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TOP OPEN SOURCE PHP ECOMMERCE FRAMEWORKS – WHICH ONE DO YOU LIKE Well, when it comes to choosing an open source PHP eCommerce platform, most business owners find themselves stuck. With myriad of options available, it becomes extremely difficult for them to settle for one. They often find themselves comparing one eCommerce solution with the other in pursuit to choose the best from among the available ones. However, despite all the efforts, they end up resorting to the one that their developers suggest. Here we intend to help you understand the difference among the top most PHP eCommerce frameworks, so that you can make an informed decision. Let us take a look at which platform offers what. Remember, we do not favor any one over the other and the end decision lies with you only. This article intends to just inform you about top eCommerce solutions available nowadays.

Magento Who doesn’t know about it? It’s been one of the most preferred open source PHP eCommerce platforms since its release. The framework helps businesses offer an excellent shopping experience to customers. It comes loaded with a range of features such as mobile commerce, catalogue management, SEO-friendliness and powerful marketing tools. Besides this, it provides an array of extensions, templates and widgets to make a site more useful. ____________________________________ ZenCart

What to Keep in Mind When Opting for Magento? 

Community version is free but the enterprise version is paid.

Community edition relies on Magento developers’ community for support and while for paid version, you get direct support whenever needed.

Main features include catalogue management, SEO, analytics & reporting, marketing promotions & conversion tools, multilingual support, RMS, Dynamic Rule Based Product Selection, Multiple Wish List and Return Management Authorization.


ZenCart is again an open source PHP What to Keep in Mind When Opting for eCommerce shopping cart framework. ZenCart? The beauty of this platform is that it allows businesses to quickly and easily  There are no costs liked to it. The setup and run an online store. framework is absolutely free to download and work on. A ZenCart website runs from your web server, which means you can exercise full  It runs from your own web server. control over your business website.

 Considered as one of the easiest platforms for website development, it supports multiple languages, currencies, payment options, shopping options, discount coupons and gift certificates.

Main features include merchandise pricing options, built-in override protection system, easy layout control, easy checkout, shipping estimator, payment and shipping support, multiple language support and multiple currency support.

_____________________________________ osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public __________________________________________ License, osCommerce is an open source PHP and MySQL based shopping cart What to Keep in Mind When Opting for solution offering a wide range of osCommerce? eCommerce features.  The catalogue frontend and The benefit is that the online store can be administration tool backend can be setup with ease and the platform helps in easily configured over the web. managing unlimited products in multiple categories.  The shopping cart application can be directly integrated into a website. It’s a complete online solution that contains both a catalogue front end and  Main features include support for administration tool backend. multiple languages, currencies, unlimited products, automatically update of currency conversion rates, address book, real time quotes for shipping, online and offline payment ____________________________________ processing, dynamic product attributes relationship and flexible tax OpenCart implementation on a state and country basis. The USP of this PHP based open source _________________________________________ platform is its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What to Keep in Mind When Opting for OpenCart? A fairly simple to use platform, it offers everything that you would expect from a  You will need a certain level of good platform. eCommerce expertise when developing an online development is easy; however, you store using OpenCart. would need a certain level of technical expertise.  Main features include support for multiple languages, currencies and tax rates, SEO, shipping weight calculation, printable invoices and sales reports, PCI complaint, discount coupon system. _____________________________________  The platform supports shopping cart in


almost 200 payment gateways.

A free open source eCommerce solution __________________________________________ for Joomla, VirtueMart comes as a robust solution. However, it may not be suitable What to Keep in Mind When Opting for for enterprise level operations. VirtueMart? 

It is useful only for smaller or medium sized online stores.

Main features include product reviews and ratings, nested categories, completely anonymous checkout, default payment and shipping method, dynamic calculator, payment support, cash on delivery, shipment based on weight, order amount, order management, coupon handling etc.

___________________________________ Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is considered as a perfect open source solution for selling anything _________________________________________ or any type of product online. It’s worth trying. What to Keep in Mind When Opting for Woo Commerce? 

It can be used to sell any kind of product.

Strong security, various tax and shipping options, comprehensive store management, support for various shipping options and payment gateways, marketing and promotional options and intricate tax and shipping options.

All these are top PHP based open source ecommerce solutions. Understand their features and functionalities and choose the one that best suits your needs. There are numerous PHP based open source eCommerce solutions available; however, you must carefully weigh their features and functionalities and pros and cons, in order to choose the best from among them that meets all your business needs.

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Top open source php ecommerce frameworks – which one do you like