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La Clase de espa単ol 2012-2013

Homework Procedures Homework Policy: • Students will be given homework choices to complete on the target vocabulary or grammar of the week. The assignments will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday, each week. • Late assignments will not be accepted after 4:00 on Thursday.

Homework Club • Homework Club is run on Thursday afternoons and is available for all Foreign Language Students. • Homework Club was designed to give students an opportunity to receive extra help on challenging/missing assignments. • If a student does not have his/her homework when it is collected, he/she will have the opportunity to stay for Homework Club and earn partial credit for that assignment.

Grading Policy

Homework- 20% Participation- 20% Quizzes- 25% Tests- 35%

Units Covered 7th Grade: 1) Personal Leisure 2) School 3) Food and Health 4) Community

8th Grade: 1) Family 2) Restaurant 3) House and Home 4) Shopping 5) Community/ Travel

Spanish Binders • Used in place of textbooks • Should have 5 dividers and paper • Need to be with students in every class

New York State FL Credit 1.) Cumulative test given at the end of 8th grade 2.) A score of 65 or better on the final exam combined with successful completion of the class gives students the one high school credit in Foreign Language that is required for graduation. *Spanish is your child’s first high school course The students are prepared for the test without rigorous test prep but through daily instruction

Communication is The Key to a Successful School Year! Please contact me anytime with any questions or concerns. E-mail –

Thank You For Your Support. Here’s to a successful year!

Spanish 1  

This is the requirements for Mrs. Gillbergs Spanish classes.

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