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Title: The importance of voc testing

Written by: Mold Busters  655 Richmond Rd., Suite#29,   Ottawa, Ontario, K2A3Y3  Website:  Proper air quality is important to securing a healthy living. Many times air quality is an afterthought, where people assume that their air quality is good. Unfortunately this sometimes may not be the case and your air quality can be polluted with invisible and odorless toxins. It is important to know the causes of different air pollutants and where these toxins stem from. One of the main contributing factors to poor air circulation is volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are invisible and odorless toxins that linger in your indoor environment and pose serious health risks to individuals who are exposed to them for prolonged periods of time. VOCs are organic chemicals that have high vapour pressures at room temperature and are both naturally occurring and human made, emitting toxins into the air.VOCs are mostly clear and odorless gases that are emitted by a variety of different objects within your indoor space. VOC exposure is three times higher during winter than in summer because there is less outdoor and indoor air mixture happening, and windows and doors are kept firmly shut. One example of VOCs is formaldehyde gas. Formaldehyde gas emits harmful vapours into the air. Unlike other VOCs, formaldehyde can omit a strong and noticeable smell that can linger for extended periods of time. Formaldehyde is a common chemical used is many building materials. It can be found in glues, particleboards, paints, and plywood. Other items that are known to release VOCs are furnishings and coverings, as well as office equipment like photo copy machines. Exposure to VOCs is greater indoors because of the amount of time people spend inside their homes and place of work and the lack of air movement. There are many health risks associated with prolonged exposure to VOCs in the air you breathe. Inhalation over a long-term period has been linked to nausea, skin rashes, dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration, eye, throat, and nose irritation. High concentrations of VOCs in your indoor environment may even cause serious health complications like kidney and liver damage, and problems with your central nervous system. These toxins can be extremely dangerous to your health and that’s why they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you feel your indoor space may be at risk, voc testing experts should immediately be called in to analyze your environment and expose any potential threats. For VOC testing Ottawa and other locations, professional assistance is always recommended. Pre-emptive testing can be conducted to ensure your indoor environment is safe from any hazardous materials polluting your air. If health symptoms arise and you aren’t sure what the cause is- remember volatile organic compounds and the effect that they have on human health. Booking testing is easy and fast and results from the test produce accurate results that can pinpoint the exact material that is emitting dangerous pollutants inside your indoor environment. Your air quality should never be comprised and you should always ensure that the air quality you breathe in is safe and toxin free and at an optimal air quality standard.

Summary: Why air quality is important. What Voc is and the causes for voc indoors. Health risks associated with voc. Receiving professional help for voc and the importance of it.

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The importance of voc testing  

Why air quality is important. What Voc is and the causes for voc indoors. Health risks associated with voc. Receiving professional help for...