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DESCRIPTION: A high-performance, solvent based clear protective topcoat formulated for use when increased UV protection, water-resistance, mar and chemical resistance is required. ClearJet® contains state-of-the-art UV inhibitors and can be used on most ink jet output including water-sensitive media. SUITABLE SUBSTRATES: Most inkjet printed output, traditional sign and graphic art substrates, many plastics, pressure sensitive vinyl and some paints. For thermal transferred images such as Gerber Edge, only Type A2000 may be used. SUGGESTED APPLICATION DATA: Formulated for use as supplied. The following guidelines apply: ClearJet A2000 Series Using an aerosol is easy to learn. Here are some tips for achieving an even, nice finish: 1. Before you use a can, always shake it well. This is more critical with semigloss and low-gloss versions. 2. Always begin the spray off the surface to be coated. 3. Keep the can about 3 - 6 inches from the surface. Drier and warmer temperatures will require closer application.

4. Never turn your wrist! Turning your wrist will change the amount of fluid volume delivered to the surface. To ensure an even coating, always keep your wrist the same distance from the surface, and move your arm. 5. Always continue the spray past the edge of the print you are coating. 6. To ensure a uniform coating, while off the print move the spray can about halfway down the coated area from the last pass and continue applying the clear in the reverse direction. This yield a 50% overlaps (a 2-pass application). 7. Throughout the coating process, make this a continuous motion. Try not to stop, particularly when it’s hot or dry. DRY TIME: Temperature and humidity dependent. Approximately 1 hour dry to touch. THEORETICAL COVERAGE: Recommended Dry Film thickness: .2 mils dry minimum up to .5 mils dry 1 Can will yield approximately 32 – 48 square feet of coverage. CAUTIONS: High humidity and poor air circulation can cause the coating to blush. It is very important to provide good air circulation during drying to insure clear finishes. VOC: 780 GRAMS/LITER – 6.5 POUNDS/GALLON Statements and methods described herein are based on the best information and practices known to Marabu North America at the time of issue. Procedures are suggestions only and are not to be construed as warranty information or results. It is the user’s obligation to determine whether this product is suitable for the particular use and specific method of application. Sales & Marketing:

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3. Keep the can about 3 - 6 inches from the surface. Drier and warmer temperatures will require closer application. SUGGESTED APPLICATION DA...