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INNOVATIVE FLANGE CLAMP SIMPLIFIES INSTALL The engineered solutions group recently delivered a first

make up the clamp bodies. To provide this compressive load

of a kind ROV installable flange clamp. The ROV installable

the clamp uses a taper on taper interface which translates

clamp is designed to attach flange connections without

the tensile load of a single drive screw to a compressive load

using the traditional stud and bolt. The innovative part of the

into the flange interfaces.

design is based around the feature that allows an ROV to open the clamp subsea. This allows the user the ability to place it around existing pipelines or umbilical’s without first terminating the line. The clamp can then be placed over the flange connection and be used to fasten the two flanges together. This clamp was specifically designed to re-connect a 16” 600lb ANSI flange; however the clamp can be scaled to fit just about any flange connection. The clamp takes the place of the studs and bolts; therefore, its provides the same structural integrity that the bolts provide through the use of compressive loads as well as the material properties that


When installing the clamp an ROV installable Taper Ring must be installed on the bottom of one of the flange faces first. The Taper Ring is installed using a custom hydraulic tool to lift the Taper Ring into place on the bottom side of the flange. The Taper Ring houses magnets which allows for a magnetic attachment to the flange rather than a traditional fastening method.

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Digital Catalog – Fall 2017  

Digital Catalog – Fall 2017