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What is Leadership I believe that leadership is best described as the ability to achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people. If we can rally a team of ordinary people and make them feel like they are part of an extraordinary team with extraordinary goals, they just might live up to our expectations. Leaders have a passion for their people, a passion for their vision and a passion for their goals. Leaders roll up their sleeves and jump right in. They’re creative, entrepreneurial and always out in front. Take a look at the difference between a leader and a manager and ask yourself, honestly, where your strengths lie. Leader

credibility faster than an action that smacks of hypocrisy, so get out there and walk the walk. Great leaders are able to arouse positive emotions in the members of their team, but as leaders, we must also be prepared to be alone, to be different and

to be ahead of our time. I urge you to learn more about true leadership today. Sean WolÞngton is the owner of He can be contacted at 866.802.5753, or by e-mail at swolÞ


Innovates Develops Counts on trust Relies on people Gives credit

Administrates Maintains Counts on control Relies on system Seeks recognition

The good news is that you can grow as a leader, if you aren’t one already. You may not have been born a leader, but if you have a mentor and know the attributes of leadership, you can become one. Leadership is not something bestowed upon you or something that comes with a promotion or a title. It’s not about being the boss or about power or salary. Leadership is about . . .

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Giving Listening Caring Vision Results Dedication Compassion Motivating Faith and trust Hands-on Effecting change Persistence Patience Smart work Leaving a legacy

Perhaps most important, leadership is about setting the pace and leading by example. Nothing undermines a leader’s

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Innovates Administrates Develops Maintains Counts on trust Counts on control Relies on people Relies on system Gives credit Seeks recognitio...