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The Legend logo is an embodiement of the history, honesty and solidarity. Having poured over countless The Mastodon was a hearty styles and long forgotten creature from the ice age. It’s from abomniations, the Legend brand this creature we’ve learned much emerged from the fog with a sense about the ice age during a time of prestiege and class that speaks to before recorded history. Borrowing a timeless fashion while from this noble creature, it’s tusk is maintaining a sense honest and a symbol of defense, durability and unwavering loyalty. The Goudy utility. Featured in an abstracted family of typefaces is a perfect form as a fossil, the tusk lends it’s match for conveying a sense of story of a time long forgotten to the style in line with Legend brand. Legend’s brand visual language.

B/W Logo Treatment

Classic Logo Treatment

Dark Logo Treatment

Standard Logo Treatment

Secondary Logo Treatment





Typography & Color



Legend - Logo and Goudy Oldstyle headline typeface Std Bold

Borpossum eum nimi, testo etur mossi doluptibusa

Legend - Subhead and callout typeface

Goudy Text MT Std Regular

Orum qui volorum idelit aut venit quiaest, ipsamet quosani quidunt isquis quam ideriat

Legend - Clean Subheading and and secondary callouts

Goudy Modern MT Std Italic

Legend - Body copy style

Goudy Modern MT Std Regular

voloreria quibuscia esequos dolum dolupta voloreh enducipid ma quatur re, sanditate rero ilit earuntur solorro voloratum iurenda desento Caecaborae pro voloritia etureptas doluptur? Ita eum landeli gendant aut is untibusa num aut quame

Legend - Italic Body style for captions

Goudy Modern MT Std Italic

and secondary body copy

Que namenimus ad etur, conet rem iusantem laboratet qui volore comnihiciet abo. Itae nihilitiis essimIque mo es quasimilis dundunt voloruptibus rerion pel moles cum



Like a finely tuned time piece, the Legend brand has many parts that must move in synchronicity. You’re likely reading this guide to get a sense for those things in our brand that we have standardized and require when one does feature or handle some piece of communication for Legend. In this spread you will find a detailed explanation of what to do, when to do it, and where you can make changes. There are many ways we can use

Use the golden section to define margin spaces around the logo. Divide the length of the logo type by 1.618 to find the left and right margin space. Do the same to find the top and bottom margins, dividing the cap height by 1.618. The bottom margin is equal to the cap height. Values can round to the nearest hundreth of an inch.

color in the world of logo design and brand standards. Color conveys so many feelings that it’s hard to choose only just a handful to use throughout our entire brand. Our swatches carry an earthly tone, with a strong sense of history. Aside from the two darks (Oily and Clay) all of our colors pair nicely together, allowing for soft and hard contrasts as well as a neutral or saturated feel. Like history, we have to make sure that no one is out there just making things up as they please. You wouldn’t write something untrue in a history book, and using our logo and colors has much the same issue.

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Legend The Swatches Our brand conveys a sense of antiquity and lore. We chose these color pairings because it conveyed the sense of humanity and earthly durability, while allowing for a clean contrast without having to tweak any one color.


cmyk: 60/60/60/60 rgb: 61/53/51 web: 51/51/51 Pantone: Black 7C


cmyk: 59/46/47/13 rgb: 109/116/117 web: 102/102/102 Pantone: 424 C


cmyk: 34/27/36/15 rgb: 243/226/189 web: 153/153/153 Pantone: 415 C


cmyk: 4/9/28/0 rgb: 61/53/51 web: 51/51/51 Pantone: 7506 C


cmyk: 48/67/73/51 rgb: 85/58/46 web: 102/51/51 Pantone: 476 C


Collateral & Display









The Watches







Legend Time Pieces  

Fictional brand created for Communication Systems, a college course in the graphic design curriculum.

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