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Sean Gallagher Engineering and Architecture Portfolio

I made this bearing locator to remind myself on how to use Inventor after not using it for a while.

Section drawings These parts show some of the different sectional views. Full, half, offset section and revolved features are views that show more specific dimensions pf a part that wouldn’t have been visible without section views.

Auxiliary views When making certain parts auxiliary views are necessary to see every component of the part or assembly that you are making. Like in this part it is necessary to see details that wouldn’t have been seen otherwise.

Sheet metal Using sheet metal to make this I practiced making patterns to geometric shapes and how using a flat pattern shows more extensively how a piece may be folded.

Dimensioning The drawing represents using Datums to dimension a drawing with limited information and how you don’t need every measurement for a part to make it.

Every piece demonstrates some different part of standard 8. Which is using sectional, auxiliary, and pictorial views.

On the left are practices of Oblique sketches On the right are practices of Auxiliary views

Master Bedroom Design For my master bedroom deign I decided to have a walk in closet and a full bathroom with a simple design.

Family Kitchen Design With my kitchen design I decided with a very open concept with a desk for working and a couch for when entertaining guests and family.

As for this kitchen deign I wanted a lot of counter space while still making it easy to maneuver while cooking.

For this deign I wanted to make sure each bedroom had enough closet space without and enough space for the bathroom.

For my other deign the closets had more of a walk in deign and are a lot bigger.

Blueprint Reading this deign features a basic ranch style home with a garage 2 bedrooms and a full bath. I includes site plans and a 3D view.

Roof This is a compilation of different roofs including gable, butterfly, shed, A-frame, flat, gambrel, and folded plate that I designed in Revit.

Pluming designs on this page show waste removal systems, water supply systems and piping arrangements.

These feature electrical plans with ceiling outlet fixtures and duplex outlets

Japanese Awning This was a piece that I did for fun to see what I can do and to learn about how to apply Inventor to something that I can build in the real world. It is designed for a Zen garden center piece sand box with a Japanese style incorporated into it.

Sean gallagher portfolio  
Sean gallagher portfolio