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Delectable Chicken Burger to Combat Hunger There are many people who prefer to have fast foods like burgers, pizzas etc, especially when they are on a holiday since they want to have a quick bite of the juicy burger on the go. A cold beer along with the burger is a good combination. A few words that rightly describe a chicken burger are delicious, tantalizing, mouth-watering, heavenly, delightful, sumptuous etc. Burgers fit perfectly into any occasion. Hamburgers or simply burgers have a cooked patty of meat which is served with two buns and the patty in the middle. There are other goodies like lettuce, onions, cheese, mustard, ketchup etc that also accompanies the burgers so that its flavour gets enhanced. The popularity of hamburgers has really enhanced over time and so various combinations of condiments accompany them. There are many things that the burger can be made of like ground sausage, ground turkey, ground tofu, ground chicken as well as chicken breast. "Lot" is served with the burgers which act as toppings like beetroot, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, onions, pineapple, cheese and bacon. A typical Australian burger has a beef patty which is served with the "lot". There are many other kinds of burgers like the butter burger which is a regular beef patty but is served with a grilled bun with butter. There is the patty melt burger which is thin beef patty that is served with cheese as well as sautĂŠed onions and served with two slices of rye bread and then later on, fried to get that perfect taste. Other burgers are the Hawaiian burger, sloppy Joe burger, low carb burger, the juicy Lucy burger, barbeque burger, the traditional and ever-popular cheeseburger, Curry Burger, Slug burger, Slider burger, Colossal Colon Clogger etc. There are so many variations to suit your palate and try out the one that you like the best. Chicken burger is a great food to grab!

Best Chicken & Takeaway Burgers in Australia  

Sea salt offers the best quality chicken burger in Australia at very reasonable prices.

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