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By Dr. Lalith Mendis

Everyone is pressed to be a star as children & parents watch superstar, dreamstar, mindstar, megastar etc. Parents are pressed to make their child a star. Children are pressed to perform that they may prove the point that their parents have a star. This is the result of the “in your face living for all to see”, as heralded by the Facebook. Life has to be spectacular. All must know I am shining. I have to make & display some shine. The truth is that every child is a star for his parents . Every daughter is a priced ruby. Child is God's gift - your heritage. A child has the same value though born to prince or pauper. My child's first smile, first tooth, and first crawl or first step were all unique. He was the star of the moment – only for parents to see. Now the child looses individuality and personal attention very soon. The digital display will take care of him. Parents can be free for other more pressing issues of life such as the OGA dance, wellness, fitness & fashion as marketed for consumption. Now it's such a struggle to get the best school. In fact the survival of the fittest, struggle for existence begins at the age of two & half years when parents have to find the best play school for the child. Right connections & introductions are pressed even at this tender age. Play school has its own performance push. Parents run their rat races thru their little one very early. Mother is either working or working out at the Gym or on a strenuous diet, so she could be fighting fit. Father of course has to battle it out on the rough seas of the corporate. Then comes the battle for the best Montessori and the bragging that goes with it. To this may be added the battle to get to the best paediatrician, gynecologist and best labour room around town – five star like. To get the best school at the age of five is the mother of all battles – international, national, private or what? Of course these all come after the battles that were for the wedding venue & menu, guest list, invites, grand band & the dream honey moon location – here or where? What about the non competing child who dreams of fairer lands? Do we have a solution for the broken reed? The not so fast one. Not so good looking child. Not so smart. How smart is smart? Do we have patience for the wick that is so slow to flame up? Or do we blow it out.

God has a plan for reed that's bruised He fashions with care melodious flute God has patience for smoking wick Add oil to make it glow brightly lit

He asks you & me to help His world To mend the broken lives love unfurl Take time to sit by your child to live Add Value & worth money can't give

I have chosen to be a star In God's firmament afar One day at a time my child On your face is Jesus smile

Right to Left Brain Shift What about the child who is not good at math? Will he make parent feel like a dud? 30% will fail math even if Calculus comes to teach. These children have left brain functions more dominant and are tender, dreamy, artistic, musical, good with handicraft etc. Encourage them in that direction. Tell them early, “it is Ok to fail math. You will shine in other areas”. Provide such areas for excellence early – viz. art class. No one is born brilliant . You have to be trained brilliant. Even if a child is born with high IQ, it will be useless if not trained early. Researchers say that children make brain synaptic connections most in the first five years and complete connections by 14 years. Then the brain edits connections down to 50%. When you feed a child digital in put and child absorbs passively, that will make up most of his connections. When synapses are edited to 50%, most then will be the reactions he had to digital input. No creative responses. If on the other hand you work out with the child creative personal responses with clay, building blocks, art, mechano sets etc. you develop many kinds of synaptic connections rather than passive repetitive ones. This will make your child have a creative aptitude even after the brain does the synaptic edition. The digital overdose compels every child to think pictorial rather than analytical. We have a plethora of graphic & fashion designers, musicians, realty stars, entertainers, movie makers, fiction story writers, actors, poets, dreamers. Child only develops reflex actions to the fast moving digital games & comics. He has no mother or granny or papa to interact. Interactive play – building blocks, drawing & repeating develops the child's right brain functions viz. math, management, planning ahead. We are pushing children to be left brain in functionality. As a result in the West, the facebook generation cannot be entrusted with systematic planning. They can only do daily instructed short term projects. The retirees are being recruited to do the long term planned systems. Work drop out and absenteeism are high in the younger generation. I have documented elsewhere how digital stimulation sets the brain on high chemical stimulation with higher levels of serotonin in the brain and higher levels of cortisol in the blood. They are prone to violence. The child is set on stimulated edge. Later they look for more chemical stimulation vz. Heroin, metamphtamine etc. fast food services their appetite and fast sex services their sexual appetite. Body is a soulless spiritless machine to be run on fuel. And on their chest they bear on the shirt “Diesel” or more lurid suggestions.

We have to give them eyes that have been plucked out. We have to recover their hearing drowned by hard metal & acid rock being ear plugged most of the time. Vulnerability of the Children are abused for commercialized consumerism. Adverts drive the kids. Children drive the parents. They live for the dazzle of the digital moment. Parents lived for materialism. Children live for ethereal surrealism. O God, help us parents & them children. US & THEM, we need a global soul salvage operation that Oprah. Disney & Richard Dawkins cannot do.

God's Endowment A new life begins as the sperm from the father & the ovum from the mother unite. From that moment neither parent has legal right to destroy that life. Abortion is murder from day one. Sadly even in Sri Lanka, the number of abortions is more than the number of live births. When a new baby is formed in the mother's womb, he gets from the father & mother negative & positive inheritance. God adds a bonus of God given ability to the person forming in the womb, to enable the child beyond parental input. We know of One who works all the time to offset human injustice where some consume much, and many have little. We are insane to run formula one racing and then use grain to produce bio fuel to preserve petroleum. We have sinned against our present & future children by our greedy consumption.

Adults run their rat races Climb their greasy poles Heap up their ambition On their burdened child Disney & the toy moguls Hook us up when young Our busy mothers sacrifice us On the altars of consuming lust We are fed on digital mess Z generation we Our brains are cooked up When we are sixteen Mom has gone for aerobics Father figures out tectonics I have a nanny & Pussy cat Rothsweiler & poodle pet Only Toys R there for US Parents gone far from us

Let the children come to me Father's house belongs to them Paint their world with color Fun play and laughter Children smile with angels They are remembered before their Father's face there is a lilac horizon free from pain & tears there the children of all the world gather with no barriers, lack or fears they are yellow white or brown will never more meet a frown In my father's home for all Are many mansions built tall Just so that every child Will have her satin sashes Dew drops & her roses

Stars – Realty & Not So Real  

Stars – Realty & Not So Real – Every Child A Star