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Highlights brought to you by Search Lately @SMGSearchUK this week include:  Google integrates AdMob into the Adwords Interface Fresh Designs for Adwords & AdCenter  Google+ Snippets Showing Up In the SERPs  Search Engines and Entities 

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Feature Article: Google integrates AdMob into the Adwords Interface Globally, Google operates the largest mobile display business, as well as much as 95% of mobile search ad revenue. Two years after the AdMob acquisition, Google has integrated its AdMob mobile technology into the AdWords interface. This integration allows all advertisers on Google to manage their AdMob campaigns through the interface. This is resulting in a new campaign type called Display Network only (mobile apps). In future, advertisers will be able to launch mobile app campaigns from AdWords just as with their search campaigns. The ease of creating and implementing campaigns is likely to entice more advertisers to use mobile channels. Advertisers can target specific devices or specific manufacturer brands, individual apps, in addition to the targeting by operator, WiFi or OS version. Google states AdMob inventory includes more than 300,000 mobile apps and reaches people in 23 countries. The integration of AdMob within Adwords will help advertisers to increase their digital media spend and allows ease of access to new channels from one interface. This means that Google allows advertisers to manage search, display and video ads. It reaches users on more than 2 million websites, hundreds of thousands of apps, and across all devices. Integrating AdMob within the Google Interface can lead to a massive growth for Google and increase the potential spend for mobile advertising. -

Ilona Broniszewski, Starcom Germany

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Fresh Designs for Adwords & AdCenter – 21st June 2012 Both Google Adwords & Microsoft AdCenter have launched fresh designs for their UIs recently, in an attempt to make working with these tools look better and feel easier. The look is more intuitive and user friendly. As more features have been added to both platforms over the past months and years, things have started to become a lot more cluttered and confusing. The updates for advertisers will bring a much more relaxed and clean layout to the mix.

– Blair Liu More details:

Google+ Snippets Showing Up In the SERPs – 15th June 2012 Google has always been trying to integrate Google+ with the services it offers. Now it is further integrating Google+ information in the SERPs. You can unveil Google+ snippets using the “Show” link in the results pages. As searchers, we want to see what people we trust are sharing. The search results with relevant posts on Google+ are more tailored to users’ needs:

As a marketer, it now becomes even more interesting to think about what to share on Google+ and who to have in your circles that can share your content. According to Experian Hitwise, the traffic of Google+ has grown by 37% in the past weeks, and it has received more traffic than Pinterest, Tagged, and LinkedIn in the week ending June 9th, 2012. Google+ ranks as the 5th largest Social Media Website in the U.S. This community is steadily growing and will continue to do so as long as Google keeps adding new features to it. – Blair Liu More details:

Search Engines and Entities – 14th June 2012 This article looks at how search Engines have been moving away from returning search results based solely on matching keywords searched to relevant content in their index towards understanding what users are looking for and returning more accurate results as well as related content. Search Engines still have a way to go before they understand the web; however this process has been going on for longer than one might think and is nearing fruition. With the announcement of Google’s Knowledge Graph

and, more recently, Bing’s introduction of adding Wiki’s to their search results it is clear that improving Search Engine’s understanding of the relationship between the content they index and what users are searching for is improving beyond just matching keywords. – Ashley Lindley More Details



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