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ELECTRIC CINEMA The electric cinema is an independant cinema who plays less maintreme movies. They have an old ticket machine stating ‘admission one’ on the on the coupon which adds a nice vintage touch to the whole experience! Other than the film productions they display, they also have event nights where they host such things as stand-up comedy, rock gigs and guest speakers such as Shane Medows.

They have an evening called the film orcestra evening where they host a band playing old classic songs from the movies, even better they put the film clip on in the background so you can experience that epic moment in the film! They have thought of many ways of entertainment and have now thought about doing weddings and that will be taking place in the near future. The electric cinema also plays

a selection of forign films that are played for a certain amount of time i.e. 2 weeks or 3 weeks and the film price is decided by the box office. They do sell tickets on arrival but they advise you book online in advance, some book weeks in advance so its always good to have nosey online and see what they have to offer!

The Electric cinema show a selection of films such as Ghost Busters which is a bonfire night special. They are playing a very recent film called Contagion and a film called we need to talk about kevin, a recent film production based on a best-selling novel by Lionel Shriver. Along with all these features they also have a bar where you can get beers, ciders, wines and cocktails to have during your movie, they also add staff service thoughtout your film and you can order drinks to your seats. The cocktails are a luxury and some are themed with the movies on show at that time, for example they created a spiderman themed cocktail celebrating the release of the new film coming out, the cocktail started out red, with a twist of a cocktail stirer is was blue, classy ey! so get on down to the electric cinema and watch some of the new films out or settle for a less mainsteme film and get a little aducated!

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