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Everyone works together, everyone sees the benefit of it, there is not just one person that gets rich from it.

Who is Snowpuppe? Studio Snowpuppe makes quiet large and smaller lamps of biodegradable materials that can be shipped to your home in a very small package. All lamps are made by Snowpuppe himself by hand or by other people in our network who make them by hand. Our goal is to make beautiful lamps from fabrics that are affordable to anyone. To cut our transport costs and environmental impact we will actively look for partners abroad to join us and do the same thing there. Why is it so nice to have a lamp from Snowpuppe? The lamps are made of a hand-sewn cocoon from fabrics in which thin composite rods can be placed by yourself. By making the lamps in this way, even very large lamps with a diameter of 2 meters can be transported in a very small package that fits through your letterbox. The shape of the cocoon can vary from a drop to a sphere and to other shapes that Snowpuppe is going to look for in the near future. The lamps can be adjusted to your wishes as Snowpuppe doesn't work with factories in China, but with people in our own country who make the lamps. Another benefit of this lamp is that it is very easy to set up and place in your living room. Materials must be natural The use of plastics and metal is eliminated because these materials require more energy to produce and make Snowpuppe dependent of expensive production facilities. Snowpuppe finds it strange that metal or plastics would be needed to make a beautiful lamp. He likes fabrics much more. Also, Snowpuppe is experimenting with composites rods that are made of natural silk instead of fiberglass. Snowpuppe does not believe in multinationals Snowpuppe does not believe in big multinationals. Our lamps can be easily made by one person with a simple sewing-machine. Normal people in our own country can start make a living by making the lamps for Snowpuppe. Local economies are stimulated and crafts and knowhow on how to make things can return back to our own society instead of moving abroad to Asian countries. In the Netherlands we used to have a very flourishing business in wooden shoes until massproduction eliminated most of the craftsmen. Snowpuppe believes it is possible to get back to such a crafty society.

Source: WWF

Let's all work together like soap bubbles or cabbage. They are capable of all working together. This results in structures in which all the space is always optimally used. There is never a space where there is no bubble. Compare this to our society and you will see that we are not optimally using all the space since we can not all work together.

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