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Got A Feline Friend? Read This Today! There many reasons why cats make great pets. They are very entertaining, and they are experts at keeping your home free from rodents, bugs and other pests. Cats work to prevent rodents from getting inside to begin with. Wonderful Tips About Taking Care Of Cats If your area is prone to rabies outbreaks, fleas, or even fungus, it is probably best to keep your cat from going outdoors. These things may happen to an indoor cat, but they will more likely happen to a cat who lives most of his life outside. Overfeeding your cat can result in serious health issues as he ages. Overeating can cause obesity in your cat, which can cause serious illness, similar to people. Do not overfeed your cat and follow your vet's recommendations on the types of foods to feed him. Older cats will appreciate a heated bed; you can use a heated tile to create one! Allow a terra cotta tile to heat in an oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Wrap the tile in a towel and then put it under the bed. If necessary, you can change out the tile after a few hours to provide continued warmth. If you want to buy a second cat, prepare for some time where the cats will be familiarizing themselves with each other. Expect to see your cats avoid each other, hiss, or even confront one another. However, cats should eventually learn to co-habitate properly. If the cat you have is going to go outdoors, be sure there are safe places that it can explore. Even if your yard has a high fence, your cat can probably climb over it pretty easily. However, if you stick some chicken wire atop the fence, your cat won't be able to climb it, and will stay safe. If you have an outdoor kitty, make sure to invest in a break away collar with an identification tag. Cats can get lost, and they need a tag to be found. You have to be sure you have your pet's name and number written on the tag. Make sure your cat sees a vet regularly to maintain their good health. They should go at least once yearly for a check-up, and more often if they need any shots. If a condition, illness, or injury happens, your cat should be taken to the vet immediately. Do you have both a dog and a cat? Dogs will eat a cat's food any time they're given the chance. This is why it is necessary to have two separate feeding areas. This can prevent squabbles over water when their food is gone. Mix up the food you feed your cat to avoid them becoming a picky eater. If you raise your kitten with the same food for their entire life, this can become the only type of food they will willingly eat.

Any pet can be a constant price tag, and cats are certainly no different. Cats require so much attention and care you would swear they are as needy as human children are. You should apply the tips you just read, and do your best to be a responsible cat owner.

Got A Feline Friend? Read This Today!  

Cats have interesting personalities. Your cat may ...