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Is Las Vegas Staring at a Drug Crisis Post Marijuana Legalization? Las Vegas, also known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” has unfortunately a long list of vices attached to it. A recent addition to the list could be recreational marijuana, consumption of which will be allowed in private and will be forbidden outside a privately owned property. Currently, medical marijuana is permitted in private businesses in Las Vegas with a permission by the owner and there is absolutely no access to it by the public. People were apprehensive, and they still are, that the access to recreational marijuana would lead to its entry to the glamorous nightclubs of Las Vegas, also referred to as Sin City, and perhaps would provide the framework for an Amsterdamstyle cannabis district in the near future. Adult use of marijuana became legal in Nevada from January 1, 2017. “I really think this would be the third-largest market in the country,” the AP quoted Derek Peterson, the owner of a company that runs marijuana dispensaries called Blum, referring to Nevada. According to him, only California and New York would offer a bigger customer base than this state with the arrival of millions of tourists every year. As many as 42 million tourists visited the city in 2015. “I think it should be able to fit in really well with the whole day club/nightclub thing,” he said. Peterson said that recreational pot would prove to be an alternative for visitors tired of cocktails that can top $15 apiece and inflict hangovers. But for that, the risk-averse casino industry also needs to be convinced. Only then, guests can expect waitresses to deliver high-grade marijuana at clubs along the Las Vegas Strip, Peterson said. Las Vegas casino owners against recreational marijuana The casino owners in Las Vegas had opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana as they fear an adverse effect on their businesses. They entertain this general notion that for their own safety, they should keep out of marijuana industry because the substance is banned under the federal law. They do not want to rub up the authorities the wrong way and hamper their businesses. Casino owners even financed most of the opposition and even floated campaigns saying marijuana legalization could lead to intoxication in children from marijuana candies or other edibles. They seldom consider this to be a game changer for tourism as the city is known for various other attractions.

However, those who vouch for marijuana legalization often cite the example of Colorado, which has reportedly benefited since marijuana legalization. The state set an all-time tourism record in 2015, capping a fifth year of growth. But it cannot be attributed to marijuana alone because no clear data is available. It is too early to predict or claim anything in Las Vegas as far as marijuana use trend is concerned. Things will be in a perspective after a couple of months and people will come to know whether legalization has any positive effect on tourism in Las Vegas, which is best known for it. Dealing with drug addiction Any kind of addiction, be it to marijuana, alcohol, prescription opioids or any illicit drugs, is a malady which can bring untold misery to those dependent on it and their families. Addiction is not a crime, but a disease that debilitates a drug user and help him or her seek treatment at the best possible rehab. If a loved one is abusing any substance, contact Sovereign Addiction Services, a leading substance abuse treatment organization in the U.S. with facilities spread across the country. Our drug addiction rehab programs in Los Angeles are among the cream of the crop in the country. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 866-901-9644 to avail services of our quality drug abuse treatment facilities in Los Angeles and various other cities.

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Is las vegas staring at a drug crisis post marijuana legalization  

Las Vegas, also known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” has unfortunately a long list of vices attached to it. A recent addition...

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