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Featured Article: Top Tips for Integrating PPC with Offline Campaigns – 21st March 2013 Following on from the release of the Paid Search Best Practice Guide by Econsultancy, comes some simple advice for ensuring paid search campaigns are integrated with offline activity to maximise the potential opportunity. In this article, Chris Camacho, Head of Paid Search at Starcom MediaVest Group, gives three top tactics to help advertisers ensure they are fully integrating paid search with offline communications. 1. Echo above the line messaging in paid search copy. 2. Use a search call-to-action 3. Coverage on key terms from your advertising campaign -

Kevin Ting

Find out more about how to use these tactics to ensure paid and offline are working together:

What’s The Next Big Mobile Opportunity? – 22nd March 2013 Digiday have recently been on the lookout for the next big mobile opportunity and have been asking a number of experts in the industry, including a senior manager of digital marketing at Nissan, SVP and mobile practice lead at Digitas, former CMO at Samsung Electronics and VP of media at Sony Music. Unsurprisingly answers varied widely, but included such things as NFC technology, Mobile Video and Geo-Location to name a few. -

Kevin Ting

Find out what those named above as well as other industry experts’ answers were below:

Youtube Searches Now On Google Trends – 21st March 2013

Youtube Search Trends can be found on Google Trends now, and the data can go back to 2008. Video publishers can now start to use Google Trends to see how their video is trending as a Youtube Search Term, and they can also get inspiration about how to name their videos for the future. Here’s a screenshot on Google Trends telling you which animal is trending in Youtube recently in the UK.


Blair Liu

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Google Applies Web Speech API to New Silent Movie App – 20th March 2013 Last month Google released a Chrome update that included support for Web Speech API, allowing developers to integrate speech recognition capabilities into their own apps. This month Google are back, with a demonstration of how the API can be utilised. By opening a Chrome window and heading over to users can experience first-hand how the new speech recognition features work. You can choose from a handful of silent movie clips extricated from films including Phantom of the Opera, The Lost World and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and rewrite the story by supplying

the inter-titles (the written dialogue between scenes) through saying them aloud. Users can then pause clips simply by speaking and add their own words to the movie by reciting them. Whilst the app highlights some of the restrictions of the new API (e.g. you cannot use proper nouns), it does bring us one step closer to the realisation of Google Glasses. -

Natalie Turner

For more information relating to article please see link below: _demonstrates_voice_recognition.html

Google presents ‘Hall of Shame’ – 19th March 2013 As a part of ‘fighting spam’ campaign and along with efforts to make indexing and rating procedures more transparent, Google have decided to publicly display websites which were penalised and/or removed from search results.

At the moment there are 51 examples of culprits, marked as ‘pure spam’ shown in a gallery containing screenshot, blacklisted search result snippet and time of page removal from the Google index.

Scrolling through this, one may wonder who still launches websites staffed with white font keywords on white background or consisting of just links and pop-up banners in 2013. -

Artur Kozdrowski

Full Hall of Shame Gallery to view at:

Google Launch New Marketing Tool ‘Think Insights’ – 15th March 2013 In the past week, Google have launch yet another marketing suite called ‘Think Insights’, for agencies and marketers, as a central source for the latest research, planning tools and strategic perspectives from Google and industry experts. This new marketing tool will give advertisers not only access to popular planning tools such as Google Trends and GoMoMeter, but also lesser known tools such as Real Time Insights Finder and Consumer Barometer, all from one place. What this site also promises to offer are invaluable vertical specific resources including case studies, research and interviews from experts in the field. -

Kevin Ting

For a deeper look into this new tool, follow the links below:

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