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adCenter introduce Agency Enablement feature – 30th August 2012 Microsoft have recently launched a new feature called Agency Enablement that will allow users to manage adCenter campaigns more efficiently. In another attempt to catch up with adwords this upgrade utilizes many features already present in adwords such as linking/unlinking accounts, flexible billing and account level management that will make life easier for advertisers. Let us know you thoughts by tweeting #SL57 @SearchLately. – Kevin Ting More details:

Marin New Features – 29th August 2012 Marin has released some new features in August, trying to improve user experience. Some highlights are as below: -

Enhanced Visibility into Bidding Overrides The preview bid pie chart in automatic bidding folders includes a new slice to display any bid overrides. This new slice highlights the percent of spend or conversions where the user has chosen to override the automated bidding system. This allows users to analyze and preview bids more easily and at a more granular level before setting a folder on traffic.


European Union Privacy Support For advertisers in the EU who leverage Tracker, Marin can now anonymize the last octet of a visitor's IP address to better comply with Europe's privacy laws. A change to the Marin Javascript Tracker code is required for any customer that wishes to take advantage of this capability.


Activity Log Filters To improve search capabilities within the Activity Log, users can now apply filters across all Activity Log columns. This change is particularly helpful, making it quickly and easily to find changes and records, and

saving users time and effort to look through pages of entries. -

All-Client Reporting For any Marin user that has multiple client accounts, it's now possible to create a single report that pulls data from all clients. When creating report, users can simply select "All clients" to include data from all the clients that meet your criteria. All-Client Reporting is available within most tabs with the exception of Dimensions and will display up to 1,000 rows per client.

Let us know you thoughts by tweeting #SL57 @SearchLately. – Blair Liu More details:

Vanity URLs for Google+ - 29th August 2012 Last week Google rolled out vanity URLs for high profile businesses and users on Google+. Following in the footsteps of Twitter and Facebook, this is yet another way in which users/brands can customise their profile pages. Vanity URLs make it easier to link, share and search for specific Google+ pages. The change from the "usual" URLs, constructed by a unique sequence of numbers, to vanity URLs is noticeable, the new URLs being much shorter and name-related, e.g.: Endorsing well-known brands and individuals that contribute to the community, Cadbury were amongst the first to receive their vanity URL. Google is looking at customising thousands of pages but it's not yet clear when vanity URLs will be available for more brands and individuals.

Example of a vanity URL:


Isabella Salomonsson

More details:

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