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Yoga and Drug Detox Adopting holistic methods in treating patients suffering from addiction is quite common for the reputed drug and alcohol rehab centers. Some of them use yoga as a complementary technique, especially during natural detoxification. Broadly speaking, yoga is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices that originated centuries ago in India. It has proved to be beneficial for recovering addiction patients. Many rehabs consider yoga a part of their evidence-based treatment plans for substance abuse patients. Indeed, yoga is a boon for people grappling with addiction. It seems to help patients in mending their ways, in coping with withdrawal symptoms and in weaning the intensity of their cravings for the substance. Counseling, medication, education, healthful nutrition, recreation, exercise, yoga, etc. form parts of the detoxification for patients undergoing treatment at most of the rehabs. Practicing yoga regularly bestows the individual with a host of benefits, like releasing stress, pacifying inner aggression and promoting overall wellbeing. All these benefits help make the healing process effortless and hasten the path to recovery. Yoga assists in the 12-step based recovery as it shares several goals and teaches participants how to achieve those goals. Here are a few ways how yoga helps during detoxification: •

Yoga aids in developing coping mechanisms: This is a primary skill to acquire in life, and if it is something related to healing and shrugging off harmful habit like addiction, it becomes all the more important. Addiction is an inability of an individual to cope with emotions and thoughts. Counseling in rehabs mostly tries to address this weakness in addicts. Similarly, yoga helps a person cope with stressful situations in life through various unique techniques. The controlled breathing technique practiced in yoga helps rein in wandering thoughts and uncontrolled emotions.


Yoga helps in achieving balance and inner peace: A person grappling with addiction carries a lot of inner turmoil and pent-up angst. This guilt-ridden attitude coupled with a sense of failure make them loath others. Alternatively, the route to addiction is an escape mechanism

which they think would provide relief from their internal struggle. The deep breathing techniques in yoga facilitate physical control which eventually leads to psychological control. A sense of calmness is usually observed after a few weeks of practice. They begin to reconcile to their shortcomings and no longer whine or feel like taking refuge in any toxic substance. They begin to see a meaning in their lives and develop a desire to start anew. Yoga encourages them to give living a second chance. •

Yoga helps in making a spiritual connection: Yoga also helps the practitioner in gaining a spiritual insight with its numerous techniques, such as meditation. Being spiritual gives an individual a detached view and in case of a recovering addict, this view is important in assuaging the inner frustration and listlessness. Spiritualism also brings blissfulness and a person who is at bliss can never be embroiled with something negative like substance abuse. This is a great contribution of yoga in the field of drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

Recovery road map Though addiction can imperil the lives of addicts and can lead to many problems, it is treatable and those addicted to substances can regain their lives after attaining sobriety. One should never give up on a loved one who is addicted to a drug or alcohol because treatment can help cure any addiction. If a loved one is abusing any substance and you are scouting for treatment centers, contact Sovereign Detox Services, a renowned substance abuse treatment organization in the U.S. with centers across major places in the country. Our detox centers in California are among the best. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 855-682-0103 to find out about our rapid detox in California or natural detox in California, which can pave the way for a long-term sobriety.

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Yoga and drug detox  

Adopting holistic methods in treating patients suffering from addiction is quite common for the reputed drug and alcohol rehab centers. Some...

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