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investor & public rel ations

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The 2011

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible

Creating a Speaker’s Bureau 101 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS.....3 CREATE A SPEAKERS PROFILE....................................4 SUGGESTED SPEAKING TOPICS................................5 SUMMARY OF COMPANY........................................6 PHONE PITCHES......................................................6 CONFIRMATION.....................................................6 NOTES..................................................................7 CONTACTS......................................................9 - 15 INDEX.................................................................16

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible

TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS Securing a successful speaking engagement is all about preparation. The following are simple tips that you should understand prior to speaking

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Allow a minimum of two months notice to ensure availability. P rior to the event, re-confirm with the details of the speaking engagement, including handout information and overnight accommodations, if necessary.

Ask attendees to evaluate the speaker. Provide general feedback on the speaker’s presentation by completing an evaluation form within 10 days of the program. Speak clearly and simply.

Use language appropriate for the audience you’re speaking to. For a younger audience, refrain from using difficult terminology.

Speak simply and clearly. If you must use complicated language be sure to keep it to a minimum and explain any words that a layperson might not understand.

Avoid disagreements with the audience for the same reasons. If an audience member makes a comment that is bad-mannered, use that as an opening to teach and share information rather than create a personal challenge.

C reate a picture. Use analogies, stories, and humor frequently to connect with the audience and brings your message to life.

Pay attention to the audience‘s reaction. If you see people that seem bored, do something that will grab their attention and regain focus on you. Examples on how to regain this focus is by changing topics or opening the floor to questions.



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CREATE A SPEAKERS PROFILE: This document should include a short biography of the speaker that includes his/her experiences, awards, and other achievements that gives them credibility to speak on the topic that you are trying to portray. Also include a professional profile picture as well as your company logo.

Example 1

Speaker Profile Ericka Nicole Malone Fierce yet compassionate. Confident yet vulnerable. Meet speaker Ericka Nicole Malone, quadruple threat urban theatre playwright, director, producer and actor. Her work and personality have drawn attention locally and nationally as she has been featured on Cincinnati ABC, Cincinnati NPR, Heartbeat Radio for Women and Today’s Woman. One of Cincy Magazine’s “Most Interesting People of 2011”, she is a marketing professional by day and a nationally touring playwright in her spare time. Her career began when she was 17 and her road to success has taught her to fight for what she wants and to refuse to take “no” for an answer. She is eager to meet with your organization to share her expertise on entrepreneurship, theatre and transforming dreams into reality. Suggested Speaking Topics 1. Busting Through the Glass Ceiling (And Demanding R-E-S-P-E-C-T Along the Way) The path to success is sure to have its challenges. Being a black female playwright has meant that Ericka Nicole Malone has had to work that much harder. Hear her inspirational story of how she has overcome obstacles by shattering stereotypes in order to obtain her goals. 2. Making Mini Shakespeares: Malone Helps Shape Tomorrow’s Talent Malone promises not to be too hard on these young actors, directors and writers as she shows them the basics of theatre and how to express themselves creatively. 3. Going Out on a Limb Isn’t Just for Monkeys Taking the plunge into owning your own business can be exciting and…daunting. Malone began her solo efforts in college, selling tickets to her plays to help cover the cost of tuition. If you learn by doing, then ten stage plays later Malone is a start-up expert. She can share what she’s learned along the way and how an innovative mind is an asset to any organization. 4. Work it! Ericka Explains How to Market Yourself You can’t sell a product without knowing how it stands out from the competition. Similarly, knowing what makes you you will help you in every facet of life. Malone can speak on how she’s developed her own professional fingerprint and how it has helped set her apart. About Ericka Nicole Malone You’ve seen Tyler Perry’s hilarious work and David Talbert’s gripping plays, but the buzz of an emergence of a female voice is beginning to be heard around the country. Ericka Nicole Malone has written, directed and produced more than nine stage plays including “I Feel Like Praising Him” and “You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down.” Her latest project and tenth stage play, “In Love With Tyrone”, is making a seven city tour in fall of 2011. For additional information, visit “In Love with Tyrone” Cast Offerings 1. VIP Sneak Peak: Selected Scenes from “In Love with Tyrone” What happens when the right woman falls in love with the wrong man? See for yourself with selected scenes from this gospel stage play that journeys from pain and betrayal to redemption and renewal. 2. Just What the Doctor Ordered: Comedian De’Andre Ivory If laughing is the best medicine, then comedian De’Andre Ivory has the cure. This family-friendly comedian delivers side-splitting humor with his “tell it like it is” attitude and dynamic personality. 3. Charged with Stealing Hearts: Vocalist Brian L. Roberts Jealous husbands may want to keep their wives away from Brian L. Roberts whose dreamy vocals will have listeners falling in love. With a voice smoother than butter and notes sweeter than honey, Brian is available to serenade – oops! sing to any and all audiences.

To book Ericka Nicole Malone or the cast of “In Love with Tyrone” call 859.291.4302 or email

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible

SUGGESTED SPEAKING TOPICS: Include all possible topics the speaker can speak about. Giving the organization you wish to speak to options will give you more of a chance in securing the gig. Each topic you present should also include a short summary explaining what the audience should expect and learn from your speck. Including the amount of time each speech typically last can also be helpful to the organizations that need a speaker for planning purposes. Listing quotes by other’s that have heard the speaker’s presentation in the past will also be helpful for reference.

Example 2

1. Understanding the “Rube Goldberg Effect” When Making Sound Investments & Financial Decisions

Many might not make the connection between a famous cartoonist and financial investing, but Ben Stacy has seen the “Rube Goldberg Effect” all too often in the financial industry. Stacy can speak on the importance of keeping it simple, streamlined and efficient when it comes to making sound investments. By working with a coordinated team and creating an alignment of strategies, high net worth individuals can create additional opportunities. 2. Planning for the Future at Every Life Stage Investments and financial planning are often lumped together with words like retirement, senior and old age. Stacy and his team of financial advisors can address how to financially plan ahead for every stage of your life, not just the ‘golden years’. This speaking engagement would offer important life milestones and options to save a little even in the tightest of times. 3. Financial Planning & Golf: How On the Course Ideas and Concepts Relate Off the Course Stay on the course, waiting your turn on the 4th hole and be punctual for tee times are standard protocol for the game of golf. Stacy, an avid golfer, can translate the rules of the game on the course to winning tips and strategies when it comes to financial planning. This speaking engagement would break down the rules of golf in relation to playing the game of life and investing for your future.



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SUMMARY OF COMPANY If your speaker is speaking on behalf of the company they work for be sure to include a brief description and history of the company that also directs one to the company website. This will give the organization an opportunity to learn about your company’s history and see if it is a fit for what they are looking for. Within this summary, be sure to include the contact information of a representative of your company that the organization can contact if any other information is needed.

PHONE PITCHES Your phone pitch will be helpful when you are making those endless calls to organizations to try and secure a speaking engagement. Write yourself an opening line and prepared questions so the call goes smoothly. Also having your calendar out will be handy when trying to schedule. Even though you may be dreading these calls they have to be done. Just remember this is not a “typical” cold call. The organizations you are calling have programs that speakers are needed. They WANT you to call.

CONFIRMATION Once you have secured an opportunity, follow up with the organization with a confirmation letter. Having it on paper will create more security. The last thing you want is your hard work of calling and securing a gig to be a forgotten conversation.

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible




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Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible AFRICAN AMERICAN CHAMBER 2945 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 P: (513) 751-9900 F: (513) 751-9100 www. Leslie Young, Program Manager

AD CLUB CINCINNATI 602 Main Street, Suite 806 Cincinnati, OH 45202 P: (513) 984-9990 F: (513) 621-0213 Judy Thompson, Executive Director

AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 53657 Cincinnati, OH 45253 P: (513) 784-2373 F: (513) 741-8778 Pete Healy, Cincinnati AMA Chapter President

ANDERSON AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 7850 Five Mile Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 P: (513) 474-4802 F: (513) 474-4857 Eric Miller, Executive Director


BLUE ASH BUSINESS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 49277 9857 Montgomery Road Blue Ash, OH, 45242 P: (513) 253-1006 Larry Bresko, Vice President of Activities CAMP WASHINGTON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 2951 Sidney Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45225 P: (513)542-1637 F: (513)542-1637 Joe Gorman , Membership Director

CINCINNATI REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 441 Vine Street Suite 300 Carew Tower Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 P: (513) 579-3100 F: (513) 579-3101 Ellen van der Horst, President P: (513) 579-3175 Mary Stagaman, Executive Director of Agenda360 P: (513) 579-3129

CINCINNATI ROTARY-CLUB 17 441 Vine Street, Suite 2112 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Diane Brasie , Executive Director

PAGE 10 CINCYTECH 30 West 3rd Street, 6th Floor Cincinnati, OH 45202-3559 P: (513) 263-2720 F: (513) 381-5093 Toya Gatewood P: (513) 263-2731

THE CIRCUIT 4555 Lake Forest Drive #650 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 P: (513) 563-3524 F: (888)718-0725 Jim Cunningham , President Connie Wiedemann, Program Director

CLERMONT COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 4355 Ferguson Drive, Suite 150 Cincinnati, Ohio 45245 P: (513) 576-5000 F: (513) 576-5001 Julie Graybill, Director of Communications & Development

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP BUSINESS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 53752 Cincinnati, Ohio 45253 Phone: 513-332-6912

The Eisen Agency COVINGTON ROTARY CLUB 441 Vine St. Suite 2112 Cincinnati Ohio 45202

CORNERSTONE 2101 Florence Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 P: (513)241-7675 F: (513)333-4435 Chris Crapsey , Education/Programs Co- Chair

COVINGTON BUSINESS COUNCIL 501 Madison Ave, Suite #1 Covington, KY 41011 P: (859) 431-1500 F: 859-431-5134 Pat Frew, Executive Director

DAYTON AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 1 Chamber Plaza Dayton, OH 45402-240 P: (937) 226-1444 F: (937) 226-8254 Toni Bankston, Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible EASTERN CINCINNATI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P. O. Box 44216 Cincinnati, Ohio 45244 P: (513) 271-7246 Dr. Mike Monahan, President

EUROPEAN-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 201 East 5th Street 2200 PNC Center Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 P: (513) 852-6510 F: (513)-852-6511 Anne Cappel, Executive Director Natalie Bieser, Project Manager

EVENDALE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 62839 Evendale, Ohio 45262 P: 513.252.9646 Vicki Foster, President P: (513) 563-6663

FAIRFIELD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 670 Wessel Drive Fairfield, Ohio 45014 P: (513) 881-5500 Sherry Schuster , Membership Coordinator


GOSHEN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 423 232 South Main Street Goshen, IN 46526-3723 P: (574) 533-2102 David Daugherty, President

GREATER CINCINNATI VENTURE ASSOCIATION (GCVA) 1776 Mentor Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45212 P: 513.202.3151 Rob Heimann, Chair of the Presenter Committee 513-621-9700 For event registration contact: 513-292-7294

HISPANIC CHAMBER CINCINNATI 2637 Erie Ave., Suite 206 Cincinnati, OH 45208 P: (513) 979-6999 F: (513) 979-6996 Alfonso Cornejo, President Andres Sanchez, Board of Directors Membership

PAGE 12 HYDE PARK BUSINESS ASSOCIATION 2726 Erie Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208 P: (513) 533-9592 Jenalyn Schneider, Business Owner

HYPE- HARNESSING YOUNG Professional Energy 441 Vine Street, Suite 300 Cincinnati Ohio 45202 P: 513-852-3497


INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATORS P.O. Box 43554 Cincinnati OH 45243 P: 513-477-7275 Lynn Groh, VP Professional Development Business Engagement Committee Tonya Austin

The Eisen Agency LOVELAND AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 123 S. Second Street Loveland, OH 45140 P: (513) 683-1544 F: (513)683-5449 Jodi K. Inabnitt, President & CEO

MADEIRA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Stephen Shaw of Stephen K Shaw & Associates, LLC 7843 Laurel Avenue Madeira, Ohio 45243 (513) 561-2400

MILFORD-MIAMI TOWNSHIP Chamber of Commerce 983 Lila Avenue Milford, Ohio 45150 P: (513) 831-2411 F: (513) 831-3547 Karen Huff, Executive Director

MIDDLETOWN-MONROE-TRENTON AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 1500 Central Ave. Middletown, Ohio 45044 P: (513)422-4551 F: (513)442-6831 Bill Triick, President and Chief Executive Officer

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible MT. HEALTHY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 31206 Mt. Healthy, Ohio 45231 P: (513)923-1985 Matthew Fay, President

NATION HUMAN RESOURCE ASSOCIATION (NHRA) P.O. Box 7326 Nashua, NH 03060-7326 P: (866) 523-4417 F: (603) 891-5760 Andrew Thaler, President Laura Littlecott, Director of Programs

NATIONAL SOCIETY OF HISPANIC MBAS PO Box 8124 Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 Kara Sweeney, Vice President, Events

NEWPORT BUSINESS ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 843 Newport, Kentucky 41072 P: (859) 442-6167 Bev Holiday, Secretary Larry Weber, President


NATIONAL INVESTOR RELATIONS INSTITUTE (NIRI) - CINCINNATI 8020 Towers Crescent Drive Suite 250, Vienna VA 22182 P: (703) 506-3570 Regina Smith, Program Committee Chair

NORTHEAST CINCINNATI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 316 West Main Street Mason, Ohio 45040 P: (513) 336-0125 F: (513)398-6371 Tracey Nickell ,Membership Development

NORTHERN KENTUCKY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 17416 300 Buttermilk Pike, Suite 330 Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky 41017 P: (859) 578-8800 F: (859) 578-8802 Dale Sivers, Vice Chair, Member Services & Community Relations

NORTHSIDE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION P: (513) 460-9181 Isaac Heintz, President

PAGE 14 NORWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 12144 Norwood, Ohio 45212 P: (513)956-7935 F: (513)741-8778 Kathy Walters, Executive Director

OKI REGIONAL COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS 720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 420 Cincinnati Ohio, 45202 Phone: (513) 621-6300 Fax: (513) 621-9325

READING CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 15164 Reading, OH 45215 P: (513) 741-7951 F: (513) 741-8778 Kathy Walters, Administrative Director

OVER THE RHINE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 111 East 13th Street P: (513) 241-2690 F: (513) 241-6770 Brian Tiffany, President

The Eisen Agency PRSA CINCINNATI CHAPTER P.O. Box 43242 Cincinnati, Ohio 45243 P: (513) 792-0402 F: (513) 984-9191 Ashley Walters ,Vice President, Programming

PRSSAALL CINCINNATI AREA CHAPTERS Northern Kentucky University Student Union Mailbox 33 Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099 Dr. Jacqueline Mcnally , Chapter Faculty Advisor

UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI P.O. Box 210184 Cincinnati, Ohio 45221 P: (513)556-4440 Dr. Maribeth Metzler , Chapter Faculty Advisor Communication Arts Department 3800 Victory Parkway Cincinnati, Ohio 45207 P: (513) 745-3087 A. Danielle Parker, Ph.D , Chapter Faculty Advisor Communication Dept. ROTARY CLUB OF FLORENCE 7430 US HWY 42 - Suite 216 Florence, KY 41042 P: (859) 282-1220 Greg Palmer

Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible SHARONVILLE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 4015 Executive Park Drive, Suite 302 Sharonville, OH 45241 P: (513) 769-0393 Barbara Scull, Chairperson

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS ASSOCIATION OF NORTHERN KENTUCKY PO Box 876 Burlington, Kentucky 41005 P: (859) 586-6101 F: (859) 586-6107

SOCIETY OF MARKETING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES P: (513) 618-4786 Sarah Polo, Public Relations

SPRINGBORO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 325 S. Main Street Springboro, Ohio 45066 P: (937)748-0074 F: (937)748-0525 Carol Hughes , Executive Director SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS 1720 Gilbert Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45202 Hagit Limor, President

TRI-STATE BUSINESS NETWORK P: (937)671-6238 F: (866)945-4238 Clayton R. Hicks , President, Founder WEST CHESTER-LIBERTY CHAMBER ALLIANCE 7617 Voice of America Centre Drive West Chester, Ohio 45069 P: (513)777-3600 F: (513)777-0188 Joseph A. Hinson , President and CEO


PAGE 16 • African American Chamber • Ad Club Cincinnati

The Eisen Agency • National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) - Cincinnati

• American Marketing Association

• Northeast Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

• Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce

• Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

• Blue Ash Business Association

• Northside Business Association

• Camp Washington Business Association

• Norwood Chamber of Commerce

• Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce

• OKI Regional Council of Governments

• Cincinnati Rotary-Club 17

• Reading Chamber of Commerce

• CincyTech

• Over the Rhine Chamber of Commerce

• The Circuit

• PRSA - Cincinnati Chapter

• Clermont County Chamber of Commerce

• PRSSA- All Cincinnati Area Chapters

• Colerain Township Business Association

• University of Cincinnati

• Covington Rotary Club

• Rotary Club of Florence

• Cornerstone

• Sharonville Chamber of Commerce

• Covington Business COUNCIL

• Small Business Owners Association

• Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

of Northern Kentucky

• Eastern Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

• Society of Marketing Professional Services

• European-American Chamber of Commerce

• Springboro Chamber of Commerce

• Evendale Chamber of Commerce

• Society of Professional Journalists

• Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

• Tri-state Business Network

• Goshen Chamber of Commerce

• West Chester-Liberty

• Greater Cincinnati Venture Association (GCVA) • Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati • Hyde Park Business Association • HYPE- Harnessing Young • International Association of Administrative Professionals • International Association of Business Communicators • Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce • Madeira Chamber of Commerce • Milford-Miami Township • Middletown-Monroe-Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce • Mt. Healthy Business Association • Nation Human Resource Association (NHRA) • National Society of Hispanic MBAS • Newport Business Association

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The 2011 Greater Cincinnati Speaking Engagement Bible  

Securing a successful speaking engagement is all about preparation. The following are simple tips that you should understand prior to speaki...

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