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LOGO DESIGNING FOR IB learner profile / Design Cycle / Areas of Interaction By: Sean 9.2

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Unit Question: How important are the logos of a company?

Scenario: SWA is in need of new Logos for the Areas of Interaction, IB Learner Profile, and Design Cycle. After we have made the designs, we will choose the best ones and they will become the official designs that SWA uses for the whole year!

Specifications and Limitations: - Photoshop CS4 - Laptop - Adobe Illustrator CS4 - In Design CS4 - Bamboo Tablet - Must be Attractive - Suitable for all ages - Appropriate for School Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time Allowed: 5 weeks My Client: Sinarmas World Academy Target Audience: Students, staffs and parents Documented evidence: Your documented evidence is like a diary. You start it when you first start making your design and it doesn't end till you have finished making your product. Takes lots of photos, make notes on any modification and add sketches and diagrams.


This project links to two of the Areas of Interaction, which are “human ingenuity” and “community and service”. This project relates to HUMAN INGENUITY because human ingenuity is all about ideas and creations and in this project in this project I will be creating and designing a logo that will be used for SWA’s IB learner profile/areas of interaction/design cycle. I will also be using my understanding about the design cycle to complete this project. By using the design cycle, I will be thinking different possible ideas and ways to investigate, design, plan, create and evaluate the project. Therefore human ingenuity relates most to this project.

COMMUNITY AND SERVICE is another area of interaction is relates to the project because we are helping and doing service for the school which is the community, therefore community and service is another area of interaction that relates the the project

Sunday, November 13, 2011


DesignBrief My client, SWA needs new logos for the Areas of Interaction, IB Learner Profile, and Design Cycle.They will choose the best ones and it will become the official designs that SWA uses for the whole year. The design should be attractive and appropriate of both the people and the school. Through out the time given to complete this project, I will explore various ways and learn how to use different softwares so that I could help create a logo for SWA. I will complete this project by following the 5 stages from the design cycle which are, investigate, design, plan, create and evaluate. First, I will hold an interview that would give me an understanding of what the school wants. I will also investigate different case studies of what type of logos that are being made. I will design 6 different possible designs and evaluate on each one of them by meeting them with the different design specifications such as size, time and safety. After I am done designing, I will also plan out a time table that would allow me to work more efficiently and allow me to complete in time. I will also plan out what tools and materials I will need. And lastly, I will start creating the advertisement by following my plan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

CLIENTINTERVIEW 1. What type of logo do you want it to be? (Word / letter Mark, Character, Pictorial/ combination, emblem...etc) I think that the logo should be a pictorial or a combination logo because, I is nicer to have both image and word in the logo. 2. How do you want the combination logo to be structured? I think that the combination logo should have the emblem logo on top (the picture) and the word on the bottom of the logo. 3. Do you want the logo to be: - simple or colorful? simple - playful or serious? between playful and serious - personable or professional? professional - feminine or masculine? between both of them 4. What colors do you want it to include? I think that the combination logo should have any colors but it cannot be too colorful or playful or serious. 5. Who are your target audience? The target audiences are the students, the staffs and the parents that is why the logo has to be between serious and playful so therefore it will look appealing to both adults and students Sunday, November 13, 2011

INTERVIEWSUMMARY From the interview I did with a student, I found out that the logo should be a pictorial logo that is simple, not too playful, professional and not too colorful. It should be suitable for both students and adults

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Case Study Case  Study  1

Case  Study  2

Case  Study  3



Pizza  Hut




Combina9on/Pictorial  Logo

Pictorial  /  Emblem


The  logo  has  a  circular   The  logo  a  hut  shape  on  the   shape.  It  uses  colors  green,   word  pizza  hut.  It  uses   black  and  white.  It  is  simple   colors  red,  black  and   and  has  a  two  tailed   yellow.  It  is  simple  and  it   mermaid  in  the  center  of   looks  quite  nice.   the  logo.

The  logo  uses  a  picture  of  a   wavy  window.  It  uses  colors   red  green  blue  and  yellow.   It  is  simple  and  easy  to  be   recognized.


The  func9on  is  to  help  people   people  recognize  the  company   when  they  see  the  logo.  

The  func9on  is  to  help  people   people  recognize  the  company   when  they  see  the  logo.

The  func9on  is  to  help  people   people  recognize  the  company   when  they  see  the  logo.

Ease  of  Crea4on

I  think  this  logo  is  simple  and   will  be  easy  to  make

I  think  this  logo  isn’t  that  hard   to  make

This  is  easy  to  be  made.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DesignSpecification Specification



I will use photoshop or other designing software

I will test out different


I will create the project in 2 weeks


The logo should be in any size so that it can be used as something big or small


It should look simple, not too playful, should be creative


It should look appealing to both adults and students


The function is to help people people recognize the company when they see the logo.


The purpose manipulate other peoples actions by creating a interesting and creative logo


It should not include any bloody or violence image.


The logo should follow the trend so that the logo will last long enough by not making the people bored of the logo.

Ease of Creation

The logo should be easy to be made because the logo is simple.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

InvestigationSummary During the Investigation stage, the interview that was done with my client provided me information about what kind of logo do they want and what other things I should included in my logo. Next, the case study I did gave me a sense of what type of logo are being made, for example the aesthetics, the cost and the form. Last, the specification and the testing provided me a guide that I will be following to make the logo that will be used for SWA’s Design cycle, IB learner profile and the A.O.I.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Logo design