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Financial products to help you achieve success.

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Your needs. your dreams. your credit union. Welcome to a financial institution built on your goals.

When you join Quorum, it means more than just opening a new bank account. You become part of a unique financial institution that measures profits by your success. From checking accounts that earn rewards to personalized mortgage counseling, you can always count on us for the most competitive rates and products, and the most attentive service. And remember, once you join Quorum, you can keep your membership for life.

Convenience matters Making your life easier is one of our priorities. No matter where you are, you’ll always have access to your Quorum account. Our Online Banking services let you check your account and make most transactions from anywhere, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even deposits. We’ve got a nationwide network of thousands of fee-free ATMs. And for in-person service, you can visit one of our 4,000 Shared Service Centers. These are branch offices owned by other credit unions where you can make all account transactions with the assistance of a teller. Our Convenience Services include: 24-Hour Online Banking Log on at to easily: • View statements & account history. • Pay/receive bills.

Working for you, not the bottom line. Quorum is a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union. There’s a big difference between credit unions and commercial banks. While banks have to produce profits for shareholders, as a credit union, our profits are shared with our members—that means the more we grow, the more you benefit.

Committed to earning your trust. Since we started in 1934, members have trusted Quorum to provide a safe place for their money. Today we serve more than 40,000 members, making us among the largest, strongest credit unions in the nation. We’re federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, so you’ll always know your deposits are secure.

As a credit union, Quorum distributes profits to you as:

You won’t feel like a number when you call us. There’s no need to choose between the sophisticated products of a big bank and the neighborhood feel of a credit union. We offer both. Our Member Service Representatives are your fellow Quorum members. They’re always willing to take the time to listen and offer solutions tailored to your needs.

• Higher returns on savings • Lower interest rates on loans • Low or no fees for services • Innovative products & convenient services

• Submit check deposits and get instant access to the funds.1 • Withdraw money (a bank check will be mailed to you). • Transfer money between your Quorum accounts and accounts at other financial institutions. • Apply for loans. ATMs and Shared Service Centers

Mobile Banking You can access your account from your mobile phone to view your balances, history, messages, and even make transfers, anywhere, anytime. To enroll, simply log in to Online Banking and click “Mobile” under Preferences. There’s no need to download an application— simply visit on your phone’s Internet browser. VoiceConnect You can call our automated service 24/7 at (800) 874-5544 to check your account or make transactions over the phone, in English or Spanish.

• Access ATMs nationwide (over 59,000 are fee-free; some even accept deposits!) • Visit one of our 4,000 Shared Service Centers nationwide. • Check Service Finder at for your nearest ATM or branch.


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“The Member Service Representatives went above and beyond what any ‘commercial bank’ would have been willing to do. They really made me remember why Quorum handles all of my financial business.”

Checking Accounts

Money Management Earn a higher dividend rate as your balance goes up. There’s no penalty if your balance goes back down.

No matter what your goals are, we offer a checking account that makes sense for you. Each one comes with a free Visa® Check Card, which can be used to make ATM withdrawals or purchases. You’ll get free access to Online Bill payment and free Direct Deposit. There are no monthly service charges.2 Checking Rewards Earn premium dividends, plus points towards rewards with every signature-based transaction. All you have to do is maintain Online Statements and Direct Deposit. Checking Plus Earn dividends with a low minimum balance of just $1,500. No Direct Deposit is required. Regular Checking Handle all of your checking transactions with no minimum balance required. In addition, Quorum offers three levels of Overdraft Protection: Checking Reserve Line-of-Credit You can protect yourself from overdraft fees with a line-of-credit that keeps funds in reserve for when you need it. There’s no charge for this security, nor any interest unless you use it.

Automatic Transfers If your checking account is in danger of being overdrawn, an Automatic Transfer will move funds from your savings account into your checking account to cover the overdraft. Some fees apply. Courtesy Pay We will cover overdrafts as long as your account is in good standing.3 A fee will apply for each transaction that draws your account negative. SAVINGS & INVESTMENT Whether it’s for your child’s education, a special purchase or a comfortable retirement, Quorum offers you many ways to save and invest for the future. Basic Savings Establish your membership with just a $25 minimum deposit. This core account is required to maintain Quorum membership. Name-Your-Own Savings Set up a special account to save for a special purchase, with no minimum balance required. Make monthly or weekly deposits until you reach your goal. Holiday Club Save up for all those holiday purchases. Deposit a fixed amount every week or month until the holiday season starts.

— N.F., member since 1972

Term Accounts Get a higher fixed dividend when you deposit money for a specified period of time. The more you deposit, the more you’ll walk away with at the end of the term. Terms from three months up to five years are available. MoneyBuilder Term Account Works just like a 12-month Term Account but with no minimum balance required to open. Just have at least $25 transferred automatically from one of your other Quorum accounts every month. Then, watch your savings and dividends grow. Custodial Accounts Open an account in your child’s name and teach them the importance of good savings habits early on. IRAs Start putting away money for retirement with a Traditional or Roth IRA. With a Traditional IRA, earnings remain taxdeferred until you make a withdrawal, and may be tax-deductible.4 (Funds cannot be withdrawn prior to age 59.5 without penalty.) Roth IRA deposits are made with after-tax dollars, so no taxes are due when you make withdrawals at retirement. Want an even better return? Start an IRA Term Account with as little as $1,000 available in your Traditional or Roth account. 

MORTGAGES Whether you’re buying your first home or refinancing, we offer many options to make the process easy for you, including a variety of repayment methods and no prepayment penalties. And our experienced Mortgage Officers will guide you every step of the way. First Mortgage Lock in a great low rate with a Fixed Rate Mortgage. Or pay less up front and let the market set your rate with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM). Rest easy knowing this loan type comes with the security of a rate cap and lifetime ceiling. You’ll also have access to competitive homeowners insurance rates. Co-Op Loan Enjoy convenient options towards the purchase of co-op properties. RealtyLine Line-of-Credit Open a line-of-credit based on your home equity. You can access the funds any time for college tuition, home renovations, debt consolidation or whatever else you need. You can also choose to make lower, interest-only payments each month with a flexible Interest-Only RealtyLine Line-of-Credit. Fixed Home Equity Loan Get up to 90% financing for the things you need, with low fixed rates and low fixed monthly payments. No additional closing costs.


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“I had the pleasure of working with Quorum to get a mortgage for my first home. As expected with a first-time buyer, I had many questions. Quorum’s representatives provided all the help that I could ask for. I am very happy with the service they gave and look forward to working with Quorum in the future.” — C.M., member since 1993

MORTGAGES (continued) Online Mortgage Center It’s your one stop for getting the mortgage information you need and starting the process. Find up-to-the-minute rates, learn about all of our mortgage products, apply for loans and check their status. Use our helpful mortgage calculators and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Have a particular rate in mind? Our RateWatch service keeps an eye on rates so you don’t have to. And you can talk to a Mortgage Officer to guide you through the process. Visit LOANS AND CREDIT CARDS Choose from a selection of credit cards and loans with the most competitive interest rates and repayment terms, designed to make things affordable and easy for you. No prepayment penalties. Vehicle Loans Enjoy low rates and flexibility on new or used auto, motorcycle, boat or RV loans. Credit Cards Carry a Visa or MasterCard that gives you confidence and security, with no gimmicks, minimal fees, competitive low rates and no annual fee. And with the Platinum Visa Card, you can also earn points on your purchases towards merchandise and travel rewards.

Personal Loans Choose from a variety of options depending on your situation. We offer: • Unsecured Loans Our Signature Loan requires no collateral—just your signature and your good credit. • Secured Loans Borrow up to 100% of the eligible funds you have in your savings or term account for large purchases. • Bridge Loans Expecting some extra income and don’t want to wait? You can get a short-term, low-interest bridge loan. • Overdraft Line-of-Credit Protect yourself from overdraft fees by keeping $500 or more in reserve. There’s no charge for this security, nor any interest unless you use it. • Student Loans An Undergraduate Private Education Line-of-Credit, available from our partner CU Student Choice, can help cover the gap between attendance costs and traditional financial aid. We offer flexible repayment terms and an aggregate lifetime borrowing maximum of $75,000.

Other Services BALANCE Financial Fitness Program Get free, unbiased and confidential money management counseling and education through BALANCE. You can get help managing your spending and savings, reaching goals like home ownership, understanding your credit report, avoiding bankruptcy and more. You’ll also have access to online financial tools, identity theft protection and investment advice. To speak with a BALANCE counselor, call (888) 456-2227 or e-mail Insurance Make sure you protect everything you’ve got. Through our partnership with the MEMBERS® team of insurance professionals, we can offer the coverage you need to give you peace of mind. • Accidental Death & Dismemberment • Life Insurance • Auto and Homeowners Insurance

We’re ready to start helping you and your family reach your goals. Have a question? To talk with a Member Service Representative, call us at (800) 874-5544 24 hours a day, seven days a week You can also visit our website at

Eligibility applies. Funds are available up to your pre-approved limit, which is based on length of membership, creditworthiness and other relationship factors. When applicable, funds deposited over $2,500 will be held per the Credit Union’s check hold policy. Refer to the Truth in Savings disclosure for more information at Checks must be received within five business days to avoid a reversal of your deposit amount and a fee. Refer to the Credit Union fee schedule at 1

Members will be charged a $5 fee for months when Direct Deposit and Statements Online are not maintained on a Checking Rewards account or when the balance falls below $1,500 on a Checking Plus account. 2

The Credit Union has the discretionary right to refuse to provide this courtesy on any checking account at any time. View our Truth-In-Savings Disclosure at for complete Terms and Conditions. 3


Consult your tax advisor.

Your savings federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government

National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency


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2 Manhattanville Road | Suite 401 | Purchase, NY 10577 914.641.3700 | 800.874.5544 | Fax: 914.641.3730

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Quorum Federal Credit Union Member Guide  

A product and service guide for new members of Quorum, one of the nation's largest not-for-profit credit unions

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