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on design welcome to the world of design Welcome to the world of DESIGN! We are so lucky to be living at a time when our homes are at the forefront of our attention. Everywhere we turn there is inspiration and a wealth of products to entice us. We spend time unwinding at home after stressful days, so a clean, serene and inviting space is what we dream of. by Cydney Many people choose to decorate themselves Hellier Gray (sometimes by trial and error), yet many invest in Cydney Hellier professional help. When I work with clients, they Gray Design are at the helm and there is ALWAYS a budget! They benefit from a wealth of knowledge, technical expertise and trade alliances. Pricing can be better as well. Headaches and concerns disappear. We formulate a plan, remove the emotion, and allow everyone involved to have a voice. More often than not, a couple will have conflicting ideas, yet we always reach a solution. And, whether you choose to be more hands-on, just requiring design coaching, or you prefer everything taken care of, that's your decision. It is wise to take the CONTEXT of the space into account. The components of a room have to relate to each other and the room itself, and the room must relate to the home as a whole. Of course, the location and environment are also factors.


RETHINKING your space with a designer or architect can be a worthwhile investment when you are considering a renovation. Walls can be removed, windows added and view corridors opened up. Often spaces are reconfigured and transformed far beyond the homeowners' imagination. Surprisingly, this can often be done in a very cost-effective way. We work with experienced builders that can execute our visions in the simplest manner. The FUNCTION of a given space will dictate the design. We need our rooms to serve multiple duties. Investing in space planning and custom cabinetry is the ultimate solution for storage and a streamlined aesthetic. We all want a place for everything. BALANCING all your materials is an art form. Orchestrating the combination of wood, glass, stone, fabric and colour can create the most compelling feeling in your home. SOURCING products we love from magazine pages can often be a daunting process. Put your designer to work! Our suppliers have the latest and greatest products that the public doesn't always have access to. Lastly, create a home that works for YOU, and truly reflects what you're all about. Make it real. Incorporate collections of items you've cherished for years. Never underestimate the pieces you already have; we can create your ideal environment as simply and cost-effectively as you like. Most of all HAVE FUN! For info, visit


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