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All pictures taken on either 35mm Canon AE-1 and disposable film cameras from drugstores, on a trip to Tucson, Arizona in December 2017 for the memorial of my mom’s brother in-law. I asked my parents to take me to the places they had resided over the course of the years they both lived in Tucson intermittently from childhood through adulthood, before they eventually met each other, and later moved to San Diego together before they were married. Along with the company of my maternal grandma, Celine, I took recordings of the conversations as we drove across town, remembering people, businesses, and streets that were once a part of daily life for my family. The transcriptions, since taken while in motion coincide with recognition and direction as we drove and came across once familiar corners and landmarks. This is also the city my parents lived in at my current age of twenty-three, with widely different experiences, like owning a house or processing a divorce, while still sharing transitions that feel parallel to my own. As of 2018, besides two cousins, and my immediate parents, my entire family resides in Tucson.

Recordings consist of: (c) - Celine, maternal grandmother (e) - Elaine, mother (s) - Stewart, father Places of residence are labeled with their street name & which family members resided there.


schmidt family


Elaine: Oh my god this street hasn’t been updated since then. This is magic lane, we always went on the other street, more than we did Magic, but still. Celine: My own neighborhood and I don’t know where to turn left! E: It was pretty much left right on Cassim, it’s a little further down. C: Yeah on calabar e: Goes around this corner… where that car just turned. Where that truck is coming out, thats it. My friend used to live on this corner. That was Jennifer’s. c: 1850? e: This is where Jennifer lived - we sat on that wall. I spent so much time there. Then we lived at 1850, didn’t we? Yep there we go. c: Go slow so I can see e: I know, there’s my room Momma c: And theres the tree, oh my gosh e: Look at that tree, there were never any big trees c: He’s getting out of his truck, should we ask him if we can see the house? e: Oh I don’t know c: Oh what happened to the front wall, it looks like theres some blocks on it e: Maybe it was always designed like that? c: No, no… e: There’s a pool back there too, we had a pool. that block wall wasn’t there was it? c: No… look at all the cars in there! e: Yeah they made it a garage c: Wow e: Lee and Loris house was right at the end of the street too. I can’t believe I only knew Lee and Lori for such a short period of time and were still friends c: It was the time of life, it was your teen age, your teen years e: I was fourteen years old for gods sake. Let me help you momma. I remember Steve coming home an hearing his bug come in buh buh buh buh buh c: And chugging up the street! That thing was hardly running e: You could hear him pull into the driveway. My little green maverick was parked right here. My room was on the corner over there, and then Steve was in this room, and when we first moved in, Dianne was in that room and I was in this one. How long did we live here mom? I moved out c: About 6 years? This tree wasn’t here. e: We have so many memories in that pool back there c: Oh yeah e: We had a long patio in the back, dad used to sit out there all the time. It’s fun to have my mom with me too so we can have memories about it. The Harding’s had a dog named Grover c: He always slobbered all over e: Always! I hated babysitting because the dog would slobber all over. They were tennis players, they would go play and I would babysit for them. Christine Harding. She was only like ten or eleven, it’s weird to think that girl would be like, 50 c: Okay, right here. Yeah yeah! But it looked much better when we lived here e: I was a little jealous at that time of your relationship to her, because you were so close to her and really liked her. c: *Scoffs* Both laugh. e: I’m just saying, I remember that c: Well the neighborhood’s gone down a bit

e: I met Lee and Lori when I was 14, I moved back here as a freshman, in October. c: Are you still in touch with Jennifer? e: Oh yeah, she just had her first grandchild! c: Oh jeez. Oh boy e: I remember a picture where were all walking with our arms together wearing our Bob’s big bell bottoms, Bargain Barn! We had the blue ones and all the different colors with low riders, we would sing “here we come, walking down the street, get the funniest looks from, everyone we meet!” Oh god. c: I’ll have to look at my album too and see e: Oh and then kristy! c: Oh yeah I’ve got a picture of you guys walking down the street together e: Oh that would be so fun to see. I think I remember seeing one too. Bye, Jen’s house! She had a pool back there too. And Lougenville, he lived down over here. I went to school with him, and his dad, was riding his bike to work and got hit by someones RV that had a big tire in the back of it, and it hit him in the head, and killed him. he was in his forties. and I’m friends on facebook with Lougenville. c: Oh yeah? e: Yeah. And the Depascals lived there! He did my drivers ed. Super amazing guy. He looked like he was 80 by the time he was forty c: He was a coach where I worked e: My friend Kristy Anderson was a year behind me, and then her dad died and he was a pilot, and he died because he got into a car crash. That was so big c: Theres a tree that was cut off too e: Oh my god that was where Shipman, John Shipman lived. Where Tom, my first boyfriend, and Marty lived back there too. Oh this is bringing back memories, I’m sorry! c: That’s fine, Lainie! e: Jen dated Marty for a little bit. John Shipman lived down there, that’s where Tom moved out here from Albequerque at 18. So much older than me, I was 15. He had a van c: Is he the one with a van? e: Yeah! You never even said you were worried about me going out with a guy with a van. I was like, “I guess she’s okay with this!” c: I was worried, I stayed awake at night until you got home e: Yeah but I didn’t know you were worried about me going out in a van, we never talked about it c: Well he had a van e: You saw where Lee and Lorie’s house was, and you saw where my house was. I would tell my mom I was going to theirs’, and she would say “Just go there, don’t go anywhere else” and I would be in the driveway there, and think my mom could see me when everyone said “we’re just going for a drive around the block in Marty’s car” and I would go “Okay, I told my mom I’d stay here and she can see me, so I’m staying here!” I was really wrapped up into making sure my mom wasn’t upset with me. e: God, it’s like a washboard road, they never repaved c: No I guess it takes money, there’s no homeowners association. c: Lee Marvin lived over here too. He was an actor. He was at the supermarket right in front of me once, buying groceries. He had beer in there. e: I moved out of this house when I was 19 and I moved to a studio apartment, and Doug and I moved into The Hollows apartments together, and then we lived at The Hollows for a very short period of time, and then we got our house on Victoria, and then from Victoria I moved out of that and went back to my mom and dads’ place for a little bit, until I found my apartment at Bellevue Garden Apartments, and I got a junior one bedroom where I met Gail. Then we moved into Steve Hurley’s house, at 6020 Lee street.

PLANETA schmidt family


elaine: I used to work at the bank over here stewart: Is it called Home Federal anymore? e: No, but it’ll be interesting to see the corner celine: I notice all the houses are brick, and one story of course e: Wasn’t the rusty scuttler around here? s: Could be, I don’t remember e: And El Dorado hospital, where Gail worked was right here s: I’m sure it is e: We used to call it dildo-rado. It just came to my brain. Now that one is St. Josephs c: Is it? e: That’s where you gave birth! Okay so Broadway and Wilmot, this corner on the right was a bank, and now its a tree lot, no now its a Chase! It’s the same freaking building they just changed it s: Of course they’re not going to change it e: They just changed the building! I mean its really just the same structure they just remodeled it s: They always remodel or update or something e: I worked on that corner for so many years c: Broadway and Wilmot… s: Is the movie theater up here on the right? Where we went to superman, no this is Park mall over here. No not right there, it’s further up c: How do you get into Planeta? Ws: I think this Hampton Inn is where the movie theater used to be, I’m almost positive e: There was a movie theater there s: The weird part is, I’ve stayed at this Hampton Inn when I used to come here c: Here we’re getting into those houses e: Lots of old brick houses in here s: Red brick was very dominant c: Not even the adobe it was just the brick e: Now they have these assisted living buildings c: Oh wow e: It’s the new wave, assisted living is big now c: Yeah, huh e: All these people that probably can’t afford it. In 3 miles it’s the light s: Used to be a big bar in there called Cowboys e: Oh gosh, yeah. See my other house is right near here s: Jim Click was an Oklahoman, he was always on tv going “hey, come down and I’ll sell you a car” e: Thank god for phones to tell you where to go s: Yeah really s: Didn’t have that e: “Get the thomas brothers guide!” s: Nobody has grass here either, in the 70s or 80s they had the big water crunch in Tucson, because everything was well watered here before. Grass is unusual c: We didn’t have grass, it was all gravel e: This is where we turn here s: This is Palos Verde e: This is Avenida Planeta right here, Mom c: Yep! And they just opened that school Palos Verde, when we got here e: There’s more than one Planeta so I need the actual address e: I can text Dianne and ask her the address c: Yeah there’s three e: Which one is it? c: Oh I think it was the third one

c: Because this would have been… e: This is the Klein house c: Yeah thats where the Klien’s were e: Oh my god this is the one, its the one with the white shed. Right mom, this one? c: Uh huh e: Yeah its this one! 1741 c: Right e: That’s it. Ohhh wow. I remember it! Oh my god c: Look at those trees e: We had a little cat that we had water out there for. See that window on the far right? That was the master bedroom window, and then Beverly lived there and we had this little thing where we would go “hey! you turn on your light and look out the window at such and such time!” We would look out the window and see each other c: They’ve got something on that window, like a sheet of plastic. e: There was a cactus over here and one of us got into that cactus. But yeah, I remember that house c: Who was the lady who was right here… e: That’s where I used to write to you, Mom, saying you’re the best king and queen I could ever have. Took a lot of pictures in front of that house. We used to make tracks in the gravel c: Oh my gosh d: Yeah there are a lot of Planetas. It’s kind of funny how they did that c: And all tile floors, like old kitchen tile, so we had to have it carpeted, and it was a huge living room with wooden ceilings e: Beverly’s backyard was right back there c: They had a peach tree I think! e: The Sobrowskys used to live one street away c: Yeah, but the next one over e: I just don’t remember their house very well c: Oh I do e: Do you want to go by? c: No we don’t need to e: Not many chances to come over this way c: No I probably won’t again e: Me either c: But this is really fun, this is really something e: It looks different 40 years later. I mean really that was 50 years ago because I was one, and then I’m almost 60. c: So these houses are really old. Hey they’re having a yard sale! e: My other house is like 8 minutes away. c: Back there was a house where the front yard was all knotty old grass, and the next house had beautiful green grass. I guess it was a response e: Everytime I see Cole road, I hear that commercial “coooooold road” with the guy acting all cold s: Yep, that was a commercial c: And the greens lived up there. I’ll have to tell her I was on her road. I don’t remember which house they would have been in. Oh yeah wait what church is that e: Mother of Sorrows! c: Oh yeah, this is where I went to church e: That was our church, our catholic church. I went in second grade, I went there. I was like “get me out of here,” and I went back to public school s: Did you get whacked by the nuns? e: Uh huh c: Stevey went there too. I have a picture of him. He made his communion. So he must have been in maybe first grade s: Did you used to eat at Joe’s Pancake House?


schmidt family c: This is where I had the plant in the back and you used to eat the leaves e: Oh Dianne was telling me I used to eat that pepper plant! c: Oh gosh e: Okay this is the one, 4814 c: Yes 4814. that was’t there d: The weird thing is that I knew a guy who lived on Helen right around here e: Theres 18, theres 13, so its gotta be right over here c: It had orange trees in the front e: It’s this one over here momma, on the right c: Oh my gosh. The two bedrooms in the front, and the one in the back d: Is that your old sailboat over there? c: Oh yeah, suuuure.

WHITTIER bryan family

WHITTIER stewart: The racquetball courts are still over there, I see them. Take a left, it says Whittier. These apartments have been here forever. There used to be a hotel down there, remember? elaine: I don’t, I never came here s: I forgot the name of the hotel, it was a really nice hotel. Oh look at this, these places are all being gutted and re-done. They were developed in the 60s e: Keep going straight? s: Yup e: How long did you live here? s: Junior high and high school. 7 years e: And then when you went to college, that’s when your parents went to Calle Lampara? Because this house was too big, everyone was moving out s: I told them, your pool man, your landscaper, your repair man, your butler, your valet, your chauffeur - he be moving. I recognize these, we had these giant eucalyptus trees, which when it snowed once, they fell on the street. This guy used to have grass here, this house has really changed on the right, they added the parking! Oh wow, my god. The parking garage - the other one they added, I don’t know if its a parking garage or what. It was two houses added together, that room right there with the two lamps… They take the door out and move it, Elaine? Over there was my room, and there was a door going out - the gates the same - they fixed the wall. They used to have a sugar magnolia at the edge of this hedge, on the inside. Big beautiful sugar magnolia. See where that driveway was? That was a hedge just like that one, this was gravel, and then we had that type of grass thats kind of circular? And then there was a hedge in front too. All that enclosed and it was a private little yard, and then I had a door that walked right out to that. Evidently this was two different houses before we moved in. The rooms were really weird in back, so my parents knocked down two small rooms and made a huge master bedroom, and made a huge walk in closet, and then there was another room near that gate, and that’s where my sisters lived. My room was a little small. My dad would open up the sliding glass door, and then there was a pool, so he’d always go our for midnight swims. e: That’s a cute little alcove there - is that the kitchen? s: No thats my old bedroom! e: What? s: We had a back huge kitchen, with a grill. You would put charcoal in it. It was all swamp box, but if you look down the street they put air-conditioning in. They’ve added on and now its 5,000 square feet easily. That’s still the real spanish style. e: What was this on the right, just a bunch of empty space? s: Yeah, big empty yard. We used to drive our cars in there and my dad and I built a parking garage. Oh the tiles on this are messed up, a branch is falling. e: Guess what steve is out doing right now? He’s out with a real estate agent looking at places in Tucson s: Take a left on Swan, we’ll go past my old high school. And actually where mom lived for a while at The Hollows apartments e: oh yeah, The Hollows s: Lucky Wishbone still there? Yeah, right there take a left. We used to get the best deep fried food at Lucky Wishbone, everyone thought it was fine then e: I never went there s: Well you didn’t live over here, I didn’t expect you to!




stewart: This is Rincon right here, that’s the football stadium. Men’s basketball there, female basketball was over there. They had two different gyms, That’s unusual though elaine: Wasn’t The Hollows right next to it? s: Yeah, right there. Now, like a lot of schools, This was Rincon High and University High which was if you’re real smart and wanted an accelerated program, you would go to University High. That was the theater area, thats another theater area e: Sre those The Hollows? It’s called The Springs now. Wait it might be down there, oh that looks familiar s: I didn’t know you when you lived here. But I had other friends who lived over here at the same time. e: You and I partied at the clubhouse like a day or two after we met, we came over here s: And Doug lived here with his ex wife, remember he married a little blonde chick? e: You know, it’s like I was on the end of the row. I think it was this one s: These were very popular. You have no idea which one you were in? e: I was on the end, the top end s: These were the hot spots but they were just cheap crappy apartments e: It was a top upstairs, and it looks familiar looking up there. It’s like, how many years did I live here? 1979 or so, until we bought our house. That was the living room, the kitchen was in back, and our bedroom was to the left. This was 79’ with Doug for a year. When we were first married, this is where we lived. This was like a nice complex to live in, everyone liked The Hollows.



UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA stewart: This is the place I owned while I went to college. It was a house where I rented out rooms. Are they building more dorms? Look at those tower cranes. The housing here was really poor when I went to college at University of Arizona. The dorms were all forty, fifty, sixty years old when I went here. Most of them didn’t have air conditioning. Except for the two womens’ dorms across the street from my place, they were the newest by far and the only ones with air conditioning I believe at that time. There used to be a really avant grade thrift store right there. This is Speedway elaine: They used to say “cruise Speedway.” This was a big street for everyone. Where’s the Euclid Terrace Apartments? s: It’s right here, and it’s called Campus Walk now. We called it “The Zoo” e: I lived there, I mean because Lee and Lori lived there so I was there all the time s: Thats where, it’s no longer there, but it was a church that burned down e: It’s where we met s: Well it was a church e: Then it was the bar The Stray Cat. A brick building on the corner where we met. s: Was it The Stray Cat or Dooley’s when we first met? e: It was The Stray Cat s: And at the light you’ll take a left? e: Is that 6th street? It just looks so different s: Yeah it looks so different e: It wasn’t that color at all. Now it says “bear down”. One time dad came out here one time and all four of his tires were gone s: This used to be a shed, and my brother stayed in here. This is just the tile that is left, and this was a carport here. They just recently knocked down these. seannie: Your brother lived in the shed? s: Yeah e: Yep s: Remember he was a druggie. I don’t remember that concrete back there, I wonder what that was originally, and if it was there when I was. That orange tree is still there! It looks in bad shape though. e: You owned this for 6 or 7 years, right? s: Yeah 7 years. There was an old couple that lived in there before me. That place had two bathrooms e: What year did you move in there? s: 77’ e: You’d already been in here a while before I met you s: Hh gad, see these salt cedar trees? Worst tree in the world. There were a bunch of them in my backyard, Between the house and that shed. That’s Tucson High there. That school used to be a really good school, and then it became a really bad school, and it’s probably a really good school again. Even my brother had air conditioning out here e: He didn’t need much s: He was always out drinking. This was all businesses right here! There was the hoagie house and then the greek place, they have gyros over here e: I didn’t get any gyros, but there was a laundromat right there s: This used to be Mansfield Middle School. There was a practice field right here



elaine: Believe me, this street is not going to look really cute right now. This house was $40,000, a long time ago. I lived there from79’-80’, probably only about a year, until I was like “get me out of here!” We lived at the apartment in The Hollows and then we bought, Joe Green helped us find a house, this one out here. I don’t even know how we bought a house, I think Joe Green told us we needed to and we were like “we do? I guess we need to buy a house.” Seemed like a good deal at the time, it was all tile - linoleum - and then we ended up finding somebody who had brand new carpet and had extra from their house and so we said we’d take it, rented a truck, and took the big roll of carpet and had it all installed and it was so nice. Thats where, when we had the roll of carpet that the truck was stopped by the laundromat, that was near your house, Stew, and there was a stray cat there and we stuck the cat in the car and brought the cat home and that was our cat. celine: You probably bought that house thinking it was a good investment e: Yeah, lived in it for about a year stewart: This is where all the track homes were e: Yep, left on Victoria. Now I don’t know the actual address, but I know what the full layout of the front of the house looks like c: Yeah I was there to visit just once or twice because it was so far away e: I know s: Those chollas look pretty good e: Carports on the right c: Lots of trucks s: Most of the carports are on the left e: Mine’s going to be on the right. You know it had big windows in the front? Still think it’s a little further. Okay it was kind of like that one, big windows in the front and the carport… 8140 I swear to god that had to be it s: It probably is e: Oh my god oh my god! 8148! That’s it! That’s it! My Pinto was parked there, and that’s our kitchen window, and thats where you went in, and see those big windows? That’s it. 8148. Wow. I just want to see s: They’re all big windows to the right here e: Yeah, but that was it. s: Did you have a sliding glass door like that one? e: Uh huh. They’re all pretty much the same s: They’re all identical e: But the 8148 strikes me. We had these long curtains. I was 22 when I lived here. c: Just about Seannie’s age. e: That kitchen counter was lemon yellow, and I thought it was the coolest color.




schmidt family

celine: Oh my gosh what did they do to it! elaine: The garage, the closed it in. Rememeber that’s the front door, that’s the patio c: But they whitewashed the bricks! And the mailbox wasn’t enclosed. They did this afterward. Where do they park? e: On the outside c: That was a nice house e: Memories, huh? s: Look at these chollas they look horrible c: Oh yeah, I hate cholla e: Do you remember this house momma? c: They built this while we were here. That one was not there, at all. Thats new. Looks like they’re doing something, maybe they’re just putting it up e: So you bought the lot and had it built I think? c: Yeah, we did. This one we watched being built s: In Tucson, most people build their house. My parents were going to up here on Skyline in the 60s, but they didn’t because a guy saved a few hundred dollars because it was an unblockable view, and we were going over the designs and the guy came up and told us if we built on the lot he’d sue us. My parents didn’t want to go against him. Also, the kids would all go to Tucson High and they didn’t want that, although my brother went to Tucson High. Back then, it was a bad school. This school up here didn’t come for a while later c: The builder had purchased the whole cul de sac, all the property in there. And he was developing it, just a private builder, so we had pretty much control over what we wanted to do. But I didn’t like the scorpions, because it was too close to the desert in the back s: Yeah there are a lot of scorpions here that you find in homes. The best way to find them is to put that blue or black light on them c: Yeah I’ve got that a: You still got one? c: Yeah I came across it the other day! It’s in the bottom drawer s: Is it a flashlight? c: Yeah! s: Yurn off the lights at night, and turn it on and they shine like gems c: Yeah I used to do it for my bed, and I’d check the sheets to be sure there was nothing under there before I go under the sheets. s: Well scorpions like tight places, they don’t want to be in the open, they want to find cracks e: Should give that light to Dianne for her new house c: Maybe I will


stewart: You know the friend who lives up in Denver now? elaine: Michelle? yeah Michelle used to live over there. That was Smuggler’s Inn or something wasn’t it? s: Yeah it was, they knocked it down for senior living e: This is going to be the apartment I moved into after my divorce. When I was 22. My little junior one bedroom. These were brand new. s: Depends on how well they were made if they’re still in good shape. Were’nt very big were they? e: Now they’re called Le Sabre? No wait, is that them? Should be at the end of the street down here. Nah, I think it’s a little further down s: You sure because it only goes right, there’s nothing down there e: No, god, that wasn’t them. See, these are them. Bellevue Garden Apartments s: Oh ok. No you go right here e: No, I’m turning into my apartment s: I didn’t know you then e: Oh my god. I’m sorry this is bringing back so many memories. It’s just funny. When I was 22, girl. I was so proud of my little apartment. 1979 baby - 80. Right next door right here is where I moved in with Gail. My 710 was always parked here with my 8 track listening to The Carrs. We decided to get the two bedroom after I had moved into this one. That was my window. Not a whole lot of character outside it, huh? Inside was cute.


stewart: Where did you meet Hurls, at a bar or something? elaine: So the guy that I worked with, Frank, had a friend named Steve Hurley who we became friends with, and he kind of liked Gail. Then Hurley said, “hey you know I’m hardly in my house, I’m going to be doing some work out of the state, so why don’t you and Gail just move into my place?” And then he moved back, and said we could stay and he would just make a room out of the other living room. So it was just weird. s: Yeah we’ll drive by e: So you knew me when I lived here. Oh god. He had all these dreams of all these things he was going to do with this house, the room on the right over there was where Gail’s room was, where the window is cracked open. I used to park my car right there, and that was the living room. Oh my god it is such a dive now. s: It was a dump back then e: And he never did anything with it. I lived there for a couple years. When somebody tried to break in, I got a dog and the dog brought ticks to the house, so I got rid of the dog. We had a bear claw tub in the backyard, and we filled it up with water and that was our pool. Gail was in it with her hair pulled back and sunglasses and she tried to come in the house and the dog saw her and tried to attack her, and we’re like “No it’s Gailsburger, don’t attack!” s: It says beware of dog e: Yeah I’m done with that house. We had some memories there


alice & len bryan

TANQUE VERDE alice & len bryan


elaine: Left here, left here, yes stewart: Was it to the right? e: That’s it, that’s it right there s: That’s it, yup e: I did it! And then you walk right through there to get to the pool s: You know what, I remember it being a lot bigger e: There was a courtyard around the front here s: And then my parents bedroom was on this side e: There was the room right there where you had your Christmas’ s: These are very private houses - look at the size of that wall seannie: I always got lost in that house, and couldn’t remember where the bathroom with pink wallpaper was s: And it always seemed like the pool was farther, it’s like we drove up to the pool or something. e: There’s a whole other clubhouse, I think. Caroline had her little wing ding here and we parked in the front, you might remember that s: Even if you don’t get the rain, Seannie, you get the clouds today. You get the wind from it even if theres no rain at all e: I loved this little pathway s: Yeah, I liked this place a lot e: I mean the whole thing was, after Alice died, he didn’t want to live here by himself and Peg didn’t want to be here s: No woman will live in another womans house, Elaine. It’s just woman code e: Some will, not many s: Yeah, I liked this house a lot

For the eighteen years spent at East Pointe Ave & the others at University Garden Court Chapman Grand Quincy Wooster

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East of East Pointe  
East of East Pointe