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SEAN STEPHENS, sitting in his room with a black t-shirt and basketball shorts, is watching tv with his roommate TOM ARNOLD. The room contains a loft with two full beds on it, a rather large bar with a fish tank in it and closets for both their clothes. DAN BROPHY storms in, wearing nothing but jeans, obviously frazzled. STEPHENS BROPHY, what’s up man? BROPHY Yo, what are you guys wearing tonight for this party? ARNOLD I don’t know yet man, is there even a theme tonight? BROPHY Of course man, it’s jorts and booty shorts! STEPHENS Well shit man, I gotta get some jeans and cut em up. BROPHY That’s exactly what I was looking for. I figured your white trash ass would have some jorts for me. STEPHENS What in the hell is that supposed to me Dan? ARNOLD Yeah, what makes us more white trash than you? BROPHY Well obviously SEAN is from Westfield which is the most white trash place on earth, and TOM’S a townie! STEPHENS Fuck you Brophy! I do have an extra pair but now that you’re being such an asshole you can find your own. ARNOLD Yeah, I don’t know if that was the best way of asking someone for something Dan. BROPHY It was a joke you guys, lighten up for Christ’s sake. Now do you really have an extra pair?

STEPHENS Yeah man, they’re somewhere in that massive pile of clothes. They’re the ones I wore to the 500. ARNOLD What else are we supposed to wear to this thing? BROPHY Pretty much anything white trash, so like a jean jacket or a bandana or something. STEPHENS Well that works out, I just so happen to both of those somewhere in this shit hole. ARNOLD What time are we starting tonight? It’s already 10. BROPHY Around 10:30 so I’d start getting to rage boys! STEPHENS Shit I gotta shower, thanks Broph. Don’t mess up my jorts. They are my prized possession. ARNOLD I’ll kick your ass for him if you do, and for that townie comment earlier. BROPHY Oh save it Tom, I’m a much better fighter than you will ever even dream of! ARNOLD Oh we’ll see about that later Brophy, when you least expect it. STEPHENS Chill out you two, let’s just get ready and show these ladies a good time tonight. BROPHY Alright, thanks Sean, let’s go! (Brophy exits) ARNOLD What a fucking asshole. (Laughter ensues)

Script 1