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shoP local. think local.

Part of what makes our neighbourhoods special are the businesses that thrive within them. As Saanich Peninsula entrepreneurs we strive to meet the needs of and give back to our diverse community. We ask that you please take a minute to think about the large potential of your consumer dollar. You are investing in your community by supporting its unique businesses. Appreciate what makes our neighbourhoods different. Our one-of-a-kind businesses are an inherent part of the distinctive character of our neighbourhoods; that is what brought us here and will keep us here. Shop local and stay connected to the merchants in your community.

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ur Put yo ere y wh mone s ouse i h r u yo When you shop local, more revenue remains in your community, supporting parks, schools and more! For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $46 is recirculated back into the local economy.

live local / give local Community involvement works both ways. Many retailers believe in being involved: giving back to their communities is the right thing to do. They cheerfully donate five times more per dollar of revenue to groups in their community. When businesses “give back,” communities appreciate the support and reciprocate.

helP the environment Local businesses reduce transportation impacts associated with global supply chains when they work with local producers, manufacturers and distributors.

If you have a favourite business in your community, please continue to support it all year round. This will ensure we are all here for the long haul! courtesy www.locobc.com

get better service Local businesses often hire people who have a better understanding of the local products they’re selling and take more time to get to know their customers as they’re also neighbours!

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By supporting in dependent businesses today, you are investing in a unique and sustainable future for the Saanich Pe ninsula commun ity. Small business ow ners often live locally and are th erefore more invested in the fu ture of our neighbourhoo ds. Local entrepreneu rs also hire your friends and neighbours!

Profile for Seaside Magazine

January 2015 Shop Local Pullout  

A special eight-page pullout section that celebrates shopping locally.

January 2015 Shop Local Pullout  

A special eight-page pullout section that celebrates shopping locally.