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"Spirits of the Forest"


Article by: Linda M. Langwith Photos by: joannway.com Design by: roseimpressions.ca


or Dr. George and Cheryl Watson, who have spent much of their professional lives working with First Nations communities on Haida Gwaii and the Prince Rupert region, living in a forest just comes naturally. Their 3.1-acre property in Lands End, a mix of Douglas fir, western cedar and arbutus, was purchased some 18 years ago. After the buzz of Vancouver, with the resultant desire for peace and tranquility, they realized this was the perfect site for their new home. As George says: “We value the privacy.”

Uppermost in both their minds was a commitment to environmental best practices: “We wanted to preserve as many trees as possible – they are absolutely gorgeous.” The result is a home harmonizing perfectly within its forest setting, clad in colours and materials that blend naturally with the environs. When it came to choosing a design for their home, the couple’s treasured Northwest Coast First Nations art - Continued on page 4 -

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Art & L

- Spirits of t

collection dictated everything. Indeed, according to Cheryl, their beloved painting of “Mouse Woman” determined not only the layout of the main floor but also the colour scheme. This whimsical Haida spirit snatches red wool out of the flickering orange flames, colours reflected in the ribboned Barcode glass of the kitchen eating island. Art and living go hand in hand. For Cheryl, the great room concept of the main floor “reminds me of a longhouse,” and this connection suffuses the space, from the design of the area carpet to the welcoming totems, the mythical “hok hok” bird mask suspended from the ceiling and extensive use of cedar for the window trim. Commenting on First Nations elements in the home, George explains: “They’re the people we work with and live with.” Polished concrete floors, like tidal pools of soft grey and white, as well as bamboo planking, are warmed by radiant heat throughout. Painted in “Silver Screen,” the walls subtly change colour according to the light. While one might think that living in a forest would result in dark interiors, generous windows and the privacy that obviates the need for blinds or coverings demonstrate George’s belief that “light is everything.” The formal dining area is anchored by a built-in china cabinet, while a comfortable seating arrangement around the fireplace draws everyone together and a bank of folding doors ensures a seamless invitation to the partially covered patio. A First Nations mask issues an invitation into the Pacific Paints -3 locations! pacificpaintcentres.com Keating Xrd, Hillside & Millstream 652-4274, 381-5254 & 391-4770

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the Forest -

office, a windowed space that catches the sunrise, doubles as a family room and opens onto a sheltered patio, warmed by a fireplace set into the wall. In the kitchen the Italian granite countertops reflect the timeless quality of stone in the cluster of glacier-rounded boulders viewed from the windows. A walk-through pantry tucked behind the range wall goes playful with a canvas-sized blackboard – perfect for impromptu chalk masterpieces. Reflecting a fusion of Asian and First Nations elements, the main floor bathroom will soon hold a polished steel Japanese soaking tub, with privacy from a custom-made screen of woven cedar. The light-flooded gallery on the second level enjoys a commanding view of the great room below and the forest canopy beyond. Within this area are thoughtfully designed private spaces. A sumptuous icicle tiled ensuite bathroom leading off from their daughter’s bedroom also connects to the gallery walkway, servicing the next-door guest bedroom. A whimsical West Coast frog motif abounds in the master bedroom through paintings, medallions and sculpture, splashing into the ensuite bathroom where green Barcode tile inserts shine like lush moss in the slate shower enclosure. The surprise third floor retreat suggests a space to just enjoy the peace of the forest and watch the owls glide by on silent wings, calling to each other as dusk descends into night. As Cheryl says: “It’s like living in an Emily Carr painting.”

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Capturing the Light Article by: Linda M. Langwith Photos by: joannway.com Design by: roseimpressions.ca

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or Dan Boot of Studio DB3, designing Cheryl and George Watson’s residence was “like building around a gallery.� Not only did the interior spaces need to showcase the artwork, with the proper north orientation for preservation, but they also had to function on a practical level, with private and public spaces designed for ease of family living, all within a footprint that treads lightly on the surrounding forest. With plenty of tools in his designer’s kit, Dan’s consultation process involves his “bubble diagram,� where ideas take shape and the rhythm and flow of the house becomes apparent through conversations about “relationship places:� those spaces we need for entertainment, work, rest and relaxation From the bubble diagram evolves one of Dan’s most imaginative design tools, a purpose built three-dimensional scale model of the home. This makes it easy for clients to get comfortable with the various spatial entities and how they interrelate, right down to placement of furniture and fittings. The value of the model lies in how easy it is to make changes and view the results before the actual construction begins. Conscious of his clients’ passion for a residence that would form an integral part of the landscape and be easy to maintain, Dan chose concrete buttresses and steel bracing for strength and stability. Indeed, the home may outlast the forest! A variety of exterior cladding materials, including cedar as well as a copper penny coloured galvalum, which picks up the reddish orange glow of the surrounding arbutus trees, refracting light rather than reflecting it, “makes it magical,� enthuses Dan. Vertical and horizontal elements create a tactile, sculptural feel, while the playful angles of the shed-style roofs do a great job of diverting the rainfall and provide pleasing proportions that ensure the home integrates well into the natural West Coast landscape. Even though Cheryl and George could not always be on site during the building process, a flurry of email exchanges with Dan kept them informed and involved, and they were lucky to have master craftsman Jake Grypma as their dedicated general contractor. From cabinetry to window casings to wooden plinths for the totems, Jake turned his hand to everything, beginning with construction of the barn. This practical structure formed the staging area for the home, providing storage space for materials and even a much appreciated mini kitchen and bathroom for the trades people. “Dan’s design captures the light, even in winter,� praises Cheryl. What higher accolade could there be!



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Not only are indoor plants used to brighten up a room, offer stress relief and help create a positive atmosphere, they also provide health benefits. Plants clean the air by the air by removing toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Nine top air-purifying plants include dragon tree, ivy, ficus, philodendrons, spider plants, peace lilies, ferns, chrysanthemums and palms. You need 15 six- to eight-inch diameter pots for an 1,800-square-foot house. All of these plants are easy to care for: they only need to be fertilized once a month and watered about every 10 days to two weeks during the winter and once a week during the summer. So, if you were starting to feel down about your greens and blooms, don’t! You can enjoy plants and flowers, and the life they bring, all year long. Yvonne Bulk is owner and head gardener of Patio Gardens www.patiogardensvictoria.ca

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Plants All Year Round Article by: Yvonne Bulk, Patio Gardens


he days may be getting duller and your garden may be in slumber, but don’t worry, there are still many ways you can enjoy the energy of plants! Do you want to maintain your garden as a focal point during the winter? You can do this by decorating your trees and shrubs with outdoor lights and ornaments. Also, consider bringing some of that life inside by trimming some greenery and collecting pine cones and berries to create a beautiful holiday centrepiece, wreath or door swag. Another fun idea is to take your summer moss hanging basket, trim off the spent plants and put in their place holiday greens such as cedar, fir and pine branches. Then attach a nice red bow or maybe a golden bell and hang it by the front door for a holiday pick-me-up. Maybe make it a family affair or get together with some friends over a cup of cocoa and create some great holiday decorations. Indoor plants are another simple way to brighten things up. They contribute to a happy, calm and optimistic atmosphere. Major corporations and businesses are beginning to catch on, improving employee health and morale by adding plants to their workspaces.

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2. Vignettes. Create small interesting snapshots in hallways and corners that aren’t occupied by a sofa or the TV. Ambient lighting, art and simple accessories make pretty “pictures.� Take inspiration from magazines and store displays and then make it your own.

Article by: Tracey Jones, Remarkable ReDesign & Home Staging and Stacey Kaminski, Styles by Stacey

3. Books, books, books. Not just for bookshelves! A great decorating tool – stacked on your side, coffee or night tables. Color-coded, in themes ‌ books are beautiful accessories for any room. Smart people live in homes with lots of books right?!

Interior Styling: Top 9 Essentials


very home is different, but a common thing in every home? Our stuff: the everyday bits that make the space our own. We pulled nine key styling essentials out of our design kit ‌ helping you live beautiful! 1. Collections. Keep them collected! You have carefully chosen your treasures over time. They’re special, but if spread out everywhere there is no impact. Edit down to the most valued pieces and display them proudly. (see #8)

4. Cushions and pillows and throws...OH MY! Yes gentlemen – throw pillows are necessary on the bed, sofa and chairs. Insert pops of colour with pillows and throws but make sure it’s inviting and comfortable – not so perfect that we’re afraid to touch. 5. Trays. Breakfast in bed, anyone? Trays are also excellent “containersâ€? that house the odd-sized bits of jewelry, candles, pretty glassware, books and of course our favourite – the remote! 6. Art. Lonely walls? Or claustrophobic walls with art filling every square inch? Scale is really important. Find the one correctly-sized piece instead of many small pieces, and please ‌ don’t hang it so that only your tall friends can enjoy! 7. Rugs. A beautiful area rug is in itself a piece of art. It need not be expensive but needs to fit the size of your room. A rug defines the area by grounding the furniture on or around it. 8. Less is More! Keep it simple. Let your things breathe. Not every inch of your home needs to be “decorated.â€? Edit edit edit! 9. Essential: Create, Inspire, Live Beautiful.



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Seaside Homes December 2012 Issue  

Think of our publication as an extra dimension of our community space, a place where the West Coast culture is treasured and celebrated. We’...