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Eduardo Soria is a volunteer of Greenpeace, one of the participating organizations




the second Show of

Energy Efficiency in Building and Urban Spaces. He is here to inform about the advantages of a responsible consume of energy and you can talk to him on Stand 34. Born and raised in Málaga, Eduardo has got a degree in Environmental Science, and now works as a volunteer in Greenpeace while he is finishing a Master on Renewable Energy.


speaks English and French and now he is studying German, although “it’s a very difficult language”, says Eduardo. When




working, he enjoys

studying playing



games with friends and surfing, one of his favorite sports.

VISITOR PROFILE Carolina Sรกnchez

This year, at Greencities Sostenibilidad, we can meet one of the most important businesswoman all over the world: Carolina Sรกnchez; and we will be able to find her at Stand number 24. She runs a very well-known construction company with offices in more than ten different countries, such as Germany, England, the USA and Japan. Now she is starting to expand her company in Spain and, due to the good conditions of this country, she is very interested in the latest and advanced developments in the renewable energy industry. She loves dancing, going to the beach, reading and relaxing at a Spa when she is on holiday.

VISITOR PROFILE Emery Lome単a One of the special guests at Greencities Sosteniblidad this year is Emery Lome単a. She is here as an interpreter and translator for our English and Japanese colleagues and you can meet her on stand 22. She has several masters in renewable energies so she is specialized in this sector. Ms. Lome単a works for our office in M叩laga but commutes regularly to New York, Tokyo and Sidney. She enjoys snowboarding, travelling, going shopping and sailing in Eivissa.


One of the especial guests at Greencities Sostenibilidad this year is Mª José Moreno. She is an important businesswoman of a renewable energy industry and you can meet her on Stand 23. She runs a renewable energy company, whose head office is in Málaga, but she also works in China, Berlin, London and New York. She lives in Málaga but commutes regularly to the other offices. She speaks English, French and German fluently. She is at Greencities Sostenibilidad to show the new developments that her company has made in the latest years and to find possible buyers. She enjoys dancing, travelling and reading at her free time.

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Patricia Guardeño Luque Welcome to Greencities Sostenibilidad Expo! Malaga receives renewable energy industry experts for three days in the Trade fair & Congress Center. Patricia Guardeño Luque is public relations for HappySun, a solar panel company located in south Europe, working along the Mediterranean area. Patricia attends all the expositions made throughout the year to inform visitors about the products of her company. On these, you can meet her on Stand 56. She doesn’t like to travel by train so she often travels by plane. Patricia speaks four languages: Spanish, English, German and French. Also, she’s an expert in solar panels and she lives in Milan. She loves sports, especially football. In Patricia’s company there’s a gym where she goes some evenings. Once a year, on Christmas holiday, she visits her family who live in Churriana, Málaga.

Elena Schneider Jaimez

Eduardo Soria Vallejo

One of the special guests at “Greencities Sostenibilidad” meeting is Elena Schneider. She is an important journalist from Spain and she has written many articles about renewable energy industry and how they work. She got her degree in Malaga and she was working for one of the most important newspaper in Spain, “El Pais”. She will be here until the second day of our fair. Actually, Ms Schneider works in Germany for “Bild” newspaper but she will travel to Malaga, her city, in order to meet us here, in the Trade Fair & Congress Center and you can find her on Stand 14. Ms Schneider speaks Spanish, German and English and is here to share her knowledge about energy and nature. “The renewable energy is the future of our environment”, that´s was one of her articles. Ms Schneider will answer your questions and may help us sharing her knowledge. Thank you for coming Ms Schneider

WRITER Writer and critic since 2009- to present WORLD Enterprise

Jesús Calle Palma

One of the celebrities of the Vinexpo is Jesús Calle. He is a renowned writer and critic of the publishing “WORLD Enterprise”. His work is recognized in Spain and some countries in Southern Europe. At work, Jesus speaks about wines, hotels, cities and everything in general, but with a critical perspective. He knows a lot about the wine business because his mother owns a prestigious restaurant, and he has loved the good wine since he was almost a teenager. He works from his home, in Málaga and he is a famous person who appears in the press constantly. He started to write when his was fifteen years old. He speaks Spanish but he also knows some English. He lives in Málaga but he goes to London every year. He wants to change the world for the better. He likes football, cinema, and Chinese food.

Visitor Profile Paloma Pérez Becerra Welcome to Greencities Sostenibilidad one

more year! It will be in Trade fair & Congress Center of Malaga for three consecutive days (from 7-11 to

9-11). A special guest will be Paloma Pérez Becerra, she´s a visitor of this event. She´s a hairdresser of

celebrities and she has her hair salon in 5th avenue of New York. She can speak English, Spanish and French

to take good care of her clients. She and her team have combed Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, etc. In

her free time she likes to travel with her boyfriend and she loves cats. This professional will come Greencities

Sostenibilidad to find experts that help her to use

renewable energy in her salon and to try to help the environment. If someone wants to contact with Paloma Pérez, you can use this phone number +44 (0) 20487378102 or this email See you in Greencities Sostenibilidad !

Guest profile "Greencities sostenibilidad" is celebrated in Málaga, a fair where we can find different informative stands about renewable energies and how they are adapted to different business.

The most outstanding stand of this fair is one from a company called “Relax in Costa del Sol”. A hotel that has been using solar power for its Spa-Solarium for three years. On this stand you can find Cristina Gallego Díaz. She works as the director of the hotel and now, in this fair, she is going to explain to us the advantages of the solar power. She can attend clients at Stan number 53.

She speak three languages: Italian, Spanish and English. She loves her job because she's in contact with customers, she travels a lot and can visit differents places and cultures. She likes spend her time with her boyfriend watching motorcycle racer, she love it! She would like to know someday Dani Pedrosa. She loves to have a walk in the morning with her dog Chimo.

If you are interested on it and you want to know more using the following address: Ramiro Fields Turmo 6 Street, Marbella. By phone: 951 63 82 01 And online or by email:

GREENCITIES Welcome back! Greencities special edition opens today, it`ll take place in Malaga for three consecutive day. This events will attract the leading industrialist related to renewable energy industry from all over the world. I would like to introduce a Joaquin Fernandez. Joaquin is journalist and he will be at Greencities to write an article about the event . He travels around the world in order to tell us what is happening everywhere. He loves his job because he likes to look for stories and to inform what happens. Furthermore he would like to write a book and he likes photography. Joaquin lives in an apartment in Malaga with his two cats, he likes cats. He enjoy reading books, watching film of Audrey Hepburn, travelling and listening the music, he love BeyoncĂŠ.

One of the special guests of the International Exhibition “Greencities Sostenibilidad” celebrated this year in the Fair and Congress Center in Malaga is María Jesús Pozo. She is here as secretary of the famous agency “Three, two, one… go!” and you can meet her on Stand 315. Mrs Pozo lives in Málaga, but she travels frecuently to other countries: London, París, Roma… She is an expert in renewable energy industry and she knows the importance of it topic at present. She enjoys going dancing with her friends and going to the cinema.

VISITOR PROFILE -One of the best known businesswomen this year in the United

States is Laura Núùez Grau who works in a company called " IBM" . She speaks four languages : Spanish, English, French and German. You must know her because she always appears in newspapers. Laura has lived in London, Italy, France and other countries but now she is living in Spain with her family. She travels a lot and she is always very busy. In her free time she likes riding her bicycle , going out with her friends and she often reads books because she loves them. She sometimes goes to the theater . She likes French cuisine . One of her favourite hobbies is listening to music. Pop is her favourite type. In summer she usually visits her grandparents in Cordoba.


One of the special guests at Greencities Sostenibilidad this year is Maria Martin. She is here as a secretary and you can meet her on Stand 113. Ms Martin works in a company with offices in Spain, New York and France. She lives in London but commutes regularly to Spain and will be three consecutive days in Malaga. She speaks Spanish and English. She enjoys playing tennis, going to cinema and she likes to be with her family.

SOMAYA KALLOUCH Editor of the newspaper EL PAIS It is one of the main editors of this newspaper. Somaya lives in Mรกlaga and is from Morocco. She has spent many years in Spain and is fluent in Spanish. She also speaks Arabic and French. She lives to travel to countries with a different culture and learn the customs of these countries.

Visitor profile Rocio Rodriguez One of the guests for three consecutive days at this international fair is Rocio Rodriguez. She is here as a photographer, taking pictures of our most special guests and the exhibition itself. She is here as a photographer because she knows a lot about the different issues regarded renewable energy, and has family members working in our company. Since she was a child she liked everything related to this kind of “businessâ€?.Her father is Swiss and her mother is from MĂĄlaga. She likes swimming, music and photography.


VISITOR PROFILE Jesus Calle wil be the responsible person for Andalusian Rosaleda Company at the International fair & Efficient renewable energy. He will help us, he will answer any questions or doubts related to the topic. He lives in Målaga and he can speak three languages, French, Russian and English. He is 26 years old and he is commited with Renowable Energies. He takes care of the environment a lot and he’s keen on sports. He runs many marathons and mountain bike races.

VISITOR PROFILE Maril贸 Garcia International Secretary Her boss is invited to the international trade show energy. She is his secretary and she represents her boss. She is expert about renewable energy industry because her boss hired her. She is also an interpreter and translator of five language such as English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese. Ms Garcia often travels to all countries in Europe to show the new renewable energy of the her company. This company has offices in London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and Lisboa. She was born in Spain but she lives in London because the central office is here. She likes drinking shake as you can see in the photo and she likes going out at the weekends with her friends but she hates going out when it is raining.

Rosario MartĂ­n Mullor Editor and publisher of magazine Welcome! Greencities Sostenibilidad will present this year a conference about the new trends. Today, we have with us a special guest to collaborate with renewable energy. She is Rosario MartĂ­n and is interested in applying this energy in her business. She is editor and publisher of a famous magazine.Her magazine has a lot of offices and she travels every week to different countries. Her hobbies are arabic food, dangerous sports and she likes collaborating with environment, so she is going to install new renewable energy trends in her business. She lives at 36 avenue Torrox, CĂłmpeta. You can contact with her by phone: (+34) 654 32 10 69 or by email:

PHOTOGRAPHER Mari Carmen works in one of the best magazines in our place, EL PAÍS, she is the first photographer and is very famous for her great works. In the last years, she has won many prizes for the originality and quality of her photos. She travels frequently to many places in search of current news . She lives with her family in Corumbela. She likes to be with friends, sports, summer, the beach…. This year she plans to work on renewable energy. She is interested in a new project that will be started in December. This is called kymbey. It will take place in Malaga. It's about an exhibition of new technologies for renewable energy that will be in the future. She will work this week taking photos on this. She is very excited, it will be one of her best work during her career.

If you want your to know more, this is her information: 27 Puerta del Molino , Corumbela -Málaga telf: +(34) 680.71.10.92 email:

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