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Consumables overview

Xyron Pro system

X1255 (A3,A4) X2500 (A1,A2) X4400 (A0)


Easy and clean appliance of adhesive and lamination

Machine/Paper Format


Permanent High Tack Permanent Repositionable


Double sided lamination High gloss 125115 (45m)

Combination Permanent adhesive/High gloss laminate (Adh. + Lam.) Repositionable adhesive/High gloss laminate

Laminate & Adhesive Adhesive Combination Mounting Strength Thickness Adhesive (1-10; (per side) Thickness 10=high)

23621 (30m) 23627 (90m) 15,2mic 23623 (30m) 23637 (90m) 15,2mic 23624 (30m) 23628 (51m) 27,9mic 23629 (90m) 23641 (90m) 67,5mic

10 8 3


23625 (30m) 23631 (90m) 67,5mic 15,2mic 23626 (30m) 623255 (45m) 67,5mic 15,2mic

10 3

All consumables are PAT approved.

Xyron Pro Machines XM1255 for A3, A4 Product Code Footprint Document Width (Max) Weight Power Requirements Document Thickness (Max) Cutter

XM 1255 38 cm L x 48.8 cm W x 45.5 cm H 29.8 cm Approximately 6.8 kg None 3.2 mm Removable, replaceable cutter

Your authorized Xyron Dealer

Pluss Ltd +44 (0) 1204 36 44 67

XM2500 for A1, A2 Product Code Footprint Weight Document Thickness (max.) Document Width (max.) Power Requirements Cutter

XM 2500 47cm x 71.4 cm x 38.1cm 40.8 kg 2.5 mm 63.5 cm None Removable, replaceable cutter

XM4400 for A0 Product Code XM 4400 Machine footprint (cm) 128.3 cm (L) x 27.94 cm (W) x 36.83 cm (H) Stand footprint (cm) 125.7 cm (L) x 55.88 cm (W) x 71.12 cm (H) Machine weight 70.45 kg Document thickness 2.54 mm Document size (max) 106.7cm (W) x 91m (L) Electrically driven cold lamination 110-120V @ 2 Amp (max) Document Width (max.) 109.2 cm Cutter Removable, replaceable cutter



Xyron Pro system

Laminate to protect and present

Durable and foldable documents Usage construction drawings, maps, checklists, signs Users construction workers, foresters, schools, public services

Xyron Pro offers three solutions in one easy-to-use package: 1. Applying adhesive 2. Lamination 3. A combination of both Simply feed the item in, turn the handle, and trim. The patented roll-set system allows you to easily switch cartridges between applications. The advanced adhesive formula, coupled with high-pressure rollers, gives outstanding transfer and bonding. • • • •

No smell, no mess, no waiting Fast and easy Without heat or electricity Outstanding transfer and bonding

Presentation If documents need some extra power, lamination of Xyron Pro offers the perfect solution. A glossy finish makes the document perfect for presentation. The finished document can be made exactly size A4. Protection When you create documents for heavy usage (outdoor), you want these documents to be strong and easy to use. Xyron lamination offers the best solution to this. Xyron lamination offers good protection and at the same time flexible finish to fold and store your documents easily. The maximum size is A0, making it perfect for maps, or big drawings. •

Xyron Pro is available for different sized documents: A3/A4 (XM1255)  A1/A2 (XM2500)  A0 (XM4400)


• •

Glossy finish Easy to fold and store Perfect for maps or big drawings

Apply adhesive for perfect presentations

Edge-to-edge coverage in a Safe, Clean and Easy way Usage mockups, presentations, story boards Users architects, advertising agencies, printers If you want to apply adhesive to paper, the adhesive solutions of Xyron Pro are the best solution. The dry transfer technique used in Xyron Pro 1255 and 2500 machines facilitates the easy application of all kinds of studio and presentation work onto mounting or foam board. All adhesives used are acid free. No smell, no mess With Xyron Pro there is no odour and no mess thanks to the nonspray adhesive technique used. Using Xyron means preventing any inefficiencies of working with spray adhesive: • • •

No investments in spray booths and extra ventilation No sticky environment or fingers No smell

Adhesives for every use • Repositionable adhesive (easy and clean removal) • Permanent adhesive • Permanent High Tack adhesive (extra strong)


Combine adhesive and lamination

Adhesive documents with a professional finish Usage mockups, presentations, story boards, signs Users advertising agencies, schools, public services Xyron offers the unique possibility of applying adhesive on one side and a lamination on the other side of a document. This makes it easy to present your ideas in the most professional way. This solution is available with a permanent and a repositionable adhesive.


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