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first wo rd

Things That Make Me Go “Hmmm”

Sometimes my mind goes on a weird journey of thought and exploration. Random ideas, crazy solutions, places I want to travel, my golf swing, the magazine, things I want to write about and lots more … It’s random, it has no pattern, it doesn’t happen when I’m under any stress, and it’s like I’m stuck in a Trivial Pursuit game. I would like to believe it is part of a creative process but I’m not so sure. Here’s the deal though: this journey in my mind only seems to happen between 2 and 4 a.m. It doesn’t occur with any regularity and I love the brainstorming trip. My challenge is, when I wake the next morning many of the random thoughts are faded but some are very clear. Was I dreaming or was I awake … hmmm? One of my clear random thoughts from last night was about the month of April. I wondered what has happened in this month throughout history? I decided to find out, and the

April 4th, 1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

results of that research are below (in an abbreviated form that I know doesn’t, of course, cover everything).

April 9th, 1865 – The American Civil War ended.

April 1st, 1999 – Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, is carved out of the eastern Northwest Territories.

April 14th, 1865 – President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre, Washington. April 15th, 1912 – The “unsinkable” Titanic struck an iceberg and sank. April 18th, 1906 – San Francisco earthquake and fire. April 23rd, 1851 – Canada’s first official postage stamp, the Threepenny Beaver, was issued. April 28th, 1967 – Expo ’67 opened in Montreal. Thanks for letting me share a random thought. Now you know what keeps me up at night … hmmm.

April 2nd, 1871 – The first census of the Dominion of Canada lists the population as 3,689,257.

Enjoy the issue!

April 3rd, 1882 – Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford.

Tim Flater



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Patio Season on the Peninsula

lanked by the Saanich Inlet and the Georgia Strait, the Saanich Peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas in the province. This is the driest area on Vancouver Island, with plenty of sun year-round, pristine shorelines, rolling hills, unparalleled views of water, islands, and mountains. As spring and summer approach and temperatures rise, the best place to enjoy the bounty of the Peninsula is on a sunny patio. There is nothing we like more than gathering with friends and family while enjoying the scenery, weather and some delicious local food and wine. To experience one of the Island’s favourite patios, head over to the Pub or SeaGrille terrace at Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa. Tucked away on the shore of Brentwood Bay, the west-facing patios are drenched in sunshine all afternoon and the view over the calm inlet and

Malahat Mountains makes for some truly incredible sunsets. Enjoy handmade firegrilled burgers, thin crust pizzas straight out of the wood oven, fresh shucked oysters, or, for something lighter, try the new Essence of Life Spa Cuisine options.

ently featured and for good reason: the warm climate and long growing season make this area one of the premier wine producing regions in the province and our local brewers are regarded as some of the best in the country. Perfect afternoons with good company, amazing food and drink, outstanding views and plenty of sunshine are some of the classic pleasures of the Saanich Peninsula.

The coastal cuisine is also a celebration of this magnificent area, as the chefs at the Lodge source much of the food from over 20 different local suppliers. Local wine, cider and beer are also promin-

To make things even better there is live music every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and, for those chilly nights, relax under the outdoor heaters or by the fire pit. The season is back so gather your friends and family at Brentwood Bay Lodge and enjoy it for yourself. The Pub at Brentwood Bay Lodge is open Sunday to Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.

april 2010


fo r b es & m arsh al l

Running: The Elusive Fountain of Youth by Lisa Forbes

Forbes & Marshall are the hosts of 98.5 The OCEAN’S popular morning show. They are one of the only married morning show teams in Canada and have two children, Noah and Adam. Join Forbes & Marshall weekday mornings from 5:30 to 10:30 a.m. There’s no question, we all seem to lead fairly busy lives. It’s a juggling act most days, trying to fit everything in, get everything done and look after everybody in between. So how do people do it all and still have a sense of sanity at the end of the day? Well for me, it’s running. I started running after I had my youngest son, who turns nine in April. At first, I admit, it was a vanity thing – I wanted to lose the baby weight but it didn’t really come off until I started lacing up the cross trainers and hitting the road. I invested in a treadmill and it’s been a big part of most of my days ever since. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to get the motivation to actually get on there and get going, but once you do the time flies by and before you know it you’re done. It’s how you feel afterwards that’s the real kicker. If you’re having a tough day it all disappears after the run and you feel you can get back up and keep on tackling all the tasks and challenges that come at us every day. You feel refreshed, energized and calm again … which really helps when two boys come barreling at you at the end of their school day! It seems that running may actually be the elusive key to eternal youth. New research from Stanford University School of Medicine suggests regular running slows the effects of aging. Researchers tracked 500 older runners for more than two decades. What they found was that elderly



joggers have fewer disabilities, remained fit for longer than non-runners and are half as likely to die early deaths. I do a fair bit of my routine indoors and, while you might be thinking that running on a treadmill doesn’t sound like much fun, I’ve mastered the art of running and reading so it helps the time tick away. Michael also mounted a TV above the treadmill and my iPod really helps the miles go by. I also love going for runs outside, and this incredibly beautiful city that we live in provides all the motivation you need to lace up those Asics. Thankfully, Michael has taken up running as well – although he’s not nearly as dedicated as I am – and he’ll usually be my running partner a couple of times a week. One of our favourite runs around town is Thetis Lake, in fact, Gold medalist Simon Whitfield calls that route his “church” and we try and worship there as much as we can. We also spend time on the trails of Elk/Beaver Lake – as close to a perfect 10-kilometre as you’re going to get. Sometimes after we’re done our show in the morning we’ll just change into our running gear and take off from Fort Street, down to Dallas Road, dodging dog walkers and kite flyers, and run to the breakwater at Ogden point, which is a gorgeous route. If you need more motivation than just a stress reliever and beautiful scenery, how about some of the many events that benefit a great cause? In April alone, there are three worthwhile events to get pumped up for: The Michael Dunahee 5k Run or Walk is Sunday April 4 in Esquimalt. At Willows Beach Park in Oak Bay, it’s the 2010 MS Walk on Sunday April 11th, and of course the TC10K on Sunday April 25 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. We’ll be in it again this year and we hope to see you too! More information on these events can be found at Believe me, running isn’t something you can just immediately start doing; it’s a slow build, but once you do you’ll definitely discover how addictive and extremely rewarding it is!

april 2010

camosun Camosun Peninsula


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Trevor Walters

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o more funny business after twelve noon!

I don’t know about you but in our house, when I was growing up, my mother’s noon-time law was designed to control the cacophony of laughs and tears, “gotchas” and “getyou-backs” that erupted among three kids on April Fool’s Day. I remember those April 1 mornings fondly, from the distance of time, but find I am still wary when the annual day of tomfoolery rolls around. So, on a recent April 1 when my husband mentioned casually over breakfast that while taking the dog out he had seen peacocks mating in our back yard, I smiled at him and acknowledged his effort. “Good try,” I said patronizingly. “A little weak, but creative.” You see, we live on a small southern gulf island that has the typical island fauna: deer, deer, deer and a few otters, mink, mice and snakes. Did I mention deer? Raccoons have recently been

Who’s The Fool? by Wendy Hacking

spotted and an Island alert went out a while ago when rats were first spied after years of rat-lessness. But peacocks! What sort of gullible patsy did he think I was? He smiled back and suggested I grab my camera and go out and take a picture for the local newspaper. Fat chance, I thought. The ultimate “gotcha.” He’d be right behind me with HIS camera taking MY photo for the newspaper, caption at the ready: “Woman Fooled in Peacock Ruse!” I knew I could come up with a better “get-you-back” and I had until noon to try. It’s amazing how the child in one can emerge when a gauntlet is laid down. It’s harder to be in the number-two spot when it comes to April Fool’s Day. The Foolee is on high alert and the Fooler has to be just that much more stealthy, but I reign when it comes to stealth from years of silent midnight refrigerator raids and hidden Christmas present searches.

My goal was to be gentle but masterful in my foolery. Knowing that my husband, a former pilot of small planes, is fascinated with the air traffic over our Island gave me an idea. As he enjoyed his mid-morning cup of coffee and a quiet read of the newspaper, I waited until I could hear the approach of an airplane overhead. I pretended to go outside and then faked running breathlessly back into the kitchen. “Come quickly!” I panted. “There’s a WWI bi-plane flying overhead right now. It must be practicing for an air show or something because it’s flying upside down!” Camera at the ready, I quick-stepped behind by husband as he lunged out the door to see this wondrous performance. The regularly scheduled commuter plane was just moving beyond the next island, as it always does. All was completely normal, quiet and peaceful … except for the two peacocks delightedly sharing a morning nuzzle on our back lawn. I gave my husband a look of amazement as he silently mouthed: “Gotcha!”

…Sidney’s Best Kept Secret ONE STOP FURNITURE SHOP 9819 Fifth Street 250-655-SHOP 8


photo courtesy Paul Paquet

rain coast update

Did You Know?

by Chris Genovali, Executive Director, Raincoast Conservation Foundation As Raincoast’s research vessel Achiever pulled into the inlet on British Columbia’s north coast, I glassed the port side shoreline with my binoculars, checking for wildlife. It was that magical time right before dusk when unexpected and unusual things often manifest in the coastal fall alpenglow.

I’m convinced it was Ursus arctos, although in the end I suppose it doesn’t matter – seeing an albino bear of any species is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. More importantly for me, it was yet another confirmation of the power and mystery of the Great Bear Rainforest in the half-light before sunset.

No one else was on deck and I was standing in the observation tower. On the port side of the inlet, at the water line, was a bear. As I focused in I could see this was “not your average bear,” to paraphrase a well-known (cartoon) bruin. Everything about its appearance was distinctive. The coat was a champagne colour I had never seen on a coastal bear.

My apologies: I neglected to give photographic credit for the picture used in this column last month, which was courtesy of Caroline Fox.

At first I thought it might be a Spirit bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), but as I peered through my binoculars it appeared to have all the physical characteristics of a grizzly, with the dish shaped face, the hump between the shoulders, the size of the feet and length of the claws. But the perplexing factor was this bear’s skin colour – the pads on the feet were pink, the fleshy end of the snout was pink, the skin around the eyes was pink – all signs of albinism. Was I really looking at an albino grizzly?

Classically Inspired B.C. Cuisine


Not Your Average Bear

Animals can be pure or partial albinos. Pure albinos usually have pink eyes, scales and skin. They’re pink because, without colouration, the blood vessels show through. It’s estimated that at least 300 species of animals in North America have albino individuals. B.C.’s spirit bear is a black bear that has white fur due to a rare genetic trait; it is not an albino, as it typically has a brown nose and eyes.

Real Food Local Sustainable

I called my colleagues to come up on deck from down below. They emerged with binoculars in hand and we proceeded to go back and forth speculating on exactly what kind of bear we were observing. There seemed to be consensus that it was an albino, but whether it was a grizzly or not was discussed and debated at length. 7120 West Saanich Rd., Brentwood Bay

april 2010


Pink Blossoms and Olympic Blues by Natalie King, General Manager, Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa


arch really was a magical month; however, all of that super-charged Olympic energy and enthusiasm has ebbed. We were full of Canadian spirit at the hotel and the hope and excitement ran so high it was truly bonding. Sure, we still enjoy working together, but the high-fives and victory hugs have stopped cold! It begs the question: Now what!? What do we have to look forward to in the afterglow of Canada’s shining moment? Well, the weather for one thing – how lucky we’ve been this winter and early spring! Bring on the renewal of all things we love about life on the Island and Peninsula. I was driving down Resthaven the other day to visit a friend and the blossoming trees were such a treat. Pier C&C Ad - Seaside Times Mar2010 DaysSize: atSidney the3.75” beach are just around the corner! I think this is (w) x 4.925” (h) • Rough 1 • March 09/10 my favourite time of year on Vancouver Island. One day of sun-

shine in late winter lifts people’s spirits in a way that a whole week of hot weather can’t in the summer. In hospitality, where making people happy is your business, it’s much easier to be successful on a sunny day in April than a rainy day in November. Trust me on this one. I am also looking forward to getting out into the garden and having friends over for a BBQ, not to mention shopping for all the great produce that will come from Peninsula farms in the coming months. Something about this time of year also encourages us to clean up, tackle the things we dreaded over the winter and get our proverbial houses in order – I love that! I also love seeing Beacon Avenue crowded with shoppers, strollers and sightseers. It makes me feel very lucky to have come through another winter here having enjoyed the incredible ride Sidney Pier Spa Ad - Seaside Times Mar2010 the Olympics offered. it’s (h) over, but itFile was the perfect Size: 3.75” (w) xYes, 4.925” • Final • March 11/10 vehicle to take us from the grey of winter to all the colours of spring.

fresh flavours, casual comfort, genuine service

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During the month of April purchase our custom Eminence facial and receive a complimentary Jane Iredale mineral makeup finishing touch.


CROONERS Thursday Nights 5 - 8 pm Cool Cocktails • Swinging Tunes • Groovy Appies FRANK SINATRA, DEAN MARTING, BOBBY DARIN NAT KING COLE and more...



To book your appointment Call 250-655-9797 Monday thru Saturday 9am- 6pm We are located in the Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney, BC

Volunteering Works! by Maria Kirley April, the month of showers and the occasional spot of sunshine, is Volunteer Recognition month. If you have lived on the Peninsula, you know about volunteering. New to our community? Just you wait. Once you catch the VB (Volunteering Bug), you’ll be hard pressed to find time for your day job! There are thousands of opportunities to get involved. Half an hour once a month, or all day every day, 365 days a year – your skills are needed and quite welcome. Here are just a few websites I found. Want to try acting? Join the Peninsula Players at You’d rather sing for your supper? Try the Peninsula Singers at If your talents lie more with the graphic arts, you may find yourself drawn to the Saanich Peninsula Community Arts Council. Their new gallery is in Tulista Park, or find them online at www.cacsp. com. To jazz it up a bit, check out the Vancouver Island Live Music Preservation Society at They’re the folks that brought that fantastic Hot Jazz weekend to Sidney last spring, and rumour has it they’re here this month!

It’s in the Details Come in and see for yourself

Love history? Sign up for stints at the Sidney Museum – you guessed it –, or the British Columbia Aviation Museum –, or even the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society – Beacon Community Services at the SHOAL Centre has volunteers who do everything from bingo to babysitting – Love hearing “ooohs” and “aahhhs?” Join the team at SHAW Ocean Discovery Centre as an oceaneer – – visitors are amazed at the wonders beneath the sea. Meet Sister City residents of Anacortes, WA, or Nimi, Japan by joining the fun-loving Sister Cities Association or join the Celebrations Society – those people know how to throw a parade! Note: no websites for those last two, perhaps you’d like to volunteer to build one for them? If you’re looking for friends, looking to learn or share skills, or just want the satisfaction of making someone’s day brighter – volunteer – it works! Happy Spring!


440 - 777 Royal Oak Drive in Broadmead Village 250-744-5791

2449 Beacon Avenue across from Tanner’s Books 250-654-0534

april 2010


Learning Africa – Part I by Derek Peach

The perfect pair for mom



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KNICKE_3.75x4.925_M&M.indd 1

3/2/2010 3:12:04 PM

It could have been a child anywhere in the world with her mother or her primary teacher. This was in a dark brick schoolroom in the Tanzanian countryside and Moshi was the kind of teacher you all want for your child’s early schooling. She had an uncompromising love for her kids that expected the best for them and of them and they adored her. We who had dropped into a strange culture in the strangest of settings for three weeks of volunteer teaching took comfort in such familiar things.

All Lakefront Rooms On Beautiful Long Lake

Jack Lee in Flower Drum Song said it for everyone in his observation: “Those white guys all look the same to me.” We do, and so do they, but only until faces and voices and mannerisms establish a personal identity. Moshi was a unique individual; the maternal grooming was universal. Other customs were more regional.


Pet Friendly • High Speed Internet Whirlpool & Sauna In-Season Pedal Boat & Canoe Rentals Fridge & Microwave • Kitchenettes Available Continental Breakfast Included

* Mention this ad to receive 15% off regular rates * Telephone: 250-758-1144 Fax: 250-758-5832 Toll Free Reservations: 1-800-565-1144 4700 N. Island Hwy. (19A), Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 1W6 12



t was the most commonplace of gestures: a small child standing before her teacher, chattering earnestly, and all the while the teacher picking bits of straw off her sweater and straightening her collar and murmuring softly in agreement.

The absent tooth in many elders marks a generation when lockjaw was still prevalent and an extracted tooth provided access for nourishment. Barabaig men are distinct from the Maasai – although both wear bright plaid shawls and carry herding sticks and a lion spear – in that the latter never wears pants while the former does (somewhat the way one separates the women from the men in Scotland). Tattoos mark the faces of some women in swirls around cheeks and eyes. Students wear school uniforms of sweater and slacks or skirt and they even did so on what were, for us, the hottest of days.

Personal Wine Preparation at Gartley Station

Freshly Crushed Grapes From the Vineyards of Chile …

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Tues. - Fri. 9 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Herding animals is the first job children learn. The youngest we saw was a toddler who barely came up to the knees of the cows he was energetically switching along the path. Goats and cattle wandered the countryside, with herders or without. The unaccompanied herds are shooed out of gardens by townspeople. In the countryside, fields are marked out by branches of acacia thorn with three-inch spines that deter anything except hippos and elephants.

108 - 1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton 250-652-6939 •

We got used to walking the path into town, avoiding animals and their droppings, waving to every kid who rushed out to practice “hello, how-are-you?” and avoiding the live acacia which lined the route. The wait-a-bit bush is particularly well-suited to training type-A westerners, as they have thorns pointing in two directions on the stalks so that if snagged, you do indeed wait a bit to extricate yourself. The youngsters develop calluses early from chasing after their beasts across such landscapes. Rituals are developed very early here and even young people responded to introductions with a three-level handshake. Grasp down as usual, clasp up and grasp down again. With women familiar to you, kiss or touch cheek-to-cheek on each side while hugging or grasping the hand. There is a wonderful pre-meal ritual wherein the hostess comes around to each guest with a pitcher of warm water and a bowl, towel over her arm, and pours water for each one to wash. We were so treated when we visited a secondary teacher for a meal one evening. In the early equatorial night, we were seated around a coal oil lantern glowing on a table as our hostess came around with the pitcher and the basin. Another commonplace act of hospitality bonded us in the dusk. To be continued in the May issue of Seaside Times.

april 2010


w renderin gs

Mother Nature’s Greatest Pollinator: The Orchard Mason Bee! by Jennifer Hill

Spring is here! Tulips are in bloom and buds are popping open on our fruit trees. Unfortunately, however, over the past few years, even with lots of blossoms forming on the trees, backyard gardeners and orchardists have reported a decrease in fruit production. Trees formerly laden with fruits such as apples and plums have lately only produced a mere handful of fruit. On the Island, growers who have, in the past, depended heavily on wild bees such as the bumble bee and the honeybee to pollinate their fruit trees are at a loss as to how to increase the fruit yield. The dramatic reduction in feral bee colonies and the loss of domesticated colonies as the result of mite infestation has left us with fewer bees in our garden to pollinate our crops. But … ta-da … to the rescue is Mother Nature’s greatest pollinator, the Orchard Mason Bee (Osmia lignaria), which has been around for millions of years – long before the honeybee was first introduced to North America.

The Orchard Mason Bee (OMB) is a wild solitary bee species (i.e., it lives and works alone). It is a friendly, nonaggressive, efficient pollinator of early blooming crops (in particular cherry, pear, apple, quince, blueberry, holly and early strawberries). They are called “mason bees” because they construct walled-off chambers out of mud for each egg they lay. OMBs begin working early in spring (typically when daytime temperatures reach above 13ºC or 57º F … often as early as March 21st) when flowers, vegetables and fruit trees are just beginning to blossom and before the wild bees have emerged and started to do their work. A female OMB can live between four to eight weeks and can produce as many as 36 eggs. To collect nectar to feed their offspring, they may visit as many as 60,000 blossoms per bee or 1,875 flowers per day – that’s a lot of pollinating! Unlike the honeybee, OMBs even fly in cool, windy, drizzly weather. The OMB is smaller than a honeybee (13mm length) and is shiny dark blue,

The Victorian Bird House Your Orchard Mason Bee Headquarters

We stock Orchard Mason Bee: • Houses • Cocoons • Nesting Tubes • Books & DVDs • Cleaning Supplies • Bee Scoops and “No Wasp” Netting Bags * Mention this ad and receive 20% off your OMB purchase! * 2428 Beacon Avenue, Sidney 250-656-5064 • 14


almost black in colour, with a metallic sheen. Unfortunately, this type of bee is often mistaken for a large fly and killed by mistake. The distinguishing feature is the wings: the OMB has a pair on both sides while a housefly has just one. OMBs do not make their own nests and are dependent on others to supply a potential “home.” Luckily for gardeners, they take easily to nests made by humans out of wood, cardboard or plastic with openings that accommodate the bee perfectly – the insect equivalent of a birdhouse – often referred to as a “condo.” The holes should be 7 to 8mm in diameter and be 10 to 15cm in depth. Mason bee nesting blocks can be placed in your backyard, rooftop, or even in an apartment patio garden. It is best that they are placed no more than 30 metres from the flowers which they are to use as their source of food. The absolutely best system of nesting houses is the one that has been developed by Dr. M. Dogterom of Chilliwack – the Stacked-Tray System. The holes are the right size and depth, they are as smooth as possible and they are appropriately spaced. Most important of all, the blocks are easy to clean and are reusable. Dr. Dogteron is also the foremost local supplier of OMB cocoons. One vial containing 10 cocoons is all you need to get on your way and you could have a new hobby – raising OMBs. My apologies: I neglected to give photographic credit for the pictures used in this column in the last two issues, which were courtesy of Stuart Clarke. Photo (this page and in ad) courtesy Derrick Ditchburn ( april 2010

If You Build it, They Will Play


ne or my favourite movies is “Field of Dreams.” The plot is simple; Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is a novice farmer who lives in rural Iowa with his wife, Annie and their young daughter Karin.

by Tim Flater While walking through his cornfield, Ray hears a voice whisper “If you build it, he will come” and he sees a vision of a baseball field. Believing he is somehow being asked to build it, and fearing he is in danger of turning into his father – whom he resented for his lack of spontaneity – Ray strongly wishes

to do so. Although sceptical, Annie is supportive and, watched by incredulous neighbours, Ray plows under his corn and builds the field. Island View Family Golf Centre located just off the Pat Bay Hwy at Island View Road and Central Saanich Road is putting the finishing touches on a new 18-hole Mini Golf Course scheduled to open this spring. The course meanders around a beautiful pond and features 18 distinctive holes that will challenge the serious player and entertain everyone. Now, they’re not plowing under a cornfield but they are turning what was bare land into a beautiful landscaped area that took vision and belief. I’ve seen the work that’s going into this exciting new addition and some of the many features include beautiful stonework, a waterfall, a land bridge with golf holes on it, a water fountain, amazing gardens and some of the best looking mini golf holes I’ve seen. I’m not an expert on mini golf courses but I did play in a mini golf league for three years. Yes, there was such a thing! I’ve seen well over 50 different mini golf courses in my day and I can’t wait to play this one. There are 18 unique holes that you will remember and this is a course that you can play over and over again. Shooting par will be a very good score. Whether it’s just a group of friends challenging each other, a corporate event or the entire family out for some great healthy entertainment, this course has it all.

Opening Spring 2010 250-652-5215 • 7081 Central Saanich Road • Victoria, B.C. 16


Island View Family Golf Centre is an award-winning practice facility with 50 driving range stalls, practice chipping and sand trap area and three CPGA teaching professionals. Complete club repairs are offered and all your equipment needs are met here. With the addition of the first class Island View Mini Golf course, the centre has everything you need to improve, learn and play. For all the details visit the course website at



Goldsmith Studio

Dr. Mandeep Bains, B.Sc., D.C. Chiropractor

Professional German Gold and Silversmith

Cranial Adjustments Spinal Decompression Table Computerized Custom Orthotics





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Jewellery Repairs Custom Work & Redesigning *All work done on premises*

2497 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C.



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a visit to the should bring a

dentist’s office smile to your face.

Vancouver Island’s newest state-of-the-art dental office is now open in Sidney You are invited to experience the ultimate in personal concierge service along with state-of-the-art dentistry in our brand new office. From the ultimate in new dental chairs, to fully digital equipment, and an entertainment system second to none, we are committed to providing you with optimal treatment while maximizing your comfort and relaxation.

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Above all, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations on every visit. 101–9840 Fifth St, Sidney ■

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My Life So Far …

express the value of learnwas born in Hartford, ing how government works. Connecticut in 1954 to From 1986 to 1988, I worked a British father and an by Elizabeth May to create national parks, draft legislaAmerican mother. In 1973, after 17 tion, negotiate the Montreal Protocol years in the same house, my parents to protect the Ozone Layer, fight acid moved the family to a village on Cape rain, organize the first global scientific conference on cliBreton Island where they had purchased a tourist attraction – mate change … among hundreds of other issues. a restaurant and gift shop that had been closed for a number of years. A romantic choice, but not very practical. My happiest moment was the creation of Gwaii Haanas National Park. Sadly, I felt I had to resign on principle Unable to afford university, from 1974 to 1982 I worked as a when the minister illegally approved permits for two dams waitress and cook in the family business. in Saskatchewan. Subsequently, the Federal Court ruled From 1975 to 1980, I was part of a successful grassroots the permits were illegal. campaign in Cape Breton to prevent forest spraying with In 1989, I became the executive director of the Sierra Club chemicals that are now banned. In the fall of 1980, with of Canada. It was through Sierra Club, and frequent visits to the benefit of a program for mature students, I was able to our B.C. Chapter, that I first fell in love with southern Vanattend Dalhousie University School of Law. While still a couver Island and the Gulf Islands. student, I led a major court challenge to Agent Orange and we obtained a temporary injunction to prevent the spraying My greatest joy has been my children (my daughter, of forests with the herbicide. Sadly, we lost the case in the three step-children and seven grandchildren!) A practicing final judgement, but by then Agent Orange was no longer Anglican, my faith keeps me going. I love writing and have available for use in Canada. had seven books published. I hold three honourary doctorates. My greatest honour was being named an Officer of In 1985, after practicing law in Halifax, I moved to work the Order of Canada in 2005. I hope to be the Member of at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Ottawa, practiParliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands – and that will be a cing law on behalf of consumer, poverty and environmentgreater honour still. al groups. The next year, the federal Minister of Environment appointed me his senior advisor. There are no words to

Elizabeth May, O.C. is a resident of Sidney and leader of the Green Party of Canada.

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s m ell the co ffee

The Confusing World of Coffee – Pt. I coffee. The degree of roast is determined by the roaster, based on the origin and type of bean. Roasters try to emphasize those qualities of the bean that they feel are most desirable.

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Light or Cinnamon Roast coffees are lighter brown in colour with a dry surface, slightly under-roasted in fact, and often floral, fruity notes that denote a high acidity and can be characterized as “snappy.” A Cinnamon roast will have toasted grain notes to the taste.

by Steve Sheppard This month I thought we should talk about coffee roasting lingo. Have you ever been confused about coffee roast names used in various coffee houses? The assigning of names to coffee roasts can be confusing, but when coffee roast names first began, their application was based, to some degree, on fact. Both the French and Italians had (and still have) a tendency to roast their coffee very dark, thus the emergence of the French and Italian Roasts. But, in today’s marketplace, standard coffee roast names seem to be giving way to individual roasters offering catchy, private label, brand names that don’t really communicate what the actual roast level is. To throw even more confusion into the mix, the roast style names vary by geographic region. Some varieties of names used to describe coffee roasts include: French, Italian, Viennese, Espresso Turkish, American, Full City, Half-City, and Cinnamon. It all seems so confusing! How does a person make sense of it all? Answer: Simply compare the flavour of the coffee with the colour and/or appearance of the coffee beans rather than relying on the roast name alone. High-grown Arabica beans are full of complex aromatic flavours that are just waiting to be released by the roasting process. Other than the origin of the bean, the degree of roast is the next most important factor in the flavour of a high-quality, gourmet

Medium or Viennese roast coffees are a medium to dark brown colour and may have some oily spots on the surface of the beans. The acidity factor (or sour flavours) are decreased in this roast due to the start of caramelization and spicy and nutty notes are often accentuated. Most coffees reach their peak of flavor and complexity with this roast, and it is probably the most common roast used by today’s roasters. Espresso or Continental roasts are a darker brown colour and are shiny with light surface oil. There’s less acidity in this roast and the taste is more bittersweet with caramel and/ or chocolate undertones and a good balance of acidity and body.

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Dark roast coffees have less caffeine and are less acidic. In dark roasts, the oils within the beans have been driven to the surface, making the beans appear shiny. Some of the more subtle, complex flavours of lighter roast coffees are significantly reduced and replaced by more pungent, bittersweet flavors. French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish roasts progress in colour through darker brown to almost black in the case of a Spanish roast. As the colour darkens, the flavour is reduced to a few weak, sweet notes. This plethora of roast names just scratches the surface, and often the darker roasts have sub-categories that could easily fall into the subsequent category. Try all roast levels and find the best one for your taste buds … and try to avoid the catchy names whenever possible !

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Cougar’s Crag – by Allison Smith Have you ever wanted to really get away from it all? Well, as their tagline says, “out there” is closer than you think … at Cougar’s Crag Extreme B&B in Metchosin, B.C. The beautiful 2,500-square-foot red cedar post-and-beam B&B is owned by Steve Schweighofer and Michel Wagner. The idea for the dog-friendly business came about naturally. “When we discovered the area we thought it was great,” says Steve, “but there was no place to stay because we had dogs. We thought ‘there might be something to that.’ ” Six years later, 85 percent of Cougar’s Crag’s guests are dog owners.

OUT THERE … it’s closer than you think

Vancouver Island’s Favourite Pet-Friendly Bed & Breakfast In Metchosin – 30 minutes from downtown Victoria • For reservations 1-888-808-2724 • 250-478-8993 20


Just two units at the B&B keeps things private. Each room features a 400-square-foot furnished living area and a 140-square-foot sleeping loft under a vaulted ceiling. A skylight provides a breathtaking view of the night sky at bedtime, and a quote by the bed reads “The sky is the daily bread for the eyes ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Both units are equipped with a heat stove, full bath, private deck, small fridge and microwave. By designation, bed and breakfasts aren’t allowed to provide stoves, but there are several great restaurants in the area such as The Edge, My-Chosen Café and Markus’ Wharfside Restaurant in Sooke. Of course, guests have no need to source out meals at breakfast time! Steve wields the spatula in this gorgeous hardwoodand-soapstone kitchen where gingerbread pancakes with whip cream are a specialty of the house.

Since 1936

Book Your Spring & Summer Tournaments Now! Golf & BBQ Packages Available

Get Out There ! “This is where the magic happens,” Steve jokes. Everywhere you look in Cougar’s Crag are touches that truly make the B&B a unique destination.

For Tee Times, Rates, Tournament & Membership Info: or 250-656-4621 Ardmore Golf Course 930 Ardmore Drive, North Saanich, B.C.

A stained-glass window in the hallway shows a cougar, a piece Steve says was made by a neighbour. On the ceiling in the kitchen, cupola and library are custom pressed-tin tiles and a doublewalled fireplace is an impressive feature of the communal space. It’s these details that make Cougar’s Crag so special, right down to the old-fashioned push-button light switches. “We couldn’t have furnished the place without the internet,” notes Steve.

Show Your Friends & Family Where You Live … by Floatplane!

Of course, before the decorating came construction, and Steve says the partners’ goal was to make the building look like it had just been dropped into place. Proof that they succeeded in this aim is a large boulder in pride of place by the back deck, which others may have removed but which Steve says he was very clear about to the crew – “If they touched that rock, the deal was off.” The deck looks out over the Metchosin Valley and the Strait of Juan de Fuca beyond, and it’s when you’re out here that you really understand what “out there” means. The partners have obviously hit upon a great concept – Steve’s “retirement area” houses a writing desk (that he ruefully admits is gathering dust), unused exercise equipment and a telescope he hasn’t put together yet.

40-minute Tours – $125 pp (2 person min.)

Tour #1. Circumnavigate the Saanich Peninsula

Tour #2. Tour around Salt Spring Island & through Active Pass with optional stop in Ganges*

* ($175 pp with stop in Ganges)


As the website says: “Bring your dog, your bike, even your muddy boots — they are all welcome at Cougar’s Crag!

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News from the Seaside Help Keep the Sea Plastic Free by Tina Kelly, Ocean Advocate, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre Survey your immediate surroundings. What materials do you see? One can bet you will find plastic, plastic and yet even more plastic. Plastic has come a long way from its first form, Parkesine, developed over 100 years ago and today, plastic can only be described as ubiquitous. It is used in a myriad of products and for a variety of uses, marketed under names such as polystyrene, PVC and nylon. It seems utterly impossible to live a plastic-free life. Now visit a local beach and again survey your immediate surroundings. Is plastic ubiquitous enough to permeate our local beaches? The answer is undeniably yes. Two weeks ago, a two-kilometre walk along the shoreline of Sidney Spit culminated in a large haul of garbage, most of which was plastic. Among the finds: a Bic lighter, flip flop, bubble blower, bottle lids and small broken bits and pieces in a full rainbow of colours.

Blue Danube River Cruise Nuremberg to Budapest

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Europe’s most beautiful cities and landscapes will glide peacefully past you while you experience the history of the continent’s greatest rivers. Our prices are very affordable – we invite you to shop and compare! Highlights: Prague, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Passau, Linz, Melk, Vienna (overnight), Bratislava, Budapest (overnight) US$, pp dbl occ, cat. C1 or CEK, cruise only, based on space available. A 10% cruise discount is applied to brochure fare. Prices reflect discount. Additional: port tax of $139pp.

105–2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney (in the Landmark Building) 250.656.0961 | 1.800.409.1711 Additional locations at Shelbourne Plaza and Colwood Plaza ON–4499356/4499372 | BC–33127/34799/34798 | QC–7002238



Take that amount of garbage collected, relative to the area it was collected in, and extrapolate how much flotsam could be littering and polluting the coastlines of the Salish Sea and rest of the world.

that in every square “It is estimated kilometre of ocean, there are over 18,000 pieces of plastic.”

How does it come to litter our beaches? It is estimated that in every square kilometre of ocean, there are over 18,000 pieces of plastic that originate from both land and marine activities. Even garbage dropped kilometres from the shore can end up in the ocean by moving through storm drains, rivers and streams. Winds and currents push the debris in all directions, leaving relatively few areas unscathed from contamination. One noteable accumulation of garbage and plastic can be found in the north Pacific Ocean and is estimated to be, at minimum, as big as the State of Texas. This area is aptly called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex. To some of us, the dislike of plastic in our oceans and on our beaches may simply be aesthetic, but for ocean dwelling animals it can be life and death. Two animals most commonly affected by plastic are sea turtles and pelagic sea birds. The former mistake plastic bags for a common prey item, jellyfish. These bags become lodged in their digestive tracts and the turtle dies. Seabirds, most famously the albatross, are attracted to bits of floating plastic, also seeing it as prey. They return to their nests to feed their young the catch. Chicks die from choking, blockages or from starvation, with a stomach full of bottle caps and other plastic bits. Entanglement in marine debris is yet another concern for many marine inhabitants. While a beach ball can unexpectedly be carried away in a gust of wind, or a fishing line and lure may get accidentally snagged on the bottom and break off, most of the garbage that ends up in our oceans and on our beaches is preventable. Reduce your use of plastic bags, replacing them with reusable cloth versions. Reduce the amount of plastic you purchase by making better-informed decisions. Buy products with less packaging. Recycle as much plastic as possible. A lot of hard and soft plastics are now accepted at recycling facilities – call your local recycling provider for a complete list of items they accept and ensure all remaining items are disposed of properly. Whenever you visit a park, beach or island, remember the old adage “pack it in, pack it out” and help keep the sea plastic free.

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We have the key ingredient.





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y t o you r heart!

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Bill Mattick began growing vegetables and flowers on his property during the mid 1940s. His farm prospered and grew to the point that he began exporting daffodils and tulips to eastern Canada, shipping them by chartered aircraft. However, Mattick’s talents and interests went far beyond farming.

Shop Historical

He was a consummate showman. He built the market and tea garden in the late 1950s and started the golfing tradition on the property when he built the popular Par 3 course and old driving range in 1956. Mattick was an accomplished golfer himself, despite the fact that he had lost his left hand in a farming accident during childhood. Mattick sold the farm in the late ’60s and for the next several years, until his death in 1985, Mattick commuted the short distance between his home and his office on the property. His working day started punctually at 9 a.m. with a “Black Russian” cocktail and a freshly rolled cigarette. The staff at Bill Mattick’s Restaurant

A Stable Way of Life At A Stable Way of Life the summer season collection of stylish sandals and shoes has arrived, featuring high-quality brands such as Naot and Romika plus many more European shoemakers offering fabulous colours and textures. These shoes are a pleasure to take home and a joy to wear anywhere from bistro to beach and conference to coastal walks. An ever-changing selection of handbags and accessories are arriving weekly to complement your Island lifestyle. The quirky gift department focuses on fun ideas for the cat, dog and horse lovers from PJs to toys. Canadian-made Gardeau and Germanmade Haflinger slippers are carried year-round in both women’s and men’s sizes. A Stable Way of Life is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 250-658-3052.

Summer Sandals & Shoes Have Arrived!

The Country Goose Clothing Company

Open Every Day 10-5:30 123-5325 Cordova Bay Rd. Victoria

250.658.3052 • from stovetop to tabletop..... Top quality cookware, tableware and speciality foods brought to you from around the world by.....


and Lounge does their best to honour its namesake by filling the place with daffodils each spring, by featuring a Black Russian on the liquor menu, and by continuing to tell the story of the man who built Mattick’s Farm. (courtesy

The Country Goose Clothing Company is a reflection of the lifestyle of the West Coast Woman! We especially love cotton and linen clothing that is washable and easy care. Our collections of Cut Loose – cut and dyed in San Francisco – arrive every month in delicious dusty shades to suit the season. We are now carrying the line of “Jackpot” clothing from Denmark … and it is fabulous – funky pants with beautiful cotton cardigans accented with linen scarves to punch the outfit with colour. The line is well priced with a regular fit for that 40 year and up age group. Canadian-made Splendor and Tricot sweaters are easy care and available in a huge range of colours. This year the new Modea Capri is our staff favourite in denim, navy, black, chocolate and butter – add a jacket and your wardrobe basics are ready for summer travel. Visit often to catch new stock as it arrives. We look forward to dressing you in Spring 2010.

Continental k i T C250h658e 8191 n at mattick’s farm •

the Continental Kitchen the Continental Kitchen is a charmingly unique shop located in the Mattick’s Farm arcade. It is always cosy and friendly, brimming with European and North American cooking and table

Clothing Company

at Mattick’s Farm

Clothing for the West Coast Woman Come and see our wonderful The

Spring 2010 Collection 127-5325 Cordova Bay Rd. 250.658.5411

Ladybug Boutique at Mattick’s Farm 117-5325 Cordova Bay Rd., Victoria • 250.658.3807

Mattick’s Farm wares, gourmet foods and inspiring cookbooks. All products have been researched and sourced to bring customers the most authentic ceramics, flatware and linens for their tabletops; the finest culinary tools for their stovetops and gourmet treasures from the Mediterranean and American countrysides – from the best Italian olive oils and vinegars to rich spicy seasonings and sauces from California. the Continental Kitchen marries beauty and functionality to the art of cooking and the pleasures of dining.

The Ladybug Boutique Welcome to The Ladybug Boutique! We are the #1 supplier of unscented candles in the Victoria, B.C. area. All of our candles are fragrance-free and we carry the highest quality paraffin, stearin and beeswax candles. Our selection of wrought iron candleholders, chandeliers and sconces as well as glass, pewter, brass and bronze will enhance any decor. Other fine items include our famous Scandinavian specialties (including the “Goody Corner”), glassware, silk rings and pottery by B.C. potters Susan Clarke and Marilyn Henderson, hand-woven table linens from Salt Spring Island and scarves from Judy, a long-time Victoria weaver. There’s so much more, so come visit us … the unscented candle store with so much more! #117 Mattick’s Farm.

Lasting Impression Stamps Bring out your creative side at Lasting Impression Stamps. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, we have something for you here. Browse our exceptional selection of art stamps, inks and craft supplies – always the latest trends!

through the forest floor. The course is challenging and a big hit for young and old alike with discounts and special rates for almost any group or occasion.

For more information regarding rates and hours please call Mattick’s Farm Mini Golf at 250-658-4053 or visit

Pure Day Spa Pure Day Spa is your sanctuary of relaxation. Escape busy downtown and come visit our peaceful ocean side location. We are a full service spa specializing in facials by world-renowned skin care lines Yon-Ka and GM Collin. Our staff of friendly and licensed estheticians covers all your spa needs. Special features offered at Pure Day Spa include: • Side-by-side pedicures. • TLC Tuesdays – 15 percent off Body Treatments • Serve & retail Silk Road Tea • Specialized Reflexology treatments you won’t find anywhere else! • New! The OPI Axxium Gel Manicure lasts up to two weeks without breaking or chipping! Perfect for busy moms, professionals, vacations and brides. • Monthly Specials, online bookings and online gift certificates.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions. Our creative team will guide and inspire you with our years of experience. Whatever your crafting style or ability, we have a workshop to suit your individual needs. Check our website for our Monthly Workshop Calendar or join one of our Stamping or Card Making Clubs. Plan a “girls’ night out” at our store. We take care of all the details, customize a class just for you and prepare everything. We want to Inspire You - Come Create With Us!, 250-658-8448.

Mattick’s Farm Mini Golf Mattick’s Farm Mini Golf offers two spacious 18-hole miniature golf putting courses in a beautiful treed setting that winds

For All Your Rubber Stamping Needs 250-658-8448 • 119-5325 Cordova Bay Rd. Victoria Mattick’s Farm 211-5325 Cordova Bay Rd. 250.590.7873

Mattick’s FarM Mini GolF 250-658-4053 • 5325 cordova Bay road, saanich, B.c.

sunn y side v iew

Another Deadline Looms by Sandy McElroy

I thought when I retired that the stress of deadlines would be over, but I was so wrong. Life still seems full of many deadlines, some small and others more challenging. Some deadlines are externally set while others are self-imposed. Small deadlines might be as simple as remembering to buy an anniversary gift or a birthday card. Simple right? Try missing these deadlines and beware of the consequences. Or how about forgetting to renew your car insurance? That error can cost you hundreds of dollars. The above are considered a hard or fixed-date deadline. Life is also full of softer “must do” tasks. Every spring the gardener has a multitude of tasks to perform. This year my fruit trees needed pruning earlier due to the mild winter. They were already beginning to bud and needed attention, but travel plans prevented me from tackling the task and I felt the stress of a missed deadline.

bistro suisse “A Taste of Europe”

Why is it that deadlines never seem to be evenly spaced so that they can be handled in a systematic manner? No matter what kind of time management system you use, the tasks always seem to cluster in an uneven fashion. You can have the best intentions to accomplish all jobs early, but then bad weather sets in, your computer crashes or there is an unexpected family emergency. How you handle stress will often dictate how quickly you can recover and reprioritize your time to meet the deadline. We are fortunate here on the Peninsula to live in an environment where we have many opportunities to stop and smell the roses. A few minutes in the garden, a walk with my dog or perhaps listening to some music are often all that it takes for me to regain the clarity to redo my to-do list and figure out how to meet my most critical deadlines. I always try to keep my glass half full, but feeling crushed under the weight of deadlines empties my glass. Now I have started to change my to-do list, populated with must

dos, to an opportunity chart. Over my desk there is a calendar marked with opportunities for accomplishment. It may sound corny, but it gives me a visual map of what lays ahead, including windows of free time to fish or travel if I complete my commitments in a timely manner. It is my carrot from a stick approach to handling my deadlines. For a procrastinator like me this is a bold step! Don’t worry – I haven’t resorted to gold stars or smiley face stickers as rewards yet. Now if I can just get my income taxes done then I can take the dog and my grandson fishing … You can reach Sandy McElroy at – he’d love to hear your suggestions or feedback.


2470 Beacon Avenue

tions a r t s i Reg tember p For Se Being Now n Take

Beautiful learning environment

5, 3 and 2 day Preschool All-Day Kindergarten • Summer Play Program Reservations: 250-656-5353 Lunch 11-2:30

Dinner 5-close

7 Days a Week 26


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to The Cedarwood

Beautiful waterfront location on the Saanich Peninsula • Pet and child friendly Daily, weekly and monthly rates • Long-term parking available Call and ask about our Island ResIdent Rate

The Cedarwood Inn and Suites – Your Home away from Home 9522 Lochside Drive, Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5551 • 877-656-5551 •

Try Fresh Coffee … For The First Time For Over 10 Years We’ve Roasted Small Batches On-Site Every Couple Of Days To Provide You With The Freshest & Tastiest Coffee.


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An Easter Brunch

Air Purification by Destruction of odours

A few months ago I had a hugely successful brunch at my home. Afterwards, my husband and I cleaned up and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon together. We both looked at each other and said for a crowd ... brunch was the way to go! So for April, I have given you some easy brunch dishes for Easter Sunday or anytime you have a crowd … Enjoy!


From the very beginning, the mission of Lampe Berger has been tothe improve theofquality indoor has air. Created in 1898 From the very beginning, mission LampeofBerger to quality purify hospital rooms, Lampe Berger now enters a “new been to improve the of indoor air. Created in 1898 airy and creates anow universe where undesirable odours to purify hospital rooms, Lampe Bergerthe enters “new From theera” very beginning, mission ofa Lampe Berger has are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented been toa improve quality of indoor odours air. Created in ambiance. 1898 airy era” and creates universethe where undesirable to purify hospital rooms, Lampe Berger now enters a “new are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented ambiance. airy era” and creates a universe where undesirable odours are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented ambiance.

Improve the quality of your air – new fragrances available

From the very beginning, the mission of Lampe Berger has been to improve the quality of indoor air. Created in 1898 to purify hospital rooms, Lampe Berger now enters a “new airy era” and creates a universe where undesirable odours are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented ambiance.


Unique Home Accessories & Gifts

7103 West Saanich Road, Brentwood Bay 250-544-8211 •

Champagne and OJ, bloody marys and bellinis (take your favourite frozen fruit and puree. Pour into a glass and top with sparkling wine!)

Cheddar & Thyme Muffins 2 cups flour 1 tbsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. black pepper 1 cup grated sharp cheddar 1.5 cups milk ¼ cup butter melted

2 tbsp. dry mustard 1 tsp. salt Pinch Cayenne 1 tbsp. chopped thyme 1 large egg ¼ tsp. hot sauce

Preheat oven 350°, prepare tins and sift dry ingredients. Add cheddar, thyme and toss. Blend milk, egg , butter and hot sauce. Add wet to dry and combine. Fill tins ¾ full. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Sausage Gravy (Serve with muffins!) 8 oz. breakfast sausage, crumbled 1 tbsp. vegetable oil 2 tbsp. flour 2 cups milk 1 tsp. salt ½ tsp. ground black pepper Sauté sausage for 5 minutes until cooked, transfer to paper towel to drain.

Spring is in Bloom at… Gifts & Accessories For Homes, Humans & Humour

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Add vegetable oil and flour to same pan, stir and blend in brown bits from sausage (3 minutes). Add milk, whisking constantly until gravy thickens (20 minutes). Add salt and fresh pepper to taste (toss in fresh chopped chives for extra flavour)! Return cooked sausage to gravy, serve with muffins or a plain omelette.

Apple Sandwiches & Curry Mayonnaise (DELICIOUS!) 2 tsp. curry powder ½ cup Mayo ½ tsp. salt

island dish

For a Big Bunch!

Connie McInnis

Pinch pepper 16 thin slices of white sandwich bread (use brown if you like, avoid ones with seeds and nuts) 22/3 cups thinly sliced peeled Granny Smith apples ¼ cup chopped toasted almonds or cashews (optional)

Interior Designer

allow your spirit and style to complement your home

Toast curry powder in a small sauté pan over medium heat (30 seconds), stir in mayo and season. Spread mayo on all bread slices, then evenly divide apple slices on bread. Top with nuts if desired. Cut off crusts for tea sandwiches or cut with cookie cutter for fun shapes.

Citrus Salad 1 large grapefruit 2 tbsp. lime juice 1 tsp. sugar

2 blood oranges (or one navel orange) 2 tbsp. orange juice 1 tsp. olive oil

Cut top and bottom of grapefruits and oranges, cut skin and pith away. Cut into ¼ inch thick rounds. Arrange slices on platter, overlapping and alternating colours. Whisk juices, sugar and olive oil together, pour over citrus slices. Garnish with lime and lemon zest.

Baked Egg Casserole

C lassic…

Harmonious beauty that never goes out of style

ph 250.652.5584 cell 250.920.6580

6-8 eggs 6 slices of your favourite bread All optional but pick whatever you like: mushrooms, peppers, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, ham, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheddar, feta, spinach, chorizo, corn, jalapenos, potatoes. The night before – Scramble eggs and season well with S&P. Tear up bread into bite size pieces. Combine bread and egg, adding in any of the optional ingredients. Place into a casserole dish and put away in the fridge until morning. Morning time – bake at 350° for 35-40 minutes.

Prawn & Cucumber Salad 1 bag of medium prawns, thawed/cooked/chilled 1 cup mayo ½ cup buttermilk Juice from half lemon Tabasco 1 regular cucumber 1 avocado Slice cucumber on a mandolin into ribbons or thinly slice lengthwise. Combine mayo, buttermilk, lemon, Tabasco, salt and pepper. Toss prawns in mayo mix. Arrange cucumbers on base of platter and place prawns atop of cucumbers. Chop up avocado into squares and scatter over the top. Finish with salt and pepper. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!

103-2537 Beacon Avenue (in the Cannery building) Sidney 250.656.5606

By Jennifer Bowles.

april 2010


In Touch Gifts: You Bring the Moments, We’ll Bring The Words by Arlene Antonik


irths and deaths, graduations and anniversaries, birthdays and weddings – these are some of the moments that define our lives.

Sometimes we can’t find the right words to say to family and friends at these times. When words fail us or when we have a special occasion to celebrate, a greeting card or special gift can be just the thing.

In Touch Cards & Gifts is ready to assist at such times with their encouraging logo: “You Bring the Moments, We’ll Bring the Words.” Located across the street from Tanner’s Books on Beacon Avenue in Sidney, it offers one of the largest selections of greeting cards on the Peninsula. Whether the occasion

Elegant Gifts

calls for a heartfelt message, a laugh or a dig in the ribs, there are rows and rows of cards to help you choose just the right one. Remember, coming up soon are Easter Sunday on April 4 and Mother’s Day on May 9th! Garry (pictured) and Dorothy Froese opened the business in January 2008 (formerly the Thought Shop) as part of their plans for active semi-retirement. They moved to the area six years ago after 30-year careers in music education, administration and performance in places as varied as Winnipeg, Cincinnati, Dallas and San Diego. “Having lived in big cities during our previous careers, we’re really enjoying being part of a smaller community and the different spirit and support network we’ve found here,” Garry said with obvious pride in his new hometown. Even though the store now occupies much of his time, Garry continues to teach voice and choral conducting at his home studio near Butchart Gardens. A musician never truly retires from music!

20% Off Gifts Every Monday in April

cards & gifts You bring the moments, we’ll bring the words.

2449B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, B.C. (across from Tanner’s Books) 250-656-4316 30


Three years ago Garry became the choral conductor of the Linden Singers who recently participated in two Sidney fundraising concerts for Haiti, helping to raise over $36,000 which was doubled by matching federal government funds. The Linden Singers are currently preparing for the Cora Habana Music Festival in Cuba in April and for the last concert of their season on May 29 at the First Metropolitan United Church. Garry is a member of the Sidney-bythe-Sea Rotary Club whose “service above self” creed provides ample opportunity to give back to the community – a

good fit for Garry and the store. “As a Rotarian I get involved in organizing community projects like last year’s Canada Day celebrations and, as a local businessman, I’m able to donate gifts or gift baskets to a variety of fundraising events around town.” Besides greeting cards, the store carries an extensive array of elegant and affordable gifts such as jewelry, vases and picture frames. Wedding and baby gifts have their own display areas beside a colourful wall of plush pets begging you to take them home! For the “just-right” finishing touch for your gift, there’s a large selection of gift wrap, bags, tags and pre-tied bows. Technology has had an impact on greeting cards with the introduction of sound cards that play a few lines from themes from TV shows or popular songs, and recordable cards which let you send your voice along with the card.In the near future we will prob-

ably see cards that feature holographic images and short video clips. Has the advent of e-cards, Facebook, Twitter and other methods of electronic communication had an effect on the sale of greeting cards? I asked. “When e-cards were first introduced, the annual growth in the printed greeting card industry flat-lined,” said Garry. “However, it’s healthy and growing again because when it comes to marking occasions of significance, many people prefer to send something that is tangible and has some artistic expression. A card lets them add a personal inscription or message. It shows an investment in personal time which is appreciated by the recipient.” Indeed, it’s a pleasant surprise to find a hand-written envelope and greeting card among the junk mail and bills! Garry’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to seek out the challenge of running a small business and he found what he was looking for at In Touch Cards & Gifts. Likewise, the Saanich Peninsula is fortunate to have been “found” by this conductor turned proprietor!

Marmalade Tart Boutique

Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. oPEn SundayS noon - 4 p.m.


Spring Fashions arriving daily! 2378-B Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC (Look for us in the courtyard)

778-426-3356 •

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Beacon Cat Hospital Dr. Ellen Guttormson

The only strictly feline hospital serving the Saanich Peninsula

Start your day with an inspiring sunrise at a new RV Park on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula

20 minutes to Victoria

Beautiful Landscaping Spacious Sites Contemporary Facilities

Stroll the beaches, walk the Lochside Trail, explore nearby vineyards, restaurants & bookstores Close to Butchart Gardens, BC & Washington Ferries

Purrrrrfect Care

9711 A - 5th St., Sidney, British Columbia 250-656-5568 •

Just 10 minutes to Sidney! 3000 Stautw Rd., Saanichton BC, V8M 2K5 Tel: 250-544-0508 • Fax: 250-544-0565 •

Everyday Solutions sales • service • rentals

If daily tasks are becoming a challenge, we can show you hundreds of ways to increase your independence and help make life simpler again.

Victoria 1856 Quadra Street (250) 384-8000 32


Sidney 7-9764 Fifth Street (250) 656-6228

South Island Birds Featured in New Book The Victoria Region is the premier birding location on Vancouver Island and that fact is reflected the new book Vancouver Island Birds, Volume 3. The book is third in a series of highly successful self-published books by Mike Yip, one of Vancouver Island’s prominent bird photographers. Yip’s high quality avian images are admired all over the world and his website,, averages almost 10,000 hits per month. Yip writes bimonthly bird articles for the North Islander and he has been a popular guest speaker for many clubs and organizations such as the Victoria Natural History Society, Victoria Kayak Club, Uplands Probus Club, Campbell Bald Eagle Festival, Cowichan Valley Horticultural Club and the Harbour City Photo Club. It is not surprising that South Island birds are well-represented in Yip’s books, as the South Island is recognized as one of the outstanding birding locations on Vancouver Island. It holds the Canadian record for the most birds reported in the annual Christmas Bird Counts and it is a favourite area for many migrating and breeding birds. A few of the many South Island birds featured in Volume 3 include the Martindale Flats Tropical Kingbird, the Saanich Bulb Field Bobolink, the South Island Skylarks, the Sidney Island Baird’s Sandpiper, the Elk Lake Great Horned Owls and the Atkin’s Road Mockingbird.


8 th, 2


Like the first two books, Volume 3 features over 200 high quality colour images of over 100 species of birds photographed on Vancouver island. One only has to see the amazing image of a Merlin holding a dragonfly on the hard cover to get a glimpse of Yip’s remarkable photography. The images are accompanied by non-scientific dialogue that is aimed at introducing the general public to the wonderful world of birds and connecting them to nature in a very enjoyable way.

for m

ore in

fo cal


Volume 3 has just been released and is available at most Island booksellers such as Tanner’s Books in Sidney.

april 2010


Annie Girling’s Photos:

Let professional tradesmen experienced in all aspects of construction give you the home of your dreams

by Carole Pearson “With its images of home, family and nature, this remarkable collection provides a rich record of the work of a female photographer in the early 20th century, and a glimpse of life in the young Municipality of Saanich,” is how the Saanich Archives describes its online Annie Girling Exhibit.

Renovations & Additions • Kitchens & Bathrooms Decks & Patios • Basement Suites • Project Management

Call now to book a free estimate!

Anne Alice Girling was born in Suffolk, England, on April 20th, 1880. The eldest of 11 children, Annie studied photography at Woolwich Polytechnic, learning skills she practiced throughout her life as a dedicated amateur photographer.

Greg McInnis Tel: 250-652-5584 Cell: 250-360-7960


She immigrated to Canada with her parents and the youngest Girling siblings, arriving in Victoria on October 4th, 1912. They settled on two acres of property on the north side of Swan Lake, purchased by the father, George Godfrey Girling, for $2,000.

What’s NEW at


A Passionate Farm Experience Farm Fresh Catering Now Available

e om

see the L am



Garden Market Open April 15 Artisan Breads Local Meats & Cheeses Local Seasonal Produce


Pizza Oven Open May 14


9100 East SaanichRd 250 655 0075

During the First World War, George was employed as a road engineer for the Municipality of Saanich and, in later years, owned his own road construction business. Annie’s mother, Ellen Elizabeth, was an office worker and managed her husband’s office. With both parents working outside the home, Annie was left to care for the youngest Girlings. Staying at home allowed her plenty of time to pursue her photography hobby. In fact, the younger children are seen in many of her photos and her pictures provide a personal look at their day-to-day life at Swan Lake in the early 1900s, from clearing land to posing with the family pets.

A Passionate Farm Experience

The Girlings moved from Swan Lake in 1928 when Annie’s asthma forced them to find a location that was less aggravating to her health. A new home was made at Thetis Lake, where they

BC Reg No. 2550-6

VancouVer to the south pacific – Sail aboard ms Volendam September 22nd 29 days Vancouver to Auckland from $2,892 Cdn. p/p – cruise and ALL taxes*

– OR –

continue on to sydney – to a total of 43 days for an additional $2,006 Cdn. p/p *includes $50 p.p. shipboard credit* Price based on inside stateroom, double occupancy. Airfare not included.

SIDNEY CRUISESHIPCENTERS 1 - 2353 Bevan Avenue, Sidney 250.656.5441 1.800.561.2350 34



A Glimpse of Life lived for a period of time before moving into a former school house on Finnerty Road in Saanich. Annie never married and lived with her other unmarried siblings in the house until her death on July 29th, 1953. Over the years, Annie’s photography work grew into a large collection – capturing Victoria and Saanich life and landscapes from 1912 to the 1940s. Unfortunately, her works were known only among the family and after her death, Annie’s photographs were stashed away, forgotten and left behind when the family moved out.


In the 1960s, the house was slated for demolition but, fortunately, before this happened a University of Victoria employee wandered through the now-empty house and discovered this wonderful cache of glass photographic plates, plate holders, negatives and even a old folding field camera.

101-2245 James White Boulevard, Sidney, BC, V8L 1Z5

These ended up in the possession of Lindsay Lambert, a photographic historian. Lambert counted up 41 boxes of glass plate photo negatives, 500 roll film negatives and contact prints – a total of 916 images. Over the next 30 years, Lambert tried to donate these photographic materials to museums and archives across Canada but there was little interest in accepting so large a collection, especially one where the people, locations and time periods were unidentified. It wasn’t until November 2007 that Lambert received a break in his quest to find descendants of the Girling family to help identify the array of photo memorabilia. Through a set of coincidences that a screenwriter would love, he learned a great-niece of Annie’s had moved to the Victoria area. With her help, the people photographed so long ago were finally identified and a background of family stories brought Annie’s photos to life. This also meant it was now possible to determine when the photos had been taken. Lambert’s donation of the Girling photo collection to the Saanich Archives in 2008 was gratefully received and the Archive’s Annie Girling Exhibit webpage was launched for this year’s B.C. Heritage Week.

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Anne Alice Girling’s photographs can be viewed online at Photo caption: Nature study of bird nest with eggs, photograph by Annie Girling (Girling Collection) Saanich Archives 2008-025-133.

(behind the Bank of Montreal)


The Real esTaTe MaRkeT Is heaTIng Up … so aRe The MoRTgage RaTes!! Pam Pettigrew Mortgage Broker 250-415-3309 Canada’s National Mortgage Company

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Maria Kirley Mortgage Broker 250-514-5829

2393 Beacon Avenue Sidney, B.C. april 2010


The Michell Family Can Grow … by Tim Flater


ere on the Saanich Peninsula, we are blessed with having some of the best farms that grow some of the best produce. I would like to say THE best, but I’m Canadian and we’re not supposed to brag … oh what the hell, the Olympics freed us from being so humble – we have the best family farms in the world! It doesn’t stop there, though – we also have the best nurseries. First, I would like to thank all the people who make their yards look so nice with landscaping and beautiful plants. I know it’s a labour of love and I just wanted you to know that people notice! My job takes me from one end of the Peninsula to the other almost every day. I take many different routes and I get to enjoy your beautiful yards, from the manicured hedges to the amazing gardens and walkways. I know that these gardens don’t just happen – you need a local nursery to fill your needs and give you good advice. So I found a new nursery that opened in March 2009. Now that in itself is no big deal but it’s who opened it that’s the interest-

ing part! MVP (Michell Valley Plants) is owned by Tara Michell, daughter of David Michell (yes, those Michells). She’s in her second year of business and, as all you gardeners out there know, the second year is when everything really starts to bloom. Tara is using 20 years of experience and a proven track record working at other top nurseries on the Island to get this garden centre off the ground. Her love of plants, need to have her own business and a talent in helping customers find the perfect plants were great reasons to make the leap to ownership. It helps when you grow up with family DNA that makes a living growing things, but Tara knows that’s just a start. “It’s great service, listening and not telling your customers what they need that’s the secret,” she says. MVP is located at Michell’s Farm Market just off the Pat Bay Highway at Island View Road. From herbs to hydrangeas and the deck to the walkway, MVP has you covered, so come say hi to Tara and her team the next time you pass by.

Sudoku Solutions Middle of the Road 1 8 5 3 9 7 2 4 6

3 4 7 6 2 1 5 8 9

9 6 2 8 5 4 3 7 1

8 1 4 7 6 5 9 3 2

Puzzle by

6 2 3 1 8 9 4 5 7

5 7 9 2 4 3 6 1 8

2 3 8 5 7 6 1 9 4

4 5 6 9 1 8 7 2 3

8 7 1 2 9 3 5 6 4

7 9 1 4 3 2 8 6 5

Hardly Simple 9 6 4 8 5 1 7 2 3

3 5 2 7 4 6 8 9 1

4 3 8 9 2 7 1 5 6

Puzzle by

7 2 9 6 1 5 3 4 8

6 1 5 3 8 4 9 7 2

5 8 3 4 7 2 6 1 9

2 9 7 1 6 8 4 3 5

1 4 6 5 3 9 2 8 7

Exceedingly Evil

1 5 3 9 8 7 4 2 6

2 8 7 6 4 3 5 1 9

4 6 9 5 1 2 8 3 7

5 2 6 8 9 4 1 7 3

Puzzle by

3 9 8 7 2 1 6 4 5

7 1 4 3 6 5 2 9 8

8 7 1 2 3 6 9 5 4

6 3 2 4 5 9 7 8 1

9 4 5 1 7 8 3 6 2

Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, Waterplants & Fish including Koi Open 9-5 Every Day 250-886-0494 • 1241 Island View Rd. at Michell’s Farm Market 36



A Moveable Feast Have you ever wondered why Easter occurs on a different date every year? Apart from the confusion it causes to the Easter Bunny, this moveable feast popping up randomly in March or April makes us wonder just why Easter doesn’t get nailed down to the same day in the same month, like so many of our other holidays. Back in 325 AD, Christian bishops gathered in Nicea, Turkey to sort out the Easter problem. Most of the bishops agreed it would be a great idea if Easter occurred after a full moon following the Spring Equinox. They decided to fix the equinox for March 21st, although we all know the date can be either March 20 or March 21st. Not that the bishops cared about this small wobble: they put their faith in church astronomers who also played fast and loose with the times of the full moon, creating another wiggle of a day or two. This ecclesiastical full moon following March 21 was given the impressive title of the Paschal Full Moon. Eventually a special church calendar was created with the wonderful title of “A Table of Moveable Feasts.” That way everyone knew exactly when Easter and any other festivals occurred so they could plan their holidays accordingly. If you find yourself in an Anglican church this Easter have a look in the Book of Common Prayer for this Table and marvel at the minds who sought so many years ago to give Easter its unique place in the calendar. Linda is the author of the mystery novel “The Golden Crusader.” Visit her website,, for more details.

Hot Jazz Returns to Sidney


by Leslea Kent, Festival Director, Hot Jazz Jubilee

ixieland, Swing, New Orleans Jazz, Western Swing and Zydeco provide us with four days of world class music as The 5th Annual Hot Jazz Jubilee returns to the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney April 15-18th. Produced by the Van Isle Live Music Preservation Society, this festival continues to grow each year and does not seem to be affected by the “recession.” Over 100 volunteers, from 18 years old to over 80 years old, have worked together to make this Jubilee a most memorable and enjoyable occasion. The Hot Jazz Jubilee is not only supported by the people from Greater Victoria but also attracts people from all over the U.S. and Canada to the Peninsula. Most stay in the area for at least four nights, allowing them time to explore the area, shop, try some of the many restaurants and enjoy the music. Even people from Victoria have already booked their hotel rooms in the Sidney area for this event. The format of the Hot Jazz Jubilee is unique to other festivals, in that with three venues at the Mary Winspear Centre, the bands move among the venues, giving you the chance

to follow your favourite band or stay in one seat and enjoy the variety of music throughout the day, starting at noon. With dance floors at each venue, this Jubilee attracts dancers of all ages. The bands are from all over North America, with Dixieland Express and CanUs representing Greater Victoria. There is not a charge to see a certain band, but rather one charge of $100 for Friday, April 15 through to Sunday April 18th, three days (30 hours) of music. Individual day passes are available at the door. As an introduction to the Hot Jazz Jubilee, we are having “A Taste of Hot Jazz” on Thursday, April 15 at the Mary Winspear Centre. We will have four of our favorite bands performing in the large ballroom starting at 7:00 p.m. The cost is only $25 for this event. Tickets for Thursday and the three-day passes for Friday through Sunday are available through the Mary Winspear Box Office by calling 250-656-0275. Further information on the Jubilee is available by calling 250-882-JAZZ (5299). Let the Good Times Roll!

Zanzibar Global Flavours

Local Tastes

Now Open for Dinner Thursday, Friday & Saturdays from 5:30

Two Locations:

1164 Stelly’s X Road Brentwood Bay, B.C. V8M 1C3

1933 Keating X Road Central Saanich

(at the corner of West Saanich and Stelly’s)


Breakfast Lunch Dinner Espresso Bar

2072 Henry Avenue West Sidney

250-655-6454 • Monthly & Annual Rates

• Packing Supplies for Sale • Heated & Unheated Units • Locks for Sale • Card Operated Security Gate • Professional Friendly Staff

Licensed Garden Patio

Private Parties

250 -544-1475 or 250-652-1228 website:

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Put a little sunshine in your day Breakfast All Day & Lunch Menu

Simple Food, Simply Great! Tuesday-Saturday 7:30 am-3:30 pm 1191 Verdier Ave. Brentwood Bay (at Breadstuffs Bakery)

250-652-5162 IN YOUR HOUR OF NEED…WE KEEP IT SIMPLE Immediate Cremation Our Services Include:

Susan K. Veale

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• The arrangement conference • Consultating with family • Preparing and filing notices • Transfer and shelter of remains • Obtaining necessary authorizations • Cremation certificates $1,140 • Cremation process • Burial permits +GST • Registration • Basic cremation container and urn

*Preplanning Available*

sImply CrematIons

Unit 2, 2075 Henry Ave. West Sidney, B.C.




“We had almost 20 local artists submit audition forms and we were pleased to see the diversity in the ages and the styles of music they all played,” notes Feed The Soul producer Jim Townley. “Now the work begins, with the musicians practicing their new material, readying themselves for recording in the studio.” Recording for Season 2 is being done once again by T.W. Tobin who brought last year’s songs to their completed form. “It was quite an exciting project working with so many talented artists, all of whom brought something unique to the overall sound of the CD,” commented Tobin. This year there are two local high school students who made the CD, Sam Weber from Stelly’s Secondary and Rebecca Boux from Parkland. Many local residents will recognize Rebecca, a local artist who has spent a lot of time busking at the Thursday night markets here in Sidney as a way of getting more exposure. “This opens up new doors for me within the music community, and I believe in the cause,” says Rebecca.

Largest selection of urns – 60 different styles Cremation jewelry • Keepsake urns • Memorial Books

As great local music continues to ring out onto the streets of Sidney every Thursday night from Fresh Cup in Sidney during their Open Mic Night one thing is for sure … the local musicians of the Saanich Peninsula continue to care about their community and the important work the Sidney Lions Food Bank does each year. Season 2 of “Feed The Soul” is well underway, with auditions wrapping up this past March.

In the case of young Sam Weber, you’ll find him playing music in pretty much every spare moment at Stelly’s. “At school, my friends and I spend a lot of lunch hours working on new songs and experimenting with ways to reinvent already popular ones,” smiles Sam. These two newcomers to the “Feed The Soul” community music project show the kind of youthful talent the Saanich Peninsula has to offer, while on the other end of the spectrum you’ll find an amazingly musical mother in Leslie Gentile, who performs with daughters Aimee and Lyse. “Leslie is very involved in the community with music and I


Sidney ’s Pet Centre & Aquatics

was pleased to see her audition for this year’s CD,” says Jim. “I’m excited to say we have another diverse line-up of musicians again this year.” Other newcomers to the CD this year are Jenna Wright and Meagan Maria. Returning musicians for Volume 2 of Feed The Soul, appropriately called “Second Helping,” are: Christian Bergen, Gio Linguanti, Lisa and Steve Ogden, Lucy Ransom, Sian Elen, Barry Perrin and Brad Hawkes on percussion. “This could not be a community music project without the community getting completely involved. This year we had 12 local businesses who came on board to help ensure we raise maximum dollars for the Sidney Lions Food Bank,” notes Townley. A great big thank-you goes out to the sponsors of this year’s Feed The Soul CD: Laing’s Lock & Key • Flush Bathroom Essentials • Peggy Yelland CGA • Simply Cremations • Mark’s Work Wearhouse • Marmalade Tart Boutique • Salon J Hair Studios • Muffet & Louisa • Sidney Mortgage Experts • Knickerbocker’s • The Body Barn • White Spot. The CD Release Charity Fundraiser will feature some of the best local talent the Peninsula has to offer on Friday May 28 at the Mary Winspear Theatre as part of the Sidney Health Fair, which is being put on by the SIWC, a community partner of this amazing music project.

#4-9769 Fifth Street, Sidney 250-656-3314

C.J. (Kip) Wilson laW offiCe

Rick Shumka

Corporate Real Estate Wills & Estates

Realtor, Victoria, BC

• Born and raised on the Island, Rick Shumka is now a realtor on the Saanich Peninsula and in Victoria • Rick’s goal is to make the transition of selling your home as smooth and worry-free as possible


3061 Albina Street 774 Blackberry Road 3126 Earl Grey Street YOUR HOUSE could be next!

#150 - 805 Cloverdale Ave., Victoria 250-384-8124 •

37+ years of experience #6-7855 East Saanich Rd. Saanichton, BC, V8M 2B4 250-544-0727 •

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Top Mortgage Advice Your mortgage is important… trust an expert who knows the local market and can connect you with the right lender. DBA: Invis – Chatterton Way *E&OE

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Hein Moes, Mortgage Consultant

Purchasing or renewing Mortgages for the self-employed Refinancing for renovations or investments Debt consolidation to control interest costs

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Proudly Serving Saanich Peninsula.

It’s worth a call to find out your current options.

A Saanichton Institution

Angelee, Ron and Dave Spelt Looking for a friendly place to stop in Saanichton? How about trying Spelt’s Shell and Coffee Shop? You might not have been to Spelt’s lately (a fixture in Saanichton for 38 years), but things keep changing there! The family-run Spelt’s is so much more than a clean and convenient Shell gas station and fully-stocked convenience store; there is also a great coffee shop on the south side of the building with friendly staff (and some second- and third-generation Spelts) ready to serve you with whatever you hunger for. They happily pour “Direct Fair Trade” coffee that directly helps the coffee pickers and their families – and it’s roasted right in Saanichton! Looking for good old-fashioned friendly service to go with some big fresh donuts? Well, they have them at Spelt’s and they’re baked fresh daily. But Spelt’s Coffee Shop is more than coffee and donuts; they also have great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Did I mention the big muffins, creamy soft ice cream and pie? So why don’t you come on in and see what everyone is talking about and what’s new since you were here last – you’ll be glad you did!

at the corner of Wallace Drive & East Saanich Road

May 9 – Mothers Day Beatles’ Tribute Band

THE Fab FourEvEr

VIP Buffet & Meet the Band @ 12:30 p.m., Performance @ 3 p.m. Tickets: Adults $30, Seniors/Students $26 VIP Tickets: Adults $52, Seniors/Students $48 VIP tickets include: best seat in house, lunch buffet, contests, meet the band & cash bar

Mary Winspear Centre For more information 250-656-0275 •



april 2010

Daisy-a-Day Trips For Seniors 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. (lunch included) 250-507-2336 for details and bookings Escorted outings with Driving Miss Daisy ® in groups of three. Select from: garden tours, nature walks, beach strolls, museums, ecocruises, shop hops, harbour walkabouts, parades, tourist attractions and more!

April 10 North Saanich Farm Market 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. St. John’s United Church annex 10990 West Saanich Road Seasonal produce, baked goods, dried fruit and preserves, eggs, seeds, crafts and lots more.

April 12

Spring Has Sprung Elk/Beaver Lake Regional Park (Saanich) 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. 250-478-3344, Join CRD interpreters at Beaver Lake and enjoy exhibits, crafts and activities that celebrate spring. There will be short guided walks throughout the day and fun for the whole family. Dropin at the Nature Centre near the main Beaver Lake parking lot. All ages.

April 23-25 Spring Art Show Muse Winery, 11195 Chalet Rd., N. Saanich 250-656-2552, An exhibition showing the work of seven professional artists: Tara Juneau, Francis Powell Moore, Tony Bounsell, Paul Peregal, David Ladmore, Laurie Ladmore and David Hunwick. Come and enjoy an outstanding exhibition of paintings, prints and sculpture.

Bridge Fundraiser Saanich Peninsula Presbyterian Church 9296 East Saanich Road, Saanichton 12-4 p.m. 250-655-9544 (leave a message) Profits will go to the Canadian Federation of University Women Saanich Peninsula Club’s Educational Trust Fund, a recognized charity providing bursaries and scholarships for young women. $60 per table including lunch and prizes.

April 24 Peninsula Garden Club Spring Plant Sale Mary Winspear Centre, 9-11 a.m. 250-656-0275, Find plants that are grown by local gardeners for local gardens! Everyone welcome. This sale also includes memberships and advice from Master Gardeners.

April 16 - 29 “A Patchwork of Colour” Salt Spring Painters Guild Spring Show Artspring Gallery, Salt Spring Island Open daily 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and evenings when there is a performance at Artspring The spring show will be an exciting exhibition celebrating the versatility of the individual guild artists as they expand their horizons. The guild members are highly motivated to explore new techniques, colours, subjects and mediums. We welcome everyone to join us, meet the artists and view our new work.There will be a silent auction from April 16 to 17th.

April 30 - May 2 Peninsula Singers present “Around the World in Song” Mary Winspear Centre Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m. Saturday 2 p.m. 250-656-0275, A musical trip with Vancouver Island’s favourite show chorus. They’ll travel to many different countries but you won’t need a plane ticket or a passport – just call Mary Winspear for tickets! Adults $20 + tax, children $10 + tax.

what’s happening | april 2010

April Wednesdays

April 17

Zais Astrology – April 2010 by Heather Zais ( Aries march 21 - april 19 You impress others as you pull a rabbit out of the hat. They will share in the good fortune with you as they allow some creative behaviour on your part. Plan to meet up in a secluded place as some details are confidential.

Libra september 23 - october 22 Mate or partnership plans need clarification or settlement before mid-month or retrograde Mercury will cause some delay or confusion. You don’t have to be in a hurry unless it’s time sensitive. Others will be affected as well.

Taurus april 20 - may 20 Take a closer look at matters that will affect your longterm future. Pay attention to test results. Check details on papers or documents relating to finances under retrograde Mercury. Recover what you can. Unusual circumstances are lucky.

Scorpio october 23 - november 21 Don’t be surprised if someone from the past looks you up. There can still be a spark between you. Hopes and expectations could have changed. Meet each other half way or in a neutral location. Atmosphere counts.

Gemini may 21 - june 20 Go back to the old tried and true to accomplish what you want. It’s not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. Friends or associates will be more helpful than usual. Your finances will benefit. Social connections are strong.

Sagittarius november 22 - december 21 The new moon activates your creative side. This can extend to romantic relationships or entertainments as well. You can be more aggressive in your actions and make things happen. Get close to loved ones. Clear issues.

Cancer june 21 - july 22 Your professional or career status will change. Some influence comes through official channels. Make sure they have the right information and are willing to back it up. You make great strides with your ambitions. Partner up.

Capricorn december 22 - january 19 A focus on home or base of operations could see you getting new ”stuff” or making improvements. Start spring cleaning. Beginnings or endings occur that could affect where you belong. Entertain or have open house.

Leo july 23 - august 22 Extend your reach or influence over distance for best results. Success will be easier than you think. Expect others to contribute or make way for you, and they will. Call in markers or favours if they are outstanding or due.

Aquarius january 20 - february 18 Hammer out details with a clear mind and direct focus. Mate or partnership relationships are at stake. Charm can sway a stubborn person to your side. Special gatherings or celebrations can be a nice setting for this to play out.

Virgo august 23 - september 22 You can gain through jointly-held finances or assets, even if you are not together. Check tax or estate matters. Travel may be required to take care of some of the details. All your efforts will be worth it. Take a holiday.

Pisces february 19 - march 20 Extra planning and long hours will advance your projects. Ambitious goals are on track even if you have to pull things together. Display your leadership qualities – it attracts luck. Important connections assist you – near or far.

Jim Laing – 250-652-2923

Neil Laing – 250-656-2919

A family owned and operated community business with more than 40 years of service



Specializing in: • Residential, Commercial, Strata & Condo Security • ABLOY high security locks & keys • Bell lock postal lock upgrade keys

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Sudoku Puzzles

Middle of the Road

6 9

April 2010 Keep Your Brain Healthy

The Alzheimer’s Association recommends doing puzzles like Sudoku to strengthen brain cells and the connections between them.


Each Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column, as must every 3x3 square. * Sudoku Solutions can be found on page 36.

Hardly Simple


7 8

2 9 3 7 4 2 3 2 8 9 1

2 8 7 1 4 9 6 3 3 4

3 7



7 5


2 7 8

5 9 1 4 5 3 2 1 7 2 5 9 5 7 9 6 4 2 3 1 6 4 7

Puzzle by

The Easter Bunny is very similar in trait to its Christmas holiday counterpart, Santa Claus, as they both bring gifts to good children on the night before their respective holiday. Its origin, mentioned in print as early as 1620, can be traced to the German fertility goddess Ä’ostre. Exceedingly Evil


Puzzle by






6 7 4

8 6 2


9 2 5

4 7 9 1




1 3

Puzzle by

Seaside Times Advertiser Directory Accommodation Brentwood Bay Lodge (5)

849 Verdier Ave. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-2079 1-888-544-2079

Cedarwood Inn & Suites (27)

9522 Lochside Dr., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5551 1-877-656-5551

Cougar’s Crag Extreme B&B (20) 1155 Woodley Ghyll Dr., Victoria, B.C.

250-478-8993 1-888-808-2724

Inn on Long Lake (12) 4700 North Island Highway

Nanaimo, B.C. 250-758-1144 1-800-565-1144

Long Lake Waterfront Bed & Breakfast (19) 240 Ferntree Pl., Nanaimo, B.C.

250-758-5010 1-877-758-5010

Oceanside RV Resort (32)

3000 Stautw Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-544-0508

Arts, Media & Entertainment Mary Winspear Centre (40)

2243 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0275

Media One Multimedia, Inc. (46)

201-2612 Bridge St., Victoria, B.C. 250-472-6663

Salon J (31)

Fresh Cup Roastery Café (27)

102-2360 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5668

Smashin Fashin (35)

104-1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-5678

101-2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-9111 9774 Third St., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9558

Waterlily Shoes Ltd. (29)

103-2537 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5606

Home & Garden Décor Cameron Rose (28)

2447 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-8782

Connie McInnis Interior Designer (29)

250-652-5584 250-920-6580

Doyle & Bond Home and Garden (18)

6666 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 778-426-4436

In Touch Cards & Gifts (30)

2449B Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-4316

Knickerbocker’s Unique Home Accessories & Gifts (12,17,28)

12-7103 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-8211

Haven Spa (10)

Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9797

Marmalade Tart Boutique (31)


2378B Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 778-426-3356 SEASIDE  TIMES

1191 Verdier Ave., Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-5162

Spelt’s Shell and Coffee Shop (40)

7856 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-5517

The Roost (34)

9100 East Saanich Rd., North Saanich, B.C. 250-655-0075,

Zanzibar (37)

7120 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-1228

Business, Professional & Legal Services Beacon Cat Hospital (32)

9711 A - Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5568

CJ (Kip) Wilson (39)

#6-7855 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-544-0727

cowland paterson & co. (4)

Fine Dentistry Dr. Ian Boyd (17) 101-9840 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C.

1241 Island View Rd., Central Saanich, B.C. 250-886-0494 9819 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-SHOP

Bistro Caché (9)

440-777 Royal Oak Dr., Victoria, B.C. 250-744-5791

Screaming Bird Café (38)

One Stop Furniture Shop (8)

d.g. bremner & co. (11)

Sidney Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Pl., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-9700

Restaurants & Cafés

2449 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-654-0534

Michell Valley Plant (36)

Fashion & Beauty

Haro’s Restaurant + Bar (10)

7120 West Saanich Rd. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-652-5044

Bistro Suisse (26)

2470 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5353

Brentwood Bay Lodge (5)

849 Verdier Ave. Brentwood Bay, B.C. 250-544-2079 1-888-544-2079

200-2377 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5547


Invis (Hein Moes) (40)


Peninsula Family Chiropractic (17)

4-7816 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-4347

Sidney Mortgage Experts (35)

2393 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-2222

Simply Cremations (38)

2-2075 Henry Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5555,

Travel Expedia cruiseshipcenters (34)

1-2353 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5441

Merit Travel (22)

105-2506 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0961,


ds E


t. t s


Driving Miss Daisy (19) 250-507-2336


Specialty Services


2428 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-5064

d 2n

t or ap se

Victorian Birdhouse (14)


9810 Seventh St., Sidney, B.C. 7860 Wallace Dr., Saanichton, B.C. 1-800-667-8280



Thrifty Foods (23)


4-9769 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-3314,




Sidney’s Pet Centre (39)

d 3r


1856 Quadra St., Victoria, B.C. 250-384-8000

vE. aN a


WasHINGtoN fErrIEs

r. E d

sIdNEy to vIctorIa 25 km (20 minutes)

dr sIdE WallacE dr

Prospect Lake

17 Isl. vIEW rd

Elk lakE


250-652-5584 250-360-7960

Laing’s Lock & Key Service Ltd. (42)


Montessori Educare (26)

7925 East Saanich Rd., Saanichton, B.C. 250-881-8666

Pat Bay Air (21)

Widgeon Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-654-0646

Peninsula Mini Storage (37)

1933 Keating X Rd., Central Saanich, B.C. 250-544-6464

2072 Henry Ave., West Sidney, B.C. 250-655-6454

Mattick’s farm

royalOak oak dr Royal

GM Contracting Ltd. (34)

cordova bay rd


7-9764 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-6228

cENtral saaNIcH rd



kEatING X rd

ProsPEct lk rd

5325 Cordova Bay Rd., Victoria, B.C.

MEDIchair (32)

H rd

2497 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-0102


vEyaNEss rd

t sa

bc fErry

Mattick’s Farm (24-25)

Mt. NEWtoN X rd.

old fIEld rd


lE av




stElly’s X rd

Maro Goldsmith Studio (17)



2950 Douglas St., Victoria, B.C. 250-384-3388




brENtWood bay

WEst saaNIcH rd


N avE


Lifestyle Markets & Select Stores (13) 343 Cook St., Victoria, B.C. 250-381-5450




108-1931 Mt. Newton X Rd. Saanichton, B.C. 250-652-6939,



Gartley Station (13)

9769 Fifth St., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-2326

H Es W

aN bEv


150-805 Cloverdale Ave., Victoria, B.C. 250-384-8124

vE. Ey a

sIdN d.

rd cHa

Specialty Shops


14-2510 Bevan Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-0608

Rick Shumka – Realtor (39)


N vE Ha st rE st. 7th


v ry a


MIlls rd.


RE/MAX Camosun (7)

. avE

blv ItE



2444 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-4626



. Wy

Gordon Hulme Realty Ltd. (40)

WaIN rd.

H ay tb Pa

2395 Beacon Ave., Sidney, B.C. 250-656-0131

IcH aaN W. s




DFH Realty (15)

coal IslaNd

bc fErrIEs

Nd r


Map by: John Webber

Sidney SeniorCare (47) Sidney Senior DayCare (2)

9752 Third St., Sidney, B.C. 250-589-0100 or 250-656-7176

Sports, Fitness & Recreation Ardmore Golf Course (21)

930 Ardmore Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-4621

Island View Mini Golf (16)

7081 Central Saanich Rd., Victoria, B.C. 250-652-5215

Panorama Recreation (33)

1885 Forest Park Dr., North Saanich, B.C. 250-656-7271

The Body Barn Fitness & Tanning (35)

101-2245 James White Blvd., Sidney, B.C. 250-655-3393 april 2010


last wo rd

Happy April Fool’s Day! son’s genius for ending world hunger, the Graphic reprinted the editorial under the headline “They Bite!” ~ Uncle John’s Triumphant 20th Anniversary Bathroom Reader.

Since April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I’d share a few classic April Fool’s Day jokes with our readers. Hope you enjoy them! When Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in 1877, it seemed as if he was capable of anything. When the New York Graphic wrote the following year that Edison had invented a machine that could convert dirt into food and water into wine, other newspapers reported the story without bothering to check with Edison if it was true. When the editors of the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser praised Edi-



On April 1st, 1957, the respected BBC news show Panorama announced that thanks to a very mild winter and the virtual elimination of the dreaded spaghetti weevil, Swiss farmers were enjoying a bumper spaghetti crop. It accompanied this announcement with footage of Swiss peasants pulling strands of spaghetti down from trees. Huge numbers of viewers were taken in. Many called the BBC wanting to know how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. To this the BBC diplomatically replied, “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.” ~ In 1992, National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” announced that Richard Nixon was running for a second term as president with the slogan, “I didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t do it again.” Listeners were fooled and called in in droves. Later in the show, the host revealed it was a joke and that Nixon’s voice was impersonated by comedian Rich Little. ~


april 2010

Sidney SeniorCare helps you live life on YOUR terms by promoting independence within the comfort of your own home environment. Our caring in-home support staff will help you get things done with grace and dignity so that your daily routine is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Come see our NEW Seniors DayCare facility located right next door.

Little things mean a lot. IN-HOME SUPPORT ‘ Personal care ‘ Meal preparation & clean-up ‘ Shopping (for you or with you) ‘ Transportation ‘ Companionship & respite care ‘ Walks & customized outings ‘ Indoor housekeeping & maintenance ‘ Outdoor maintenance & odd jobs ‘ Laundry, ironing, mending & sewing

Flexible hours to suit your individual needs, with service available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week

(250) 589-0010 or (250) 656 -7176 9752 Third St.

 




  

 

  

  