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Google Adwords Review Extension Out Of BETA This week Google announced that ‘Review Extensions’ would be coming out of BETA. This BETA began testing in June and allows an advertiser to display a selected review from a 3rd party source to appear alongside the regular paid search listing on the results page.

In order to be eligible for this extra review extension, an advertiser must submit a review from a 3rd party source with a source URL that has a combined length no longer than 67 characters.

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Google’s Matt Cutts – Don’t Rely on Just One Channel In a recent Google Webmaster Help video, Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts addresses the following question: “Since Google has been actively updating its search results, it is hard for people to trust Google anymore. Should one start to focus on getting leads from social media other than search results?” In answer to this, Cutts stated that Google has always been evolving in order to improve the organic listings and change is part of the nature of SEO. Instead of spending time trying to reverse engineer the Google algorithms people should focus on building technically sound sites and great content. Cutts also said that brands should always have a very well-rounded portfolio of ways to get leads be it from social, print advertising or other channels and not become over reliant on one medium for lead generation.

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Bings Ads Dimensions & Comparison Graphs Launched Bing Ads have rolled out two key new features to the user interface (UI) this week with the launch of a dimensions tab, to help segregate and analyse performance, and performance comparison graphs to help analyse time over time performance metrics. 1) Dimensions Tab This feature allows advertisers to segment performance data by a number of key attributes including geographic location, time, destination URL and publisher website.

2) Comparison Graphs This feature is fairly self-explanatory and allows an advertiser to compare metrics as chosen to be illustrated on the performance graph across 2 different time periods. An interesting feature that Bing Ads have included is a weekend marker within the graph to easily reflect between weekdays and weekend performance fluctuations.

Shared by Kevin Ting For more details and industry insights regarding these recent developments: 10/11/new-bing-ads-features-now-live-dimensions-tab-and-performancecomparison.aspx

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