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To be successful, you need “Strong Foundations to Build On”, a desire to “Learn” and the “Self Confidence” to “Take Action” Seany 2012


There is NO-ONE else who wants you to succeed as much as I do. You won’t find anyone else offering to show you a simple to follow, Step-by-Step “how to” guide on ‘Just Been Paid’ (JBP); how it all works, how to get involved and more importantly, how to use it to make money online’. JBP is a Surf (or Advertising) program with a REAL difference. It offers various avenues and ways to earn money, but the only 2 programs we are concerned with are ‘JSS Tripler’ & ‘Synergy Surf’; using just these 2 programs, I will show you how easy it is to make money online consistently, but first, we must lay the foundations.

4 simple steps to setting up your business


Step 1: Open a separate email account

This will keep all the information regarding your new business in one place and organised. I recommend Gmail because it works perfectly with JBP


Step 2: Download & install SKYPE,

Then ADD me to your contacts. My username: SeanyOnline



Step 3: Open FREE payment processor accounts

a) Go here to register for AlertPay

b) Go here to register for Solid Trust Pay

c) Note: If you live in a country which does not accept your registration at the above mentioned Payment Processors then simply make use of Liberty Reserve. _____________________________________________________


Step 4: Register your free JBP Account here:

When you register make sure that you see **SeanyOnline** as your sponsor When you have completed the signup procedure for JBP simply LOG IN and go straight to the 'Profile Tab' and add your details in there. Make sure you ADD the following in the Payment Processor section: ALERTPAY = the email address you used to register SOLIDTRUSTPAY = your SolidTrustPay username / login LIBERTY RESERVE = your Account Number (U*******) __________________________________________________

Once you have completed these 4 simple steps, contact me via Skype and I will send you the next PDF. This will explain the entire business and my business strategies that will start making you money within 24 hours. IMPORTANT: for now, ignore everything within the JBP back office area (apart from updating your profile). I will explain everything within the second part of your training. I’m looking forward to meeting you on Skype ☺ Seany This is a Team PDF Guide and is therefore ‘Copy Righted’


Online Business Foundations  

How to set up your online business

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