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Collected & Collated By Kevin Ting

Search Lately: Issue 12 Weekly Search Round Up As Bing announce they are to make major improvements to their search engine infrastructure this week, Google announce plans to set up new data centres in across the Globe, improved quality scores for relevant landing pages as well as Google Analytics real-time and premium services are released… Google – Landing Page Ranks Higher 03 OCTOBER 2011 – Google this week have announced that they will be placing more weighting towards landing pages when calculating quality scores after trials across Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Latin America… POV: Changes to the way Google calculate quality score with greater weighting placed on how closely relevant the landing page is to the user search query will encourage brands to create more user friendly and relevant content around their PPC campaigns. Google Just Keep Growing 03 OCTOBER 2011 – Google plan to extend their Global presence with data centres in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Ireland…

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Search Lately: Issue 12 Bing Unleash Tiger Search 30 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Bing set about working on a new back end search, as they look at ways to produce faster and more relevant search results…

Google Analytics - Real Time & Premium Service Launched 29 SEPTEMBER 2011 – Google Analytics have this week announced that they will be providing a real time dashboard that tracks site activity within the last couple of minutes. On top of this they have also announced a Premium service to their analytics package that includes 24 hour dedicated support and access to more of your data than previous possible…

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Collected & Collated By Kevin Ting

Search Lately: Issue 12