingly obvious concern. Having to wait for appointments and interviews without direct involvement of the child, and being told the meeting on the long awaited day was not for an examination or for the revelation of a long-sought prognosis, but a preliminary interview for the setting of a date for another examination. The proverbial theme became “Let’s wait and see, then wait longer and see what happens.” The family insurance coverage was quickly capped and we learned that local school districts do not provide specialized programs for special needs students who may fall outside the established and structured special education programs. Resources and opportunities for an individual with a specific need seemed to be non-existent or with limited access by referral, and the pursuit for specific and specialized therapy became more challenging. Jill contacted RiteCare and attended a parent’s course on how to foster communications with a child having a speech disorder. The doors of opportunity and hope had opened at last. Quinn began her therapy for speech, first once a month, then twice a month, once a week, then twice a week. Papa’s introduction and participation: In light of working full time and carrying for a family of five, Jill invited me to assist in bringing Quinn to RiteCare on a weekly basis to lighten the family burden. Once a week I rise at O’dark-thirty, pour some Cheerios into my favorite cereal bowl, brew a little coffee, and set my course for Arlington. I would meet the little girl dressed in a pink tutu with a matching pretty in her hair, and together, we would travel the highways to Shoreline. At first the conversation in the car was a monologue of sorts with Quinn in agreement or with a polite response of implied correction or added thought. Sights recognized along the route were animated with hand gestures and a raised voice, leaving me to fill the blanks of meaning. “Old McDonald Had a Farm” became a song sung on nearly every trip that included animals and creatures of all makes and models, sizes, shapes and colors. Tone and tempo, key and pitch made little difference. Quinn’s engagement and participation always brought joy and excitement as she attempted to sing along, then stating, “Mo Papa, Mo Papa!” when we reached the end of the tune. There were moments of enlightened surprises as she would learn new words and phrases that included difficult letters such as “f” and “p” as in “funny” and “phooey,” “puppy”, and “people.” And it was even more surprising when she stated “Papa’s foo-foo” and “Papa’s pooh-pooh.” How can one object to a sweet young girl learning to pronounce the difficult letters of “f” and “p” with profound meaning and authority? Having spent thirty years in law enforcement and hearing the broad spectrum of everything imagined I could only conclude she had done her homework in earnest. The weekly interactions will always be remembered as special moments between Papa and a granddaughter, remembering Quinn had one word in her vocabulary with five definitions at two years of age and seven words at three years of age. Quinn could pronounce nearly 50 words at four years of age and the number of sounds of consonants and vowels continue to grow. Confidence and certainty is building as short sentences are formulated and verbalized. She is no longer the shy little girl that couldn’t speak. I will forever remember telling Quinn at her home this past summer, “I love you, Quinn” to which she responded, “I luuv yooo too, Papa.” Not only did her response raise my eyebrows but it brought a deep sense of joy in recognizing her remarkable accomplishment in three short years. There was little question that she had indeed raised the benchmarks of scholastic achievement. Our Journey continues with great admiration and deep respect for the work and dedication of the men and women of RiteCare of Washington as they continue to serve the specific needs of children. We have seen progress and growth in the past three and a half years with Quinn and we see a brighter future with greater opportunities for her. We face tomorrow with greater hope because we have seen and experienced the works of RiteCare. There is no question that the children beneath their wings and in their charge are the greatest benefactors of their giving. And it is through their unselfish giving that we may once again hear the words of the little girl who once wore the little pink Tutu with a matching pretty in her hair when she says, “I love you too, Papa.”

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Messages In Memorium Brethren, please remember these, our own, and all the Brethren who have traveled beyond our physical borders to that undiscovered country. Virtus Junxit Mors Non Separabit Ivan Bricel 11/02/2012 Loial Haas 01/15/2009 Milton Kirkwood 08/17/2012 Morris Lindstrom 11/06/2012 Robert Minckler 08/25/2012 AL Sanft 10/07/2012 Elwood Sapp 09/27/2012 Russell Thorp 10/01/2012 Elwyn Weide 10/07/2012

Don’t Forget For the Stated meeting on Nov. 20th, you have to RSVP with the office at least two days before the stated meeting if you plan to eat dinner. You can also purchase your dinner ticket on-line at: Save $5.00 by sending in your RSVP early... Dinner tickets are $15.00 in advance or $20.00 at the door. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Congratulations from all your Scottish Rite brethren to our members who have reached a very important birthday! 11/27/1916 - Henry Magill 11/20/1918 -Jerry Schor 11/6/1919 - Arthur Shipe 11/3/1920 - Walter Somers 11/1/1921- Peter Southas 11/4/1921- Wilbur Otwell 11/21/1921 - Earl Conom 11/24/1921- Joe Gruber 12/1/1913- Joseph David 12/9/1914 - Kenneth Heggen

12/27/1914 - Cyrus Cole 12/16/1922 - Alfred Anthony 12/28/1916 - Frank Piskur 12/25/1922 - John Batt 12/2/1918 - Paul Russom 12/31/1922 - Bert Butterworth 12/16/1918 - Robert Ladd 12/13/1919 - Robert Herrington 12/19/1919 - Joseph Haleva 12/21/1920 - Eugene Pettler 12/25/1920 - Edward Kenny 12/28/1920 - Steve Sarich 12/9/1921 - Jackson Davis 12/18/1921 - John Majnarich

Page 12 Scottish Rite of Freemasonry 1207 N 152nd Street Seattle, WA 98133

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Schedule of Events

Nov / Dec 2012

Tuesday November 20th, 6:30 am - Stated Meeting Saturday December 15th, 2:00 pm - Master Craftsman Class / Education - Open to all members! Tuesday December 18th, 6:30 pm - Christmas Party - Bring your family!

Your legacy, Your Valley? Gifts of Cash / Stocks / Bonds


gift of cash can be given by check, money order, electronic bank drafts or wire transfer. See here how to make a wire transfer.

Please contact the Office for the receiving institution account information. It is important that you notify us of your wire transfer. That is the only way for us to know that you are the donor. Honor and Memorial Gifts


e also encourage you to make honor and memorial gifts. We will be happy to formally notify the honoree or the deceased’s family of your contribution. We will not reveal the amount of your donation.

Bequests and Estate Gifts


otification of intent to leave a bequest or make an estate gift insures the continued success of your Valley.

Seattle Scottish Rite Nov/Dec 2012  

Seattle Scottish Rite Nov/Dec 2012

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