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Celebrating Small Business ‌ Seaside Times Talks With The Tidmans

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Beacon Cat Hospital Beacon Cat Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital dedicated exclusively to providing “Special Care for Special Kitties.” Dr. Ellen Guttormson founded the hospital more than two decades ago, with the commitment of providing exceptional and compassionate veterinary services in a supportive, community-based environment. At Beacon Cat Hospital, the health care team enjoys meeting new clients as much as we cherish returning clients, and we treat every cat as a beloved family member. Beacon Cat Hospital 9711A 5th Street, Sidney 250.656.5568 www.beaconcathospital.com

Brown's The Florist At Brown’s The Florist we LOVE flowers! We have fun every day! Come to our Flower Shop and see the new product that arrives almost daily. Brown's carries over 75% locally grown product and we are proud to support our Island and B.C. growers. We also know the importance of our industry of Certified Fair Trade flowers from international growers. We LOVE Sidney and the Peninsula and are committed to our community. We look forward to the next time you pop into our shop or give us a call. 2499 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.3313 757 Fort St, Victoria 250.388.5545 www.brownsflorist.com


S E A S I D E  T I M E S | o c t o b e r 2012

Beacon Law Centre Del Elgersma and Lianne Macdonald established Beacon Law Centre in 2000. It has grown to a team of 12 operating from three Peninsula locations – Sidney, Royal Oak and Brentwood Bay. Beacon Law Centre offers trusted advice and outstanding service in the areas of business law, real estate and wills and estates. Clients give Beacon Law top marks for friendliness of the lawyers and staff, value for money, prompt service and easy to understand advice. #104 - 9717 Third St, Sidney #5 - 7115 West Saanich Rd, Brentwood Bay #140 - 4392 West Saanich Rd, Victoria 250.656.3280 www.beaconlaw.ca

Champs Personal Training Joanna Vander Vlugt is a BCRPA-certified personal trainer who makes house calls. If one-on-one sessions aren't your thing, it's not too late to join in on Joanna's fun bootcamp classes being held at the Gallery at the Saanich Fairgrounds on Sundays at 10 a.m. or Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. 24, 16 and 8 sessions are available so you can pick the dates that suit your schedule. Joanna is proud of her clients, and whether it’s training you for a cycling event or getting you black-dress ready, she will make sure you keep your fitness commitment to yourself. Champs Personal Training 250.893.5055 www.champspersonaltraining.com

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Thank Your Neighbourhood Small Business by Mark deMedeiros, President, Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce


hether you're a small business owner, run a small to medium enterprise, or take the helm of a non-profit society, running a business is no easy feat. You are the lone risk-taker, the lone decision-maker, and, more often than not, the lone late-at-night-waker. All choices, good or bad, rest with you. What products do you serve and how much do you charge? Where do you set up shop and when do you expand? Can you afford to hire more staff, and how much do you pay them? Some days you may even ask “What did I get myself into?”

recently quoted as saying: “One of the most important products of a small business is the jobs they provide for their communities, especially in small and rural communities.” How true that is. It is these small business owners who employ us, our families and our friends. It is they that generate the first tax dollar that is recycled into our local economy, and it is they who dare to believe that all can be possible.

But it’s the unwavering passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a small business owner that makes the world go round. They are the ones who knowingly choose to take on the stress, the worry, the challenge and the success that all go into running your own business. It's the small business owner who takes a chance on a community and decides to build roots within it. Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation, was

For five years now, British Columbia has proclaimed October as small business month. As president of your Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, it is my pleasure to help kick it off in this month’s Seaside Times; also a local business and success story on the Saanich Peninsula. So sit back, enjoy this small business section and take some time to learn more about your neighbourhood business owners. Make October your chance to frequent them more often and thank them for all that they do, for all that they have risked, and for all that they have accomplished. Because without all of them, this little economic engine we call home wouldn't exist in the same way we now know it.

Cordova Bay Studio

The Denture Clinic

Loyal clientele and new clients will be thrilled when they visit Cordova Bay Esthetics and Electrolysis Studio. Owners Wilhelmina Groot and Sandra Patterson have remodelled their already-beautiful studio, and the home-based location has something to offer everyone. The ladies have 47 years of experience between them, and are certified for a full range of services including everything from electrolysis to spider vein treatment and nasal waxing. Wilhelmina and Sandra realize the importance of treating clients one on one, and offer personalized treatment for every individual.Clients are invited for a free consultation. “I have had the pleasure of being a client at Cordova Bay Studio for the past 20 years. The Studio is tranquil, immaculate and an easy place to lie back and relax." ~ Denise Tidman

Cordova Bay Studio 4794 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria 250.658.2506 www.cordovabaystudio.com

The Denture Clinic is here to reenergize and revitalize your smile. Let the Denture Clinic team design a personalized treatment plan to bring back your smile and function. We provide Precision/Standard full, partial and implant supported dentures. The professionals at The Denture Clinic, Ron and Robin Postings, will take you through the complete denture process. They provide full services at their two locations: • Full & Partial Dentures • Dentures Over Implants • Same day Relines & Repairs • No referrals necessary For caring, quality service visit The Denture Clinic. Sidney 250.655.7009 #3 - 2227 James White Blvd. (behind Thrifty Foods)

Victoria 250.383.7227 3937 Quadra Street (2 blocks south of McKenzie)

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Exist Hairworx Do or Dye? Why Not both? Come and see the experts at Exist for the worx! Established in 1999, we at Exist continue to embrace the Sidney community and thrive in the support afforded us. Being voted "Favorite Hair Salon on the Peninsula" by our community for the past five years humbles us to no end.

Being the Saanich Peninsula’s only micro coffee-roaster for over 10 years, Fresh Cup shows how freshness affects your favourite daily beverage! Nestled in the heart of Saanichton, Fresh Cup is more than just a great coffee and sunny place to visit friends: we offer freshly baked goods, pastries and constantly change our daily specials. The theme is always about great tastes and our Baristas create the best specialty coffees the way YOU like them.

So thank you, sunny Sidney by the Sea, for allowing us to work and live in the most beautiful place on earth.

So if you’re someone www.freshcup.ca who seeks the best tasting coffee from passionate people, we invite you to stop in soon.

Exist Hairworx #3 - 2310 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.2321

Fresh Cup Roastery Café #104 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd, Saanichton www.freshcup.ca

Gartley Station Where YOU Make Exceptionally Great Wine! If you get up in the morning, then you can make great wine. Add the yeast, bottle the wine and you’re done! Fresh juice wines, kit wines, barrel aged wines, ports, ice wines, sherries, sparkling wines, ciders and beer are all available at great $avings. It’s so easy and so affordable. State-of-the-art equipment and expertise: Dave and Kim will be happy to answer all of your wine-related questions. We’ve been in Saanichton for 14 years; where have you been? #108 - 1931 Mt Newton X Rd, Saanichton 250.652.6939 www.gartleystation.com 4

Fresh Cup Roastery Café

S E A S I D E  T I M E S | o c t o b e r 2012

Going Platinum Hair Design Established in 2009, Going Platinum Hair Design consists of seven extremely talented stylists that make up our full-service Redken salon. We dedicate ourselves to our guests the minute they walk in the door, offering the best salon products and knowledge of the latest styles and colours, and always ensuring our clients have the most enjoyable and relaxing treatments. We look forward to seeing you so we can show you what it's like to have the best salon experience! Going Platinum Hair Design B - 2426 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.655.3443 www.goingplatinumhairdesign.ca

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Georgie's Café & Tea Emporium How do you separate the good eateries from the rest? They always have the best ingredients and the freshest food, giving their patrons a high quality eating experience. Georgie’s Café is one of those places. This delightful establishment is a charming combination of a café with real homemade cooking and a tea and gift emporium boasting unique treats and exotic teas from all over the world. This is a food and tea lovers’ paradise, and equally impressive is the staff’s emphasis on ethical and fair food production practices.

Georgie’s Café & Tea Emporium 4649 West Saanich Road, Saanich Café 250.479.6747 Tea Emporium 250.479.0497

George (Georgie) Anne Boychuck (pictured) has been the proud owner of Georgie’s Café since 2004, and in 2008 the Tea Emporium was launched. Georgie is 50/50 partners with Darrell Jolly in this venture alongside the cafe. The Tea Emporium, which Darrell runs, makes the whole establishment spacious and elegant. This is a mecca for tea aficionados: there are over a hundred premium loose teas to choose from for purchase. It is a treat to find an eating establishment that serves genuinely good food. Add in a magical tea oasis and fair food production and you have a little bit of heaven. Text and photo by Doreen Marion Gee.

Henley & Walden LLP Henley & Walden LLP has been serving the legal needs of the Saanich Peninsula for over 35 years. The lawyers of Henley & Walden LLP provide wise counsel and practical guidance across a wide range of legal areas including Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements, Executorships, Estate Administration and Litigation, Real Estate, Corporate, Commercial, Family Law and Civil Litigation. Dale Henley established the practice in Sidney in 1976 and Michael Walden joined him in 1980. Dominique Alford, with her extensive background in Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate Law, joined the firm in 2009 and became a partner in 2012. Jim Fowler, with his experience in Family Law and Estate Litigation, joined in 1993 and most recently Kristen Collishaw joined in 2010. The lawyers are supported by a friendly, helpful and professional staff with years of experience and dedication.

#201 - 2377 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.7231 www.henleywalden.com

Located at the corner of Fifth Street and Bevan Avenue in Sidney, Henley & Walden LLP is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for all of your legal needs. w w w.seasidetimes.c a | o c t o b e r 2012


can we talk? ................................ Publisher Sue Hodgson talks with Andrew Tidman, First of all, Denise and Andrew, what is it like to be part of such a dynamic family on the Saanich Peninsula? We are proud to be part of the heritage of excellence in customer service and quality that our grandfather, Roy, and fathers, Ron and John, have established. Tidman Construction Ltd. started with a focus on custom-built homes, with Roy Tidman at the helm and, as time went on, the company expanded his legacy to include development, construction and operation of commercial and industrial projects and – most recently – Retirement Communities. Can you talk a bit about this and explain the reason behind the change in focus? There has never been a change in focus … customers’ individual renovation or custom home creation has always been at the forefront for Tidman Construction Ltd. As time went on, the business


S E A S I D E  T I M E S | o c t o b e r 2012

relationships that Ron and John had established were the impetus behind their decision to diversify into the senior housing industry. Your family is well known in our community, with your grandfather (Roy Tidman) and his two sons (John and Ron Tidman), who built a very successful business empire that has spanned over 64 years. When did you realize that you were going to be very involved in the businesses? Andrew: With a keen interest in architecture and design that developed at a very young age, I had always envisioned that I would be part of this construction/ development industry in some capacity. After working for an architectural firm in the city for a number of years, family circumstances invited me to “help out parttime” during a particularly busy period … and … 20 years later, here I am, loving working with

Tidman Construction; and Denise Tidman, Norgarden/Peninsula Tidman Construction customers and answering these questions! Denise: Growing up in a household where the language of free enterprise building and development was constantly bantered around certainly imprinted at an early age that going forth with the family business in some way was a foregone conclusion for me. I have met you both on many occasions and I’m continually amazed at the calm yet personal and professional manner you exemplify in the community. From my perspective, this is a rare occurrence, especially considering you have to oversee such different aspects of the business. How do you do it, and also run a family? Andrew: It’s not a secret: love what you do. The rest falls into place as it should. I have an incredible support system and simply could not pull it all off without them. Denise: First you have to do what you love, and love what you do. Not only do I get to surround myself with an amazing staff that supports me and the commitment we have made to outstanding customer service for the residents that live with us, but I am also fortunate to have a wonderful family village that pitches in and helps with my daughter whenever the need arises. When I walk into the The Peninsula at Norgarden, or the Tidman Construction office, one thing is clear: the service is unparalleled. Where does this tradition come from? Roy ALWAYS focused on and delivered specific attention to the needs of individual customers … never taking on too much work at any one time at the risk of losing the quality attention and care that has come to be his legacy, the living spaces that Tidman Construction Ltd. creates and long relationships it has enjoyed. The third generation is coming to the forefront, with you both at the helm. What can we expect in the near future from the Retirement Communities and Tidman Construction? Continued individual, customer-focused quality and attention. We love working with people and helping them with living spaces they are proud and comfortable to live in. We are celebrating small business in this issue of Seaside Times. What tips can you give our readers about your experience operating a business on the Saanich Peninsula? Be passionate about what you do, because it is going to take a great deal of time and effort on your part to get a small business off the ground. Do your homework when conceptualizing your business idea, make sure you have a strong mission statement to guide you and hire staff that best reflects your values and work ethic. Photo by www.joannway.com.

Andrew Tidman

General Manager Tidman Construction Ltd.

Denise Tidman Executive Director Norgarden/Peninsula

Andrew: I developed a keen interest in design and drafting at a young age. After high school, and while studying Urban Planning, I worked at an architectural firm in the city. It eventually led to full-time work for which I became trained as a CAD designer. In 1993, I was asked to “help out a bit” at Tidman Construction Ltd. This led to me leaving the architectural firm and Tidman Construction, happily, became my career. Initially, my role was that of Customer Service liaison, and the role later developed into management.Great joy was added to my life when my children (Roy’s great-grandchildren and the new Tidman namesakes), were born. Maxwell is now 10 and Grace is eight. They are, without question, the highlight of my life. Denise: An early career in Real Estate and Marketing was a perfect segue into the sales and marketing of condominium projects developed by Tidman Construction. In 1998, Norgarden’s senior living residence was completed and initially I handled the marketing and lease of the suites which soon led to taking the reins as Executive Director and now The Peninsula is also under my umbrella. I am happily married to Steve, my biggest supporter, and mother to Sydney – a true joy to be around.


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Deborah Reid FMA, FCSI Deborah Reid Reid,,,,, FMA, FMA, FCSI Deborah      FCSI FMA, FCSI Deborah Reid FMA, FCSI Investment Advisor  Deborah Reid, FMA,   FCSI Investment Advisor  Investment Advisor  Investment Advisor  Investment Advisor 

655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com Investment Advisor  655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com 655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com 655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com 655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com www.deborahreid.net 655-2884 | deborah.reid@rbc.com www.deborahreid.net www.deborahreid.net www.deborahreid.net www.deborahreid.net www.deborahreid.net Contact Deborah for a complimentary consultation for your portfolio.

Contact Contact Deborah for complimentary consultation for your portfolio. Contact Deborah for complimentary consultation for your portfolio. Contact Deborah Deborah for for aaaa complimentary complimentary consultation consultation for for your your portfolio. portfolio. Contact Deborah for a complimentary consultation for your portfolio.

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RBC Dominion Securities is a registered trademark of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence. ©Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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Carolyn O'Meara – Vision 2000 Travel Building memorable holiday experiences has been a passion of Carolyn’s for over 35 years. Her extensive travel experience gives her the knowledge to deliver value and exceptional service.

… A realtor since 1984, but still YOUNG AT HEART! Cheryl Homes Young, a realtor with Saanich Peninsula Realty, is the President of Sidney Meet Up Womens Networking, a group of professional women doing business in and around Sidney, B.C. (www.sidneymeetup.com). Find them on Facebook!

Carolyn’s most recent travels have included the inaugural voyage of Oceania’s beautiful Riviera, river cruising throughout Europe, going on safari in East Africa and exploring Ireland with her family this past summer. Bring Carolyn your ideas and let her create the perfect vacation for your budget and your imagination. Why go from A to B when you can go from here to WOW! Carolyn O'Meara - Vision 2000 Travel Group #116 - 4480 West Saanich Road, Victoria 250.412.1877 carolyn.omeara@vision2000.ca

Member of

For Little Paws Grooming Studio

S E A S I D E  T I M E S | o c t o b e r 2012

Cheryl Holmes Young, Realtor Saanich Peninsula Realty 9785 Fourth Street, Sidney 250.516.7653 www.cherylyoung.ca

President of

Gordon Hulme Realty Ltd. Celebrating 100 Years!

Gordon Hulme Realty Ltd. and Gordon Hulme Ltd. – Insurance are staffed with professional, personable and experienced sales associates and insurance brokers who all call the Peninsula home.

Now proudly partnering with Sylvia Macdonald at K9-Brite Bark, a government registered, anaesthetic-free oral hygiene professional; call for your dog's free oral consultation. Large dog appointments offered Sundays and Mondays.


She is also the creator of B.C. A Day At A Time (www.bcadayatatime.com) and has had almost 300,000 visitors to her blog at www.cherylyoung.ca.

Insurance Brokers - Real Estate Sales

For Little Paws Grooming Studio, Sidney’s #1 dog grooming location, specializes in offering compassionate, comprehensive care for our smaller doggy friends. Carol-Marie Crofton, Mike O'Brien (and Parker, our resident pooch!) couldn’t be more excited to be serving the Saanich Peninsula with our expert grooming care in our beautiful, bright location with large windows for viewing our canine customers.

For Little Paws Grooming Studio #3 - 2490 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 778.426.2587 forlittlepaws@shaw.ca

Cheryl Holmes Young, Realtor

Member of

Each has a sincere personal interest in the future of our community … a concern that is reflected in the careful, conscientious undertaking of their business. This isn’t just a workplace, it’s a place we all call “home.” Gordon Hulme Realty Ltd. 2444 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.4626 www.gordonhulme.com

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Michelle Carlini – The Mortgage Centre I am Michelle Carlini, a licensed Mortgage Broker who grew up on the Saanich Peninsula. My father was a banker for 34 years.

Nicole Wilford – Dominion Lending Being part of the Slegg “Family” and Dominion Lending Centres gives my clients access to the very best mortgage rates and options, as well as home improvement discounts and expertise at our Slegg Stores.

Working with the Mortgage Centre, I have the ability to tailor your mortgage to your unique lifestyle and goals. I work for you, focused on your long term security.

I offer a no-obligation mortgage consultation. Please don’t sign anything from your bank until you have a quick chat with me as you could potentially save thousands of dollars. You’ve got nothing to lose and I promise you won’t regret it!

Contact me to take advantage of guaranteed lowest rates. I work hard for our community and families! Michelle Carlini - The Mortgage Centre 250.888.3898 mcarlini@shaw.ca www.secondstreetmortgages.ca

Member of

Simply Staged to Sell Carell-Ayne Whalen, a graduated Canadian Certified Staging Professional, has translated the long used and very successful strategies of the fashion and business industry into a Property Styling/Staging business. Carell-Ayne helps you to "Set the Stage for the Next Stage!"

Member of

Smitty's Family Restaurant Smitty’s in Sidney has been serving regulars and newcomers since 1985. Breakfast is served all day along with daily specials, lunch and dinner and the restaurant is fully licensed. There’s a kids' menu and the The Kid’s Club, where children can visit www.smittys.ca for free meals and more.

Also offering rental relocation services!

It's not hard to make a space that looks good by itself. The trick is to craft a room that is even more attractive when it's occupied. That's when Carell-Ayne steps in with "Style on a Budget" … and that's when it's magical! 250.889.0022 ca@simplystagedtosell.ca www.simplystagedtosell.ca www.facebook.com/simplystagedtosell

Nicole Wilford - Dominion Lending Centers 2030 Malaview Avenue, Sidney 250.686.6927 www.nicolewilford.ca nwilford@dominionlending.ca

Member of

Complimentary 30 min. In-Home Consultation!

Customers can even bring the famous Smitty's flavour home with them by purchasing our coffee, pancake and waffle mixes! We invite everyone to come in and enjoy great tasting food in a comfortable atmosphere. Smitty's Family Restaurant 2302 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250.656.2423 www.smittys.ca

Member of

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Health Within TCM & Acupuncture Got Pain? We Have the Relief. Dr. Jeffrey Jones TCM and Mikiala Christie BA, R.TCM.P of Health Within TCM & Acupuncture opened their practice in Sidney in 2005 and have now moved their clinic off McTavish Road up from the Roost Bakery. Jeffrey and Mikiala offer a pain relief clinic and also focus on hormone balancing, stress, headaches, migraines, digestive disorders, skin conditions, allergies and chronic or acute cough. Mention this ad and receive $25 off your first appointment before October 31st. Health Within TCM & Acupuncture 9156 Cresswell Rd, North Saanich 250.656.2067 www.healthwithin.ca

Homefront Ideas/The Finished Room We Have Moved to a New Location! Kristy Palmer and Sharon Turnbull collaborate their design experience! Look to Homefront Ideas for that unique design in every room of your home or office. We offer complimentary Interior or Kitchen Design with all renovations booked through Homefront, and we have the trade experts for you! We've been serving the Peninsula and Victoria for 12 years. The Finished Room, approaching our 10th year in Victoria, specializes in finishing your space with locally sewn drapes and bed coverings, pillows, furniture and wallpaper. There are lots of choices for blinds, shades and shutters along with new technology in motorization. IDEAS

Homefront KITCHEN




Seventeen years later, the company’s philosophy remains the same: “to create clothing that is natural in fibre, and classic in cut.” Owner/Designer Nicki Gurr (pictured) creates her clothing line with comfort in mind. Sizes offered are ladies 6-18 and men’s small-XXL. The Itzyu label is proudly manufactured in Canada – among only 1% of the world’s textiles that are made here. Itzyu Designs Natural Clothing Ltd. #2 - 9764 Fifth St, Sidney 250.655.6780


S E A S I D E  T I M E S | o c t o b e r 2012




250.656.2691 778.426.1515 #5 - 2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney

Itzyu Designs Natural Clothing Ltd. Itzyu Designs Natural Clothing Ltd. began in 1995 on Pender Island, B.C., and has had a storefront in Sidney for 10 years.


Marlin Travel From a dream vacation to a short business trip, we have the expertise to handle all your needs. Our full-service agency offers: • All-Inclusive Packages • Spa Resorts • Cruise Planning • Adventure Travel • Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Registry • All Travel Insurance Needs

Wherever Your Perfect Vacation Is …

We’ll Get You There!

Marlin Travel 2468 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.5561



Spa Resort Des

f o c u s o n sma l l b u si n ess

Melinda's Biscotti Melinda's Biscotti are handcrafted on Vancouver Island and made with the wholesome goodness of fresh roasted almonds, locally roasted espresso, freshly juiced ginger root or hand grated lemon zest. We are excited to announce Melinda’s new location: bigger and roomier for our customers! We would like to invite you for a visit where you can sit in comfort, enjoy a latté and a biscotti while watching everyone busy in the bakery. Have a chat, meet a friend … on the other side of the highway! A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last three years; you have brought us many smiles.

Salish Fusion Knitwear Wrap Yourself in Warmth and Style this Fall! Owned by the Olsen family in Brentwood Bay, Salish Fusion Knitwear fuses the old with the new to create a wide variety of modern Coast Salish knitted personal and home fashion. Inspired by generations of Saanich woolworkers and using locally sourced, 100% natural, undyed sheep’s wool, we will keep you warm through our cool fall, winter and spring days. Our studio is now open by appointment. Salish Fusion Knitwear adam@olsenandolsen.ca 250.889.7678 www.salishfusion.ca

Melinda's Biscotti 10134 MacDonald Park Rd, North Saanich 250.896.1964 www.melindasbiscotti.com

Red Barn Market Stores Welcome to the Red Barn Market at Mattick's Farm

We have been a fixture of the growing Cordova Bay community for over eight years, and I've had the privilege of being the Store Manager of this great store for the last six years. Working alongside a very loyal, friendly crew of staff provides a great opportunity to do our best to meet the needs of our customers, many of whom we know by name. Taking the time to talk directly with our shoppers, especially those with dietary concerns, is important and allows us to be able to provide the products they're looking for. We have an ever-growing selection of unique and specialty grocery items available throughout our store, which includes a fully stocked gluten/wheat free section. Portofino Bakery provides us daily with fresh gluten free breads and baked goods. We are well known for our fresh produce, with many local and organic varieties available in season, and we also carry a full line of “Red Barn's Own” specialty meats and cheeses, including our famous double smoked bacon.

Red Barn MARKET produce • full deli • grocery • meats • pet food

www.redbarnmarket.ca 5550 West Saanich Rd Victoria 250.479.8349

129 - 5325 Cordova Bay Rd Victoria 250.479.8349


751 Vanalman Ave Victoria 250.479.6817

Come on down to your Everyday Specialty Store and see what we have for you. ~ Sarah, Store Manager 611 Brookside Rd Victoria 250.590.8133

Red Barn Market at Mattick's Farm

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Seniors Computers Seniors Computers is a mature team of professional computer service technicians. No need to worry about bringing your computer to us – we specialize in working at YOUR location!

Serenity Home Care Ltd. Serenity Home Care is the premier nonmedical home care agency in Victoria and surrounding areas, providing a wide range of in-home care services.

We have been locally owned and operated for over five years. Seniors Computers is ready to help! Service costs are given up front, we use common sense language, operating manuals are created by request and we offer no charge pickup and return. “John Howey’s assistance in solving our computer problems has been so helpful, saving us money and time. He is an honest and sincere person and always has an answer for our concerns.” ~ Gerry & Ian Norie, Dean Park

Seniors Computers 250.652.7989 seniorscs@gmail.com

Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care. We are passionate about our home care services and offer a personal touch that enriches the lives of those for whom we care.

Serenity Home Care Ltd. #189 - 1581 H Hillside Ave, Victoria 250.590.8098 www.serenityhomecare.ca

Sassy’s Family Restaurant Farm to Table – Fall Feature

Fall means harvest time on the Saanich Peninsula and we are excited about the new ways our chefs plan to showcase produce from local farms. You just can’t beat the freshness of our farm-to-table foods! While our main courses are always satisfying, our vegetables and side dishes don’t take a back seat around here! Don’t miss one of our new fall features – local squash-filled ravioli. Sassy’s has very quickly become THE place for dinner, whether it is for an intimate evening for two or the whole team gathering after the game. Our appetite-pleasing menu and ever-changing specials guarantee you will go home satisfied! With our new smoker up and running, our ribs have never been more succulent, and our pulled pork is by far the best in town. Our braised short ribs, which were such a hit, have now been added to our fall feature menu. If you haven’t tried our Jeni Benny or waffles smothered in fresh fruit and local berries, you’ve been missing out on breakfast! Come and share the harvest with us! Sassy’s Family Restaurant 6719 West Saanich Rd, Saanichton 250.652.1764 12

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Sidney Eyeland Optical Fima Korduner opened Sidney Eyeland Optical to provide the best possible service to the local Peninsula residents. After 15 years, he is still keeping the same ethics and high standards. Sidney Eyeland Optical carries the latest and best in digital technology lenses and provides on-site laboratory service for your convenience. Fima is providing the same excellent service at his other location, in Victoria at 316 Cook Street Village (250-380-2735). Drop in to meet both Fima and Brian. Sidney Eyeland Optical 2451 Beacon Ave, Sidney 250.656.3626

Studio A Hair Design Studio A Hair Design has been providing its clients with full service hair treatments from the latest trends to traditional styles for over seven years. Arlene Thompson and her staff of dedicated professionals have always been proud to be a part of the local community and are constantly looking to build upon their respected history in the beauty industry by offering the highest quality service to their clients. Studio A Hair Design also offers a wide range of professional hair care products that best suit individual needs. Visit Studio A Hair Design – You’ll Leave Looking Your Best! Studio A Hair Design #101 - 2460 Bevan Ave, Sidney 250.655.0094

Sidney Pharmacy A Sidney Family Business! Sidney Pharmacy has been a family business for over 50 years. Originally opened in 1959 by Jim Brigham, the pharmacy is still operated by his wife Frances and their two daughters, Judy and Becky. Also part of the pharmacy family is David Randall, who has been with them for over 30 years. The staff at Sidney Pharmacy offers free prescription delivery and will supply compliance packaging at no extra charge. Also for sale or rent are walkers, crutches and canes. Sidney Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sidney Pharmacy LTD. 2425B Bevan Ave, Sidney 250.656.0744

Twin Peaks Nursery Twin Peaks Nursery & Landscaping Supplies began operations in 2003. Greeting every customer with a smile, a hello and a thank you for stopping by: this old-fashioned theme is still one of the cornerstones of our business. With a wide selection of natural stone, bulk bark mulches, soils, composts, plants and trees, gift items, pots, fountains, garden tools and supplies, Twin Peaks can help with all your gardening and landscaping needs! Twin Peaks Nursery & Landscaping Supplies 1780 Mills Road, North Saanich 250.654.0400

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Profile for Seaside Magazine

Seaside Times October 2012 Small Business Issue  

The 2nd Annual Seaside Times Focus on Small Business issue, shining a spotlight on the many small businesses on the Saanich Peninsula.

Seaside Times October 2012 Small Business Issue  

The 2nd Annual Seaside Times Focus on Small Business issue, shining a spotlight on the many small businesses on the Saanich Peninsula.