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Warning: W3 is Contagious! Have you heard about the new game "sweeping the

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nation?" Commonly known as W3, Wonderful Word Weaving is truly addictive. Created by two scrabble enthusiasts living on Salt Spring Island, W3 could easily be described as Scrabble for one without a board. Children as young as nine or as old as 99 can quickly learn to play the game. It begins with a player rolling the dice onto a playing surface. One can play it on one's own patio table, at the beach on a tray, or even on an airplane! The challenge is to manipulate the 24 dice facing upwards to compose words and connect them in a grid. The ultimate challenge is to use all letters in as few words as possible, however, unlike Scrabble, words, even once they have been placed into the grid position, can be changed, rearranged, reworked, eliminated, broken down or even added to! While the manual gives suggestions as to how the game can be played by two to six people, the real beauty of it is that it can be played by just one person and that person doesn't need any type of electronic device in order to play. Each game can take as little as five minutes or, if one gets a really challenging set of dice at the time of the initial toss, it can take 20 minutes or more to solve the round. It is an ideal gift for an elderly person, especially one who is alone. Recently I had the chance to play with a person with early Alzheimer's and in minutes she understood how to play and easily took to the game. It's that easy! Kids too have shown incredible interest! W3 is available at SeaSide Home and Garden, at 2428 Beacon Avenue in Sidney.

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Seaside Magazine September 2013 Issue  

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