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David Atkins Land, Sea and Light

DAVID ATKINS - LAND, SEA AND LIGHT 26th February 2011 - 25th March 2011 You are invited to the Private View on Saturday 26th - David Atkins will be present from 12 noon. There are places, times, moments in a day that can be extraordinary and it is these that David Atkins seeks to discover through the act of painting. The visual excitement and bombardment of people, objects, light, space, colour and movement are the subjects he explores in the hope of conveying a sense of life in that moment. Initially it is through the act of drawing that David engages with his surroundings. He is constantly aware of time and of the notion that things will rapidly change. People will move through, traffic will race by, the light will vary and weather will change. He aims to express something of both the subject and his experience - to discover and to convey some essence of place. By drawing or painting in a city or landscape, David feels as though he is part of a drama or an event, desperately attempting to say something about that moment and his involvement in it. David says, “As a painter, I am aware that a camera can do most of these things in far more detail and with much more accuracy. But as a painter I am fascinated by the expressively tactile and physical qualities which paint can convey. It is for me a very human activity. I tend to work intuitively, building up and changing a work as I respond to what’s happening.” He goes on, “As work progresses, so the marks and use of paint become more vigorous and economical. What results is the culmination of a struggle to say what’s important, essential and poetic.” “Throughout all my work I want to convey some sense of the spirit of a place not just a depiction of it,” David says. “When people see my paintings I’d like them to experience the act of painting and to be touched and moved by what they see.” The paintings in this show include new landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes predominantly of the South and South East of England along with a small number of works from a recent trip to the Scottish lochs and moors.

Images of these art works and more from the exhibition may be viewed on our website: Front Cover : Late Evening Walk, West Wittering, 24 x 30 inches Oil on Board

Summer’s Day on the Beach, 10 x 15 inches Oil on Board

Winter Walk, Studland, 24 x 30 inches Oil on Board

Evening Light, 32x 34 inches Oil on Board

Loch Laidon, Scotland, 30 x 32 inches Oil on Board

Evening on Ranmore Common, 16 x 14 inches Oil on Board

Evening High Street, 30 x 48 inches Oil on Canvas

Morning Clouds, Surrey Hills, 18 x 16 inches Oil on Board

Looking Towards The Surrey Hills, 18 x 16 inches Oil on Board

Mountain Stream, Rannich Moor, 28 x 36 inches Oil on Board

Evening Towards Portland, 16 x 18 inches Oil on Board

On a Summer’s Day 24 x 26 inches Oil on Board

Early Evening, West Wittering 20 x 22 inches Oil on Board

Last Light, Charmouth, 12 x 14 inches Oil on Board

Summer Landscape, 35 x 48 inches Oil on Board


David Atkins - Land, Sea and Light  

Solo Exhibition by renowned landscape painter David Atkins

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