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Search Lately: Issue 2 Weekly Search Round Up It has been another active week in the search industry with Google continuing to release and upgrade their product offerings, while Bing make a major announcements by partnering with Chinese search giant Baidu. SMG Run British 10k – Fantastic 5 Raise Money for Charity Race This Sunday, Sponsor Us Now!

Google – Flight Search Set To Launch Soon 06 JULY 2011 – Google are expected to soon release more detailed flight search with its ITA software, to include prices, maps and results based on searcher’s IP address for start destinations…

Bing – Lasso Update for iPAD 05 JULY 2011 – Bing announces a cool new feature for its iPAD app that allows you to simply circle a word or phrase to activate a search. Search without a search box…

Bingdu 05 JULY 2011 – Bing joins forces with Chinese search engine giants Baidu and looks to integrate results within Baidu results of English language searches…

Google – Goodbye Real-time Search! Hello Social Search? 04 JULY 2011 – Google removes real-time search, as they are widely expected to start integrating their latest product Google + into search engine results… of+Search%29

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Search Lately: Issue 2 Other Related News This week in other news, a new country is born in Africa with the emergence of the Republic of South Sudan, while News of the World announce they are release their last edition this Sunday and Facebook joins forces with Skype to offer video conferencing services on its social audience. Republic of South Sudan 08 JULY 2011 - Republic of South Sudan has become the earth's newest country, after decades of conflict with the ruling Islamic north

No More News In The World 07 JULY 2011 – News of The World announce that they are to release their very last edition this coming Sunday, amid hacking scandals in the last few days...

Google Continues Facelifting 07 JULY 2011 – Gmail, Youtube & Google Docs for Mobile are given facelifts as Google continues to roll out their new look across their product range...

FaceSkype 06 JULY 2011 – Facebook hit back against the launch of Google Plus this week by announcing their expected partnership with Skype, as they integrate video calling into their ever expanding social network…

Google Plus Buzz 06 JULY 2011 – Just a week since Google officially launched this product to the world, and the world is still clamouring to get a peek inside the box… Google Plus Today Google plus Vanity URLs

Google Plus For Domains Google Plus Lacking

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Search Lately: Issue 2