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SeatADvisor are an official partner of BOCA Systems, the indursty standard provider of thermal ticket printers. We recommend the BOCA Lemur printer for use with SABO. All Lemurs come standard with USB, parallel and Serial (RJ12 connector) interfaces. Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi are available as options. These printers are well-suited for ticket, wristband and label applications. RETAIL PRICE: €1500 per printer

BOCA SYSTEMS Without question, the nature of computerized ticketing is changing in a dramatic way. The growth of traditional ticket selling methods combined with new applications such as on-line and kiosk ticket delivery has fueled demand for BOCA’s specialized printer products. Since its inception in 1980, BOCA has been structured to meet these changing industry needs by providing state -of-the- art printer products, innovative designs and responsive customer service. Listening to you, our customers, has allowed us to develop new products and to refine existing designs. Boca’s constant drive to provide you with the best possible products has resulted in one patent in printer technology and a patent pending in printing technology. These advances allow BOCA to provide both tickets and printers with exclusive features and capabilities only available from BOCA.


Scan SABO tickets from your iPod touch or iPhone. Introducing SeatAdvisor iScan Technology, including our iScan laser barcode scanner and SABO mobile application. Ticket taking has never been faster with our new iScan device and mobile app. Simply connect to any Apple IOS device for instant and affordable scanning and access control.

Mobilogics IPDT 380 RETAIL PRICE: €150 per scanner

WIRELESS ACCESS CONTROL USING IPOD TOUCHES OR IPHONES WILL ENHANCE YOUR OPERATIONS. Gone are the days of tethered scanners or expensive, heavy wireless scanners requiring docking stations and challenging programming. Simply attach the iScan to any iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and download our free app from iTunes, and you’re ready to scan tickets!

HOW DO I LOG IN? After opening the app, use your operator’s user name and password. HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT SOUND MEANS WHAT? Just like you can customize your phone's ring tone, you can customize the sounds that correlate to a variety of notifications from "Successful" to "Invalid scans."

WHAT DOES THE REPORTING INFORMATION TELL ME? Reporting on iScans is a snap! Everything is reported in the Access Control Report, detailed just as if it were scanned from any dedicated scanning device. DO I NEED TO ALREADY HAVE AN IPHONE, ITOUCH OR IPAD? Yes. The iScan device and app are designed for these popular mobile devices, currently available at most electronic retailers. See below for list of compatible devices. Barcode Reader At least 5000+ scans on full charge of iPod Touch At least 7000+ scans on full charge of iPhone At least 7000+ scans on full charge of iPad Compatible Barcodes JAN/UPC/EAN incl. add on, Codabar/NW-7, Code 11, Code 39. Code 93, Code 128, GSI-128 (EAN128), GSI DataBar (RSS), IATA, Industrial 2of5, Interleaved 2of5, ISBN-ISMN-ISSN, Matrix 2of5, MSI/Plessey, S-Code, Telepen, Tri-Optic, UK/Plessey.


We have integrated with latest scanning device from Motorola the DS9208. This new device is a fixed point scanner for installing At the entrance of your venue or stadium. The beauty of this device is that it scan tickets (PAH) directly from the screen of your mobile phone without any requirement to physically print the ticket. This makes the ticket buying experience for your patrons far simpler and more user friendly. The device also features a green and red light on the top of the device for easy monitoring by securtity staff of failed and successful scan results. RETAIL PRICE: â‚Ź195 per scanner


1. The Turnstiles we recommend for use with SABO are from Hayward (USA) There are three general styles of turnstile used in the ticketing industry. A) Full height static turnstile B) Half height Static Turnstile C) Half height portable turnstile (this is our most popular option). However any other turnstile type or manufacturer can be integrated to work on request 2. The turnstiles also then need scanning units and an iscan device. These are built by the SeatAdvisor team in Malaysia and are SeatAdvisor Units. The scanning unit connects the iscan unit to the turnstile so that the turnstile barrier can open automatically. As we are using embedded systems (mini computers) it effectively is the same as using a PC. The response time is very fast and always less than one second to open the turnstiles. The pictures below show the SeatAdvisor team at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sepang which have used this solution for the last three years.

Half Height Turnstile Hayward LC-100 with Static Option

Half Height Turnstile Hayward LC-100 with Portable Option

Hayward LC100 Turnstile unit SABO Scanner Unit for Turnstile (for relays & lock trigger) Installation per Scan Unit Flights & hotel cost shall borne by client

£2,500 £ 300 £100


Each member of the Vasario cash drawer family is competitively priced and includes features, such as multifunction locks and drawer status reporting, found in more expensive cash drawers. A variety of models with a wide range of size, style, color, interface and till configuration options are available to meet your specific requirements. The cash drwaer is fired each time your ticket printer prints a ticket. RETAIL PRICE: â‚Ź150 per cash drawer


The MagTek SureSwipe features a magnetic read head on either side, saving card flipping and checkout time. The SureSwipe is available with a USB interface in either HID or a Keyboard Emulation mode and it can be reconfigured in the field. The SureSwipe... RETAIL PRICE: â‚Ź150 per swipe


It is now possible to finalise ant ticket order or batch print in SABO to print onto a plastic credit card style ticket. This is particularly useful for printing season tickets, subscription tickets or membership cards. You print directly from SABO and no extra programs are required other than the driver for the printer.


The Pebble4 is the ideal solution for any type of application that requires single sided printing of plastic cards: employee ID badges, season tickets, loyalty cards, payment cards and many more. Thanks to the most advanced printing engine in the market, The Evolis Pebble4 delivers highdefinition plastic cards within seconds. This solution benefits from the latest encoding technologies: ISO or JIS2 magnetic tracks, and smart card with contact or contactless (RFID).These encoding options can be easily combined to personalise multifeatured plastic cards in a single pass. Pebble4 comes with a very convenient 100-card feeder. Yet, it can also turn into an elegant over thecounter display, thanks to the manual feeding option that lets you print your badges, card by card, for instant delivery to the holder

RETAIL PRICE: â‚Ź2,000 per card printer


SeatAdvisor can provide you with heavily discounted ticket stock for use with your BOCA printer or plastic cards for use with your Evolis Pebble Printer. As a BOCA partner we supply you with a print head warranty should you order your ticket stock from us. Pricing is based on order quantity and number of colours used in your design. To request a quote please contact your account manager.

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Hardware Brochure 2013