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COSMETIC F I LT E R I N G All about the matter of perspective

What is cosmetic filtering, you might ask. This publication educates us on this overlooked matter, the effects of cosmetic filtering. As well as a fresh new campaign that will change our perspective of perfection.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:15 PM

“ Humans see what they want to see.” — Rick Riordan

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13-Feb-14 3:09:16 PM

WHAT IS COSMETIC FILTERING Cosmetic filtering refers to the throwing or the disregard of perfectly edible food just because they look visually unappealing. This happens on the consumer level as well as the coporate level. On the next page, we will see how cosmetic filtering has benn developed through our perception.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:18 PM


COSMETIC FILTERING This growing perception of perfect food has caused us alot of food wastage in Singapore. Supermarkets lose an estimated of 10-15 percent of fresh produces, worth around $12,000 of food.

CULTURAL VALUES Our cultural values play an extremely big part in food wastage. We tend to provide an abundance of food to guests, and at social or festive events. 20-30 percent of food prepared is wasted.

GENERAL WASTAGE General wastage refers to the food wastage that comes from poor handling, spoilage and in distribution, in 2011, Singapore threw away, 0.68 million tonnes of food waste, only 10 percent of this was recycled.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:18 PM


MEDIA AND IMAGERY Polluted my media’s standards and the imagery of food perfection. We are slowly influenced by visual appeal.

PERCEPTION We start to link our visual perception together with health issues. Becoming uneasy with imperfection of food.

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COSMETIC FILTERS Cosmetic filtering had subconsciously been pushed into minds and thus we create a expection of food.

13-Feb-14 3:09:18 PM

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The usual practice for produce sellers to ensure that they sell only fresh fruits and vegetables as this is expected by the consumers.�

13-Feb-14 3:09:20 PM

THE CYCLE OF EXPECTATIONS How our expectations fuel cosmetic filtering without even knowing.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:22 PM

CORPORATE COMPANIES Corporate companies cosmetically filtering our food once before being placed on the shelfs to uphold to their customers expectations of visually appealing food.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:22 PM


THE GENERAL PUBLIC Through our perpective, we ourselves create cosmetic filtering. This in itself creates an expectation for the company to uphold not only perfect but beautiful produce.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:22 PM

FILTERING YOUR APPLES. A fictional guide to cosmetic filtering. 1

STEP 1: SEE A large array of apples just waiting to be hand picked by consumers.


STEP 5: REALIZATION Realize that it is your perception that drove you to just cosmetically filter these apples, note that all these apples are perfectly edible. Stop cosmetic filtering.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:22 PM

Do note that this guide is purely sarcastic in nature and we should stop cosmetic filtering by first changing our perception that all our fresh produce indeed are perfectly normal and edible.





Percieve that in this group of apples, there are some with more benefits than others due to it’s visual.

Select this group of apples which you have percieve to be more appleasing.





Being appleased by your visual choice, return this apple to the pool of other apples and pick any one random apple.

Further filter this pool of apples left down to one of them. (Note: do not press nor smell them)

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13-Feb-14 3:09:22 PM

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13-Feb-14 3:09:23 PM

WRAPPING A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE A campaign that changes perspectives against cosmetic filtering.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:25 PM

WRAPPED CAMPAIGN Wrapped is a campaign that focuses on trying to change our perception and expections of the perfection of food. This has been executed by tainting perfect looking imagery. However, the manner of design is literal, forcing us to take a step in a different direction, showing that these imperfections are very literally, superficial.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:25 PM

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13-Feb-14 3:09:28 PM

PRINT ADVERTS We realized a series of 3 print advertisments to firstly spread awareness of this problem that is very seldom brought up. This print advertisments would normally be located at bus stops, taking advantage of the glass cover to portray the aspect of perception.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:30 PM

Perfection is just a perspective away.

Let’s stop cosmetic filtering. For more information on cosmetic filtering, visit us at WRAPPED

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13-Feb-14 3:09:32 PM

Perfection is just a perspective away.

Let’s stop cosmetic filtering. For more information on cosmetic filtering, visit us at W RA P P E D

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13-Feb-14 3:09:35 PM

Perfection is just a perspective away.

Let’s stop cosmetic filtering. For more information on cosmetic filtering, visit us at WRAPPED

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13-Feb-14 3:09:39 PM

AMBIENT PIECE We really wanted to capture the attention of the audience, thus we created an ambient piece that plays with the matters of perspective, placed in high human traffic areas to increase the awareness of this issue.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:42 PM

ambient piece (left side)

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13-Feb-14 3:09:45 PM

BRAND IDENTITY Our campaign logo represents our perception in a form of a box, in which we block ourselves from seeing anything inside. Which encapculates what cosmetic filtering is. However, the box is not closed, representing that we can actually break free from this perception. Do look out for this brand identity for more information and mercandises on cosmetic filtering.

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13-Feb-14 3:09:45 PM

Cosmetic Filtering  

A publication explaining, the concept of cosmetic filtering; a type of food wastage. As well as explaining the concept behind a campaign.

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