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INTRODUCTION Hello, welcome to my final project for Visual Communication, better known as Teen Succeed. For this project we were supposed to take pictures of a teenager doing something positive for themselves or the community. For my project I took pictures of Markkie Fleming working at Fretzels, a pretzel and frozen yogurt shop in town. I took pictures of Markkie because she was a good example because she was doing both a positive for herself and a positive for the community. She's doing a positive for herself because she is working and trying to make money for the future. She is doing a positive for the community by donating her time to work at Fretzels and help out custumers.

CLEANING THE YO G U RT M A C H I N E In this photo of Markkie, she it cleaning the frozen yogurt machine. She is cleaning where the yogurt goes if it misses your cup.

CLEANING THE KID Z O N E ( C H A L K B OA R D) In this picture Markkie is cleaning the kid zone better know as a chalk board. As you can see in this picture the chalk board was dirty and it needed to be cleaned.

CLEANING THE TA B L E In this photo, Markkie is cleaning the table after customers just ate and left.

CLEANING THE D O U G H T R AY In this picture, Markkie is cleaning a tray. The tray holds dough for making pretzels and other things.

CLEANING THE TO P P I N G S TA B L E In this photo Markkie is cleaning the toppings table after a customer just got toppings.

R E - S TA C K I N G T H E CUPS In this picture, markkie is restacking the cups for other customers, who want to get frozen yogurt.

MAKING A P R OT E I N S H A K E In this picture, Markkie is making a protein shake for the customer. She is getting out all the ingredients for the shake but couldn’t find one.

BAKING A PRETZEL In this picture, Markkie is making a pretzel. She just put the dough together, and is now putting it in the oven.

DOING THE CASH REGISTER FOR C U S TO M E R In this picture, markkie is doing the cash register for a customer who wants to buy there frozen yogurt.

M A K I N G N OT E A B O U T H E R D AY In this picture, Markkie is making note about her day and what she had helped out with and what she still needs to due (like clean the machine, etc).

SUMMARY From doing this project I learned that teens donate there time because they want to help others and help themselves out. For example, when teens work and help other they get paid so they are benefiting both the community and themselves. My topic fit the project because Markkie was doing a positive for not only her, but for the community too. It benefits the community because Markkie is working at Fretzels and her working there, she is assisting and helping others from the community get what they need or help show them what to do or how everything works.

Teen succeed by Sean Magarian  
Teen succeed by Sean Magarian  

My final project for viscomm