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This document is a proposal submitted on behalf of Deon Meyer and Sean Tickner for the sponsorship of a team for the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Challenge in March 2013. What is the Cape Epic? The Absa Cape Epic takes place every year around the last week of March and the first week of April. The race is held over 8 days and includes a time-trial prologue. The route changes every year, and leads aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through approximately 800 kilometres of the unspoilt nature of the Western Cape and up approximately 15 000m of climbing over some of the most magnificent passes in South Africa. The event in 2013 marks the ten year anniversary of the now iconic race and it looks set to be another great challenge. The Epic for Cancer team were 1 of 100 teams who managed to gain entry into this prestigious event through the ‘early bird’ system, all 100 entries were snapped up in 57 seconds!

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The 2013 Cape Epic Team Deon Meyer: (28) A project Manager by trade and a go getter by nature. Capetonian mountain biker and waterman. He competed in the 2009 edition of the Cape-Epic but had to bow out of the event due to a nasty crash. Thus, unfinished business needs finishing and he is more focussed and ready than ever before. Sean Tickner: (31) A qualified Medical Orthotist/ Prosthetist, born and bred in the warm waters of Durban but now resides in Cape Town. Started trail-running and mountain biking almost 4 years ago and has been dreaming of doing the Cape Epic since first hearing about it years ago. Always keen for a new adventure and this is the biggest one yet.

What are the benefits to the sponsor? We have split the costs of sponsoring this dynamic team into different categories. A title sponsor, a secondary set of sponsors and a tertiary set of sponsors. The advantages of getting on board with our program are as follows: 1. You will receive coverage on all our equipment. This includes our bikes, our clothing, our helmets, and our casual gear during the race as well. Our central kit will be professionally assembled for each of us, so that we look like a team, with all sponsor logos on tshirts, jackets, etc.

Colours can be changed according to company branding. 2. The Epic for Cancer blog will follow the team training and feature regular updates. There will be a Facebook page as well as Twitter account where sponsors will be featured regularly and updates sent out with full analytics available. 3. The Epic for Cancer blog will feature your logos in advertising blocks, with title sponsor receiving most exposure and sponsors after that receiving coverage related to their investment in the team. With the blog growing monthly, by the time racing season comes, we are hoping to have a large number of unique users by February 2013. This is a huge audience to have and a key opportunity to create a community for your brand. 4. The Epic for Cancer blog will feature key articles, professionally written, for your brand. Title sponsor gets 1 article a week and key mentions in related articles. Secondary

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sponsors get one article a month, and related key mentions, and tertiary sponsors get key mentions and links to related material. 5. The team will go through a professional photo shoot with Simon Heale for images that you can use in your campaigns, online media and to motivate your employees. Costs: So, this proposal wouldn’t be on your desk if we didn’t need your help, and indeed, we do need help. Here is a list of projected expenses that the Epic for Cancer team will have over the course of the preparation and racing period to complete this incredible journey and raise the funds to support the Cancer Association. EPIC approximate basic costs for team Entry R 38,900.00 Massage Package R 4,800.00 Bike Maintenance Package R 5,000.00 Parts During Race R 3,000.00 8 Race tops R 5,000.00 8 Race pants R 8,500.00 Nutrition during race R 2,000.00 Pre-race Maintenance R1,200.00 TOTAL: R 68,400.00 Financial Commitments: Single Title Sponsor: R30 000.00 Secondary Sponsors: R15 000.00 each Tertiary Sponsors: R7 500.00 each Other sponsors: Product, equipment and service sponsorship Understandably in this current economic environment things are tough for everyone, thus we would appreciate any financial/equipment contributions that you can set aside to aid us in ultimately achieving our goals for this mammoth task. The Epic for Cancer team will be fundraising for the Cancer Association and any additional funds generated will be donated to them through the GivenGain website

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Why sponsor a bunch of average guys?

Podium positions are important for sponsors, but let’s face it, the top riders are there to be brand ambassadors predominantly to the media and their talent and commitment puts them in a position where they do not have to pay for their bikes and gear. However, some progressive thinking sponsors are seeing the benefits of spreading their brand beyond the podium contenders and infiltrating the middle of the racing pack – the commercial sweet-spot where numbers are bigger and race experiences are virtually guaranteed to be repeated at weekend ‘braai’ banter. And what better for a cycling brand’s credibility than to be praised far away from the race environment, where peer recommendations undoubtedly carry more weight than advertising. This proposal is merely the start, and can be adapted to your personal needs as well. Don’t see this as a sponsorship expense; rather see the Epic for Cancer team as an investment who generates PR, marketing, results and sales for you on a daily basis. Please have a decent think about this and contact us for a proper discussion on the matter. We have so much to gain from each other, and in the end, we are doing this as a team. For any further information please feel free to contact us: Sean Tickner

Deon Meyer

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